• Jenny Terry

    You’re not a journalist if you post crap like you do. Shouldn’t journalists be unbiased? Shame on you. Over generalizing what happend and stereo typing people. You don’t know the facts. You don’t know exactly what happened in the accident. Small cars ALWAYS get picked on. Let me guess. You the typical fat ass American that mouths off without thinking that drives a gas gussling over sized car. Cudos to Daimler for making a practical, fuel efficient car that is the most used car in Europe. You probably had to dig deep to find a picture of a smashed up Smart car to make your point. F you.

    • Jon Quint

      Jenny, I'd call you an idiot, but you're not smart enough.

  • Kim

    Small cars always get picked on…… the point here is that the motorcycle driver, who is completely exposed, and on a SMALLER vehicle survived!! Those stupid smart cars are DEATH TRAPS, but they are better for the environment, so who cares right??

  • Gary

    The motorcyclist was most likely just lucky from the looks of the car and just how bad was he beat up anyway? I agree this is a bit of a bogus article, not all the facts have been presented and the story is slanted in the writers opinion.

  • KimS

    This was not an accident, however it was a deliberate crash test to find out how the Smart would fare in a head-on at 70mph with a concrete wall. The car was badly damaged, as you can see, however it was determined that the passengers would, most likely, not have survived.

  • John McDowell

    Seems strange to be conducting a crash test on a country highway. As a 34 year fire dept. captain/paramedic in the Phoenix metropolitan area, I learned the law of lug nuts….he who has the most wins. The smart car has 3 per axle for a total of 12. Compare that to my Chevy duramax truck with 32 lug nuts and I'll choose to protect myself and family at the expense of fuel economy any day.

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  • TOM

    Ya gotta be Stupid to drive a STUPID CAR

  • Brown

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