Islamic Sharia Court in Berlin Demands Defendant Pay 100 Camels


That is a lot of camels. I doubt there are 100 camels in all of Berlin. But who are we to argue with the enlightened wisdom of Mohammedan justice?

This is your justice system. This is your justice system on Sharia. Even when there aren’t beheadings and behandings, there are camels. Lots and lots of camels.

As Taccidin Yatkin drove in the spring of 2013 to a reconciliation meeting with the Lebanese extended family Omeirat, he hoped that both sides in Arab tradition would join hands and would drink tea. In January 2009, Yatkin’s son Ali had hit the 17-year-old Mohammed Omeirat when he went through a red light with his Alfa Romeo and fatally injured him.

As the former president of the Central Council of Turks in Germany entered the premises of the Lebanese Association in Berlin-Neukölln, he knew that the victim’s family didn’t want to smoke a peace pipe.

There waiting were the Omeirats, 40 to 50 members of the family and other Arab clans. The message of the scenario was clear: Who does not cooperat, messes with the entire extended family Omeirat. Parts of which the police consider to be organized crime and which has distinguished itself primarily through property and violent crimes.

The director at the meeting was the Imam of the Mosque of Omar Neukölln reciting from the Qur’an determined that the case should be “solved according to Sharia”. The son of Othe meirats had been killed and the person responsible for it was not punished. According to the “law of our country he is guilty, whether he acted negligently or intentionally.”

Yatkin protested. “I do not accept Sharia. We live in Germany. My son has been acquitted by a court of law.” However, the argument did not impress the Imam.

During the talks on reparations Yatkin was put under pressure: “We do not want to threaten you, but if you’re on the road, we can not guarantee your life.”

Mighty fine car you have there. Would be a shame if something happened to it because you wouldn’t give us 100 camels.

As compensation first 100 camels were required – not in the desert, but in the middle of the metropolis of Berlin. Converted into euros at the exchange rate was a sum of 55,000 euros. After much haggling in the end was a demand of 20,000 euros and Yatkin’s concern that threatens his family’s suffering.

This impotence of law enforcement leaves the Neukölln SPD deputy Erol Özkaraca pulling his hair out, “It is unbearable to witness how  organized crime penetrates it right here in the form of Sharia law.”

The Omeirats who obviously needed money, used a 3000 year old oriental tradition to resolve conflicts by crime. This Islamic model of conflict resolution has three pillars: mediation to reconcile perpetrators and the victim’s family, reparation by payment of money and vigilante justice, for revenge or to undermine the criminal monopoly of law by the threat and use of force.

The motto “We are under the control” is in Muslim-dominated immigrant areas, especially in Berlin, Bremen, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia , an informal parallel justice emerged in the tradition of Sharia. Especially frequently and rigorously practiced by the Lebanese, Palestinian and Kurdish extended families here continue to live in their tribal structures – poorly integrated and isolated from German society. Family feuds, defamation, land and money disputes and turf wars in organized crime are controlled internally.

Everyone pays some camels and lives in their own little Sharia state in which the only law comes from the Koran and the sword. And all this is taking place in Germany.


  • defcon 4

    I wonder if only 50 double humped camels would suffice? Twice the humps, half the camels.

    • Infidel

      Be careful using the word “hump” when referring to camels in such company.

  • BagLady

    I see nothing wrong with this at all. The 17 year old brat had been let off by the German system but the real culprit, the father, had never been tried for the heinous crime of reckless irresponsibility; buying his 17 year old son an Alfa Romeo. More fatal accidents are caused by rich kids driving ‘alpha male’ cars than any other group. The father’s flashiness with his wealth caused the death of an innocent party and he should cough up the camels. Have them delivered to the front door of the Head of the family. Sharia Law is fine so long as it stays within the Law of the host country. Totally harmless — golf clubs have rules — and, no, they are not about to start chopping off limbs, nor stoning widows. Lovely creatures, camels.

    • cheechakos

      Sharia undermines and conflicts with laws of host countries .You cannot have parallel legal systems.
      The father is not at fault unless German laws specify parental responsibility for accidents .He was not present ,he was not driving.
      Live by German laws or leave.

      Cough up the camels? In Berlin? Now you are just being stupid.
      Naah they won’t chop off body parts. They’ll just kill him.

      • BagLady

        Once again. Every word I write is twisted to suit your simplistic vision of people and places outside your limited sphere. So when you join the golf club and they tell you you cannot wear that unsuitable attire in here. Do you reach for the phone and call your lawyer? It is your ‘right’ by US law to wear this unsuitable attire and the golf club is undermining US common law.

        I see you find the father morally guiltless.

    • john spielman

      sharia law and islam in general is a MAFIA LIKE organization which supercedes the law of the land. If you cross Islam you die.

    • defcon 4

      “Sharia law … totally harmless.” Of course Fatima and when the najjis kaffir dare to criticise islam and/or its holey prophet, what’s a little head chopping between friends?

      • BagLady

        I expect the practice of Sharia differs according to geography. I doubt the uneducated villagers of Northern Pakistan interpret the law in the same way as, say, a Muslim businessman in Yorkshire. This can be said of all religions. Buddhism in Sri Lanka is completely different from that in S E Asia and Indian Christians have done little more to their small altar in the corner than replace the statue of their favourite god with a statue of Jesus. The offerings are the same as is the incense and evening ritual. Only the words have changed.

    • nielsc

      Obviously you can’t read. Ali Yatkin wasn’t 17. You have to be at least
      18 to drive in Germany.

  • Riffak Ledifni

    An Arab was being interviewed at a US checkpoint.
    “Your name please?”
    “Abdul Aziz”
    “Sex? ”
    “Six times a week!”
    “No, no, I mean male or female.”
    “Doesn’t matters, sometimes even camel.”

  • Veracious_one

    it would have been humorous to see the accused import and present to the judge 100 camels. I wonder what the plaintiff would have done with them…I am sure the plaintiff would have to provide a place to keep them, then there would be the feed and medical care and poop removal to deal with, and the neighbors probably wouldn’t be happy, and then there would be the local government to deal with….with all those animal regulations and such….heck, the plaintiff might just try to give the camels back to the accused….

  • worldwatchman

    Just WHY does the free world allow muslims into their countries They ALL should be deported back to their sand boxes. Better now than fighting to the death in the streets later. Only politicians are that stupid to allow them in. They too, can go with them.

    • BagLady

      Erm…. because it’s the ‘free’ world.

      • worldwatchman

        Good point BagLady but, this does prove that illogical, dysfunctional governing isn’t just in the U.S. where the President has member/s of the brotherhood working for him walking around in the Whitehouse. That’s not only illogical and dysfunctional…….it’s just plain stupid. Having your enemy there isn’t a sane thing to do unless you’re a member too. In which case then you have to blame the “dumbed down” who voted him into office. Amazing. That’s the part of being in the “free” world I just don’t get!?!?!

        • BagLady

          and yet CBN states that: It’s not just the White House where ISNA is making inroads. The group’s
          interfaith office works closely with Jewish and Christian groups around the country. One of its leaders even spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this year.

          So some must find it helpful to engage.

          • worldwatchman

            dumbing down the players and spreading dis-information is very much the norm in politics.

          • BagLady

            this bit of dis-information was at the bottom of the information on the Muslim Brotherhood White House advisers which contained rather a lot of here-say to make a good case.

    • ovidiuakm

      The beduin are fleeing the desert, yet they are bringing it with them wherever they flee.

  • BagLady

    Thank you for backing me up oh Veracious_one and expressing the implicit meaning of my flippant remark.

  • Rurik

    There’s a misunderstanding. Give the gomer five packs of cigarettes – There are your one hundred camels.