Sharpton Blames Racism for 3/4 Killers and Victims Being Black


So the numbers are in and they aren’t good.

If you’re black, you are almost 25 times more likely to be shot in New York City than a white person — and you are also more likely to be arrested for pulling a trigger, alarming new NYPD statistics show.

Data collected during the first six months of the year reveal 74% of the city’s 567 shooting victims were black. An additional 21.5% were Hispanic. Less than 3% of shooting victims were white, according to the report.

Who’s to blame for this? If you’re Al Sharpton, the answer is obvious. Police racism.

Black community activists said the frustrating statistics, which have barely fluctuated since 2009, tell the stark stories of economics in poorer neighborhoods and the NYPD’s laser-like focus on communities of color.

Wait… so black people are shooting other black people because of the NYPD’s focus on black communities? That’s exactly right.

“Many of us have struggled with crimes in our own communities, but clearly we have to question the records,” the Rev. Al Sharpton told the Daily News on Tuesday. “It’s no surprise that you get more results in a community you are concentrating on.”

So that must mean there are a whole lot of white people shooting other white people in New York that the NYPD doesn’t even know about because it’s too busy stopping and frisking project dwellers in Brownsville.

If the NYPD were to focus on protecting white neighborhoods. It would be racist. When it focuses on protecting black neighborhoods, it’s racist and somehow responsible for all the shootings, which it’s not allowed to stop, because liberals decided Stop and Frisk is racist.

“Last year, 97% of all shooting victims were black or Hispanic and reside in low-income neighborhoods,” Commissioner Kelly recently said. “There were more stops with suspicious activity in neighborhoods with higher crime because that’s where the crime is.”

But there’s only crime there because the police stop people. If the police stop stopping people, the crime will vanish.

  • Howard

    Can we have a link to the article Mr. Sharpton made these statements in? It just makes life easier.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      top links

  • ebonystone

    Well, it was Jesse Jackson who explained that the reason there were safer streets and less crime in white neighborhoods was that they were heavily policed.
    So why do black leaders object to more policing in black neighborhoods?

    • Raptormann

      If you try and follow the logic of the Left, your head will explode!
      Follow the money then you will find out why these race hucksters do what they do.

  • cheechakos

    As far as Sharpton is concerned whites are to blame for anything wrong in black communities. They have no responsibility ,self control,free will or ability to make decisions. He acts as if blacks are just dumb farm animals being led around.

    This is horribly damaging to people who are fed and believe his victimhood pablum. By espousing the old stereotype of blacks being ignorant ,helpless and violent Sharpton is instilling failure in black communities

    • john spielman

      So basically, black racism will continue until… (using the Oprah school of logic).. Al Sharptin DIES?
      I thought Al was smarter than this, though maybe he is and he knows that if his race bating stops he will loose money and power!

      • Robert Lande

        Booker T. Washington wrote in 1911 that he was concerned about those who profited from racism and therefore had a vested interest in perpetuating it. Sharpton and Jackson have made a lot of money promoting the concept that whites are racist and responsible for all real or imagined problems of the black community. Black children are taught by people like Sharpton that they should hate whites and that they need special help in order to compete with whites. Conservative blacks who teach self reliance and racial tolerance are branded by people like Sharpton as uncle Toms. Sharpton fears a vibrant and independent black community because they would have no use for bigots like him.

    • Gee

      He sounds like a dark skinned Arab. The JOOOOSSSS are to blame for anything including bad weather in the Middle East

  • ilevy57

    problem is you can’t rationalize with people who are closed to common sense
    guess white people are hiding a lot of bodies if the same thing is happening in white neighborhoods

  • Biff Henderson

    I think what Al was alluding to is that if more Blacks are allowed to carry peashooters they could defend themselves from the “bad guys” instead of being another statistic. He’ll find a willing ally in the New York State Funeral Directors Association.

  • rangerrebew

    I believe 3/4 of zits, hemorrhoids, tooth decay, body odor, and arthritis are the result of racism, too. The remaining 1/4 percent is the result of global warming.

  • Jason

    It is racism alright. It’s liberal racism that prevents minorities from performing at their best, and perpetuates the victim narrative.

  • Connie Alsip


  • Lady Gaga

    I almost fell for Al sharptongue’s logic…until I realized I was high on crack.

    • Mayor Ford

      Even crack doesn’t make you that stupid, put down the whiskey frisky.

  • stage9

    “Less than 3% of shooting victims were white, according to the report.”

    So everyone should get their fair share. Whites? Start murdering one another more that way black statistics will appear more “equal”.

    Maybe our stats are so low because we’e not uncivilized.