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Sheila Jackson Lee Says “Martial Law” Can Be Used to Reopen Government

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 10, 2013 @ 9:17 am In The Point | 20 Comments

Before you get too excited, it’s clear from the context that Sheila Jackson Lee is an idiot. Well no, it’s clear from everything that Sheila Jackson Lee has said and done in the past [1] that’s she’s an idiot.

But it’s clear from the context that [2] she appears to have confused martial law with some sort of congressional procedure. It’s not exactly too shocking coming from a woman under the impression that we won the Vietnam War and that we landed astronauts on Mars.

“This is not an idea of anyone over another person. Republican and Democratic Senators have already voted for this clean bill that we could vote on today. We have martial law. What that means–and my colleagues know what it means–is that you can put a bill on in just minutes,” she said.

Sheila Jackson Lee, the 4th dumbest member of Congress, could mean that we could speedily pass a bill under martial law, which is another five kinds of stupid, but let’s not even open that box. Since the thrust of her convoluted illiterate speech is that the bill is ready and waiting to be passed, it’s more likely that she confused martial law with whatever expedient procedure she meant.

Or alternatively, she meant martial law.

When dealing with an idiot, it’s hard to tell if they’re stupid or maliciously stupid.

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