Sequester Cuts Hours for Boston Bomber’s Public Defenders


Obama told everyone that the sequester would be a horrible disaster. And he was right. Just imagine poor Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s lawyers having to skip through four paragraphs on how he was abused by American drones as a child or how he suffers from Compulsive Jihad Syndrome.

As the federal public defender office in Boston prepares to defend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old charged in the Boston Marathon bombings, the lawyers involved face an added challenge: managing the case in the midst of furloughs.

Federally mandated budget cuts known as sequestration could force Tsarnaev’s lawyers to take up to 15 days of unpaid leave before the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30. Lawyers familiar with the office said it is feeling the pinch in other ways, including leaving vacant positions unfilled.

“There’s no doubt that the sequester is going to affect the administration of justice in general, in Boston, and with this case specifically,” said John Cunha Jr. of Boston’s Cunha & Holcomb, former president of the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Or alternatively, it’s going to prevent the Muslim terrorist’s lawyers from  affecting the administration of justice.

Thirteen attorneys serve in the Boston federal public defender office. The furloughs would coincide with the early weeks of Tsarnaev’s defense, which Cunha said is a “crucial” time. “You start to figure out where you are and where the government is and where they’re going to go and how to protect this person’s rights.”

I presume none of the lawyers eager to use taxpayer money to protect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s rights from Americans lost any legs at the marathon.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    They may be laying the grounds for tossing out the charges at a later date where in he was
    not given and adequate defense, not enough childhood toys, maybe he received Palestinian
    hate programming, whatever slimey defense it will ooze with crapola. What the leftists will do
    even if all else fails they will do more to shut him up than defend his indefensible acts with
    mountainous indefensible positions. Our enemies within will make every possible excuse
    they can for this destroyer of life, a child killer…………………….William

  • Tan

    I don't understand how lawyers have the guts to defend a heinous criminal (in this case a terrorist combatant [Obama if I'm being politically incorrect, then that's fine by me. You never had the guts to call the Fort Hood attack a terrorist attack anyway, so who give a crap about what you say?]). It doesn't make sense on why a lawyer or an attorney has to back-stab the American people. Is their job really to help in the justice system, or is their job just to intimidate and manipulate?

    • kaz

      it makes no sense for a lawyer to backstab the american people, you say. you know nothing of lawyers.

      • Snow White

        They are not back stabbing us.
        They are bleeding us dry. Why are US taxpayers paying for more than one lawyer for this scumbag? That Public Defender's office could get rid of two of his lawyers permanently and he would still be getting more "justice" than he deserves.

  • Scott

    Remarkable ignorance displayed here. The desire to see justice served in this case shouldn't mean ignorant and baseless trashing of public defenders or the constitutionally recognized right to due process. Public defenders serve honorably and provide a constitutionally mandated function within the justice system – plain and simple. And they do so while making pennies on the dollar compared to private attorneys. Indeed, such due process is why our justice system is exceptional compared to those in many parts of the world. It's fine to desire just punishment for those who committed these senseless acts, but to extrapolate that into ignorant bashing of public defenders damages whatever credibility you think you have. Shame on you for this post.

  • Andy Lewis

    Why does John Edwards' pic appear here? Is this a a subliminal smear job? (Not that his reputation is salvagable anyhow.)

  • kaz

    i see no reason to prosecute the bomber. our government knew they were muslims. our government knows that muslims have scriptural directives requiring them to kill infidels. knowing they are muslims, and knowing that muslims are required to kill us, our government not only invited them to colonize our country, but also provided them aid and comfort, AND ignored warnings from their country of origin. it is clear to me that they were serving as agents of our government. we got what we paid for. send the surviving government agent back to russia, and prosecute the real criminals–the traitors who invited them to invade our country.

    • Snow White

      Kaz, you are so right. And we should start by repatriating Obama back to Kenya.

      • Scott

        Oh, I see. This website is written by, and read by, crazy people.