Sheila Jackson Lee Honors Rapper Who Sang “I Just Gotta Keep Killin’ That White Bitch”

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Sheila Jackson Lee is America’s hardest working congresswoman, always out there making headlines for saying stupid things and doing really terrible things.

The latest terrible thing that Sheila Jackson Lee did was hand a “Certificate of Congressional Recognition” to a rapper most famous for singing about drug dealing.

Houston Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was in the midst of NBA All-Star Game festivities in Houston this past weekend. The Democratic congresswoman from Houston took time to honor Atlanta hip-hop star Jay Jenkins, known as “Young Jeezy,” for his community work across the country.

During All-Star Game weekend, Jackson Lee presented with a “Certificate of Congressional Recognition” embossed with a gold seal.

“Your core values of hard work and integrity has helped improve youth in the Houston community,” declared the certificate, which was signed by Jackson Lee.

Young Jeezy’s core values are drug dealing and rapping about dealing drugs and selling Snowman t-shirts which stand for drug dealing. Some of those shirts are being worn by elementary school kids, so he certainly is doing his part to improve the youth of Houston.

Other things that Young Jeezy is famous for include his “My President is Black” song with lyrics like “Mr. Black President, yeah Obama for real/They gotta put ya face on the 5000 dollar bill”.

More recently Young Jeezy released another song titled O.J. with the refrain “Killin’ that white bitch, OJ” and “I just gotta keep killin’ that white bitch”.

In his defense, Young Jeezy claimed that the song wasn’t about murdering Nicole Brown, but about cocaine. So clearly Sheila Jackson Lee made the right choice here.

  • brendanwood78

    Stupid begets stupid

    • Paul

      isnt this lovely….an ILLITERATE awarding an ILLITERATE…put a “C” in front of rap and that is what you get….C…rap.

  • JacksonPearson

    You gotta blame the imbeciles in Houston, Texas, that keep reelecting this zero to congress.

    • Mary Sue

      Houston is an enclave of idiocy in a sea of otherwise normal people.

      • JacksonPearson

        Houston is a another hole, just West of Louisiana.
        The only good thing there is, the Texas Medical Center, It's huge.

        • Julia

          I did not vote for her. You can't blame everyone is Houston for such things. That's like me blaming the whole of the U.S of Obama getting in. Pull your head out of your butts PLEASE. The fact she keeps getting in makes me angry. There are large populations of "minorities" here that keep getting her in. Most of which I highly doubt are even legal.

          • JacksonPearson

            Okay, I pulled my head out of my butt…
            Now you pull your head out of your butt and tell me, other than the people of Houston, Texas, WHO exactly votes Sheila Jackson Lee into Congress? The woman's a POX on your state, and the nation.

  • elishawah

    can the Ethiopian change his skin,or the leopard his spots?so that them that are accustomed to doing evil might do good!!!!!! K.J.V. Jeremiah ch.13:23

    • Edward Cline

      Elishawah: You make no sense. Why don't you quote something that people actually read, other than the Bible.

  • Bob77021

    SJL is an embarrassment to those of us in Houston who are not imbeciles.

    • Mary Sue

      is there ghettos in Houston?

      • Spider

        Must be – who else would vote for this tub of human Crisco?

  • Mary Sue

    Killin the white biyatch is cocaine? OF COURSE, IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE NOW! [/sarcasm]

    Seriously, that's all he's got? What a stretch.

  • Nanis

    I think America is on its way to acting like South Africa. All blacks against whites. Its funny how this woman supporting a man who is against women but maybe they like to be beaten.(EX. rhyanna)

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm not fond of rap music. I'm glad I don't listen to it.

    • jakespoon

      All together now; RAP IS CRAP… I'm with you,brother.

  • jakespoon

    I was listening to some rap music yesterday, It was playing in a car 3 blocks away.

    • sharpsrifle

      Then they had the speakers turned down. Out here, you can hear it from three miles away…unfortunately.

      • jakespoon

        Noise ordinance, hadda keep it low.

        • zalukas

          Sheila Jackson Lee has never watched “Wizard of OZ”, not once. She’d be on the way to see the Wizard now.
          I’d be reluctant to find out what is her favorite recreational reading book, never mind the Young Jeezy’s intellectual pursuits.

          Face palm.

          • jakespoon

            I'm not saying she's dumb, but when she was in a spelling bee in elementary school. She was asked to spell FARM. She said "FARM….E_I_E_I_O".

          • Mary Sue

            ROFL! I remember that joke!

        • LibertarianToo

          Too funny!
          I live across the way from a public high school -most dependable alarm clock I've ever had when the young scholars show up in the morning.

  • stardust

    What have we wrought?

  • AlgerHiss

    “Sheila Jackson Lee, Worst Boss In Congress? Goes Through 11 Chiefs Of Staff In 11 Years ”

  • bob e

    i thinks she be needin' a red hat and a full in yo' face bling cowgirl outfit..

  • Arlie

    Too bad for Houston. Austin is liberal too. They are probably full of Katrina refugees. I can honestly say that I Hate c-rap music…In it's best sense it reminds my of jump rope rhymes from my youth…In it's worst sense it is filthy garbage and not like anything I would term as music. I believe the first rap song was in the late 70's Blondie's song Rapture about a man from mars…."and now he only eats guitars!" No filthy rhymes of sick, twisted, words and killing. All the racists are bubbling to the surface in honor of their "chosen one" the "racist-in-chief"…..trying to prove who can be the biggest racist and the most filthy scoundrel. 0 is leading this country into a old/new h3ll. I Will NOT Comply.

  • KH

    Jackson, the “imbeciles” which you refer to are most likely inner city Blacks whose primary criteria for their Representatives is that they play the “Hate Whitey” race card. (I am reminded of Mr. Horowitz book : “Hating Whitey” as I write this). There are examples all over this country of Black racist politicians with little or no abilities other than to rile up their constituents and garner their support by blaming Whites for their sad, downtrodden existences.

    The list is stunning (and growing) : Maxine Waters (Ca.), Barbara Lee (Ca.), Marcia Fudge (Oh.), Hank Johnson (Ga.), Frederica Wilson (Fla.), Elijah Cummings (Md.), Louise Lucas (Va.), John Lewis (Ga.), Yvette Clark (NY), Charlie Rangel (NY), John Conyers (Mi.), Bobby Rush (Ill), Charles Barron (NY), Pres. Obama (RIC) (Racist in Charge), and no list of Black and incompetent racists would be complete without Marion Barry of DC. Racists all! (And there are dozens more).

    Barry’s story is especially sadly intriguing in that even after getting filmed smoking crack with a prostitute and serving prison time, he ran for and won a seat on the district council, and eventually was elected mayor again.

    I guess the moral to my story is that I find it difficult to feel empathy or compassion for the citzens who vote overwhelmingly for the above-named racists – plus many of them are corrupt to the core with legal issues and / or ethics violations plaguing them at one time or another. If the people of DC or Detroit or South Central LA or Houston or Philadelphia or Chicago, et al want no better for themselves than why should anyone care about them? I certainly do not. They will be locked in an perpetual and vicious cycle of poverty and crime and ignorance and hate with no chance of advancing themselves or their communities.

    • Will

      Do you know history? John Lewis is a hero of the civil rights movement and is smarter than most members of Congress regardless of their race or political affiliation. I would like to see proof of any of these black lawmakers "blaming the whitey" for their constituents' misfortune.

      In 1988, George Bush's campaign for president ran the following add

      It played on people's fears of blacks being violent. It suggested Dukakis could not protect whites from the perceived threats blacks posed, and then used that as a reason to vote for George Bush.

  • Will

    "Young Jeezy" has donated thousands of dollars to charity and has helped spearheaded efforts to feed the homeless. His philanthropic acts include giving away school supplies to children and offering up his home to victims of hurricane Katrina. The Certificate of Congressional Recognition is awarded by a bi-partisan group of lawmakers and members of the private sector. Representative Lee had as much say in Young Jeezy getting this award as Republican members of Congress.

    • tagalog

      Just goes to prove that even a broken clock can be right twice a day.

  • Tom Augustine

    The guy may not be that dumb. At the rate we are printing money "Mr. Black President…They gotta put ya face on the 5000 dollar bill”, may be accurate.

  • tagalog

    No doubt Ms. Jackson supports gun control for what she believes are the most compassionate reasons in the world. Her support for gun control will make it all the easier for Young Jeezy to achieve his stated goal of keeping on killing that white b***h.

    • Eric Murphy

      He's talking about Cocaine in the song so I doubt he's going to shoot at it with a gun.

      • tagalog

        He could sneeze on it, like the way Woody Allen does in Annie Hall.

        Sorry, I'm out of touch with modern music. Evidently that has turned out to be a good thing.

  • Eric

    In this particular song White refers to Cocaine so…

    • texassmexas

      If white hitch refers to cocain, then what does oj stand for. Killing white hitches.

  • Pants Onfire

    Hypocrite lately? Remember when Bush Sr. invited Eazy E to the White House? Any links to Conservative outrage on that one? I won't bother you with any of his violent, misogynist lyrics.

    • tagalog

      How is that hypocrisy? I can see inconsistency but claiming hypocrisy is a bit over the top.

  • KTH

    Part I
    Will, It is a shame that Mr. Lewis has tarnished his legacy like the rest of today's so-called "Civil Rights Leaders". Dr. Martin Luther King would be heartbroken to see what passes for today's alleged "leadership". The entire Civil Rights institution has become a blame Whitey establishment for the ills and lack of advancement for a large portion of the Black community. Today's allegedly aggrieved are looking for handouts, not a "leg up". (And examples of racist comments by Black leaders are in the media on regular basis – you should do a little more reading outside of the mainstream press).
    But I'm going to go with a bit more recent history – the Tea Party rally outside the Capitol in March 2010 against the healthcare bill :

    • jakespoon

      I remember The Hon. Congressman from Georgia making the comment that "200,000,000" slaves died on slave ships and were thrown overboard. and sharks still swim the route that the slave ships took looking for dead slaves to eat. 200,000,000 . Wow! Smart,huh?The population of the U.S. didn't reach that until probably the 60's.

  • KTH

    Part II
    Congressman Lewis has had many opportunities to "come clean" about the allegation of the use of the word Ni**er by Tea Party member(s). It did not happen, plain and simple – it was a lie that was allowed to stand. And in my book, when you allow a racist situation to exist and fester when you have a chance to refute it, that in itself is horribly racist. Breitbart offered $100,000 for evidence of the alleged racist incident – that bounty remains unclaimed despite multiple videos of the scene.
    I'm sure there are other examples of Lewis' racist behavior as well. (His behavior over the Trayvon Martin case, for example).
    As far as the Bush issue is concerned, the use of the Willie Horton case was a legitimate example of Liberal "soft on crime" policy which was / is detrimental to society at large and was fair play – I'm quite certain you would have been okay with it if Horton were White.

  • Fred

    Yeah well, she's a nasty c***t

  • Mark Swearingen

    Houston is the a$$hole of America. The lowest of the low live there. It's no wonder this person got elected down there. The rest of us Texans are ashamed to say Houston is part of our state.

  • Stan

    Good post Mark. We love Texas for standing up for American values. Too bad Houston was destroyed by the infestation of Katrina.

  • Kevin

    They already put a rapper on the $5000 bill, but after Obama got hold of the money printer and killed the value of the dollar, the poor dude had to change his name to "50 cent". Couple more months he'll have to call himself "2 bits".

  • Anonymous

    Good idea about the bills, I propose putting Obama´s and Bernanke´s faces on 10 000 dollar bills and 1000 000 dollar bills!

  • K-Man Eastburn

    You can take the Rats out of the hood, but,……

  • Bill James

    Hey, Sheila, we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore! Table 42, Violent Crime Rates by Race:
    -The Black-on-White rate was 35 times more than White-on-Black.

    -Black-on-White rape rate was 84; White-on-Black rape was statistically insignificant and listed as zero.

    “Criminal Victimization in the United States” DOJ Table 48, race of “multiple offender” (gangs) and their victim/s involved in violent crimes:

    -In 2005 Blacks committed 70 times more such crimes against Whites than Whites committed against Blacks.

    -In 2008 Blacks committed 147,749 such crimes against Whites; Whites committed ten against Blacks.

    -The DOJ stopped identifying the race of gang crime offenders in 2008. I can’t imagine why.