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Sheila Jackson Lee Thinks Slavery Ended in the 1960s

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 13, 2013 @ 8:40 pm In The Point | 46 Comments


Sheila Jackson Lee [2], the dumbest woman, mammal and oxygen breathing lifeform in Congress, is there to serve as an example to the dumbest of Americans. A role model that proves that even if you can’t tell the difference between Mars and the Moon and think that the United States won the Vietnam War and that hurricanes should be named after black people… you can still have a rewarding career saying stupid things [3].

But at least Sheila Jackson Lee didn’t drink any water.

Jackson Lee suggested lawmakers should take inspiration from President Lincoln’s leadership during the Civil War.

“I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together. Are we going to be able to do it today to free America?”

It’s natural for Sheila Jackson Lee to be confused. Lincoln did just come out and Sheila probably thinks that he freed the slaves and fought vampires.

The only problem is that Sheila Jackson Lee confused the 1860s with the 1960s when she was actually growing up. Considering that she didn’t know how the Vietnam War ended, that’s not completely shocking, but you would think that she would remember that as a child she did not live on on a plantation.

Sheila Jackson Lee was from the slave-owning state of New York, from a plantation in Jamaica, Queens. (While Jamaica did have slaves, Jamaica, Queens did not, again accounting for Sheila Jackson Lee’s confusion.) (And yes, sorry guys, our state inflicted her on Texas.)

Sheila Jackson Lee’s mother slaved away as a nurse at a Salvation Army Hospital and her father drew horror comics. Her maternal grandfather was a Pullman porter in Florida.

Jackson Lee’s advice from her mother was that, “No matter where I found myself in this life I needed to be someone who gave respect to others and by my actions receive respect from others.”

It’s a pity that Sheila Jackson Lee didn’t take that advice, instead building a career of constantly embarrassing herself with her ignorance and her ridiculous attacks and attention-mongering. Sheila Jackson Lee has not given others any respect and has received none even within her own party.

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