Sheila Jackson Lee Thinks Slavery Ended in the 1960s

Sheila Jackson Lee, the dumbest woman, mammal and oxygen breathing lifeform in Congress, is there to serve as an example to the dumbest of Americans. A role model that proves that even if you can’t tell the difference between Mars and the Moon and think that the United States won the Vietnam War and that hurricanes should be named after black people… you can still have a rewarding career saying stupid things.

But at least Sheila Jackson Lee didn’t drink any water.

Jackson Lee suggested lawmakers should take inspiration from President Lincoln’s leadership during the Civil War.

“I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together. Are we going to be able to do it today to free America?”

It’s natural for Sheila Jackson Lee to be confused. Lincoln did just come out and Sheila probably thinks that he freed the slaves and fought vampires.

The only problem is that Sheila Jackson Lee confused the 1860s with the 1960s when she was actually growing up. Considering that she didn’t know how the Vietnam War ended, that’s not completely shocking, but you would think that she would remember that as a child she did not live on on a plantation.

Sheila Jackson Lee was from the slave-owning state of New York, from a plantation in Jamaica, Queens. (While Jamaica did have slaves, Jamaica, Queens did not, again accounting for Sheila Jackson Lee’s confusion.) (And yes, sorry guys, our state inflicted her on Texas.)

Sheila Jackson Lee’s mother slaved away as a nurse at a Salvation Army Hospital and her father drew horror comics. Her maternal grandfather was a Pullman porter in Florida.

Jackson Lee’s advice from her mother was that, “No matter where I found myself in this life I needed to be someone who gave respect to others and by my actions receive respect from others.”

It’s a pity that Sheila Jackson Lee didn’t take that advice, instead building a career of constantly embarrassing herself with her ignorance and her ridiculous attacks and attention-mongering. Sheila Jackson Lee has not given others any respect and has received none even within her own party.

  • SuicidePrevention

    I don't know about Lee but, I think that quasi-slavery using prison labor was widely practiced until recently.
    "It wasn’t just that Southern industrialists seeking a cheap labor force turned increasingly to state and local courts. Their insatiable desire for a captive Black workforce actually spawned tightly organized local networks of sheriffs, self-designated Justices of the Peace, and self-appointed judges intent upon providing cheap Black labor even if it meant literally kidnapping Black men off of the streets…
    Blackmon uncovers numerous harrowing accounts of how these labor procurement networks operated. Time and again, Black men otherwise going about their business would be accosted by local white officials who subsequently accused them of crimes they never committed. These men were then kidnapped and placed under lock and key where no loved one could find them. Then, after being tried in sham of a court proceeding, the men were leased out to local whites in need of a cheap and captive workforce."

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Was Sheila Jackson Lee being used as prison labor while a lawyer and Houston Councilwoman?

      • IS770

        She should have been used as prison or mental hospital labor – then she would be serving the US in a more productive manner than she is now! I assume she can weave a basket or sew a mailbag.

    • Drakken

      This is what passes for education in todays America, too dumb and ignorant and hyped up on greviance theater. Idiocracy at its finest and stupidity at its best.

      • BS77

        It isn't Lee, it's the voters…….The Sheeple are would vote for a turnip if it ran as a Democrat.

        • kafir4life

          They did. The turnip won the Presidency in 2008 and again in 2012.

        • Mary Aberse

          Ya- whenever folks disagree with me, it's because they R stoopid! They shouldn't be allowed to vote!

      • Guest

        Yah- if you don't agree with me it's because U R Stoopid.

    • tagalog

      "Sittin' down here on Parchman Farm,
      Sittin' down here on Parchman Farm.
      Sittin' down here on Parchman Farm,
      Ain't ever done no man no harm.

      Totin' that cotton in an 'leven-foot sack,
      Totin' that cotton in an 'leven-foot sack,
      Totin' that cotton in an 'leven-foot sack,
      Twelve-gauge shotgun at my back.

      * * * * *

      "I'll be here for the rest of my life,
      I'll be here for the rest of my life,
      I'll be here for the rest of my life,
      And all I ever did was shoot my wife."

    • oneamerican

      You left out that these Sheriff's and JP's were Democrats in the 50's – 60's South. And this is still going on in Santo Domingo, the favorite vacation retreat of Hillary (New Year's), Rangal (Rental Villa) and Mendendez (virgin busting). The sugar barons "smuggle" in Haitians (Haiti And Santo Domingo share the island of Dominique) for sugarcane harvest. They live as slaves – worse than the quasi -slaves of the 60's South.

    • Axel

      SuicidePrevention . . . time for Black folks to quit whining. BILLIONS of dollars have been spent on social programs since the 1960's. Most of these programs were designed to benefit Blacks. The horse has been lead to water . . . it's time for the horse to take a drink!

    • W woodard

      She is so stupid, someone called her office and asked who her owner was as she was a slave, and they asked him what kind of a nut he was and hung up on him, thats typical for her, a loser

  • Mary Sue

    People make a big deal about it being racist to think of black people as stupid, and then Sheila Jackson-Lee (or her compatriots Maxine Waters or Cynthia McKinney, Major Owens, etc) open their mouths.

    I'm sorry but black or white, you can't fix stupid.

    • kafir4life

      Stupid knows no color.

      • Mary Sue

        and stupid is as stupid does!

  • pfwag

    Too bad we can't have literacy tests for Congresspersons….

    • Daniel Greenfield

      If we had them for voters, we wouldn't need them for Congresscritters

      • kafir4life

        "Congresscrtitters". Love that. It's accurate and non-sexist. Congressf**cks is appropriate (and accurate) as well.

  • JacksonPearson

    I don't know why blacks in America think they have an exclusive hammer lock on slavery. Enslaving people have been going on for thousands of years, all over the world. Many just don't like to discuss, or talk about their past heritage.

    The region of the world where my ancestors came from was a regular stopping off place for pirate slavers. When people saw ship sails on the horizon, they'd run for the hills to hide. People that were caught, stolen and enslaved in chains, never returned, because they were used to row ships across the Mediterranean. When they could no longer row any more, they were thrown overboard. Women and children were sold off as booty. So Sheila Jackson Lee and her slavery rant can go to hell.

    • Mary Sue

      well probably because they THINK they were the "latest" to be enslaved, and THAT isn't even right! Most of them are so low-information that they don't even know about the enslavement going on right now in sub-saharan Africa or Arabia.

      • JacksonPearson

        "sub-saharan Africa or Arabia"
        Add: Many young boys from India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are being sold to wealthy Arabs for sex toys. It's a dirty little secret that's never openly discussed, only whispered. I understand, when these children reach their teens, they're released from their slave masters, uneducated, distraught, broke, and nowhere to turn. They become street beggars.

        • Mary Sue

          yeah that too.

          • Cat K

            Sorry to bring up the dreaded word "Nazi'" but several (older) women in the grandparent generation of my family were slave laborers in the Nazi era in Europe and died that way.
            You can bet yer boots that story would get no sympathy from the race baiting types of today.
            It's Just sick.

          • Mary Sue

            oh yeah. Because there were next to no black people in those slave camps. Same with Soviet Gulags (or Chinese/North Korean ones!)

        • EDDY

          not to mention that as young as 6 in china, honduras, japan, work there ass off for little or no pay, to make the products used everyday. and the unthinkable sex slave trade all over the world, is 27 MILLION STRONG, girls as young as 9, being sold into satans world of sex slavery, being drugged and beaten and having to do unthinkabal acts sometimes 15 times a day, and when they are all drugged out and used up they are killed and never seen again SO HEY YOU STUPID BITCH STFU, YOU WERE NEVER A SLAVE AND HAVE ALWAYS LIVED OFF OF THE GOVERNMENT, YOU COULD NEVER KNOW THE HORRORS OF THESE CHILDREN.

  • Edward Cline

    Proof that there's not much life in Congress…intelligent life. I think NASA ought to send a Rover to Congress to drill and scrape and take pictures in search of at least microbes.

    • Hank Rearden

      lol EXCELLENT idea! Next mission: "Congress Probe." We could even have the opening of the parachute on TV and the drifting down of the balloon encrusted package dropping onto the Mall. And the balloons popping off. And the Congress Rover opening up its antennas with "Thus Spake Zarathustra" playing on speakers.

      And then the Congress Rover goes off on its own, rolls itself up the steps of the Capitol, and starts on its mission, searching for intelligent life.

      • JacksonPearson

        "And then the Congress Rover goes off on its own, rolls itself up the steps of the Capitol, and starts on its mission, searching for intelligent life."

        You mean searching for lobbyist money?

    • Mary Sue

      For all Jimmy Traficant's failings, one of his most redeeming features was at the end of his one-minute (?) speeches.

      Beam me up, Mr. Speaker!

  • Izzy

    I wish I were the right color to run against Sheila Jackson Lee in Houston. Michael Berry, a local radio star on 740 AM, has the funniest spoofs of SJL. Forgot to offer the disclaimer….I'm not racist. I just hate stupidity.

    • Guest

      Hey, speaking of Michale Barry: How did he get out of that hit and run at the gay bar? Didn't he have to make a generous pay-off to the folks whose car he hit?

  • Guest

    That article makes no sense. No where does the article state what Jackson-Lee said to make the author think she misquoted a date (or an era, even)? She never said any dates at all.

    The title "SJL Thinks Slavery Ended in the 1960's" is completely misleading.

    Sigh. The age of citizen journalism.

    • Mary Sue

      No, she's said other things, documented things, that illustrate her stupidity and confusion. Trust me, I've seen it.

    • Linda Hill

      Ummm…Guest….this is her quote:

      “I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together. Are we going to be able to do it today to free America?”

      She was talking about how President Lincoln and the Congress of his time worked together to free slaves. Then right after this she states the above. She was not a slave growing up and neither were her parents. So for her to say she stands there as a freed slave is what this article is talking about – her words come across as her indicating she was freed from slavery in the 1960's.

  • SpecialKinNJ

    Let’s hear it for S. Jackson Lee
    who has served well her
    She serves it better today
    ‘cause she’s been able to say
    “Once a slave, I, S.J. am now free!”

    She’s to be praised for her courage and bravery
    as we condemn all forms of slave-owning knavery
    Especially of the ilk that kept S. Lee
    a hapless House slave in D.C.
    in conditions that can only be deemed "less than savory".

    We now wait with breath bated to see
    how having been freed she performs in DC
    and by every word and action
    demonstrates her satisfaction
    at having been freed, better to serve her (TX) constituency.

  • Joel

    The old hussy must have been preserved in formaldehyde. Heck, she's been around since the 1860s or earlier. She is as ugly as sin.

  • Pdubya

    Child slavery and sex slavery is rampant amongst elite globalists

  • AndyTexan

    Congresswomen SJL is my US representative and has a 75% demonrat district so she can only be defeated by a like-minded wombat. We in the 25% sacrifice our representation so that Texas can have more Repubs. She is not just a long time member of the demonratic socialist caucus but an ardent supporter of the moslem cause in the USA because they give her beaucoup monetary contributions. If she every retires she will be very rich no doubt since taking arab money is a past-time of all our gentle congress people.

    • Texan77071

      Virtually all our congressional districts are packed or gerrymandered in Texas, mostly in a way that favors Republicans – Those numbers are similar to what John Culberson gets and he panders to his base.

  • Texan77071

    When one misses the fact that an African American woman's reference to being a freed slave is meant as a symbolic representation about the history of her people, that individual has no business calling anyone dumb. Considering that we have members of Congress who believe there is no climate change problem and that dinosaurs and people were on earth together in the face of all evidence to the contrary, I think there are others who can claim that dumbest title. Were you not watching the "clown car" that billed itself as Republican primary debates? Sheila has a lot of competition from Michelle Bachman and others for that title.

  • Texan77071

    I wouldn't call this attack piece journalism. Very few facts that matter to anyone. Mr Greenfield's ultra conservative fangs are showing.

  • angela

    White people are so afraid of being the last, but "Suprise" you never have been the first. Its sad the way that you all feel that you can say what you want to and not offend anyone. Atleast Sheila Jackson Lee doesn't hide behind a curtain, sticks her hand out and talks "SH__T, she does it openly and with dignity. she stands for the people all people of any nationality unlike the author who finds slavery as a down play as so many white people want to and try to do daily. No we can't forget slavery, its a part of American History hopefully, to never repeat itself.

  • tim adams

    Yeah, Thanks a lot NY for SJL. An 85 I.Q. product of affirmative action at Yale and Virginia Law School. She never fails to embarrass Texas when she does the “I’M SHEILA JACKSON LEE AND I HAIL FROM THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS. ” intro on CSPAN. A SJL Greatest Hits audio of her endless list of gaffes and blunders is a great gift for the Conservative who has everything.

    • Gnowark

      I’m sure that you would hate NY more if we had “given” you Rep. McCarthy or Sen Schumer, or “mayor against the peasants with guns” Bloomburger. I appreciate your assistance!. 85? you are too kind.

  • AlwaysBlossom
  • Bob77021

    Go troll somewhere else.