Sidney Blumenthal’s Idiot Racist Son Survives Trip Through Israeli Airport


Some people travel through deserts. Others skydive from space. Max Blumenthal, Sidney Blumenthal’s idiot son, gets his thrills trying to make it through an Israeli airport.

Max Blumenthal, political hack Sidney Blumenthal’s son, makes things up and makes himself into the center of the story. He’s like Julian Assange, except even lamer.  Blumenthal’s claims to fame include being the son of a Clinton aide and making a viral video featuring drunken Israelis badmouthing Obama.

Blumenthal is following that up with Goliath, the epic story of how he made it through an Israeli airport in one piece. (Actually it’s a deranged screed about how Israel is the devil. Don’t take it from me, Eric Alterman at The Nation, far on the left said, “it could have been published by the Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club.”

Sure millions of people visit Israel every year. But only Max Blumenthal has the courage to turn his uneventful trip through an Israeli airport into a piece of suspense fiction.

Read and prepare to be thrilled.

Before any trip to Israel-Palestine, I receive a dizzying array of advice from jour-nalist and activist friends on how to pass through Israeli security with minimal harassment.

You could just arrive without any bombs. That usually works for me.

Blumenthal has been to Israel plenty of times, despite hating Israel more than Arafat hated showers. He’s managed to get in and out of the country before. But like every self-dramatizing jorno-brat visiting a foreign country, he has to make himself into the story.

Israel makes a lot of money from tourism. It makes a chunk of it from protest tourism which is why whiny leftist parasites like Max Blumenthal have the run of the country. They usually only get kicked out when they start throwing stones at soldiers.

A Jewish-American writer for a Palestinian diaspora publication told me she always wore blue-and-white clothing—the colors of the Israeli flag—and a gold Star of David necklace, and flirted openly with security officers of the opposite sex.

Somehow I don’t think this has anything to do with getting through security.

A left-wing Israeli activist advised me to behave in an irritable, churlish fashion, blurting out terse responses to questions from security officers to avoid creating the perception that I was overcompensating for any “anti-Israel” intentions.

Even left-wing Israelis are screwing with Blumenthal. I don’t blame them. I would advise him to shout that he has a bomb to avoid creating the impression that he’s overcompensating for having a bomb.

They reminded me about Lily Sussman, the twenty-one-year-old Jewish American college student detained in December 2009 by the Shin Bet at Israel’s border with Egypt because she was carrying suspicious items, such as an Arabic phrasebook.

Lily Sussman was crossing the border from an enemy country. Not the airport. Big difference. They suspected that she was carrying a bomb for a Muslim boyfriend. That sort of thing has happened before. Her laptop got totaled and she has never shut up about it since.

I hear she has a memorial to the laptop in her backyard.

After deciding that I was too lazy to purge my computer and cellphone of Arab contacts, I concluded that I had nothing to hide and that the Israeli intelligence services could not possibly be foolish enough to treat me as a security threat.

So the preceding paragraphs have been a waste of time. Blumenthal has gone to Israel before. He knows he’s self-dramatizing.

I then reminded myself that I was an Ashkenazi Jew who would be automatically afforded special rights according to the designs of Zionism.

Tell it to all the Norwegian leftists who get through Israeli security and then begin throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers. They do it without any Ashkenazi Jewish privilege.

My Jewish privilege would be borne out during many trips in and out of Ben Gurion Airport.

Also Max Blumenthal’s Jewish privilege was frequently borne out in his visits to Home Depot and Starbucks where he was given a toilet seat and a tasty latte in exchange for money… only because of his Ashkenazi Jewish privilege.

To the extent that he has any privilege, it’s being the spawn of a top Democrat who could easily get a senator on the phone to the Israelis if his son is delayed an extra 5 minutes in the airport.

Whenever a security officer greeted me with the requisite opening question, “Are you Jeweesh?” I have learned to casually respond, “Of course.”

If I were ever asked if I had any Israeli family, I would tell them about all my imaginary cousins in Tel Aviv or about my imaginary Israeli girlfriend. “Are you thinking of marrying your girlfriend,” a young female security officer asked me once., sure am!” I said with a bashful smile, bringing a satisfied grin to the face of the officer. Because the maintenance of a Jewish demographic majority is Israel’s national priority, the production of Jewish babies is a key national priority. With my promise to inject top-grade Ashkenazi Jewish sperm into the ovum of a young Jewish Israeli woman, I was marked with a level-one security classification.

Max Blumenthal really overestimates the quality of his sperm.

Security officers don’t ask you if you’re Jewish to give you clearance. They’re doing it to try and establish why you’re here and also to get you talking.  Once they have an identity for you, they can more easily notice discrepancies. Similarly a Christian pilgrim might be asked which churches he’ll be visiting.

Israeli security has fantastically little interest in Max Blumenthal’s sperm. It’s interested only in whether he’s associated with terrorist groups or smuggling anything into the country. In the process it gets him talking about himself.

Blumenthal stupidly thinks he’s getting security clearance and “putting one over” on the officers. He could just as easily tell them that he’s a left-wing activist who hates Israel and wants to document the Zionist devil close at hand. It would probably get him through the airport even faster on honesty points.

But Max Blumenthal, like most left-wing idiots, wants to be the star of an adventure and to pretend that he’s outsmarting those fiendish Israelis.

Each time I reach the kiosk at passport control on my way into Israel-Palestine, I do my best to appear calm, and even a little bit bored, while the officer examines my documents. With bated breath I wait for the loud thump of the metal visa stamp when it meets the pages of my passport.

Blumenthal, like most compulsive liars, switches back and forth from admitting that he has no concerns to pretend to be agitated.

Thus concludes the exciting adventure of Max Blumenthal’s uneventful trip through the airport. Stay tuned next week when Max Blumenthal will brave a Zionist Starbucks and wait with bated breath as the barista draws him a pumpkin late.

Will he abuse his Ashkenazi Jewish privilege by refusing to tip her? Stay tuned.

Maybe if Max Blumenthal ever has an honesty breakdown, he would admit that he could stroll through BGU in a Hamas t-shirt, a suicide bomb belt and a button reading, “My Dad is a Hillary Clinton Advisor”.

Because that last one… that’s his real privilege. It’s not about race. It’s about whose idiot son you happen to be.

  • Randy CA

    These people are addicted to roll playing in a fantasy play where they cast themselves as courageous moral heros.

    • Toa

      These poor folks always remind me of childhood days spent playing “War” in the backyard and orchards behind our home. As exhilarating as it was and as much as I wished it to be true, I knew in my heart that there were no “Japs” or “Krauts” dug into machinegun nests in the eucalyptus trees, and that Mom’s wonderful homecooked meal was awaiting me when I came in from the cold.
      The difference between me and these people is that I kind of grew up. People who don’t grow up, and who find themselves in powerful and/or influential positions, are dangerous, as we have seen when “Liberals” are in the White House. We are seeing in in spades right now.

    • geronl

      That is the illness called “leftism” in a nutshell

  • timmysfriend

    Just reading that made my day. What a jerk he is.

  • tagalog

    He’s no worse than the lefty “journalist” suffering from a bad cold, who followed some right-wing politician around on his presidential campaign a few years ago, and then wrote a story about how hard he tried to give the politician a case of his cold by doing such things as licking a doorknob on a door that he thought the politician would open.

    • The March Hare

      I’ll bet he licked some boots when he returned to his publisher.


        Beady eyed maxie licked something – opposite and below the belt buckle.

    • geronl

      Leftists are all mental cases

  • walt kovacs

    correction needed. not a single soul in the video, “feeling the hate….” was israeli. every one was an american college student.

  • walt kovacs

    israel knows all about max. have since the infamous vid. they dont care about him.

    and im sure that the airport security had a good laugh when an out gay man, claimed to have a gf in tel aviv

  • Jakareh

    And because New York City is so Ashkenazi Jew-dominated, while everybody else pays an exorbitant amount of money to ride on the subway, Blumenthal gets to do it for free. Or $2.50. But c’mon, that’s almost free.


    We can only hope that max blumenthal becomes the next Saint Pancake.


    Chant this:
    From the River to the Sea,
    Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Someone needs to inform these unhinged leftwing loons that the so-called Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a conflict at all, but instead a perpetual jihad (holy war) being waged against Israel because it is an infidel state lying in the heart of the Islamic world, as the so-called Palestinians are in reality the Muslim proxies for the Islamic world. There isn’t anything especially spectacular or different about the jihad (holy war) being waged against the Jewish infidels in Israel. For the most part it is exactly like the many other perpetual jihads (holy wars) the Islamic world has also been waging perpetually against many other infidels around the world.

    As a matter of fact, the sole fundamental purpose of Islam is the subjugation into Islamic totalitarianism of all religions and all infidels through both violent and non-violent jihad and the eventual imposition of Sharia (Islamic totalitarian law) in order to make Islam supreme. Indeed, Muslim extremists aren’t perpetrating terrorism against Jews in response to harsh Israelis policies, just like Muslim extremists aren’t perpetrating terrorism against infidels around the world in response to Western provocations. That’s preposterous! Instead, Muslims are jihadists, i.e., Mujahideen (holy warriors), waging jihad (holy war) against all religions and all infidels to ultimately make Islam supreme. It’s a very preemptive and very aggressive holy war that targets specifically all religions and all infidels.

    • J.J. Flemstein

      Is Max an ashkenazi Jew? I’ve got feeling his mother was a gentile

      • watcherofolde

        Any ”jew” that wants fellow Jews subjugated to a murderous cult, or killed by them, is no Jew at all.

        • Toa

          A “JILO”…Jew In Lineage Only.

  • motherofbeaver

    What a nauseating potz! Schvantz will also do nicely.

  • redwood05090

    A flaming nasty Queen, besting his pervert father!

  • herb benty

    Another made-wealthy by the taxpayer moron.

  • benabo1machal

    The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Well, Let’s see…the last time I went through Ben Gurion, I had to wait about 25 minutes at McDonald’s for an egg sandwich and a 10 oz. cup of coffee. At the 20 minute mark, I got a bit impatient, and asked what the wait was for. An Orthodox type put his hand on my shoulder and explained that Israelis don’t understand fast food, like Americans, and gave me part of his newspaper to read.
    The change store clerk took an arrogant and dismissive tone; but the female security soldier who did my exit interview was very professional; apologized for being intrusive, and really listened to my answers. Israel is in some ways, very different from America, but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. Where’s the adventure?

  • JamesY

    When did Sid Blumenthal stop beating his wife?

  • maddaddyssa

    FTA:”With my promise to inject top-grade Ashkenazi Jewish sperm into the ovum of a young Jewish Israeli woman,”
    So this self-hating Jewish son of a friend of the Clintons thinks he’s quite the stud. As a rule of thumb, guys who brag about it the most get it the least. After this book flops it wouldn’t surprise me if this privileged punk ends up doing commercials for erectile dysfunction meds.

    • Joel

      The only way he will inject any sperm into an Israeli girl is if he pays for it from one of the girls on the streets of South Tel Aviv.

  • couchtripper

    I wish it was enlightening to read all these hateful comments from people I’d bet haven’t read the book. But it’s not. It’s entirely predictable for the maniacs who support Israel at all costs – even to the detriment of whatever credibility they perceive to possess.

    • BradD99

      Nobody “supports Israel at all costs,” you nut. But Max Blumenthal DOES (1) demonize Israel in every sentence and (2) demand that Israel destroy/erase itself and make the world’s only Jewish state a Muslim state. He’s an extremist. He wants Israel erased. That’s all there is to know.

      • couchtripper

        I’d be quite happy to see Israel WIPED OFF THE MAP too. In the same way as East Germany was WIPED OFF THE MAP.

        • Ronit Jacobs

          It must kill you then to know that Israel is thriving and growing and will continue to give bestow her gifts upon the world while the Arabs and scum like you wallow in misery for eternity. You sad pathetic scum. Hahahahaha

  • geronl

    This was one of the best things I have read today. Very good!

  • Tyler Westbrook

    This is a great review! Thanks to support from racist hate groups like yours, the true story of disgusting racism and ethnic cleansing in Palestine gets spread even further! BOYCOTT DIVEST AND SANCTION ISRAEL!

  • Lord Black

    For anybody who wants to judge Max for themselves. Listen for yourself and don’t mind these half-hominid shrills

    • BradD99

      Max Blumenthal wants the world’s only Jewish state to destroy itself and become an Arab/Muslim state. Every single word Blumenthal says about Israel is raw, twisted hate. He’s a lunatic and an antisemite. Israel isn’t going to destroy itself, even if extreme-left antisemites promote it.

  • Rob26

    Everything you need to know about the high-minded, moral (and racist) Max Blumenthal.

  • Meister Jaeger

    In” Goliath”(his latest waste of trees), the prescription Blumenthal lays out for Arab Israeli peace is for Israelis to basically dismantle Israel and either leave the middle east,or Arabize, which of course would lead to some awesome ethnic cleansing I’m sure this sick bastard would love.

  • Bystander

    I just happen to see some video’s made by Mr. Max Blumenthal.
    I never heard about him before, but the impression is that his mind is significantly twisted.
    What messed him up is hard to say.
    He definitely has an obsession with the Jews.
    So, maybe a Jewish psychiatrist or psychologist can be found to help him.
    He needs help !

  • LeslieCz

    DG may be a supremacist? Confusing story.

  • arw

    Hahaha, this was definitely worth the time to read. Thank you, Mr. Greenfield.

  • Jonny

    Its a shame that both sides of this debate feel the need to resort to these type of articles. When you see “idiot racist” in the title, its not hard to predict what will follow. An article equally devoid of class from the other side: