Sheila Jackson-Lee: Constitution Gives Me Immunity to Discriminate Against the Disabled

U.S. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee shows a bag of Skittles during her remarks at a public forum on the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, on Capitol Hill in Washington

Sheila Jackson-Lee is one of the dumbest people in America and the fourth dumbest person in Congress. If Sheila Jackson-Lee and Joe Biden played chess, the pieces would come to life and run away.

Sheila Jackson-Lee thought that America planted a flag on Mars and won the Vietnam War. Apparently she also thought that when she was passing discrimination laws, the Constitution would keep them from applying to her because she was a politician.

Worse still, she found lawyers who would actually make that argument for her.

A judge has refused to dismiss a federal lawsuit accusing Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of discriminating against and mocking a disabled staffer — charges the Texas Democrat denies.

Mrs. Jackson Lee’s legal team sought to have the complaint dismissed, arguing in part that actions concerning her staff are protected under the Speech or Debate clause of the Constitution. In a lengthy ruling, the judge disagreed.

“Decisions about whether to allow an employee to rest or to have additional time to complete an assignments are not legislative acts for which the representative enjoys constitutional immunity from suit,” U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras wrote in a Sept. 30 opinion.

Just so you can understand how dumb Sheila Jackson-Lee really is, she thought that the Speech and Debate clause let her break the law.

They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

How stupid did Sheila Jackson-Lee have to be to think that this would free her from following employment laws?

  • USNbubblehead

    I am not surprised in the least. Unlike many LEARNED travelers, Lee is one of those who always envisioned government as perpetually doing those very things. I see a lot of that in the less educated up here in northern New England. Many people up here see the U.S. president as having unlimited powers; someone who can do whatever he or she wants. After all, they are the PRESIDENT.

    It is precisely this lack of even the most rudimentary knowledge of our government and how it works that enables complete babbling idiots like Lee to get elected in the first place. I doubt she had much vetting. Even if she had, I doubt her electorate would have understood the conclusions drawn from the process and would most likely dismissed those as being ‘racist.’

    Stupid voters get the government they deserve (think Detroit), its just sad that so many others who know better get dragged along by the idiot bus.

    • Judy Reinhardt

      That’s strange. That’s how Obama views himself. Your 1st paragraph describes his entire presidency.

      • USNbubblehead

        I agree with your observation, but I think in 0’s case he’s playing off those perceptions. He was a community organizer, and that is precisely the perception community organizers and such people try to foment in their audience. Usually all they need to do is validate that view to gain followers. Once they’re in, their followers think such tyranny is actually a tit-for-tat use of executive power rather than the abuse of power.

        Its all down to perceptions.

    • Bev

      Love your response. May I quote you?

      • USNbubblehead

        Sure, I’d be honored.

    • Leland64

      SJL is proof of the downside of “democracy.” Too much democracy enables massed low intelligence voters elect the “right” morons as their representatives. How could an idiot like SJL get elected? Reportedly she treats her staff like slaves and she clearly has a room temperature IQ. Stupid and ignorant, perhaps she is perfectly represents her district.

      • schnarfster

        I’ll agree with you on the “room temperature IQ” but only if that room that you are speaking about is an open air gazebo in Alaska!

        • Jeffrey Coolidge

          no no. the room temperature IQ works even better in celsius

      • Jesse

        Well they did vote for her so…..

      • SHOTGUN285

        You do realize that if people on public assistance were not allowed to vote, she’d never get elected in the first place.

      • prolibertate

        I have to disagree on one point: elections are NOT democracy!

        Elections are a “leadership” selection process.

        Democracy is “Ruling by the people”. Not through “intermediaries”. That’s what you have at the State level, through referenda.

        Switzerland is currently the only democratic country on the planet, as for decisions on all levels of government, the people have the last word. And that’s a good thing!

        For starters, voting on issues is totally different from elections.

        Elections are all about individuals, about affinities, ideologies and emotions.

        Voting on issues is factual. Every proposal has to be made with a full summary of the costs and benefits. Financing has to be specified. That way, people immediately understand that what the law claims to do won’t be “free”.

        You only vote on an issue if you think you understood it. Hence only about 20-45% of the people participate in the average referendum. The number can go up as high as 70-80%, but only for very popular or important issues that have been very widely debated.

        Some people claim that this is a bad thing. Of course it is a GOOD thing: low IQ people generally do not participate – it’s too much work for them to study the issue. Even reading the table with the 6 – 7 major party recommendation for each of 2 – 12 different proposals on a given referendum sunday is too much for them – and there are about 4 to 6 of those every year.

        So support direct democracy – it substantially lowers the power of politicians. It prevents several major problems enumerated by Buchanan in his “Public Choice Theory”. It would definitely have stopped Obamacare.

        • andikow

          I agree with your astute description of how the U.S. differs from a true Democracy. However, if we were a true democracy, all the low-information voters – just like the ones that have elected and re-elected Sheila Jackson-Lee repeatedly – would be deciding on every issue. How frightening is that thought?! It’s nice to think that people would refrain on voting on issues they didn’t “think” they understood, but the political discourse in this country is marked by people on both sides who are swayed by the talking heads telling them what to think and making up their minds while only knowing a small fraction of the truth.

          Providing proposals with “costs and benefits” means nothing. Who writes those? How can we be sure they are not biased? And what makes you think anyone is going to read them when they have their favorite pols more than willing to just tell them how to vote (much as they do in the elections now)?

          Good grief… we live in the information age, where almost anything you need to know is available at the distance of a keyboard and monitor, and yet so few people ever bother to look up anything on important issues or bother to understand what drives the opposing sides of them (because understanding BOTH sides is a vital part of the decision-making process).

          Direct democracy is nothing more than mob rule, and mobs are driven by emotion, not facts and reason. A better solution is to end the practice of Gerrymandering districts (allowing the parties easy re-elections) and term limits (with accompanying employment term limits for Congressional staffers, so that the blood actually turns over at the Capital on a regular basis). Then we might actually start to see a return to at least SOME of the rights that the Founding Fathers believed they were bequeathing us in the Constitution, because the people in D.C. will actually have to answer to the people at home.

          • prolibertate

            Sorry, but you sound like the people who opposed concealed carry laws: “There will be blood in the streets”. They never bothered to look at the places where people already could carry guns – even without a permit – such as Vermont or most Swiss cantons, among others.

            And indeed, there was not “blood in the streets”, but a drop of violent crime of 80%, from 1990 to 2007.

            I guess you know all of that.

            None the less, you claim that “Direct democracy is nothing more than mob rule”.

            That’s real funny, because you just ignore the place where it is actually practiced and instead make up a fantasy that is NOT supported by what we know!

            Switzerland never experienced “mob rule”. Instead, we’ve had the most stable system on the planet. Our country exists since 1291. And direct democracy has been practiced in most cantons for most of the time.

            Yet Switzerland was always the most conservative / classical liberal country in all of Europe.

            Here are a few examples of important votes:
            – just a few weeks ago, the far left tried to abolish the mandatory militia army. They were fully supported by the media, especially TV, which are to 95% on the left, like in the US.

            Guess what the outcome of the vote was? 75% NO!

            – In 2005, the most libertarian-leaning party, UDC, which is also the strongest party in the country, with 26-29% of the vote, proposed that new government debt should be strictly limited and debt reduction should be pursued aggressively. It was accepted by the majority of the people and the cantons.

            Thanks to this, we escaped the financial crises mostly unharmed. Our debt was reduced from 60% to 40% of GDP.

            And because of a healthy economy, we have only 3% unemployment – even youth unemployment is at just 3%.

            We don’t even have a legal minimal salary, despite repeated efforts by the left to introduce one.

            – Beginning 2011, the left tried to ban our guns. Officially, the argument was that military rifles should be kept in arsenals, instead of taken home, but the actual law would have required people to provide “justification” for the possession of any gun, which would have turned into a complete confiscation.

            This anti-gun law was promoted for almost a year, again by ALL the media minus 2 (Weltwoche, Agefi), especially on TV and the radio, papers, magazines, especially women’s magazines etc.

            Guess what? It was rejected by 57.5% of the voters and 19 out of 23 cantons! They needed a double majority. Not going to happen.

            So where’s that mob rule? How come the media can’t manipulate the people?

            It’s simple: the more involvement people have with DECISION MAKING and the more responsibility they are given, the more interest they show and the more they think for themselves.

            Voting on ISSUES is a RATIONAL PROCESS, electing people is EMOTIONAL.

            Exactly the opposite of what you claim.

            In a system where politicians make all the decisions, you end up with every imaginable defect enumerated by Buchanan in his “Public Choice Theory”. Direct Democracy mitigates or eliminates many of those.

            Party agreements do not matter. Under a parliamentarian system, parties can practice log rolling, supporting each other’s proposal, which means that laws that would never find any majority among the voters will get passed. You can have 70% of the people AGAINST a law and it will still become law.

            e.g. Obamacare or the introduction of the Euro in Germany.

            Under direct democracy, such laws are immediately rejected by the people.

          • andikow

            So now I’m pondering how someone jumps from my disagreement that direct democracy is not the solution for the U.S. to the assumption that I’m heralding such a thing would lead to the sky falling. No, my comment about “mob rule” simply means that there is a disregard for the individual and minority where a simple majority rules. If that’s not the case in Switzerland, that’s great, but I chalk some of that up to the small size of the population, and the rest up to the fact that more than 3/4 of Switzerland’s population is Swiss by blood and birth and has had common (shared) experiences as thus.

            Laws brought up as “for the common good” tend to ride roughshod over individual rights, and while it’s fantastic that in Switzerland, the people seem to be wholly committed to preserving those rights, I’m afraid we’re long past that point in this country. The pols have made the “politics of victimhood” an art, and once people believe they are victims, they are fairly easy to manipulate en masse, and are usually more than willing to trample a single person’s rights (though implemented across ALL people) if they believe it will somehow rectify the situation they believe is victimizing them.

            Additionally, there is a massive effort on the Left to get as many poorly educated and low-income people – almost all of whom fit the “manufactured victim” I described above – and mainly from the inner cities, to the polls to vote in the elections. It’s been documented time and time again that most are willing to vote as instructed in exchange for food or trinkets. This is not going to suddenly change if direct democracy comes to America. They are not suddenly going become educated on the issues or tell the “voting activists” they don’t want to vote because they don’t understand a topic. No, those people will be bused to the polling places as they are now and told what to vote on the issues. And they’ll do it willingly, much more to feel included in some effort than for anything they might receive out of the deal. To make matters worse, we don’t even know who is voting in many cases, because many states with large urban centers block efforts to check IDs. We know there are people who vote under other people’s names, and we know there are people who do it more than once. But they only get caught if they’ve got enough hubris (or enough stupidity) to brag about it openly.

            How do you propose a country that is more than fifty times the size of your reconcile these issues on the way to implementing your direct democracy? And then how do you keep the lazy and/or uninformed masses from allowing themselves to be manipulated by those who have big political schemes on their minds? And who is going to turn off the propaganda spigot? And again, who gets to write the proposed laws for the ballot, because I’ve voted on state-level propositions, and most of them I couldn’t make heads or tails of from the way they were worded and had to do a great deal of extra research before knowing how to vote.

            I just shake my head. You know, I actually had a discussion two weeks ago with a good friend about Obamacare where he claimed that it’s better than what we had. This is a smart man. And he’s someone I told during the legislative process of the law that people would LOSE their insurance if it was implemented (because the law is designed to fail so that we get pushed to a single-payer system), and others that were supposed to get insurance would not be able to afford it nor qualify for the wildly easy subsidies. But he watches CNN, and so he believes what they tell him and that I’m just uninformed. He exemplifies most Americans… barely interested, informed by propaganda, and willing to vote even if they don’t really understand what they’re getting. Somehow expecting very different people in a very different culture to behave as the Swiss do seems to me to be a stretch…

            On top of all this, our voting system is corrupt. There would be no way to know that a vote was accurate rather than manipulated by someone with a vested interested in one outcome or another… but that’s a topic for another day.

            I hope I’ve explained myself better. :)

          • prolibertate

            While I agree on almost everything you said, you are mixing different issues. The flaws of the electoral laws, e.g. that the Dems abuse to get illegals (not to mention: dead people) to vote are a completely different issue from the potential outcome of direct democracy.

            In fact, those problems exist NOW, in the ELECTORAL system as you experience it and they put people into power who should not be there.

            I don’t see how that is an argument against direct democracy.

            On the contrary!

            Look again: see how expensive it is for the Dems to run those scams? How much they have to organize, how many people they have to bus around, how much corruption money they have to spend? They can do that every 2 to 4 years, for an election that will get them a lot of power.

            And they can get dumb people to vote for a specific candidate.

            Now imagine if they had to run this scam with this level of organization 10 times PER YEAR and get dumb people to answer a list of 5 to 20 different questions on issues!

            They could not even get them to remember how to vote on each issue :D

            And it would be far too costly.

            In Switzerland, we get an entire booklet with the voting material which contains the full text of each law, plus the arguments of the supporters and the opponents.

            People who are not smart enough to understand the issues usually just kick it out, thus you get a vote from people who are fairly well informed.

          • prolibertate

            Now to the famous argument of SCALE: does it matter that Switzerland is small? No, it doesn’t. If “small” automatically meant “simple” and “working better”, then Albania would be heaven on earth.

            And the US would be a horrible place.

            The US did better than 90% of the planet, because it was based on much better principles. So the principle you use to organize a society is far more important than the size.

            Switzerland has a population of just over 8 million – very similar to Belgium or Belarus.

            We also have 23 cantons (plus 3 half cantons) which have their own government, their own constitution and their own laws, i.e. they are like US states.

            In fact, the Swiss constitution was based on the US constitution, with only a few alterations, e.g. we do not have a president, we have a federal counsel of 7 people. The Swiss always abhorred the concentration of power, rightly so. There is no reason why the US should have a president with all that power either.

            Interestingly, the US constitution was heavily influenced by several Swiss philosophers, who were read and often mentioned by Jefferson, Franklin et al.

            The fact that the Swiss had practiced democracy for such a long time was obviously a great precedent for anyone who wanted to get away from aristocracy.

            Historically, the powers of Europe considered Switzerland to be an Anarchy, as they had nothing those countries could recognize as “government”.

            Now we don’t just have 23 cantons, but also 4 national languages, which makes it a very complex country.

            And we now have 24% 1st generation immigrants, but about 40% of the population are 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants, so the argument of “homogeneity” is false. We are highly diversified.

            I live in a village of just over 3000 people and the brochures our local administration sends out are written in 12 languages, including Thai, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Albanian etc. but not yet Russian, although there are quite a few Russian speaking residents, including my wife (she is from Belarus – my daughter speaks fluent Russian, French and English; I speak 5 languages).

            And contrary to your expectations, the most classical liberal party – SVP/UDC – that defends Swiss values and that won the referendum on the expulsion of foreign criminals (!) has almost 50% members who are immigrants. That is not all that surprising.

            When a fairly well known black man joined UDC, the media went bonkers and asked him how he could join such a “racist” party. He replied that they were not the least bit racist, had received him very well and that they were the only ones who defended the values for which he had come to Switzerland – freedom and small government.

            Of course the left try to bring in “lumpenproletariat” – asylum seekers, who are really just parasites. That is a problem and we have to fight it.

          • prolibertate

            Your point about town hall meetings is really supporting my argument: town hall meetings are the original form of direct democracy – people gathering and voting on issues by raising their hands. That’s how it was done throughout Switzerland and how some small cantons still do it.

            Right there you had the proof that the majority of informed citizens would have voted AGAINST Obamacare!

            With direct democracy, the Euro would not exist. And the EU would not be the monster it now is. The Danish, the French and the Irish all voted against it, when they had the chance. But their vote ended up being ignored by the ELECTED politicians.

            Do majorities squash minority rights?

            Not at all – for starters, contrary to electoral policies, where you have and need parties, direct democracy does NOT lead to the formation of parties and blocks!

            Each issue is separate from all the others. You can vote for or against abortion, for or against higher taxes, for or against gay marriage, for or against drug legalization without any connection between the issues.

            You do not need to combine forces with others just to avoid being dominated by one group or the other.

            We see that all the time: electoral strength is NOT reflected in referenda!

            UDC has 26-29% of the electoral votes, but has been able to win referenda with 53 – 89% majorities, even when all the other parties and almost all the media opposed their positions.

          • prolibertate

            In other words: the “divide and conquer” strategy doesn’t work very well with direct democracy, because you cannot split people into blocks!

          • prolibertate

            A last word: I do not see direct democracy as an ideal. It’s just much better than what is currently practiced. A giant step in the direction of massively restricting the power of politicians.

            I see it as a valid tool for collective decision making where such decisions are appropriate. That’s certainly true for shareholder meetings, which is how I see it: people vote on how to use their collective resources.

            Cities could be run like private companies owned by the residents. Services could be offered by local, national and international companies. You want the best garbage management system? Hire a company that has a lot of expertise in that area. Do not rely on local people to do it, but cancel the company’s contract if they don’t deliver.

            Same for traffic, schools, hospitals etc.

            The residents would vote on whom to award contracts to, thus cutting down on corruption.

            Inter-city transports would be in private hands, with the local residents getting the right to vote on where they run.

            Instead of “national” defense, one could have defense organizations in which cities and regions pledge to support each other in case of outside aggression. That’s how the Swiss cantons originally handled it: total independence, but mutual support in case of aggression. It worked extremely well, as our history shows! Even the biggest empires were beaten back – the Austro-Hungarians and various French kings all lost battles and lives when they tried to attack those small, independent cantons.

            And as the book “Target Switzerland” illustrates, even the Nazis decided not to attack – the armed population was a very strong deterrent.

            Just a few options for a better future… because the current system with big central governments is an utter failure that is destroying our entire civilization!

          • prolibertate

            “so few people ever bother to look up anything on important issues or bother to understand what drives the opposing sides of them (because understanding BOTH sides is a vital part of the decision-making process)”

            In a system in which people’s opinion on ISSUES doesn’t matter, there is no benefit to spending the effort to learn about the issues. It’s purely wasted time, as you can’t influence the outcome anyway.

            “because the people in D.C. will actually have to answer to the people at home”

            Answer HOW?

            Not being re-elected? That’s not punishment!

          • andikow

            I was going to reply to both your comments at once, but I think it makes sense to keep them separate…

            So in response to this one, and now that I understand you are in Switzerland (a place I enjoyed immensely when I visited there, btw), let me just say that to an American politician, not being re-elected IS punishment. It shouldn’t be. It was not supposed to be. Once upon a time, the Founding Fathers envisioned a government where the public servants would indeed BE servants, and after a couple of terms, they would go home… but now it’s a career of its own, and once they get to D.C., their personal wealth suddenly skyrockets and the power goes to their heads… losing an election is quite a blow, to be sure.

            But it’s more than that. During the process leading to the passage of Obamacare, the politicians had to face their constituents at some point. Most chose the “town hall” format, believing that there would be more supporters than detractors and they would have some cover. They were wrong. Have you seen the videos? They are an easy search on You Tube. One politician after the next, looking miserable or downright combative when faced with overwhelming dissent to the law. Sure, they got to go home or back to D.C. and forget about it. But it was brutal as it happened, and it’s good reason for them to NOT be on the wrong side of their constituents.

            As for opinions on issues being wasted here, I tend to agree with you, but that doesn’t stop the political parties from using them to divide the people into smaller and smaller voter sub-groups, so it’s still very wise to be well informed on both sides of any political issue, if only to prevent one from being used and abused by the politicians. I’ll say more on this topic in my reply to your other comment.

        • Larry Stauth

          Actually, by definition, Democracy is the “equal participation of citizens”. Not direct participation…

          BUT.. if you really understand the structure of the US Government, the structure of the 2 Houses. You have 1 that is 2 Representatives from every State.. The Senate, that is essentially the due Representatives of the States themselves.

          The other being the House of Representative, which is the number is based on the population of the States, to a larger part, it is sub-sections.

          90% of everything considered important must being from this House of Congress.

          Elections are the way they are, because people have abstained their power to the politicians. We do have the power to remove Our representative from their positions. We also have the choice to be diligent in what we accept for truth.

          Problem is, people are too freaking lazy and prefer to have sources tell them what they want to hear.

          How many people voted for Obama, just because he had the title Democrat? How many people voted for him, just because of their own racial pride?

          How many that voted for him took into account the negative sides of the man’s own confessed history and beliefs?

          Heck, how many people ignored the fact he was a lawyer running for an Administrators position, versus a legal based position? How many people refused to vote for the Successful Business Administrator, based on only information provided by biased sources?

          Here is the problem, in a nutshell… we are all called to hold OUR Representatives Accountable, not others…

          If the representative from California (for instance) has the full approval, based on factual information, than your only complaint is against those people… they have a different point of view, but if their representative is doing his/her job of representing the MAJORITY of their district, then Democracy is alive and well. If they are ignoring, or the people are allowing the representative to LEAD THEM… then Democracy is failing.

          Government follows, People lead…

          • prolibertate

            “by definition, Democracy is the “equal participation of citizens”. Not direct participation”

            Sorry, but I have to contradict you here. Democracy means “Rule BY THE PEOPLE”. That’s the literal translation from Greek.

            And that’s how it was done in ancient Greece – the citizens voted directly on issues.

            I have no idea where you got the idea about “equal participation” – which means nothing.

            A “representative” government is a misnomer, as no one can represent you. Even my best friends who share most of my views disagree on a lot of things with me, so could not “represent” me.

            Must less some politicians.

            No, if it has to be a collective decision (because it was set up like that) then I want to be able to make my own choice! I do not want to be at the merci of someone else.

          • prolibertate

            ” if you really understand the structure of the US Government”

            Yes, thank you for the civics lesson, but I understand the principles extremely well.

            And I totally disagree with those who think that the senate is a bad idea, because it does not reflect a “proportionate” representation. That’s the point: it was supposed to limit the power of the very populous states.

            The same is true of the electoral college, which is also supposed to ensure that certain regions to not totally dominate the country.

            Of course all of those measures to limit and mitigate government power turned out to be insufficient.

            The simple fact is: as long as there is a monopoly, it will be abused.

          • prolibertate

            “Elections are the way they are, because people have abstained their power to the politicians”

            No, elections are the way they are because that’s what happens in a system where power is concentrated. You get polarization. It’s mathematical: if only one person can be president and that president holds a lot of power, and if there is a majority and a minority in congress, then you guarantee that only 2 parties can survive.

            In Switzerland, we do not have a president, but 7 federal counsels who share less power than the US president has. And there is no ruling majority.

            As a consequence, the strongest party has currently 26% of the vote, with 4 other parties holding 14-18% each and 3 minor ones with 5-8%.

            They have to form new majorities on every issue.

            That is another outcome of direct democracy – given that there is little power concentration and the people have the final word on every important issue, they do not have to align themselves with 2 parties fighting over the concentrated power.

            “We do have the power to remove Our representative from their positions”

            That’s mostly irrelevant. MOST incumbents are re-elected simply because they are incumbents. If they get remove

            “We also have the choice to be diligent in what we accept for truth”

            What is “true” is often fabricated by the media or politicians.

            “Problem is, people are too freaking lazy and prefer to have sources tell them what they want to hear.”

            It’s not a matter of being “lazy”, but of the best use of their time. Generally speaking, the effort spent on being well informed about politics is not worth it, as you have almost no influence over the outcome.

        • Average_Joe56

          I really hate that word…”democracy” , when people are referring to the U.S. The last time that I checked, we were still a Republic…not a democracy.

          The only thing that was supposed to be “a limited democratic process”….is the electing of representatives.

          I can’t find the word “Democracy” anywhere in the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights… because ….it isn’t there.

          Words have meaning…wrong meanings have consequences…as evidenced through the constant references by the MSM…and the repeating of those words by….the average American. We are not, nor were we ever meant to be…a Democracy…Please stop perpetuating the myth by referring to the U.S. as a Democracy….it is a Republic.

          Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
          “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

          “A Republic, if you can keep it.”
          The response is attributed to BENJAMIN FRANKLIN—at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation—in the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention.

      • Bruce1950

        Leland64, perfect answer!

    • m4253y

      “Stupid voters get the government they deserve (think Detroit), its just sad that so many others who know better get dragged along by the idiot bus.”


      What you are sadly missing and dismissing in one fell swoop is the obvious:

      stupid voters are EASILY led like sheep, aka democratic/socialist ideologues AND THEY GET OUT AND VOTE, IN FACT THEY EVEN MAKE THEIR VOTE COUNT MORE THAN ONCE IF THEY CAN. THEY UNITE, LIES AND ALL!


      We are the stupid ones who have to PUT ASIDE our familial feuds and unite with a good, bad, ugly, or indifferent GOP leader…then and only then we will defeat these socialist thugs.

      You can call them all the names and openly acknowledge their overt ignorance, BUT unless we SHOW UP and defeat these idiots, THEN REPRESENTATION BY POPULATION WILL CONTINUE TO BE A MYTH.

      Just remember this, approximately 165 million Americans voted in 2012. Of that, the Caliphate Resident of The White House won 51.3% of that vote. DO THE MATH. He won with a little less than 1/4 of the country’s support.

      That is not a mandate and that can easily be reversed if we follow the unity advice because as leftist and stupid as they are, they are united and we are not. We are acting too smart for THEIR own good.

      • Christopher Kirtlink

        Yes, because voting by party rather than by politician irrespective of party has worked out so well for us thus far. GOP and Democrat have both failed us time and time again, voting by party lines is what dumped us in this mess in the first place. Vote for the politicians that reflect your views and influence everyone you know to do the same thing. Fight tooth and nail to have party lines erased entirely, and THEN we might see this country change for the better.

        Or to quote you: “WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!”

        • ziggy zoggy

          The Republican majority are vote grubbing whores and the Democrat majority want to fundamentally transform America into a totalitarian failure.

          You need to rethink your opinion.

        • m4253y

          for the sake of clarity which went over your head, the fact is that the current regime in power isn’t failing just you, it is steadfast in seeking to destroy the country. your personal pettiness misses the point i made regarding the fact that the demos, warts and all have unity. we must unite for the sake of the USA, period.

          your Utopian idealism of no party lines is sweet and all but when you exhale the helium, deal with what is reality and either step in to make a change or continue to pat yourself on the back as the smartest bear in the room.

          fact…voting for anything other than a unified party line with a solid leader will be fruitless. republican voters, probably you, did not show up to vote in the last election, most probably because of your party line nonsense.

          voting for your views or the views of what is best for the USA? think about it while you are sadly gnawing at your ego centrist keyboard.

          united we stand, divided we fall

          • andikow

            Unifying is definitely the answer… but it goes beyond Party. Forget this Republican vs. Democrat, Right vs. Left, Black vs. White, Gay vs. Straight, etc. ad nauseum B.S! That’s all a game of Divide and Conquer!! It NEEDS to be us (the People) against them (the political elite and their cronies). Nothing less than that will do.

            Think it’s impossible? Then you’re part of the problem.

            Try having a non-combative conversation with someone you THINK is diametrically opposed to your politics… WITHOUT trying to win the debate. Just talk to them about what’s going on in this country, ask
            questions and actually listen to what they have to say. You might be shocked to find out that you agree on the grand majority of things, or are close enough in opinion to make a compromise nearly painless. It IS possible, but it is going to take effort.

            But your argument that conservatives have to somehow unify behind some – ANY – Republican is ridiculous. As the saying goes, the lesser of two evils is still evil. And in case you haven’t noticed, the two Bushes weren’t all that much less Progressive than Obama or Clinton are/were. Hell… Obama has merely doubled down on most of G.W.’s policies and put them on steroids, and yet it sounds like you’d champion a carbon copy of G.W. if you thought he could win. And still you think those that don’t want to vote for evil anymore are the problem….

          • m4253y

            listen, your preaching aside, there is little doubt that both parties are whores in the extreme. however, what do you propose to unite the people? what is your plan to take on this impossible task? for that to occur, and for starters i do not disagree that it is the ultimate true and correct approach BUT there needs to be leadership required in uniting all people. the creation of a new party will simply drain the voter base and nothing will come of it. so aside from your utopian shit “Think it’s impossible? Then you’re part of the problem”, give me your solution mr. statesman. lastly, you are a complete idiot for reading what i wrote as ardent support for anything evil. sometimes you have to take sides rather than crumble like you as a cheap shirt because NOTHING IS PERFECT ENOUGH FOR YOU IN YOUR WONDERLAND.

            just for posterity sake, have a read blowhard;

        • m4253y
      • USNbubblehead

        With all due respect, you tell me to put aside out ‘family feuds’ by starting off your post with “WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!”

        Physician, heal thyself.

        • Dray Armstrong

          Absolutely the Best Ideal I’ve Ever Heard… “No More Politicians”… … … In 1 year we would have significantly reduced deficit and every year after… Every ” We the People ” Vote Is Counted, America would be ” We the People Majority Rule,” as it was intended NO MORE “The Elite rule.”

          We may or may not get “our guy” into office, but mostly it doesn’t matter. Once the guy is in there, he can do whatever he wants. There is no system at all for penalizing politicians who say one thing and do another. There is no real social contract. There is no way for anyone to control politicians in office at all.

          The feds never want us to actually vote on any issue like whether to go to war or whether to nationalize medical care. Instead, they make us vote on people, who somehow, through some magic osmosis, “represent” “We the People”.

          With such a system, Democracy as advertised is a complete illusion. It doesn’t have to be this way. One thing that the left-wing progressives say that seems right to me:

          “A DIRECT Electronic Democracy” would actually be a real improvement The. “Why not let ” We the People ” vote on a EVERYTHING via the Internet?” That would CUT OUT on Foreign Aid, Bailouts, agricultural subsidies, and other programs that benefit only the elites.

          – See more at:

          • Phil Rowlands

            Only things you are missing here: the Constitution which gives the Federal gov’t the right to even exist specifies that we are NOT a direct democracy but, rather, a Republic (to prevent the chaos of Athenian-style democracy during the Peloponnesian War) and; do you really think that direct democracy, filtered through online voting, will NOT immediately be subverted by those (progressive Liberals) who do not care what anyone thinks? A system like that would be corrupted, before it was even put into place, to show whatever voting result they wanted to stuff down your throat in the first place. 300 million people could vote against another egregious overreach of power and the results would be duly posted as 64% FOR, 31% AGAINST, 5% UNDECIDED. If these people are willing to lie to you about getting a blowjob in the oral office, do you really think they’ll tell the truth about whether America voted against having serf-collars fixed around their throats? That’s delusional thinking.

          • Conservative NOT Racist

            Apparently you either didn’t learn your history OR you are being deliberately obtuse. This nation WAS NOT FOUNDED AS A DEMOCRACY, and it was NEVER INTENDED to be one. It is a representative REPUBLIC. Why is it that so few people seem to understand that?

            Our forefathers LOATHED democracy. Why? Because they understood that once people found out that they could vote themselves handouts, it would all be over with. Not with a bang, but with a wimper, as the nation would cave under the incessant WHINING by those who want them that work to support their worthless, lazy butts. You know, THE LIBERALS TODAY. Thank you Phil Rowlands. You, at least, have grasped the concept our forefathers embraced.

          • Keet Hensley

            Great idea, However, do you not know how easy it is to control EVERYTHING on the internet if you are the Government?

            If we cannot trust our local polls to cast our vote as we selected when we see those people and machines face to face, how much more should we trust coming here to Hacker world where so many scam artist steal your information.

            I do agree, somehow, each vote should be verified and counted, not this BS College crap that claims a district, then claims a state and finally Claims a country. I say let ALL our votes count one for one with proven identity and blood flowing through their veins. I had to when I voted and I expected everyone else had to, but it appears my trust in our political system was abused.

            Maybe it is time to shut the doors for a short time and take Inventory of what crap comes over our borders, in and out, breathing or not. The World Trade Organization has allowed our Jobs, Factories and all means of employment to be shipped out to other countries and the products coming in are unsafe, inferior and impossible to compete with, because our Safety standards and living wages cost so much more then Slave Labor.

            I feel very safe eating foods coming from the USA because we have USDA standards that are enforced on our products, however, food coming from other countries where they actually HATE us and don’t care if we get sick or die. This has been evidenced with so many diseases coming in on “Fresh Produce or Meats” that have been raised in places like Mexico and other third world countries where it is common to Sh*t in the fields where our food is raised and then, where are they washing their hands after, before they go back to picking our food?

            How about these farmers here in the USA getting educated enough to hire an accountant to manage wages and payroll so they can HIRE AMERICANS and how about those Americans getting up off the welfare couches and doing the farm work?

            If I can figure some of this stuff out, I think we need to start at the top of the woodpile and remove the crap there before we get to the bottom of the pile.

          • prolibertate

            May I suggest that you read the debate I had a bit further up on this page, regarding direct democracy?

        • m4253y

          with all due respect…aside from making no sense whatsoever, rethink your premise that her voter base is stupid…the obvious is clear, we either start unifying or the country is lost. your reply is proof that your ego and arrogance are far more important than the cause at hand.

        • m4253y
    • Larry Mellette

      Very well put. She is the all knowing and telling Gov’t. She makes law not follow it. That is beneath her stature. This is how Freedoms are eroded. Bush II took so many freedoms; because of said thinking. Her Ilk do not believe the people have freedoms unless they grant them. Scarey.

    • wwj745

      This Country is going down the tubes for 1 reason. The people/voters. It is the voters that abdicated their consciences and began electing people they KNEW were not right for the Country. They called this the “lesser of 2 evils”. A nice catchy little name that allowed the people to do what they do best. Blame someone else. SJL is but one problem of many. Hank Johnson was afraid that if we added too many military personnel to Guam, the island would capsize and sink. Obama ignores the “sanctuary” cities and states that should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting illegals. So did Bush. Clinton passed the Bush Sr. plan NAFTA. Now Obama is pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty. These politicians from either so called party. Are not, have not and will not act in the best interests of the Country or obey their oath to the Constitution.

      But the people. Instead of remaining adults, they chose to become willing victims. They decided to vote the lesser of 2 evils because it was easier. As long as life was somewhat comfortable for them. It was ok. Now that their bad voting habits are coming home to roost in the form of evil, ignored laws and corrupt laws passed by evil corrupt men {and women}. That they, their parents and grand parents continually supported. Now they want to blame the politicians. Most people walking around actually think we are a democracy. We have a democratic voting system. That is it. We are a Constitutional republic. A bit of history :

      Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got?”

      With no hesitation, Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

      Not a democracy, not a democratic republic. But “a republic, if you
      can keep it. But many today know who the last 6 american idols are, the
      winner of the voice, every stat from a sports team etc.. Yet know nothing of the writings of our forefathers. Because the corrupt politicians removed them from the schools and the people are to lazy to exercise some personal initiative and look them up and study them. Most today do not understand the difference between a republic
      and a democracy. Neither can most tell you what is going on in the Country. I love those man on the street segments where people show just how uninformed they are. Yet then they vote. Most of the population has became, sheeple…

      • USNbubblehead

        And likewise, many do not understand what makes a federalist system different from other forms of representative democracies, like, say, France’s. They simply do not understand that the greater power is supposed to lie within the state and local governments, with the federal government focused on broader topics such as national defense or the economy. The area of overlap was made intentionally small in an effort to retain the rights of states and localities.

        In France, the central government flows from Paris out into the provinces and down to the towns and villages. It is completely different from our system (or, at least, the way our system is SUPPOSED to be).

        Good post.

      • andikow

        Sadly, our voting system is corrupt. Until we return to hand-counted ballots that are re-counted thrice, we will not have a government that represents us at all.

        If you think I’m being melodramatic, you haven’t looked into why Obama may have tapped Chuck Hagel as SecDef. The line about them being “friends” from the Senate is a crock… Obama doesn’t have any friends that disagree with him on anything (it seems he can’t stand the dissent), and on a perfunctory glance, I didn’t find committee assignments that were shared by them (and even if they did, see my previous comment about Obama and dissenting opinions). Now google: “Chuck Hagel voting machines” and “hacking voting machines”. I apologize in advance for the disruption to anyone’s sleep…

    • Kimie Scrib


  • glpage

    Although I do not disagree that Sheila Jackson Lee is dumber than a box of rocks, I wonder if her attitude was based in stupidity or in hubris, she’s a Representative and that makes her better than the rest of us.

    • William Henry Bowen

      I think it is BOTH. She is dumb as a box of rocks but it is a KNOWN fact in DC that she is an arrogant bitch and an absolute nightmare to work for.

      • SamsJams

        More like a Bitch with a Capital C!!

    • OzCop

      Bingo….exactly what she thinks…

    • Hollis Stephen Matise

      Both, and no, it doesn’t…she only THINKS it does…..

  • ratizbad

    OK Shelia, Spell Cow…Shelia: KOW ..E.I.E.I.O. BUZZ! …WRONG..

    • Biff Henderson

      Shelia: Trick question ain’t fair. May its udders dry up and it belly only know sour grass. Boooyah!!!

  • Veracious_one

    Sheila Jackson-Lee is one of the dumbest people in America and the fourth dumbest person in Congress.
    that says a lot about the people who voted her in….

    • truebearing

      I think it says everything about them.

      • MoBetter2

        Same applies to the brain-dead morons who repeatedly re-elect idiots such as Charlie Rangel, Marion Barry, Jesse Jackass, Jr., Alcee Hastings, John Conyers, Jr., Maxine Waters, Corrine Brown, Jim Clyburn, Bobby Rush, Elijah Cummings, Barbara Lee, Emanuel Cleaver, Cynthia McKinney, Keith Ellison and Hank Johnson, to name but a few of the better known parasites in the Congress!

        • ziggy zoggy

          Are there any White parasites in Congress? I guess a troll like you thinks using an avatar with a Christian cross and a racist comment makes you a clever Moby.

          • Nubby Mcquilicutty

            Your right dude..given that there are 535 parasite up there, that was uncalled for. Black people dont have a monopoly on stupidity..far from it.

          • MoBetter2

            Try to focus, I know it is difficult for the mentally challenged, however, ‘truebearing’ responded to ‘Veracious_one” who stated that Sheila Jackson-Lee is one of the dumbest people in America and the fourth dumbest person in Congress – so far, if you’re still following, no racism here, just an opinion, strengthened by ‘Veracious_one’s” further opinion “that says a lot about the people who voted her in….”, again, no racism, just an observation. ‘truebearing’ opined that “I think it says everything about them.” Once more, no racism, just an opinion, are you still with me? I’m typing s-l-o-w-l-y so you can keep up. If necessary, have someone read it to you, if you know anyone who is literate. I then noted, following the flow of the postings, that the same observations applied to the brain-dead folks who repeatedly return dummies and crooks to public office and supplied examples to support the observation, who are similarly situated to Sheila Jackson-Lee, just to be fair and equitable. Many of these people are held in low regard and are returned to office by minorities or in gerrymandered districts. Still nothing said that was racist until a moron like you plays the race card. With that said, I have allotted more time than I usually allow to deal with the likes of dipsticks like you. Accordingly, I scrape you off the bottom of my shoe and will waste no more time on your imbecility Moby Dope!

    • William Henry Bowen

      Look at a map of her district – inner city Houston inside the I-610 Loop.

    • Conservative NOT Racist

      I would also like to point out that SLJ, much like a new politician in our state of Texas, is not FROM Texas, but from……………New York. She and Wendy Davis are from the liberal NE. They are importing their liberal leaders to find the sheep that want handouts, tell them how bad they have it, and ensure that they keep them enslaved and voting for more free stuff. Not sure what we CAN do, but I know what we SHOULD do.

  • Elizabeth capecod

    I think Ms Jackass Lee has a mental disorder.
    She has the highest rate of staffers to quit on her.
    She’s known for giving her staffers profanity-laced nicknames, throwing temper tantrums and, at times, throwing objects, and on top of all that….SHE has introduced anti-bullying legislation.

    • Veracious_one

      she may have attended the Cynthia McKinney school of charm….

      • William Henry Bowen

        Sheila makes Cynthia look like Miss Manners.

    • Bocephus Thunderhawk

      Tell Jackson-Lee whoever sees her first…the Confederate General Robert E. will be at the Appomattox Courthouse…he wants his last name back.

  • CowboyUp

    I can hear shiela now, “I’da never voted for that law if I knew it applied to me too.”

  • truebearing

    Among the many “benefits” of Marxism, and the class warfare it uses to destroy free people, is its success at getting people to substitute ideology for rational thought. Of course, the Left has to first dumb down the education system in order to get people stupid enough to elect a cretin. An abject moron like Lee couldn’t get elected in a country where the education system taught people how to think instead of what to think. Class warfare wouldn’t be so effective if history classes were included in the standard curriculum, and they included the history of the 20th Century — with proper emphasis on the consequences of the dominant ideologies of the last century.

    Note: I am in no way suggesting that any amount or quality of education could penetrate Jackson-Lee’s thick skull, but at least she wouldn’t be electable.

  • truebearing

    “How stupid did Sheila Jackson-Lee have to be to think that this would free her from following employment laws?”

    I say this is a trick question. We don’t have the technological capacity to measure IQs that low. All we can do is compare her to other life forms. I would say she is somewhere between possums and ground sloths.

    • Drakken

      Hey now, those darn possums and ground sloths really are smarter than this pavement ape.


      all democRATS have to know is vote party line and when it is time to vote in chamber…..

    • rambo jones

      you are insulting those poor majestic animals!

      • Hollis Stephen Matise


    • Hollis Stephen Matise


  • Gee

    New from the Odumba Headquarters – you like your Constitution? If you like your Constitution you can keep your Constitution.

    • CappinC

      you guys still have that “Get A Rope Attitude” This is a level “Playing Field”
      Thank Goodness you guys have no say, I wonder why that is? why aren’t you haters politicians? All of downtown Houston is inside the loop perhaps you should look at the map, or can you read a map?

      • ziggy zoggy

        “Level playing field?” Only morons use metaphors to try and describe reality. There is absolutely nothing democratic about gerrymandered voting districts and racist voters – who also happen to be incredibly stupid.

        Only a leftist can crow about voter repression and racism but still expect to be on the side of morality.

      • rambo jones

        lol, wipe the spittle off your chin….

        • peachsandtarts

          that’s a good one.

        • Gee

          Wasn’t spittle but it was white and sticky

      • Hollis Stephen Matise

        We have a RIGHT to whatever kind of “attitude” we damn well WANT to have, CC, and you have no say in it at all! Can YOU read a map? If you can, why don’t you trade some of your food stamp credits for a ride up to north Texas, and we’ll see what YOU think of our “get a rope attitude”, OK? ;^) As for your stupid “level playing field” comment, if you weren’t a democRAT with the brain of a libturd amoeba you’d know that there is NO SUCH THING. If you knew anything about REALITY you’d know that.

  • tagalog

    There’s no need for leaders to be smart when we live in a system where the government runs everything. If they do us some harm, they just get a governmental do-over. We just get in line at the public trough. So no problem. For them.

  • A Z

    Representative Cynthia McKinney got the boot.

    When can we expect Shiela Jackson Lee to get the boot?

    • William Henry Bowen

      Sheila actually defeated her predecessor, Craig Washington, in the primary in 1994. The fellow that proceeded Washington in that seat, Mickey Leland, who was a liberal but sane, died in an airplane crash in 1989 while doing charity work during a congressional recess.

      Washington basically got voted out because he was not radical or black racist enough for the activists and race hustlers in Houston’s inner city.

      • A Z

        It does not surprise me.

        Maybe there is a little hope. A self appointed black activist was starting to go Spike Lee on Korean businesses in south Houston. He tried to local black ministers and other local black leaders on board. They told him they were having none of that. Instead the Korean business community and black leaders got together to “teach” African-Americans entrepreneurship. This was according to the local Village Voice paper.

        I have not followed up on the story.

        • PaleAle

          In a similar story, black pastors in Harlem have banded together to oppose Al Sharpton in their neighborhoods. There is a God.

        • A Z

          The story was in the Houston Press which is part of the Village Voice Media group. Which I do not like, but every once in a while they have good stories.

          I can’t find the story but I have it saved. I just have to recover it from a dead computer. The story is a few years old.

        • A Z

          Sorry, my memory is faulty. It was south Dallas not south Houston. Here is a link to the story

          The provocateur was a guy name Muhammad and of course he is with the Nation of Islam. Surprised?

          Story is 1 1/2 years old.

  • TopAssistant

    She is an ethnic so she can say what she thinks (which isn’t much).

    • Hollis Stephen Matise

      Bullcrap! Her skin color doesn’t give her any more rights than the rest of us have!

  • John Johnson

    Welcome to the idiocracy. We deserve her.

  • bob

    Not only that did you know sheila jackson lee husband elwyn lee has a two year old baby he had with a college student at university of houston

    • BOStinks2

      I don’t blame him, lol! ;)

      • ziggy zoggy

        Yeah, but the student was the university’s cougar mascot.

  • mackykam

    Sheila Jackson Lee: Truly stupid, not just affirmative action stupid.

  • John Q Citizen

    She qualifies for the “shotgun in the mouth and pull the trigger” event. Someone get her to the contest. Quick. It’s amazing; you have an intelligent man like Allen West and then you have a I’m-so-stupid-that-it-must-have-been-other-stupid-blacks-that-got-me-elected woman like her in government. PLEASE get her to the contest and pray she wins

  • Jason

    But I thought Democrats were the champions of diversity and equality? How can this be? Surely Mr. Obama will fix this once he hears of it.

    Filthy hypocrites. Funny how often you hear this happening with leftists, more often than those on the right, that’s for sure.

  • gman213

    Worse yet…how freaking stupid do you have to be to vote for this sleazy wench?

    • Hollis Stephen Matise

      “Smart” as the proverbial “box of rocks”. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Kurt Cook

    Her IQ is a negative number. she is a living overdraft on the collective intelligence of the species! she is so dumb, her aura has a negative impact on those around her. If she walked into a room where Steven Hawking, Terrance Tao, Garry Kasparov, and Bill Gates were discussing Einsteinian physics over a game of 3-D chess, they would suddenly start eating the pieces, and slamming their heads against the wall.

    • Linda Hall Adair

      Awesome post!

  • LHC

    Come over to my house, Bitch, I’ll show you discrimination…useless hood-rat gorilla!

  • BS77

    She may be dumb, but not as dumb as the voters who elected her.

    • rambo jones


    • Hollis Stephen Matise

      That’s PAINFULLY true to those of us here in Texas

  • James Robert Durie

    Same argument was used when search warrant was served to recover evidence of bribery

    • Daniel Greenfield

      True, but that was less crazy. This is an employee lawsuit.

  • bill

    she is the only person that takes herself seriously. she is the butt of many a joke here in houston. she constantly provides material.

  • Boagrius

    This woman is actually a very stupid human being. She continues to make these stupid comments over & over again and never learns from her stupidity. She puts me in mind of Kunta Kinte Kilpatrick’s mother Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick. Loud mouth obonobo and dumb as a box of rocks.

  • mrbluegrassfiddler

    Worst Skittles commercial… ever !!

  • John Brookbank

    Brain cell’s are gone when power takes over ! She is poss the worst thing in congress hearing for disrupting truth from her past record i have no idea why she is not in jail !

  • chiefpontiac

    This is the typical demented liberal. Her blood alcohol content has exceeded her IQ.

    • Hollis Stephen Matise

      Brilliant! I bet you’re right! ;^)

  • Donna Graffagnino

    The Constitution allows me freedom of speech and to discriminate against anyone I choose – it may not be politically correct, but then neither am I. She’s an ignorant arrogant ass (I’m being very kind!) She’s an illiterate product of reverse racism in New Orleans who fled to Texas because she was too stupid to get re-elected by her own people. THIS is what Americans are voting for!!!

  • Charlotta Jones

    Bloody animal

  • Joyce Clemons

    She’s hallucinating again. Skittles is a nickname for the drug Coricidin. The drug can cause a high feeling and can cause hallucinations.

  • Jim Britt

    I can’t believe I agree with this witch!

    If you hire a person that is handicapped they shouldn’t get any more breaks than the healthy person! If a handicapped person can’t do the same amount of work they should get paid less!

    It’s not fair that a healthy person is expected to stand on their feet all day while a handicapped’ person is allowed to sit all day. If the handicapped person is given a chair EVERY employee has the right to sit to do the same job!

    It should be EQUAL pay for EQUAL work! People should get paid by how well they produce! NO employer should be forced by UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws to hire people that can’t give 100% to a job.

    • ziggy zoggy

      The employee is not in a wheelchair, although using a desktop terminal is a lot easier when done seated. She claims she only sees out of one eye and has difficulty reading. I’ll grant that I don’t believe monocular vision impairs reading at all, but she also claims that she was forced to work sixteen hours a day and that Lee was abusive. I don’t believe the former claim but I do believe the latter. She also claims she informed Lee that she would need special software on her computer or she couldn’t accept the job.

      Whatever the facts may be, it is indisputable that lee is an abusive hypocrite and total ret@rd, especially considering the legislation she supports. The private sector is expected to maintain a professional work environment. Congress should do the same.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      If she were making the Rand Paul argument that would be different. But she’s claiming Constitutional immunity as a legislator

  • ziggy zoggy

    Fourth dumbest person in Congress? Is that even possible? I can’t think of three people dumber than her on the entire planet. Even the idiots on “1000 Ways To Die” were smarter.

    I have to ask: who are the top three imbeciles?

    • ea
      • ziggy zoggy

        HAHAHAHAHAHA! That was hilarious. Guam might tip over because too many people are on the island. LOL!!!! In all fairness, I’m sure he’s stupid but he was also wasted. I don’t know if it was prescription meds are something homemade but that guy was gone!

  • ea

    Give the dumb bitch a break…..she is also a “freed slave”.

  • rambo jones

    she is like the poster child for the retarded Democrats… Personifies their very existence! And to think… this idiot was voted in to office!!! Say’s a lot about her district!

  • Muck Fuslims

    What do you expect from a stupidniggerbitch?

    • ziggy zoggy

      Are you a member of the Omamatruthteam? Organized For Action?

  • Hass

    A really ugly baboon voted in by the same…

  • kevinstroup

    Petty rules are for thee, not for me. How dictatorial of her. Bitch.

  • Mike

    I don’t think you will find her at a Mensa gathering.

  • tagalog

    The Constitution allows Sheila Jackson-Lee to discriminate against members of other races because black people can’t be racists. Right?

    Not a racist black anywhere, that’s for sure, that’s for dang sure!

  • ziggy zoggy

    Nice bag of Skittles. I wonder what she has in the paper tumblers in front of her…….

  • muslimmustgo

    Affirmative action applies to many in congress,even to some at the top!

  • Ed Vignaroli

    Only the 4th dumbest in congress??? WOW that’s sad!!!

  • Rich Jensen

    We, in fact, did win the Vietnam Nam war! I was there and can give you that history lesson if you need. Stop believing the rewriting of history by liberal progressives.
    Rich Jensen

    • Vincent Smith

      Then why did the north Vietnamese take Saigon after we ran off. Why was their no formal surrender ceremony in Hanoi? I am not a Liberal Progressive i am about as conservative as you get. My dad was in Ben Hoa twice and died of agent orange cancer. I did 24 years Air Force. The first three while we were in Vietnam. I do not see an American victory in any way. Because of Johnson and the politics of the day. But if you see it different i will listen.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Here’s her quote

      “Today, we have two Vietnams, side by side, North and South, exchanging and working.” 2010

      I think we can agree that’s not how it happened.

    • pearl87

      I remember when we pulled out of Vietnam and it wasn’t because we won. I guess you have redefined the word “won”. Maybe you and Bill Clinton could get together to write a new dictionary. You’ll have to first agree on the meaning of “is”.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Quitting isn’t losing. Wars aren’t games. America abandoned Vietnam in August 1973. Saigon fell to the communists in April 1975. The South could’ve kept fighting if the Dem controlled Congress had kept its agreement to provide funds and weapons. The Chinese and Soviets kept their agreements to fund the North so the South eventually lost.

        America has never lost a war, though plenty of left-wing douchetards think it has.

  • Raibeart MacIlleathain

    If I were a Democrat, I’d want Sheila shooting off her mouth quite a lot. She takes the heat off everyone else, AND, provides the added benefit of making the rest of her colleagues look like geniuses.

    • ziggy zoggy

      She makes them fight even harder to support her type of racism and stupidity. They won’t admit their incompetence or racism no matter what she says or does. Neither will the Monostream Media.

  • Patricia

    Not surprising. It seems to me while everybody is pointing the racist finger at anybody that disagrees with the policies of this administration, it appears the majority of racists in this country are the ones that voted this administration in to office.

    • Gee

      I believe the administration to headed by a racist

  • Jake Green

    How DUMB must the voters be who elected this POS

    • JamesJ

      Her constituents look just like her. There’s your answer.

    • Texas Jack

      Houston’s 18th Congressional District.

      A Dummy representing Dummies…

      • Andy Texan

        That dumb broad, Congresswomen She-Jack, happens to be a New Yorker with a law degree from Yale. She “represents” me in congress and I resent being called a dummy.

        • Karen

          I’m embarrassed for you.

  • PieMan

    Wait till she finds out her pre-existing stupidity is not covered under ObamaCare.

  • Pete Robbins

    And stupid people can’t figure out why this country is turning into such a shit hole. Plainly it’s because of idiots like this one running the damn place.

  • Tony Capo


    • ziggy zoggy

      Actually, her type of American only make up eleven percent of the country at the most.

  • pearl87

    How about Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga) stating in a House Armed Services Committee hearing, that the island of Guam would “tip over” from a military buildup?

    Or Peggy West, of Milwaukee stating that Arizona should be boycotted because of their stance against illegal immigration since they had no cause for concern, being ” a ways removed from the border” of Mexico. As most know, the Az/Mexico border is the entire southern state line and 2nd longest in the country.

    This only illustrates that our “ruling class”, far from having intelligence, really couldn’t compete with the average American 2nd grader on an I.Q. test.

  • corey2444

    She is one of the most vile and disgusting women in power this country has produced.

  • Jeffrey Coolidge

    ignorant people, elect ignorant people

  • Barbaree

    I hope she gets nailed to the wall! How the he&& did she ever get re-elected time and time again!? She’s also the one who takes an entourage and limosine to go a couple of blocks away from her office.

  • Robert Betts

    In the photo she is holding Skittles, all she needs now is to put on a hoodie and go to Florida.

  • hometochicago13

    Ever heard the saying… Dumb as a rock? Personally… I would vote for the rock.

  • TheOldMan

    The US military did win the Vietnam War. When the last military left in 1973, the VCs had long been eliminated and the NVA were weak and wiped out. South Vietnam was sold out by the Democratic controlled Congress in late 1974/early 1975 when it refused to provide help to counter the revitalized NVA. The NVA knew from Congressional public statements that the USA had no intention of living up to its commitments and that was the end of it. Millions died.

  • ModdKenwood

    skittles+arizona watermelon drink+robitussin w/codeine=purple drank=what Trayvon Martin was going to concoct till he attempted to kill Zimmerman and well you know what happened…

  • CaptGene

    Well, we ARE talking about the slime mold mentality of someone who wanted the Martian Rover to visit the spot where Neil Armstrong planted the Flag. Fact is this . . . this . . .. Good God! For once I’m at a loss for an adjective appropriate enough to describe this retarded turnip!

  • PastorMark

    Okay, I’ll take the bait. Who are the three people in Congress who are dumber than Sheila Jackson Lee? I’m not disputing it, but solid evidence is required in order to keep SJL from claiming the title.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I’ll give you a hint.

      Guam tipping over

  • Michael John Naretto

    NO ONE IS THIS STUPID! Or so I thought..

  • Douglas Morris

    the election of this women to the House should be viewed as a treasonous act. There’s been tons of examples of voter fraud in her district and Justice refused to act on it..

    • Eco Az

      Nobody elects trash like that. That thing is a plant.

  • Frank Elliott

    Pardon my bluntness if you will (or don’t if you won’t)… this very poorly-written article makes some very bold accusations, then fails to deliver a cause and effect result ‘proof’ for its position(s). She said WHAT to whom when? I don’t see it quoted in your piece… so I’m supposed to look it up myself? Where and for what purpose? PS: Authors attacking public officials in smear campaigns are asking for trouble.

    • Frank Elliott

      “she thought that the Speech and Debate clause let her break the law.” Oh, I get it… you are convinced that you can read her mind, Wow. Read mine!

    • Frank Elliott

      “Worse still, she found lawyers who would actually make that argument for her.” ?? The ideal of totalitarianism wouldn’t allow that, y’all; now I will fall in line for the flawed reasoning of John Galt & Co.

      • grumpy old man

        Liars,er Lawyers,will do ANYTHING to make a dollar,and they are not particular what they have to do to accomplish their goal. They will lie,steal,cheat,and at times I believe,commit murder…How many dead people have been left in the wake of the clintons,and no wow “O”…and his crooked cabinet.


  • No RNC

    Old BabbleButt, is not the top Dumbest American?

  • Pam

    Isn’t it ironic that MOST liberals in a government position/capacity/job, i.e. Congress/Senate etc., think the Constitution is out of date/touch/reality/whatever…..except when it can possibly HELP them??? Then, of course, they are “protected” by the “out of date/touch/reality/whatever” same Constitution. Makes me just wanna PUKE!

  • Geekmom

    is she off to make some purple drank?

  • Nash Montana

    Oh lord is that Arizona Melon Tea in her cup?

  • Craig Berndt

    what is the poverty/success rate in her district?

    • emmayus

      According to, the poverty rate in her district is 23.3% or 150,365 Americans. Problem is, they LIKE it that way.

  • jade

    I would love to know the iq of the people test elected her.

  • Scott Snoopy

    Lee is without a doubt one of the stupidest individuals to have a seat in congress. SHe has the common sense of a snail but she knows how to buy her votes from the low information voters she purports to represent. Sadly there are more an more low information voters thanks to the public indoctrination system aka “education”.

  • carolyn jenkins

    throw the book at her, even better then that give me the book and i’ll gladly throw it at the moron.

  • Brian Burchfield

    whats even scarier is all the idiots that keep voting her back in!

  • armyvet706

    What a welfare hood rat.

  • Jane Bennett

    But…she has skittles. That gives her immunity doesn’t it?

  • Gman

    You have her ranked fourth dumbest … here’s my vote for dumbest …

  • James Birchfield

    Maybe the knuckleheads that voted for the idiot will think twice about doing it again.

  • zion1king

    It is amazing that there are so many stupid brain-dead voters in this country who elect morons like this to public office. Makes the electoral process seem hopeless and flawed.

    There should be a test that all voters have to take and pass before being allowed to vote. Just like when you have to take a drivers test in order to drive a car. Come to think of it, this woman probably drives. How in the hell did she pass that test being a stupid as she obviously is. She probably ran over a fire-hydrant and a couple of pedestrians and failed the written exam but was passed anyway because the exam center was afraid of a racial discrimination lawsuit if they didn’t pass her.

  • Aleuicius

    Pretty specific: going to, participating in, and going from – SESSION. My public-high-school education has no problem figuring that out. As for the lawyers? What do they care if they get paid?
    Isn’t this woman one who believes the Constitution (well, Bill of Rights) is obsolete, anyway?

  • steamboat

    I heard that she said today that the Constitution is 400 years old – LMAO. This is what happens when blacks vote for blacks.

  • The_Questman

    If you average the IQ of most Democrats in Congress, I get the feeling the total would be UNDER 90. How would you like to have Obama as your lawyer? He doesn’t even know how many states are in the United States.