Sheila Jackson-Lee: Constitution Gives Me Immunity to Discriminate Against the Disabled

U.S. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee shows a bag of Skittles during her remarks at a public forum on the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, on Capitol Hill in Washington

Sheila Jackson-Lee is one of the dumbest people in America and the fourth dumbest person in Congress. If Sheila Jackson-Lee and Joe Biden played chess, the pieces would come to life and run away.

Sheila Jackson-Lee thought that America planted a flag on Mars and won the Vietnam War. Apparently she also thought that when she was passing discrimination laws, the Constitution would keep them from applying to her because she was a politician.

Worse still, she found lawyers who would actually make that argument for her.

A judge has refused to dismiss a federal lawsuit accusing Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of discriminating against and mocking a disabled staffer — charges the Texas Democrat denies.

Mrs. Jackson Lee’s legal team sought to have the complaint dismissed, arguing in part that actions concerning her staff are protected under the Speech or Debate clause of the Constitution. In a lengthy ruling, the judge disagreed.

“Decisions about whether to allow an employee to rest or to have additional time to complete an assignments are not legislative acts for which the representative enjoys constitutional immunity from suit,” U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras wrote in a Sept. 30 opinion.

Just so you can understand how dumb Sheila Jackson-Lee really is, she thought that the Speech and Debate clause let her break the law.

They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

How stupid did Sheila Jackson-Lee have to be to think that this would free her from following employment laws?

  • corey2444

    She is one of the most vile and disgusting women in power this country has produced.

  • Jeffrey Coolidge

    ignorant people, elect ignorant people

  • Barbaree

    I hope she gets nailed to the wall! How the he&& did she ever get re-elected time and time again!? She’s also the one who takes an entourage and limosine to go a couple of blocks away from her office.

  • Robert Betts

    In the photo she is holding Skittles, all she needs now is to put on a hoodie and go to Florida.

  • hometochicago13

    Ever heard the saying… Dumb as a rock? Personally… I would vote for the rock.

  • TheOldMan

    The US military did win the Vietnam War. When the last military left in 1973, the VCs had long been eliminated and the NVA were weak and wiped out. South Vietnam was sold out by the Democratic controlled Congress in late 1974/early 1975 when it refused to provide help to counter the revitalized NVA. The NVA knew from Congressional public statements that the USA had no intention of living up to its commitments and that was the end of it. Millions died.

  • ModdKenwood

    skittles+arizona watermelon drink+robitussin w/codeine=purple drank=what Trayvon Martin was going to concoct till he attempted to kill Zimmerman and well you know what happened…

  • CaptGene

    Well, we ARE talking about the slime mold mentality of someone who wanted the Martian Rover to visit the spot where Neil Armstrong planted the Flag. Fact is this . . . this . . .. Good God! For once I’m at a loss for an adjective appropriate enough to describe this retarded turnip!

  • PastorMark

    Okay, I’ll take the bait. Who are the three people in Congress who are dumber than Sheila Jackson Lee? I’m not disputing it, but solid evidence is required in order to keep SJL from claiming the title.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I’ll give you a hint.

      Guam tipping over

  • Michael John Naretto

    NO ONE IS THIS STUPID! Or so I thought..

  • Douglas Morris

    the election of this women to the House should be viewed as a treasonous act. There’s been tons of examples of voter fraud in her district and Justice refused to act on it..

    • Eco Az

      Nobody elects trash like that. That thing is a plant.

  • Frank Elliott

    Pardon my bluntness if you will (or don’t if you won’t)… this very poorly-written article makes some very bold accusations, then fails to deliver a cause and effect result ‘proof’ for its position(s). She said WHAT to whom when? I don’t see it quoted in your piece… so I’m supposed to look it up myself? Where and for what purpose? PS: Authors attacking public officials in smear campaigns are asking for trouble.

    • Frank Elliott

      “she thought that the Speech and Debate clause let her break the law.” Oh, I get it… you are convinced that you can read her mind, Wow. Read mine!

    • Frank Elliott

      “Worse still, she found lawyers who would actually make that argument for her.” ?? The ideal of totalitarianism wouldn’t allow that, y’all; now I will fall in line for the flawed reasoning of John Galt & Co.

      • grumpy old man

        Liars,er Lawyers,will do ANYTHING to make a dollar,and they are not particular what they have to do to accomplish their goal. They will lie,steal,cheat,and at times I believe,commit murder…How many dead people have been left in the wake of the clintons,and no wow “O”…and his crooked cabinet.


  • No RNC

    Old BabbleButt, is not the top Dumbest American?

  • Pam

    Isn’t it ironic that MOST liberals in a government position/capacity/job, i.e. Congress/Senate etc., think the Constitution is out of date/touch/reality/whatever…..except when it can possibly HELP them??? Then, of course, they are “protected” by the “out of date/touch/reality/whatever” same Constitution. Makes me just wanna PUKE!

  • Geekmom

    is she off to make some purple drank?

  • Nash Montana

    Oh lord is that Arizona Melon Tea in her cup?

  • Craig Berndt

    what is the poverty/success rate in her district?

    • emmayus

      According to, the poverty rate in her district is 23.3% or 150,365 Americans. Problem is, they LIKE it that way.

  • jade

    I would love to know the iq of the people test elected her.

  • Scott Snoopy

    Lee is without a doubt one of the stupidest individuals to have a seat in congress. SHe has the common sense of a snail but she knows how to buy her votes from the low information voters she purports to represent. Sadly there are more an more low information voters thanks to the public indoctrination system aka “education”.

  • carolyn jenkins

    throw the book at her, even better then that give me the book and i’ll gladly throw it at the moron.

  • Brian Burchfield

    whats even scarier is all the idiots that keep voting her back in!

  • armyvet706

    What a welfare hood rat.

  • Jane Bennett

    But…she has skittles. That gives her immunity doesn’t it?

  • Gman

    You have her ranked fourth dumbest … here’s my vote for dumbest …

  • James Birchfield

    Maybe the knuckleheads that voted for the idiot will think twice about doing it again.

  • zion1king

    It is amazing that there are so many stupid brain-dead voters in this country who elect morons like this to public office. Makes the electoral process seem hopeless and flawed.

    There should be a test that all voters have to take and pass before being allowed to vote. Just like when you have to take a drivers test in order to drive a car. Come to think of it, this woman probably drives. How in the hell did she pass that test being a stupid as she obviously is. She probably ran over a fire-hydrant and a couple of pedestrians and failed the written exam but was passed anyway because the exam center was afraid of a racial discrimination lawsuit if they didn’t pass her.

  • Aleuicius

    Pretty specific: going to, participating in, and going from – SESSION. My public-high-school education has no problem figuring that out. As for the lawyers? What do they care if they get paid?
    Isn’t this woman one who believes the Constitution (well, Bill of Rights) is obsolete, anyway?

  • steamboat

    I heard that she said today that the Constitution is 400 years old – LMAO. This is what happens when blacks vote for blacks.

  • The_Questman

    If you average the IQ of most Democrats in Congress, I get the feeling the total would be UNDER 90. How would you like to have Obama as your lawyer? He doesn’t even know how many states are in the United States.