SMART Car Collides with Motorcycle, Motorcycle Driver Survives, SMART Car Driver Doesn’t

Photo for illustration purposes only


If you happen to live in a major city, you’ve probably already seen the Smart Car, a toy micro car made by Daimler and driven by people who shop for groceries at Whole Foods and think the Democratic Party is drifting too far to the right. It’s one of those cars that government officials think we should all be driving in the future… if we want to die.

Despite all the crash tests claiming otherwise, the Smart Car is not exactly well set for a head on collision since it doesn’t really have much of a front. And that’s a problem even when you’re only colliding with a motorcycle.

A woman who died in hospital after a collision between her car and a motorcycle in Surrey has been named as Freda Lawry.

The crash between the Smart car and the bike happened on 27 January on the A245 Byfleet Road in Cobham…

The motorcyclist, a man in his 30s, was taken to George’s Hospital in Tooting, where he remains in a serious, but stable condition, Surrey Police said.

Just imagine what would have happened if the Smart Car had hit a deer. The deer would have probably walked away. The Smart Car driver… probably not.

As Doug Ross points out, this is the dystopian death crawl future headed our away if Obama Inc’s bureaucrats have anything to say about it.

In order for auto makers to hit the government imposed mileage standards new cars will have to lose weight. Strong metals like steel will be replaced with light weight metals or plastics. But while these cars of the future will get great gas mileage they will also have less bulk to protect drivers and passengers from injury or death in a crash.

drivers in lightweight cars were up to twelve times more likely to die in a crash – and far more likely to suffer serious injury and permanent disabilities.

Killing more people is one way to make national health care work better.

  • mr_bad_example

    the above photo was taken of a smart car after it hit a concrete wall head on at 70 miles per hour driven by remote control as seen in this video

    • Edward Cline

      Mr. Bad Example: I watched the video you linked to, and the test people concluded (whoever they were, they didn't identify for whom they were conducting the tests) that no matter what brand of today's car is being driven, hitting concrete blocks at 70 mph in these motorized beer cans (Smart or regular) isn't likely to result in the occupants' surviving without serious injuries or not surviving at all, with or without air bags, with or without driving in a steel "passenger cell." I urge readers to watch the video from beginning to end, because it certainly isn't an endorsement of the "Smart" car (and, implicitly, of any government-mandated car, as all cars on the road now are).

      • mr_bad_example

        yes, but this photo was published with the story of woman dies in a smart car while cyclist survives, leading readers to believe that this smart car was hit by a motorcycle, and not a concrete wall intentionally at 70mph. this article is a pure LIE. "freak " accidents happen all the time. i was driving a smart, got hit by a large jeep and didn't get a scratch (on my person, minimal damage to the smart)

        i will get my smart back from the shop later this week, and i'm not afraid to be behind it's wheel.

        • Edward Cline

          Well, if the photo accompanying this article wasn't of the accident cited in it, that's the newspaper's oversight, or negligence. Still, I've sat in one of the "Smart" cars and it felt like I was sitting in a very fancy golf cart. And you must concede that people driving cars from the 1950's and early 1960's, before the government began mandating alleged "safety" designs, were more likely to survive crashes and accidents in their steel bodies than they will be in "passenger cells." You personally may have been fortunate to have survived a crash with a Jeep, but the statistics are against you, and against just about everyone else not surviving without injury or death. Oh, for the days when Bogart drove a real car in, say, "The Big Sleep." The only traffic fatality in that film was a guy who was murdered and then put back in his steel Packard and the rolled of a pier into the ocean.

        • Tina

          Don’t care what picture is used with this story. It could be a picture of a pig for all I care. The FACT is that a woman was in an accident with a motorcycle and she died while the cyclist lived. That says a lot about how safe these cars are….. and I wouldn’t call that ‘smart’ at all.

          • The Nexus

            The fact that the woman was 78 and the man 30 didn’t make a difference? The fact that the woman died only later while in hospital and not directly at the accident scene didn’t make a difference? Before people start throwing around accusations and unfounded information they should research what actually happened. So typical of people online these days..

            Note that the man was still in serious but stable condition – he didn’t just get up and walk away – if he too dies in hospital due to his injuries what then?

      • Jeff

        I don't recall these things being able to reach 70 mph.

  • Fearless

    The "Smart Car" is NOT very smart at all.

    • mr_bad_example

      i had an accident vs a Jeep Wrangler on 2/3/2013 in my smart, damage was limited to left front wheel and fender, $1800 damage

      • jakespoon

        You are required to buy two,one for each foot.

  • Paul

    i wouldnt be caught dead in one of these dinky toys…on second thought I probably would be caught dead.

  • SuicidePrevention

    What about the parents who backed up their SUV or minivan and ran over their own children?
    Every technology comes with its own side effects.

    • Freebert

      Thinning of the herd?

  • Pashta

    Yes, the picture is obviously not a photo of the actual accident. So?

  • Edward Cline

    Mr. Bad Example: I watched the video you linked to, and the test people concluded (whoever they were, they didn't identify for whom they were conducting the tests) that no matter what brand of today's car is being driven, hitting concrete blocks at 70 mph in these motorized beer cans (Smart or regular) isn't likely to result in the occupants' surviving without serious injuries or not surviving at all, with or without air bags, with or without driving in a steel "passenger cell." I urge readers to watch the video from beginning to end, because it certainly isn't an endorsement of the "Smart" car (and, implicitly, of any government-mandated car, as all cars on the road now are).

  • Edward Cline

    Pashta: Perhaps a photo of the motorcycle/Smart cash wasn't available, or was covered by copyright.

    • mr_bad_example

      no, it wouldn't be convenient, a car hitting a wall at 70MPH vs a car hitting a little motorcycle at lesser speeds, half the car wouldn't be gone then, would it?

  • Mac Gregor

    ….Well, we can’t afford insurance to pay for our injuries so, I guess the liberals win in both instances.

  • John

    Get into a fatal accident with a (coffin) smart car just bury the car and driver.

    • Edward Cline

      No, that wouldn't be permitted by the environmentalists. You may be biodegradable, but all the plastics and other light weight parts woldn't be. Gotta think of Mother Earth, you know! And then there's that plastic air bag. Nope.

  • UCSPanther

    If I want an "economy" car, I'll stick to the Toyota Corolla. Why? More cargo space and safer, reliable, simpler to maintain for the do-it-yourself-er and the price to operate one isn't much different from a smart car..

    A certain menace to lighter weight vehicles is crosswinds, which can cause your car to start drifting if it is rolling along at higher speeds. The smaller cars already have trouble with that, so imagine what trouble a smart car will have on a Canadian highway with strong crosswinds.

    • artaol

      Toyota Corolla,GREAT CARS for the price and hold up very well !

  • thrushjz

    It's really quite simple…I'm a working musician with gear. The smart car would hold maybe one, two of my instruments. No more, not to mention another person and gear…what about families with 3-4 kids? (yes, I know, our Govt. wants all of us to have one child ala China and kill the rest)

  • margret

    I do find it amusing they have named this smart car, it takes an idiot to pay full price for 1/2 a car

  • F.K. Juliano


  • Tom W

    Actually you were more likely to die or sustain serious injury in the old 50s big cars than just about any compact today…maybe even the smart included.

    • Tina

      According to a CNN report, there were 33,186 deaths on U.S. roads in 1950 compared to 33,808 in 2009.

      • Truth

        For the past 50 years automobile deaths have remained pretty steady between 30,000 and 40,000 a year. While cars are FAR safer today than in the 1950’s (, there are more cars on the road today, and the average person drives more miles.

        Number of cars on the road in the US in 1950 = 30 Million

        Number of cars on the road in the US in 2009 = 246 Million

        Number of cumulative miles drove in the US in 1950 = I was unable to find any data from before 1983

        Number of cumulative miles drove in the US in 1983 = 1.6 Trillion

        Number of cumulative miles drove in the US in 2009 = 3 Trillion

        • user

          Probably would have helped if they wore seat belts in the 50s

    • F.K. Juliano

      So what? It's not as if a "50s big car" is the usual alternative to an Stupid, I mean, a Smart.

  • RadarRecon

    They're also a way to decrease the population. Seven billion people is just too many (even though it's been shown that they could all fit into the state of Texas).

  • mel

    Freda LAWRY Obituary

    Freda, aged 78, tragically on 27th January 2013, beloved wife of John, adored mother of Lance and Philippa and devoted grandmother of Oscar, Theo, Charlie and Holly. She will be greatly missed by both friends and family. Cremation for family only, Thanksgiving Service at St. Mary Oatlands, Weybridge, KT13 9TS on Wednesday 13th February at 11.30. No Flowers, donations to Princess Alice Hospice c/o Lodge Brothers Funeral Services 01932 854758.
    **i'm sure this woman's grieving family Thanks you for your loving comments and concerns…

    • Anon

      Mel – I couldn't agree more. I'm reading these comments, quite amazed at how callous some people are. Just because the names aren't posted doesn't stop those involved being actual human beings, something I think that has been lost sight of here.

  • GaryGnusGoToGoon

    only a crash w a motorcycle head on??? that can kill anyone in any type of car…and this is one instance i haven't heard much negative about the smart car…someone is angwee about todays political climate huh?? that said id never buy one of these cars unless they came with a douche a merkin and some lube

  • Bobby

    And remember the Pelosi Administration of 2007 forced the 35 MPG standard. The result is that the automakers were told to stop making truck-based SUV's and replace them with jacked-up cars ("crossovers") that look the part but can't do the part. When family cars are now using econobox 4-cylinder engines, there's a big difference between trucks and cars now.

  • Creteway

    Fake news. But food fot the gullible.

    • Anon

      This is not fake news. I happen to know the motorcyclist involved and he was very lucky to survive, for a number of reasons. He is still recovering from his injuries now, so did not get off lightly. It's terrible that the driver died, but again, had she not been 78 years of age, it might have been a different outcome. The headline is true, but there are a number of reasons the motorcyclist survived and the driver didn't – which are not covered article.

  • Yo Mama

    Driver of the smart car was 78?

  • markbenn

    I am fully agree with you Daniel. The smart car is the car which is to be drive in city but not to the highway. The purpose of smart car is that people can buy small car those who can not afford the big cars or SUV's. The safety in smart car is not good as in SUV's & other cars.

  • Chris

    Silly old people. Do your research. The smart car is as safe as any other on the road. They are the same size as most sub compacts, your logic is faulty and out dated. What makes the smart any less safe than a Mini? They are commuter cars, not family cars and the seats fold to allow more storage, but you’d know that if you did your research. Anyone who buys one of these thinking it’s a family car has an IQ as big as the smart’s gas tank.

  • Thomasrobert18

    It is a good opinion Chris. It is quite possible that in a car and motor cycle accident motorcyclist survive and the car driver dead. Generally the opposite of this case happened. It is the bad luck for the car driver.Car pileup is a collision so it is more dangerous than a normal car accident. In such case the risk is high and the control capacity minimum. It mainly occurs in a crowded traffic or parking place where so many cars and vehicles are ready for next.
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  • Reality

    This is really quite stupid. Motorcycles often go THROUGH cars killing the occupants. Motorcycles concentrate a lot of force in a small cross section. Doesn’t matter how big your gas guzzler is. But keep being stupid.

    • Manimal Cracker

      I think you are the stupid one. Smart cars do not absorb the kinetic energy of the crash. If you think the human body can absorb that energy an live then you are indeed a brainless idiot.

    • John S. Perilloux

      Can’t agree with you there, Reality, In 1955 I T-boned a 1955 Ford Fairlane while riding my 1945 Indian. While I dented the Ford quite a bit, my bike dropped to the highway at the point of impact while I went flying over the Ford. Luckily I an still here to talk about it.

  • totalitarian_doofus

    Conservatards, getting EMO about CAFE fuel standards.

    • Manimal Cracker

      liberals getting “dead” in their eco friendly death traps

  • IDoKnowThis

    Smartcar’s cell is designed to protect drivers/passengers against collisions with other vehicles. Just like any other car, a motorcycle can kill other drivers by going through the windshield. There are no photos of the accident scene or her car. There is also no mention of whether or not Ms. Lawry was wearing her seat belt. A motorcycle, at any speed, could not damage a smartcar’s protective cell.

    The photo in the article is an image taken from a crash test video of a smartcar, controlled by remote control, hitting a cement wall at 70 mph.

    • Manimal Cracker

      If the motorcycle went through the windshield they would have said so and the motorcycle rider would not have survived. The fact is that the human body can not absorb the kinetic energy of a car crash, that is why the crumple zone was invented. The car absorbs the energy. In a smart car, the body absorbs the energy.

  • Manimal Cracker

    Smart cars are some of the dumbest things ever to be invented. The people driving around in them are not much better. The laws of physics just can not be abrogated. Crumple zones dissipate enough kinetic energy to allow people to survive a crash. Those that say smart cars have “small” crumple zones are being disingenuous. The size of a crumple zone is of the greatest importance in a crash. A “small” crumple zone is really no crumple zone. The human body, it’s internal organs and blood vessels, can not take the kinetic energy that one experiences in a car with no crumple zone.

  • Dora Anderson
    I want to see this “NEWS” article removed. This stupid anti-smart hoaxing makes me so mad.

    • joejmac

      Didn’t you read the photo caption? “Photo for Illustration purposes only.”
      Try looking closer at things before you make a fool of yourself.

  • Dumb

    If you all hate smart cars (and especially Smart car owners) so much, stop saying that and encourage then to drive it…more of them dead, the less people you hate, and whats better, the more smart cars on the road, the more petrol for your SUV in gas station! Whooray smart cars!

  • Bob Brown

    I think people would be better off using a cannon to shoot themselves from one place to another than to willingly buckle up inside this coffin with wheels.

  • Jllllll7

    I have a smart car and I hit a deer. This car is actually very safe. The deer died, but I walked away unharmed. This particular accident where this woman died is an isolated incident, a very sad one.

  • Peggy

    It folded up like a cheap umbrella. Too bad for the driver.

  • CCGomez

    Ha ha ha… ppl who believes this “article”….you ppl are faking stupid. Let me repeat that…you ppl are FAKING STUPID.

    This caption tells you everything…

    “Photo for illustration purposes only”.

    Brainwashed morons.

  • barry

    jeez front page news in florida back in 1989 showed a fullsized 4 door sedan with a yamaha Vmax neatly wedged right across the front seat. both occupants elderly canadians dead and also the motorcyclist . so what’s the point?
    so let’s drive battle tanks to cause more damage to the other people, even if it’s us causing the accident?
    the less fuel we waste, the less cash ending up as muslim terrorist’s funding, is the way i look at it.