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Socialism Killed Kim Jong Il

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 3, 2013 @ 11:08 am In The Point | 19 Comments


The bad news is that Socialism kills. The good news is that it sometimes kills Socialist dictators.

Like our own Socialist dictators, Kim Jong Il had bet big on shovel ready infrastructure projects. And like all Socialist projects, this one didn’t work too well. North Korean infrastructure projects, like Soviet and Chinese infrastructure projects, tend to be rushed and poorly executed. Because Socialism doesn’t work. [2]

The plant in Huichon, Jagang Province, was built to solve the chronic power shortage in the Korea’s capital Pyongyang, meeting around half of the city’s energy needs.

Kim Jong-il was said to have visited the dam at least eight times since construction began in 2009.

State media claimed the ‘heroic task’ of building the plant was finished in three years – seven years ahead of schedule.

The dam is reported to be more than 300ft high and 1,800ft wide and capable of storing 850 million cubic metres of water.

An anonymous source said the problem was more than ‘just a crack’, and added: ‘The safety of the entire dam was in question’.

The news was the ‘final straw’ for Kim Jong-il, who had also been told about serious defects in other key steel and textile projects.

Socialist dictators think that they can give an order and change reality. They are wrong and coping with that realization proved fatal to the Socialist dictator.

The dictator, who was believed to have been 70 and had ruled the country for 17 years, had been treated by French specialists for a stroke caused by alcohol and stress.

North Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported: ‘After being briefed about the leak, Kim Jong-il lambasted officials and ordered them to repair it.

‘He rushed to make an on-site inspection of the facility unable to contain his anger and died suddenly.’

Faced with yet another Socialist failure, caused by his own refusal to recognize any external reality but his own power, Kim Jong Il raged and died. Like every Socialist dictator before him, from Lenin onward, Kim Jong Il was forced to confront his own inability to reshape the world to his liking… and it killed him.

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