SEIU Unionized Strip Club Closes Because It Can’t Pay the Rent


They used to say that the government could lose money running a bookie joint. New York City under the Democrats proved them right when OTB, its horse race betting operation, lost a fortune.

As a corollary to that, unions can apparently put any business out of business. Especially if the union is the notorious SEIU.

The nation’s only unionized (SEIU since 1997) and dancer-run adult entertainment business closes September 2 after almost forty years in business. Landlord Roger Forbes, a Nevada-based real estate magnate who bought the building in 2001, declined to negotiate with the cooperative when they weren’t able to make the May rent.

Yes, it’s a cooperative.

The further irony is that Roger Forbes’ Deja Vu was itself the beneficiary of taxpayer moolah.

In 2003, the unionized dancers purchased the business for $400,000 and established a workers’ cooperative. By then, though, Forbes had already acquired virtually all of the North Beach topless joints, turning them into strobe light-and-spandex McStripclubs. The Lusty Lady informally rebranded itself as a holdout, parked somewhere between revolutionary and quaint—a bit of third-wave feminist insurgency dancing as fast as it could to survive in the brutal 21st-century marketplace. But nostalgia is no life raft and business at the Lusty dwindled. After years of suffering declining revenue due to competition from the Internet, as well as several rent hikes, it was announced in late August that the club would shut down. That the closing date falls during Labor Day weekend seems especially poignant for this unique union shop.

This is what liberalism has come down to. Somehow I don’t think anyone envisioned that 70 years later, it would become a collection of idiots fighting to preserve unionized strip club collectives for their third-wave feminism.

  • truebearing

    I’m guessing that the “talent” had all of the appeal of watching Michael Moore dance topless.

  • DogmaelJones1

    The average sex appeal of the average crusading feminist is somewhere between homely and horsey. No big loss.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    They’re free to try to run a business that way (as a cooperative), but don’t even start to blame others for the failure. That’s when they lose me completely.

  • Gee

    IRS managed bankrupt a brothel – the Mustang Ranch in Nevada. So this is how government operates businesses

  • T100C1970

    In union shops pay and work schedule are based SOLELY on seniority and not on skill or work ethic. I can’t imagine that would work out well at a strip club.