Second Case of Lottery Jihad Emerges in New York


Lottery Jihad is when a kindly Muslim storeowner rips off a minority member’s lottery winnings. We had this case with the Ashkar clan pocketing a $5 million lottery ticket. And now… there’s another case of Lottery Jihad on Long Island.

Nassau County police say a deli owner and his son tried to scam a customer out of his $1 million lottery ticket by telling him he was owed only $1,000.

Nabil Jaghab, 57, the owner of Peninsula Deli & Grocery in Hempstead, and his son, Karim Jaghab, 26, were arraigned Saturday on charges of second-degree grand larceny.

Cops said a 34-year-old Spanish-speaker with limited English bought the $10 “Unwrap the Cash” scratch-off lottery ticket Thursday at the convenience store.

Instead of following protocol and directing the man to a State Lottery office to claim his prize, Karim allegedly told him the ticket was worth $1,000 and gave him the “winnings” straight out of the register.

On Friday the victim, suspecting he’d been ripped off on his scratch-off win, returned to the deli and began to press Karim about how much he’d won, according to police.

“Okay, I will pay you $10,000 as long as you don’t involve the police,” Karim allegedly said.

Cops said the clerk’s father then backed up the lie, telling the victim, “You only won $10,000.”

That’s when the man called police. They confirmed the victim was indeed a millionaire and busted Karim and Nabil.

How do you try to steal a million dollars and only get hit with second-degree grand larceny? Part of the problem here is the Muslim monopoly on these types of convenience stores in New York.

Large scale cigarette smuggling networks in New York State are dominated by tight knit nationality-based networks, primarily families through blood or marriage of Lebanese, Yemeni, Jordanian and Palestinian descent.

Federal and New York State law enforcement officials estimate that nearly 60 percent of all convenience retail outlets in New York City are now Arab-owned, and with the Arab networks compartmentalized by ethnicity and family ties, the risk of infiltration by law enforcement is minimal.

And these networks get into worse things than the Lottery Jihad.

  • Inane Rambler

    They don’t sound like terribly good Muslims to me.

    • defcon 4

      Duh, muslimes stealing from the najjis kaffir? It’s commonplace in the musloid world, where stealing from the najjis kaffir is nothing but being a good muslime; as well as raping them, murdering them and persecuting them.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I patronized a cigarette/lottery shop in Newport News, Virginia for a year, until I realized that whatever I spent there could very well have been sent to jihadists. It was run by Muslims. I saw the husband interrupt waiting on customers to go to the back to say his bloody prayers. The wife kept getting fatter and fatter. I never went back.

  • Jakareh

    There ought to be a tribunal to try immigration officials responsible for letting Muslims into the country.

  • Jason

    Of course the poor Muslims have been forced into it by our horrible intolerance of their death cult! They can’t be racist, not when some people call them names sometimes.

    I hope that Latino uses his money to expose people like those storeowners to the world. The more we know, the less we like Islam.

    • Rocky Mountain

      The Latino will use his money to bring his family and friends here.

  • Hass

    I’ve also read most of the massive food stamp rorts are committed by noneother…

  • Jake-a-runi

    The only cure for their presence is their absence.

  • iluvisrael

    They own many but not all. When I need something from a newspaper/candy store, I patronize only those not muslim owned. Fortunately, my local supermarket sells newspapers and many of the same things, so I buy them there.

  • Softly Bob

    Gambling is forbidden in Islam so theoretically Muslims cannot buy their own lottery tickets. However, stealing from infidels is not banned, so a good Muslim can rob us all as much as he pleases.

  • David Baker

    I have noticed when purchasing lottery scratch-off tickets from a machine at my local grocer that when certain employees in the Customer Service section–the employees who are in charge of restocking the Scratcher dispensers– are working, NO winning lottery scratchers can be purchased from the machine. A particular employee who was present when I purchased many of these non-winning tickets was celebrating her winning of $100.00 on a Lottery scratcher, as I scratched off 20 dollars worth of non-winning tickets. Time after time, when I saw her working, I would purchase a similar number of tickets which were all losers (Her $100.00 winner was one of those game tickets I purchased) It became obvious that these employees were winning the large prizes by ‘some means’, and I was underwriting the store’s profits purchasing the remaining losers.