Senior Boston Bomber Recently Turned Religious, Attended Anti-American Mosque

Via American Digest

Via American Digest

The media is still baffled, completely baffled as to the motives of the terrorists. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s favorite song was “We Will Dedicate Our Lives to the Jihad“. But what can a little detail like that tell us about him?


His aunt is equally baffled.

An aunt of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects said Friday the older brother recently became a devout Muslim who prayed five times a day, and she doesn’t believe the brothers could have been involved in Monday’s attack.

She said her brother was desperate when he found out Tamerlan dropped out of his university. She said he always demanded more of his children and said Tamerlan was his favorite.

Tamerlan wasn’t a devout practicing Muslim, “but just recently, maybe two years ago, he started praying five times a day,” she said.


He dropped out of the university and became more religious and listened to Jihadist sermons and music. And he attended a mosque which wasn’t terribly pro-American.

 The Islamic Society of Boston, attended by Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, recently hosted a book event featuring a journalist who has been highly critical of the U.S. and U.K. “War on Terror,” which she described as a “war against Islam.”

The Islamic Society of Boston also encouraged its members to show their “support of the forgotten women of the War on Terror.”

The Islamic Society of Boston posted a graphic promoting the event on its Facebook page April 1, describing the plight of a British woman whose husband has been in Guantanamo prison for 11 years and encouraging people to “Put your profile in shadow in support of the forgotten women of the War on Terror.”

Again baffling.

Americans for Peace and Tolerance has been saying the same thing over and over again about Islamist mosques in Boston only to be jeered and abused for sounding the alarm.

The Boston terrorist murderers were radicalized at the ISB mosque in Cambridge. Americans for Peace and Tolerance has been warning about this radical mosque and the indoctrination that has been going on there for years. Shame on those Boston civic leaders who didn’t listen, who attacked us, and who defended the ISB. You know who you are and the victims’ blood is on your hands too. We will hold you accountable.

And we just narrowly missed this.

The imam of a mosque that is managed by the Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim American Society (MAS) was initially invited to speak at Thursday’s interfaith service in Boston to honor the Boston Marathon attack’s victims, but that invitation was later rescinded by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s office, has learned.

The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center’s (ISBCC) Imam Suhaib Webb, according to a series of Twitter posts, was replaced as the representative of Boston’s Muslim community at the service—whose keynote speaker was President Barack Obama—in favor of Nasser Wedaddy, director of civil rights outreach for the American Islamic Congress and chair of the New England Interfaith Council.

In June 2009, Boston-based APT issued a press release expressing concern that Governor Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino accepted invitations to be honored guests at the ISBCC’s grand opening in Roxbury Crossing. APT noted that another Islamic Society of Boston mosque, in Cambridge, Mass., hosted a sermon by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, a Holocaust denier who has “claimed that Jews want to destroy Muslims, and called all non-Muslims (including Jews and Christians) a ‘spiritually filthy substance’ whose lives and property hold no value and are forfeit to Muslims during Jihad.”

Perhaps the owner of this car with the Coexist bumper sticker hijacked by a member in good standing of the Religion of Peace could ponder the practical implications of that. But like the media, he is almost certainly baffled.

The one thing we all know is that Islam has nothing to do with it. Nothing at all.



  • livingengine

    The full array of warning signs were there and more Americans are dead.

    The next attack could involve me, or someone I know.

    I want people like this neutralized BEFORE they kill.

    Sick of it.

    • JR Kipling

      You cannot neutralize Islam. You cannot change it. You cannot erase one word from the millions of
      copies of the Koran. There is no "bad" Islam. There is only Islam and the "terrorists" aren't bad muslims
      they are in fact very good muslims. They are doing exactly what Muhammed commands. If you want to end it ..there is only one way. Complete quarantine of Islamic countries, no travel to these countries, no travel from these countries. . A Constitutional Amendment prohibiting the practice of Islam in the USA. A
      deportation of all muslims with full compensation for their property and a resettlement fee. If all this seems too harsh, too racist, too bigoted you can sit back and wait for the next bombs to go off. At the Rose Bowl Parade, the 4th of July, Coney Island on a crowded summers day, subways. Remember its
      always better to lose you country, your sanity, your life than to be called racist.

      • ssmith

        Well said. No beating around the bush, just the plain facts.
        A real Muslim indeed follows and emulates Mohammad of course. Just as a real Christian will follow Jesus. How can this be denied by anyone?
        Muslims say they co-existed for "hundreds " of years withChristians and Jews. But this was mainly due to colonialism for a 100 years. I remember reading that a wise Palestinian Arab had said after the end of colonialism " now we will descend into medieval barbarism" Proof they learned nothing , were just subdued for awhile.

        Because our elites refuse to delve into Islam, it's founder , history and negative psychological issues,they will never come to grips with why Muslims act as they do.
        They might as well come from another planet, that is how different their mentality is.

        • Lisa

          You speak truth; why is it that we have not one soul in DC that can do this. It makes me mournful.

        • Richard the Turd

          I don't think elites are ignorant. They are scared to speak out because of the reliance of the west on oil and we are essentially owned when it comes to intellectual critique from government. Whilst I am no conspiracy believer, I think this is an un-escapable conclusion. Why the media comply is the real mystery. Buy yourself an electric car!! Get rid of oil dependence

          • skander

            Richard the turd. Don’t scratch your head about why oil is so imp. Simple fact of life, if something seems overly bad for health of a nation or people n if it continues to be in use, then trust me its the money it makes that keeps it in circulation… Oil is no different, tobacco is no different n guns are no different…pardon me here I go o. the sarcasm mode….anyone with a bare minimum knowledge of how world economies work n how money shapes n directs our lives in a world ruled by profit will know this…but unfortunately most people like to believe that aliens n UFOs n Islam causes all the problems in the world n not necessarily in that order. Just so u know…u have a doubt don’t listen to tje conspiracy theorists..there are dime a dozen… Just google ur doubts , wiki is a good place for information from those just returning from mars n bombarded by our media channels churning out fiction n hoping that having churned it out enuff times it will pass for n maybe even mutate into fact… So check below courtesy wiki

            “Energy lobby” is the umbrella term used to name the paid representatives of large fossil fuel (oil, gas, coal) and electric utilities corporations who attempt to influence governmental policy. So-called Big Oil companies such as ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Total S.A., Koch Industries, Chevron Corporation, and ConocoPhillips are amongst the largest corporations associated with the energy lobby. General Electric, Southern Co., First Energy, and the Edison Electric Institute are among the influential electric utilities corporations. [1] Both electric companies and big oil and gas companies are consistently among the ten highest-spending industrial lobbyists. [2]

            In the 2006 election cycle, oil and gas companies contributed over $19 million to political campaigns. 82% of that money went to Republican candidates, while the remaining 18% went to Democrats. In 2004, oil and gas companies contributed over $25 million to political campaigns, donating 80% of that money to Republicans. In the 2000 elections, over $34 million was contributed, with 78% of that money going to Republicans. Electric utilities also heavily favor Republicans; their contributions have recently ranged between $15–20 million. [3][4] From 2003-2006, the energy lobby also contributed $58.3 million to state-level campaigns. By comparison, alternative energy interests contributed around half a million dollars in the same time period. [5] During the United States elections in 2012 which includes the presidential election there was much spending by the lobbies. [6]

      • skander

        Kipling dude!! Whats up with your sense of logic ? More people die bcoz of road accidents n tobacco use n other incidents related to gun violence than they do due to Muslims…so if u r plan of action is to be followed you shud be compensating n deporting all sorts of people such as those that sell n use guns or even own guns, those that sell , buy consume tobacco n related products, those that buy n sell n drive cars, etc …. List is endless dude…. N by the way if u are really so perspicacious n smart, i advise you to go back n read the real history of the world n not the propoganda passed off as history that is dished out to you in your schools n colleges, which glosses over genocides off entire races of people from aborigines from australia to indigenous population’s across Africa, the Americas etc…dude these so called civilized people were nit Muslims who wiped out these populations ..they were Christians…tje very same ones who built America …n colonialism was not a civilizing was a polite n politically correct term for invasion, occupation n thievery on an epic scale to fill the coffers of the colonizing country… I m a Muslim n have non Muslim friends n I do not endorse violence in Ny form n plz note I find paranoid horse cr@p like the one you spouting right now offensive to my intelligence and sensibility not even as a Muslim but just as human being who abhors bigotry, violence n senseless death as much as you do. By writing the kind of nonsense that you have written you just betray your ignorance of the fact that people are not monolithic in their understanding n behaviour n even interpretation n practice of their religious doctrines. Morons like u are just responsible for fomenting bigotry, racism n violence as those imams you so zealously denouncing, the only difference between them n people like u is that those imams foment trouble from the site of religion n you do it from your privileged n unassailable position of liberalism n free n progressive thinking… In my opinion the world is divided nit between things like religion, democray, liberalism , conservatism , its just divided between people who value life n peace n people who don’t . It appears to me that by generalizing the acts of Avery very small minority of Muslims to all Muslims you are encouraging a retaliatory mentality against all Muslims? How does that make u any different from those fundamentalist imams?? N if u doubt what I have said, then seriously go back n try n pin religion to very act of violence n butchery n mass murder that took place n see what the score comes to… For starters I suggest you can start with Hitler’s program against the Jews, pol pots killings of Khmer rouge, the gulags of stalin, the genicidesout of the indigenous people of south America by the Spanish conquistadors, n in more recent times check the religious antecedents of those who carried out the Bosnian genocides, the list is endless dude, so person for person n pound of flesh for pound of flesh if u wanna check which relugion was more blood thirsty n indulged in most bloodletting, the answer will Christianity..hands down. Have a good day.


      An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

      • defcon 4

        Or swimming pools of kufr blood. Islam is a death cult up to its armpits in blood.

      • ssmith

        Yep and we haven't an ounce of either, let alone a pound, thanks to our great " leaders". Willingly let in and even worship the Trojan Horse as a sort of idol, convinced it will never devour us, but bless us.

  • JacksonPearson

    A careful study of the Quran and Muhammad’s life will reveal to any objective-minded person that Muhammad never talked to a supernatural deity or received revelation from such an entity. Muhammad invented Allah and turned him into a criminal god to give political power to himself and utilize his made-up teachings, allegedly received from a fictional Allah, as a religious and legal justification for his criminality.

    Allah existed only in Muhammad's imagination. Muhammad and Allah were the same—two in one. Sanctioned by Allah, Muhammad practiced deceit, torture, murder, assassination, massacre, genocide, pillage, robbery, enslavement and rape as halal (legal) acts, deserving of paradise, as long as they were perpetrated on the infidels, all in the name of Allah.

    These evil, immoral teachings became the eternal laws of Allah. Islam is not a religion but a dangerous politico-military ideology—intended for conquering the world for imaginary Allah. The Koran is a declaration of open-ended war against the infidels. This war is permanent until all infidels have converted to Islam, or reduced to dhimmitude (institutionalized discrimination akin to slavery status), murdered or enslaved—a cold-hard reality for the hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, do-nothing about- evil naive infidels.

    To Muslims, Quran is a divine law-book for all times. Muslims cannot question or doubt the allegedly uncreated words of God contained in there Quran. Quranic teachings, the words of Allah, are immutable and stand valid for all times. Therefore, all teachings and sanction of the Quran must ideally be followed by Muslims at all walked to life until the end of the world.

    • Simon

      I certainly agree with much of what you say about Islam.

      However, I would argue that muhammad did indeed have a powerful encounter, albeit with a demon, most likely the accuser ha satan.

      Muhammad's interpretation of his own experience initial was that it was an angel that was trying to strangle him to death. It was very violent and he believed he was going insane.

      It was not until after these encounters that he became emboldened and began to preach and teach the material that he was possessed into scrawling down.


        Muhammed drank too much liquor, got drunk as a skunk, had a couple of frightful dreams and outlawed alcohol.

        • defcon 4

          You just committed a crime in all 57 states of the OIC. Oops and most of Europe/Eurabia and now Canada!

      • JacksonPearson

        "However, I would argue that muhammad did indeed have a powerful encounter, albeit with a demon, most likely the accuser ha satan.

        Muhammad's interpretation of his own experience initial was that it was an angel that was trying to strangle him to death. It was very violent and he believed he was going insane."

        An experience Muhammad had as a child. When Muhammad was a child he was nursed by a Bedouin woman. During this time he had an experience with "two men in white raiment".

        "…two men in white clothes came to me with a golden basin full of snow. They took me and split open my body, then they took my heart and split it open and took out from it a black clot which they flung away. Then they washed my heart and my body with that snow until they made them pure."

        This event deeply disturbed the Bedouins and they returned Muhammad to his mother. Here is the story told by Muhammad's wet-nurse, related in Guillaume's translation of Ibn Ishaq, page 72:

        "His [Muhammad's friend's] father said to me, "I am afraid that this child has had a stroke, so take him back to his family before the result appears. ….. She [Muhammad's mother] asked me what happened and gave me no peace until I told her. When she asked if I feared a demon had possessed him, I replied that I did."

        Note that Muhammad's wet-nurse believed he had been possessed by a demon. One would expect some degree of attachment between the two, since she nursed him, so it is extraordinary that she would return him in those circumstances: something very troubling actually occurred.

        Then there's Muhammad's Satanic Verses, by Salman Rushdie. The Satanic Verses literally blows Muhammad and Islam away, destroying Islam as a viable religion. Muhammad admitted to saying them. So if this part of the Qur'an are Satanic, what about the rest of the book? Islamic scholars and apologists have scrubbed these verses from the newer editions of the Qur'an, and claim it never happened. But they can't hide the tens of thousands of older texts.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Actions still speak louder than words and considering the awful track record of Islam it
      can only be reasoned that it's adherents are followers by a terrorizing fear or a wilfull
      evil that is opposed to the Almighty God. No person could behave so lowly without
      a craven falling from light and life, this is why Islamists worship death and destruction
      helped along by fools who have sold out the good and beautiful to and awaiting eternal

      • JacksonPearson

        Muslims do not have the same values about life, and love your neighbor as you and I. The Boston Massacre showed that. Two young men, in the prime of their lives, somehow go haywire and commit a heinous criminal act that will impact many in Boston for the rest of their lives…The question always is why???

        Lots and lots of unanswered questions; e.g., such as when were they radicalized; by whom; was there any foreign financial support; where were they trained and by whom; were they tied to a local terror cell, or to a larger network? And you gotta remember William, Obama gutted all Islamic phrases from the FBI's terrorist handbooks.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          The war is that between good and evil, praying to God to be on the right side it is
          possible by knowing what to look for in the Scriptures towards enlightenment.
          The light of the world is still under assault by forces of evil that control and use
          people who are spiritually dead, thier hearts are dark and unknowable. I will not
          trouble myself to much with questions of motivation, but we do need to know where
          information extracted by this surviving offender will lead. A cleansing of our lives
          must be made on a grand scale, individually and then collectively, that has been
          the way of the playbook, those who choose the Scriptures get the fulfilling
          answers, the rest will fold in the end, the heathen rage and foolish pride and
          sin stand in the way of a geat multitude that are falling and flailing and yes the
          heathen rage. Hideously there are those who have embraced evil, as hard as it
          is to believe that is possible my lying eyes say so looking at mans history, Boston
          is a new episode in all Hell breaking out but in the end evil is doomed……….William

          • JacksonPearson

            There's going to be better days ahead William…
            Jesus saith unto him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

          • WilliamJamesWard

            I believe……………William

        • skander

          Islamic view of rights of neighbours in reply to Mr Pearson contention that Islam does not have concept of treating neighbours kindly. Muslims must treat neighbors in a gentle way that reflects the true and genuine spirit of Islam as exemplified in its tolerant aspect especially with people of other faiths. It makes no difference whether the neighbors are Muslim or non-Muslim. ‘A’ishah, the Mother of the Believers, (may Allah be pleased with her) stated that she once asked the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), “O Messenger of Allah! I have two neighbors. To whom shall I send my gifts?” He said, “To the one whose gate is nearer to you.”

          It is clear from the above Prophetic Hadith that Muslims are encouraged to not only treat our neighbors kindly, but also to exchange gifts with them. The wording of the Hadith does not indicate whether the one with whom we exchange gifts is a Muslim or not.

          It was even reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had a neighbor who used to harm him and insult him at every encounter. Some days elapsed without the Prophet getting his share of this man’s abuse. Thinking that there must be some reason behind the man’s absence, he (peace and blessings be upon him) paid him a visit and found him sick. The man wondered how the Prophet could meet his bad treatment with such great behavior. To him, such noble character as taught by Islam was completely new.

          If your neighbors are Muslim and relatives, then they have three rights on you: the right of the neighbor, the right of kin, and the right of the co-religionist. If they are non-Muslim and relatives, then two rights are due to them: that of neighbor and kin. And if they are non-Muslims outside of the family, you owe them the right of the neighbor only. Referring to this, Allah Almighty says what means, (And serve Allah. Ascribe no thing as partner unto Him. (Show) kindness unto parents, and unto near kindred, and orphans, and the needy, and into the neighbor who is of kin (unto you) and the neighbor who is not of kin and the fellow traveler…) (An-Nisaa’ 4:34 )

          Enough to say that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) stated in one of his Hadiths that Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) kept exhorting him to treat neighbors kindly to the extent that the Prophet imagined that a neighbor could inherit from his neighbor.

          Below are some tips on how to approach your non-Muslim neighbors in a kind way that exemplifies Islamic manners:

          1. Being good to neighbors is not only restricted to those who share the same building with you. Your roommate at the dorm is your neighbor; the person sitting behind you or next to you in a bus or at a bus stop is your neighbor; the one sharing your office at work is your neighbor; the person enjoying fresh air next to you in a public garden is also a neighbor. You ought to treat all of those people kindly and socialize with them within the permitted scope of Shari ‘ah.

          • JacksonPearson

            Why don't you go to Boston, and preach your Muhammadan, Islamophobia crapola to the victims, and survivors that were maimed for life? May the two killers, the Tsarnaev brothers, forever burn in hell, along with Muhammad (may Satan's demons be upon them)!

            In direct contradiction to all who apply the "radical" label to the Islam of today's terrorists, the only way for Wahhab or Salaf Muslims to be practicing a corrupted version of Islam, is for Muhammad and his Companions to have gotten Islam wrong. And if that were true, the religion has no basis of any kind. The moment you come to grips with this simple, yet profound, truth, the connection between Islam and terror becomes clear.

        • skander

          Jacksonpearson…you are fast turning legendary for your power deduction n analysis..I would really like to hear your opinion on what was it that ” turned” or ” radicalized ” or “religiously inspired” the zillion of crazy trigger happy idiots who were involved in killing hundreds n even thousands of innocent teachers, kids, students n bystanders in the last 200 year history of school shootings in the USA…yes my friends that’s how long crazy school shooters have been at it. If u doubt, plz wiki it..they have long long list detailing all the grisly n sordid details n I can assure u you will be hard put to find some Islamic “radicalized” crackpot lurking in thoae reams n reams of sad, senseless statistic… Perhaps in your abundant wisdom you would like to hazard a guess as to why those shooters killed so many people n why? Wonder what Islam inspired Adam lanza the sandy hook killer..he was a Trinitarian church going god fearing Christian, winder which imam radicalized the Korean born Virginia tech killer who was raised as a Christian. Dude there is a whole lot if psychology n sociology enlisted to explain the pschye of all non- Muslim killers however heinous their crime, they get away with criminal insanity, schizophrenia, depression, mania , childhood abuse, parental neglect, adjustment issues etc, whereas when its Muslims, all the psychologist n sociologist n psychiatrist are given the day off n the ‘ beat the Muslim’ brigade crawls out of the woodwork n does what it does best, let’s pin the blame on Islam..can never go wrong with that..public laps it , politicians like it, everyone happy.. Pearson you sound like a well meaning person to me, why won ‘t u understand that all killings are senseless n inhuman n barbaric n all killers must be equally denounced n punished. But to trace a random persons act to an entire community is illogical n senseless. Cmon you do know deep inside that if Islam was the only root cause of deaths in America today then how do u explain, school shootings, the 30,000 a year gun related violence average American death count??? Let’s hear it from you… There are millions of Muslims like me who denounce acts like the Boston n 9 11 ones. We dont subscribe to, condone or support such senseless acts of murder. So if u must blame some one blame the individual not the religion, because just like for every crazy Adam lanza there are a million peace living n caring American n Christians similarly for every tsarnsev brother there are millions of Muslims who want to live in peace n don’t like bei.g clubbed with misguided murderers. Thanks n wish you a good day.

  • RandyAnn

    Was there any doubt the religion of peace was front and center involved in this? Anyone paying attention for the last 13 years knew the cultural deprvity of the bomber…. The ethnicity was not important…
    Koranimals are koranimals no matter the skin color or the country of origin…

  • conjectureandconsequence

    No way. I am certain that these were just over zealous Mormon missionaries.

    • defcon 4

      Sarcastically speaking: Those murderous Mormons! I always knew they were the real threat to democracy!

      • Lan Astaslem

        I was certain it was two Amish lads.

  • Horace

    According to my religion ( traditional world view), rape, murder, maiming, bombing civilians, lies, mutilation, etc. as commanded by the Mohammedan Allah are more what you expect from the devil and his minions than from God. Islam has a big attribute in common with our new state religion-Atheism, namely a gross disrespect for and hatred of the God of the Jewish Bible and for Jesus Christ , Christians and Jews. Thats why the Atheist liberals-communists, socialists- what you may call them, refuse to hear any criticism of Muslims or Islam. They are working for the same boss. The Atheists and liberals will go down to their deaths swinging for tolerance of the Satanic Mohammedan Allah and its Jihadis. The clear demonstration of this truth in Boston wont make any difference to the head- in -the- sand fools in that liberal stronghold , never mind elsewhere in the USA, since the socialist professors and the socialist press have had their way with the youth of America for too long. PS George Bush says “Islam is the religion of peace” Saudi money is good. Obama bows to the Saudi King. KYAG

  • Horace

    The sheeplike liberals of Boston will be baffled over the good boys gone bad aspect of these Jihadis. It will put them in a baahhhd mooood till they get some relief from Mayor Thomas Menino, Governor Deval Patrick and Islamist in Chief Barack Hussein Obama explaining how it was the fault of Israel and America.
    Trying to understand reality gives sheep a charlie horse between the ears.


      What would Teddy Kennedy have said about this latest Islamofascist attack?

      • defcon 4

        It depends on how pickled he was at the time. I imagine his corpse must be well preserved…

  • AdinaK

    Here are some "clues" as to why the "refugees" turned on their host country –

    Muslim blood lust is boundless, therefore, Americans must internalize said facts –

    Islam is a cult – believe it or not – and it is wrapped in religion to execute political goals – a world subdued by Sharia Law! Perhaps their mosques need to be "places of interest" to Americans.

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • defcon 4

      Meir Kahane was right all along, which is exactly why the muslimes had him killed.

  • Michael Copeland

    Of course, the mystery deepens….. Here is the dutifully followed sequence:

    Ritual Headscratching by the media about motive (hat tip Robert Spencer)
    Outright Denial by family of any connection
    Declaration of Bafflement by muslim commentators
    Whining Distraction Tactic about Backlash

    The BBC (8 Jan 2013) has the answer:

    -"the motivation for many of the assaults cannot be pinned down so precisely. Many analysts believe they are rooted in underlying, even subconscious, resentments that are prone to flare up and with deadly consequences.”

    Now we know.


      SCREW the bbc.

      Too bad the Brits are forced to pay to support the experimental wireless project called the bbc.

  • Michael Copeland

    Take a leaf from the UK police response to the muslim child rape gangs:

    We know this is a completely isolated incident because it is exactly like all the other completely isolated incidents.


      Rape the rapers.

  • katarina broman (@kattaB4)

    Young boys like these are being groomed by older so called Imams and more or less brainwashed. America has to stop being so naive. Muslims are dangerous and you still have a chance to stop this if you become aware of the threat. For us in Sweden I fear it´s too late, they will take over. The government keep showering them in. In 50 years from now the Swedes will be a minority in their own country, and Sharialaw will have taken over.


      SCFREW sweden and norway too.

      Let the Muslim rape gangs have their way – it would be racist to object to having your women raped.

      • defcon 4

        If the low countries couldn't stand up to the islamofascists for the benefit of their Jewish populations then let them burn.

    • Drakken

      Well it is up to you folks to fight back and not take it anymore, it is that simple.

    • Jeff Bargholz


      Unelected bureaucrats and elected simps are allowing islamopithecines to seize your country by farce. I have nothing but sympathy for you and yours. The same process has begun in America, so sneering at your country's mistakes is just as arrogant, stupid and suicidal as when Europe crowed over Byzantium being raped by the islamopithecines.

  • Lan Astaslem

    "anti-American" mosque – one of the most redundant terms ever

    • defcon 4

      Kinda like lying muslime.

  • Pierre Ouellet

    The word love is nowhere to be found in the koran. Countlest hate speechs are easy to find. There is no moderate muslin. The oumma is a pile of vomit dripping the blood of innocents. No amalgame there. Since 9/11 the religion of peace have conduct 20700 over deadly terroristes attack on this planet. Get rid of this cancer NOW!

    • skander


      Apparantly you either don’t recognise the word love when you see it or have nit read the Quran:
      Plz see the following if you would like to be enlightened, but if u would like to rave n rant regardless of the truth,plz bypass n carry on doing whatever it is that you do:

      The word love, hubb in its various grammatical forms, is used 69 times in the Qur’an. The writer has divided these into five categories:

      (1) Man’s love of things.

      (2) Human love.

      (3) Man’s love for God.

      (4) God’s love in the negative sense, i.e. “God loveth not …”

      (5) God’s love for man.

  • RUI

    "Anti-American Mosque". As opposed to…

  • skander

    Jackson Pearson. Plz go n read some real history. If Islam was so inimical to peace n si responsible for death n destruction how do you explain the fact that most of worst mass murderers in history are not Muslims n don’t subscribe to Islam. To illustrate my point, plz see below n stop raving n ranting about Islam being a religion if war n killing, when quite clearly history points to a different truth:

    Adolf Hitler.
     Religion: catholic, People killed – (Germany, 1939-1945) 12 million  (concentration camps and civilians deliberately killed in WWII plus 3 million Russian POWs left to die) Adolf Hitler was raised a Catholic, and in a speech in 1922
    he remarked, “My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord
    and Saviour as a fighter…” In his autobiography Mein Kampf
    (1.2), Hitler stated: Hence today I believe that I am acting
    in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by
    defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work
    of the Lord. Throughout his life, Hitler invoked God and “the
    Lord,” demonstrating his religious, not atheistic, nature.
    Josef Stalin: 
    Publicly: atheist 
    Privately: Russian Orthodox Christian
    Number of people killed: low estimate 6 million,
    high estimate 20 million 

    Pol pot: Cambodian dictator who was responsible for what became
    infamously known as the the killing fields of Khmer
    Religion: Buddhist n catholic
    Number of people killed: 
    In all, an estimated 1 to 3 million Cambodian people (out of
    a population of slightly over 8 million)

    Mao Zedong: religion, raised Buddhist turned atheist.
    Number of people killed – His rule is estimated to have caused the deaths of 40–70 million
    people mainly through starvation, forced labor and
    executions, placing his rule at the top of the list of most
    people killed by democide in human history. Wiki.

    Leopold ll of Belgium : Congo 1886 – 1908.Religion Roman Catholic.Number of people killed.: 8 million 

  • Andy Wrasman

    If you don't care for the Co-exist bumper sticker and the message that it actually promotes of "religious pluralism" and the eradication of any exclusive truth claim such as the one's found in the Christian Bible, then you'll love to check out Contradict Movement. Just search for Contradict Movement and you'll find my page that has a Contradict bumper sticker with videos that explain the message I have intended for it.

    This article was great. I found it via someone who posted it on the Contradict Movement site on Facebook.

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