Showdown Between Obama and Jewish Groups Over Iran Sanctions


Things are about to get interesting.

Obama is dumping Iran sanctions as his new crush on Iran’s new puppet grows. Meanwhile the Senate will consider sanctions on Iran. And Jewish groups have backed sanctions.

So the incredible diplomatic skills of Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes were deployed to convince Jewish groups to LEAVE IRAN ALONE. But it doesn’t seem to have worked.

White House national security advisor Susan Rice, her deputies Ben Rhodes and Tony Blinken and Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman met with the leaders of four major American Jewish organizations on Tuesday afternoon in an effort to dissuade them from lobbying the Senate towards passing harsh new sanctions against Iran, just as bilateral negotiations have resumed between the two nations.

The White House meeting witnessed forceful exchanges between the two sides on the merits of the sanctions package, sources tell The Jerusalem Post.

In recent days a number of leading Jewish groups, including AIPAC, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the Jewish Federations of North America, have reiterated support for advancing through Congress new and enhanced Iran sanctions

It’s a given that Obama Inc. will simply refuse to enforce any sanctions that do get past and that friendly Senate Dems will find a way to pass some sort of bill that will let them look pro-Israel, but will let him do just that.

But it’s still an important showdown, if only because it will mean that even liberal Jewish groups, for once, stood up to B.O. I’m not confident that they will, but we’ll see. And it will force Senate Dems to show their true colors as well.

Obama is in Appease Iran mode. Let’s see how far Senate Dems are willing to go to join him. Especially since they have to prep for 2014 and 2016.


    ISRAEL should end all of this -B S-, kill all these muslims with nuclear bombs, problems solved….

  • WorldWatchman

    It’s amazing how the Jewish American and other American citizens who haven’t been dumbed down by the democrat machine can see and understand the mindset of a hostile muslim country and the democrat government plus a few RINO’s do not. People must know that Obama is a dichotomy President who is both a muslim and a socialist. His mindset is to tear down America from within. If that’s willingly giving in to that hostile muslim country, he sees it as a triumph. What he fails to understand is that Israel will do what this pathetic example of America will not do and that’s to take Iran out if they’re left with no other choice. I stand firmly with the Jewish Americans and the state of Israel.

  • Citizen X

    I luv u brown kunt-in-chief Obongo

  • LiberalIranian

    Jews rule the US. What else is new.

  • Elizabeth capecod

    This is the Muslim they voted for. How do they like him NOW?

  • Bert

    I note that ALL Jews in Congress, except Eric Cantor, are Democrats and I hear nothing from them on opposing Obama. If they remain silent why should non Jewish Congress stand up for sanctions? Of course Iran is also a major threat to America as well but that message gets lost and Israel is represented as the sole issue.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I suspect that’s it’s too late either way and Obama’s just trolling the Jewish groups for laughs. He knows Iran is nuclear or the last turn of the last screw away from it, as planned. He’s running out the clock until Iran announces they are in practical terms a nuclear armed state so he can then declare it yet another supernal victory for Obama. Most of the so called Jewish groups he associates with, like J-Street are as anti Israel as Hamas anyway so it’s no skin of his nose.

  • peterknudson

    Our own Congress support him 100% because he’s doing just egzactally what they all on both sides want him to do. If he didn’t they would flip him out of office faster then you could blink your eyes..