Secretary of State Huma Abedin?

full_1308239855humahillaryIn 2017, Huma Abedin may be the wife of the mayor of New York City or the National Security Adviser to the President of the United States. It’s even possible that she might be both.

Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, was once the front-runner for the top job. Weiner’s career was temporarily torpedoed by a sex scandal, but a weak campaign field has tempted him back into the race and already positioned him at the number two spot.

Weiner’s competition is a lesbian City Council speaker, who is seen as a Bloomberg toady, a Comptroller who may soon be headed to jail for campaign finance fraud and a radical leftist Public Advocate who quotes Che and whose wife once claimed to be a lesbian.

In that company, Weiner no longer looks as freakish as he once did and with a $4.3 million war chest, he could win by drowning his Democratic opponents in cash and then fundraising all over again during the general election when he becomes the only alternative to a Republican mayor.

Bloomberg proved that even an unpopular candidate despised by most voters could win elections by flooding community and interest groups with cash and Weiner’s biggest asset isn’t even his war chest; it’s his connection to the Clintons. Weiner’s connection to a Clinton White House means more money for the city and that is something that his party and most community groups are eager to get a taste of.

The woman at the heart of that connection is his wife. Media reports say that Huma Abedin is the one to decide whether Weiner runs and the existence of the New York Times Magazine image rehab profile makes it clear that she has already decided. But no one really believed that Huma Abedin would have stayed married to a formerly promising politician who would never again run for public office.

The only thing standing between Huma Abedin and Gracie Mansion is Joe Lhota, a balding Giuliani official and Weiner’s likely Republican opponent, whose biggest asset is the Giuliani brand.  Lhota is pitching himself as a libertarian alternative to the Bloombergian nanny state, but the chances are still good that the Clinton machine will roll over him on Election Day.

For most politicians, Gracie Mansion is the last stop of their political careers. Ed Koch, the last mayor to try and move to higher office, couldn’t make it. Lindsay took a shot at the White House in 1972 and Weiner likely has dreams of following in his footsteps. It’s an unlikely project, but if Weiner climbs into the top spot in the city, it will only be as a stepping stone to higher office.

By then Huma Abedin is likely to have an even bigger place in the political sun. Bill Clinton traded his support in the last election for the coronation of his wife. Hillary Clinton does have a likability problem, despite the media’s best efforts to pretend otherwise, and she lost the last time she was the inevitable candidate for the Democratic Party nomination. But 2016 could be her year.

The prospective Democratic presidential candidates for 2016 include such charismatic figures as Joe Biden, Maryland Governor Martin “Rain Tax” O’Malley and New York’s Machiavellian governor Andrew Cuomo. It’s the kind of race that even Hillary might be able to win. And then it’s up to the Republican Party to put up a candidate who can communicate better than any of its candidates have in the last generation.

President Hillary Clinton is almost certain to take along Huma Abedin. The two women were virtually inseparable and politicians like to keep their close confidants and aides by their side. Huma Abedin served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary Clinton during her Secretary of State days. Jake Sullivan, the last man to hold it before the Kerry era, moved on to become the State Department’s director of policy planning and then became the national security advisor to Joe Biden.

Moving Huma Abedin over into a job like the director of policy planning would allow her to reshape the State Department’s foreign policy worldview. And from there it would not be impossible to move her up to National Security Advisor or even Secretary of State.

Both of those positions might be a little too high profile for Abedin who works best in the shade. A 2007 Observer profile of her struggled to dig up any information on her official role, and whether with Clinton or Weiner, she has stuck to the background part.

The controversy that flared up over her background shows why she avoids the spotlight. With close family members, including her parents, involved in the Muslim Brotherhood and her own work at their Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs, which was set up by the Saudis and Muslim Brotherhood to build a fifth column of Islamization within the United States; Huma Abedin has every reason to be the woman behind the man or the woman behind the woman.

The Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, founded by Abdullah Omar Naseef, a Muslim Brotherhood player who has been accused of funding Al Qaeda front groups, is not an ideal mention on any resume. And yet few Republicans have been willing to challenge Huma Abedin when she was serving as the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Secretary of State. Would they be willing to challenge an emboldened Secretary of State Huma Abedin?

Obama has set a precedent that background checks are passé. So who’s going to do one on Huma Abedin?

By 2014, Huma Abedin may be married to the mayor of the biggest city in the country. By 2018, she may be the National Security Advisor.

It would be a rapid ascension, but the process of moving agents of influence up the ladder has shredded the normal seasoning process that would usually required for the top spots. The Center for American Progress’ Denis McDonough went from being an aide to an advisor to the Deputy National Security Advisor to the Chief of Staff in a handful of years. It would not be too hard to imagine Abedin making the same rush up the ladder while the media gushes at her ambition and her posh designer handbags.

In an age of terror and appeasement, Huma Abedin’s Muslim background is her best credential. The close collaboration between the Obama and Clinton foreign policy infrastructure and the Muslim Brotherhood makes her own Muslim Brotherhood background another plus.

What seems like treason to most ordinary Americans is ideologically convenient to a political and diplomatic clique that believes empowering “moderate” Islamists is our best defense against Al Qaeda. Placing Huma Abedin in a position where she can shape American foreign policy would be their show of sincerity to the Brotherhood.

None of this is inevitable. Another Twitter scandal could sink Weiner’s comeback and a more likable Democrat could pull together enough support and media adoration to challenge Hillary Clinton. And the work of researchers and investigators could still sink Huma Abedin the way it sank Susan Rice.

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    "The woman at the heart of that connection is his wife. Media reports say that Huma Abedin is the one to decide whether Weiner runs and the existence of the New York Times Magazine image rehab profile makes it clear that she has already decided. But no one really believed that Huma Abedin would have stayed married to a formerly promising politician who would never again run for public office."

    Interesting coincidence: Both Clinton and Abedin have strong control over their husbands because of the need for their respective wives to establish bona fides for their men after sex scandals.

    "Of course I support my husband. He's a good man." No reason to doubt them eh?

    • Roger

      With her family connections to the muslim brotherhood, I would think she has a lot of influence with this white house.

  • AdinaK

    I have outed Huma Abedin, a deep cover Brotherhood/Sisterhood operative, six ways to Sunday. In fact, have mentioned her possible ascension to "First Lady" of NYC as a warning bell to Americans, especially NYC residents.

    A recap is efficacious –

    And think of her penetration/infiltration as duly inseparable from Boston's jihad –

    Therefore, pay heed to her next move!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • gerry

    Right to the top,but they are already there!

  • kafir4life

    Huma of the ummah married a pervert, the little Tony D, in order to have a blithering idiot that wouldn't notice, care, or understand what she was about. Under normal circumstances, HotU would have been "honored" by her fellow moon good worshipping terrorists, but she would be out of the picture. Instead she spends her days undermining the US, and her nites, massaging the cankles of the former Sack of State.
    I wonder if they have any concern about when little Jordan sees the pictures of the women that her daddy was thinking about during his conception, and the pictures that made daddy famous, and when it's explained to him that daddy is a little pervert, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. That's assuming that Tony D is even the father, and there's been rumors from the ummah that he may not be.

    • beez

      Something tells me that Huma got her job at State by massaging more than Hill's "cankles." Maybe my suspicions are stoked by the improbability of a strikingly beautiful Muslim woman's marriage to a Jewish man, and one who's a spectacularly unattractive physical specimen. Maybe it's the faint hint of a queer or odd attraction between between an aging, androgynous, but politically powerful woman who, throughout her life, apparently cared less for the bond of marital intimacy between a woman and a man than she did for achieving what most would consider to be quite normal in a man: ultimate political power. But what do I know, and who am I to say? I'm just asking the questions … questions that seem to pop into my mind like unexpected phantoms whenever I see these two together.

  • pierce

    Huma may be Hilary's golden girl, but she has the the dubious honor of being the wife of an oversexed ex Congressman, who was forced to resign in disgrace.
    How can the people of NYC not forget, and overlook the history of Anthony Weiner, having gone from being potential golden boy to turd.
    And now Hilary has disgraced herself by being right in the middle of one of the most bizarre coverups of our time. Has she the balls to run for President? Will the American people forget?
    Both Hilary and Huma have got an awful lot of dirty baggage. I won't forget.

    • Cassandra

      Pierce, you will not forget but so many are stupid, naive and greedy that these people will forget. is this country slowly sold out to the Saudis?

      • Asher

        In April 2008, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said: "No politician can be found in the United States who is capable of saving the U.S. Economy from this move toward the valley of downfall." It appears he is right, due to low information voters who have voted in a Unity government of Radical Democrats and Islamists.

    • mlcblog awful lot of dirty baggage. Yup.

  • warren raymond

    Humma of the Umma & the Obamadrama.

    People, this stuff makes me suicidal.

    What are weapons for if those who own them by divine right can't march on the white house to take it back?

  • dawn

    we will not submitdawn

  • sharpsrifle

    The Democrats have been full-bore traitors since the 1860's (Clement Vallandigham and the other Copperheads were ALL Democrats)…Communists were present in Woodrow Wilson's White House…FDR's regime was chock full of socialists and Communists (Harold Ickes, sr., Henry Wallace–perhaps the most highly placed red up to that point in US history)…Ramsay Clark in LBJ's cabinet…Jimmy Carter had his share of anti-American bottom feeders in his crew…and we all know about the conga line of freaks and Communists in Clinton's regime, as well as Clinton's selling out of the United States to the Chinese. Now we have the Muslime Brotherhood in high positions in imam Buraq Husayn al-Obama's regime (and, it would NOT surprise me in the least to find the Bathhouse Barry himself, and Sasquatch the Beard, also, were both practicing members of the Religion Of blowing people to Pieces), showing that the Democrats haven't stopped compromising the nation's security and adhering to its enemies.

  • Rostislav

    Words "President Hillary Clinton is almost certain to take along Huma Abedin" sound to me approximately as "President Bonnie is almost certain to take along Clyde"… For voters with no memory at all this kind of choice seems to be inevitable – just like the non-surprising events which usually follow the election of bonnies and hillaries…. Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • Chanameel

    Look at who we have as president.

    Obama lead 50,000 muslim men in a Day of Prayer on the Mall in September 2009.
    Where they prayed from morning till night for the "Soul of America."
    This was an occult rite of surrender to Islam and determines the "future destiny of the US)
    All of what we are witnessing is just following suit.

  • SoCalMike

    Didn't John Manchurian McCain come to her defense when she was previously outed??
    it's as if the North Vietnamese planted a Treason Chip in his brain when he was their prisoner.

    • beez

      McCain suffers from blindness. It's common in old age.



    There lies the main question that AMERICAN MUSLIMS have to answer. Where are American Muslims and their protests against other Muslims, American and foreign, who are hijacking their "Religion of Peace." Did they protest the Boston attack OR CHEER when they found out that it was done in the name of Allah? THEIR SILENCE IS DEAFENING!


    • Cassandra

      Their silence is deafening and Huma will do nothing to prevent an bombing again. She is a spy for the Saudis.

  • onecornpone

    And yet few Republicans have been willing to challenge Huma Abedin when she was serving as Deputy Chief of Staff for the Secretary of State.

    Those "Republican" cowards are scared to death of Muslims in general, so do we really think there will be any of them dare take on an educated Islamic female? It could be suicide.

    The Wahabist Saudi royals are flying the plane, straight toward the Freedom Tower while our politicians take internal polls on whether fighting back will be prudent.

    Insanity prevails.

    • pierce

      If what you say is true, then the demonocrats are in bed with the Muslims right up to the top of their heads, and I can believe that in tote.

  • Smote

    Seems like the Illuminati is getting busy.

  • OBFI

    Huma is only a small tip of a huge iceberg, an international political machine, politicians without borders or limits, Borderless Politicos or BP, same idea as British Patroleum or BP, and the members in good standing of this BP machine are the usual suspects enumerated in FPM etc. And who are the ruling elites puppet masters orchestrating the amusing shadows on the wall and overseeing this BP enterprise ? The self same individuals potus Bush lip kissed and held hands demonstrating sincere manly affection, and potus BHO bowed deeply to as sign of unquestioning loyalty and submission, namely the Saudis. How much damage can six thousand desert loony tunes with too much time and money on their hands do with the BP, a lot, read the news. And all this wasted effort just to prove that a long ago supremacist pervert had the right stuff, and the Saudis are not alone, competitor Iran has its own brand of insanity to offer in case Saudis can't deliver. Far fetched ? Perhaps. But I'll add it to mix nontheless.

  • hikerdude

    Maybe the B.O. will dump Michelle and take up with Huma. Weiner could get Michelle on the rebound .
    We are doomed as a Nation . The cancer of political correctness is eating the heart of a once great Nation.
    The cesspool of Liberalism / Progressivism has imparted their insanity Nation wide .
    The "Marathon Bomber" trial will result in another O.J. fiasco.
    "If the pressure cooker doesn't fit , you must aquit" !
    Gosnell will be a front runner on the 2016 Democratic ticket.

    • Lan Astaslem

      I agree with almost all your words but gosnell would be put to work in the WH kitchen cutting meat. Political correctness is certainly a part of the problem but it's a dangerous agenda we're dealing with – the pc atmosphere facilitates it and makes it a lot easier for evil acts to occur and be swept under the rug.

    • beez

      His Excellency Barack Obama will certainly NOT take up with Huma. If anything, he will go back to his first love and fiancé, Mohammed Hassan Chandoo. That will be after same sex marriage is the law of the land as per judicial fiat pronounced upon this nation during the reign of the Queen of Chicago by the Supreme Judicial Council of nine Philosopher-Kings. Madame President Rodham will thereafter appoint the former Sovereign and Head of State thereafter known as the Duchess of Chicago, Barack Hussein (Obama) Davis as Chief Judicial Commissar.

  • Omar

    “And then it’s up to the Republican Party to put up a candidate who can communicate better than any of its candidates have in the last generation.”
    I know who should run for President on the GOP ticket in 2016. It should be Luis Fortuno. During his term as governor of Puerto Rico, Fortuno helped to reduce a huge budget deficit in the island territory from 44% of total revenues to 3% of total revenues. He did it by cutting taxes and government spending. As a result, Puerto Rico’s economy experienced growth between 2009 and 2012. Last year, he and his wife both spoke at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Fortuno has the skills and charisma needed for the GOP to win the presidency in 2016. His running mate in the election should be former Representative Connie Mack of Florida. Fortuno’s Democratic opponent in the 2016 presidential election should be Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. Cuomo’s running mate should be Representative John Lewis of Georgia. The Fortuno-Mack campaign can appeal to many voters, including voters of a racial/ethnic minority, particularly with Hispanic voters. The Fortuno-Mack campaign can also be very competitive in swing states like Ohio and Florida. If the campaign succeeds and wins the election over the Cuomo-Lewis campaign in 2016, Fortuno would be the first Hispanic president of the United States of America. Luis Fortuno can serve as an example of how minorities can succeed in this country by believing in the American Dream, instead of the left’s propaganda. A Fortuno presidency will certainly disprove the left’s race-obsessed lies about conservatives and American society in general (although the left will do anything to try and discredit Fortuno as a “coconut” and a “sell-out”, thus ushering in a new bitterness known as Fortuno Derangement Syndrome). A Fortuno presidency will also put America back on the right track, both in domestic and foreign policies. Lets hope that he runs for the presidency and wins. Luis Fortuno, 2016!

  • Asher

    Maybe Huma Abedin Weiner and her Weiner of a husband will both be elected to office, so we can see and hear more of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • zalukas

      Muslims and Jusenrat. What can go wrong?

  • Kuffar

    Wife of ANTHONY WEINER..?

    Does that make her HUMA WEINER…?

    • Mary Sue

      I bet she hums it good ;)

      • beez

        Huma hums it WELL, but not for much longer. Not if Hillary Rodham has her way with her little Arab bed wench.

  • Choi

    Hillary Clinton,, for 4 yrs, was a good little Obama Puppet as SOS,and in GLEEFULLY doing so,LOST any credibility she had BEFORE Obama TOOK the 2008 nomination AWAY FROM HER.
    The ONLY way to ENSURE Huma Abedin NEVER becomes,GOD FORBID,Nationl Security Advisor is for Democrats VOTE AGAINST her in Primaries(keeping her away from the Nomination) and than VOTE REPUBLICAN in November,AGAINST whomever is the Democratic Nominee.

    • Shawny

      Exactly, Hillary has conspired with this countries enemies just like Obama. Hillary had negotiated away our sovereign second amendment rights with the U.N. and Obama in the Small Arms Treaty. Hillary failed in Benghazi resulting in the loss of American lives and then lied about it. Huma should certainly accompany Hillary wherever she goes from here……first out of our State Department, then into obscurity, maybe hell. But neither should ever hold any office of consequence ever again.

  • BLJ

    The Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of the traitors in the Obama admim can all go to hell. This citizen isn't going down without a fight. Keep your ammo dry my friends.

  • Suzanne

    This is depressing stuff. What is the matter with this country? Are the majority of Americans THAT steeped in ignorance and immorality that they could put these people in office? Hard to believe it's come to this.

    • beez

      Ignorance, Suzanne. Ignorance. That and among many, an incredible hubris, a sick manifestation of narcissism which many shared with Obama. Germany was Nazified in similar ways.

  • Shawny

    What? Hillary stepped down from Secretary of State as a failure with direct accountability for the loss of American lives in Benghazi. She and Obama are about to be fried next week when Congress starts hearings with the whistleblowers testifying to what actually went down. Huma may want to quietly pretend that none of this rubs off on her but she was a part of that policy and decision making failure and that cover-up. Americans need to be reminded that these folks have blood on their hands.

  • Jossi

    The article mentions a plausible possibility about the next Pres Election. I'll give another one: I'm not sure the US may held a regular election in 2016!

  • LindaRivera

    Like our Muslim President Obama, Huma Abedin could become president. If Obama was able to EASILY achieve becoming our first Muslim president AND gain a second term, Huma could certainly become the second Muslim president.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Will Hillary divorce Bill and Huma get a sex change and marry Hillary so Hillary can be
      First Lady again and start over. Soap opera I can understand but no amount of Soap will
      ever clean up this crew……………………How in the World did these demonic people ever
      gain control of America, how?………………..William

      • LindaRivera

        Hillary is planning to run for president!

        • WilliamJamesWard

          She is over the hill and beyond belief, she is delusional as is the MSM, now in America
          as it devolves into social anarchy and deviation from morals and faith a person as
          fallen as her could be the next President. I think that unless the moral light returns
          to America and revival strikes in the Churches with a great outreach America may
          be done and there will be no next President, perilous does not begin to describe
          our days, we may be past the last days and now can be in the last hours.

    • beez

      Actually, I'm quite certain that Hillary wants Huma to be her First Lady. Being President is not in the cards that Hill has for her.

  • Ray Burke

    The insanity continues unabated. Islam prevails !!!

  • Jim_C

    President Abedin…long may she reign!

  • jozeppy26

    You people are so stupid it's hilarious.