Socialist Workers Party Used “Socialist Sharia Court” to Cover Up Rape

The Socialist Workers Party isn’t just winning its war on freedom, but also on women. When Comrade Delta, a high-ranking figure in the UK SWP was accused of raping an SWP member, the issue was deemed too serious to be given over to a “bourgeois court”. Instead they held, what The Independent, of all papers, is describing as a “Socialist Sharia Court” complete with an up-down vote “Show of hands Comrades, if you think this woman got raped.”

You can see where OWS has been getting all its rape ideas. Clearly it’s time to let Trotskyists take over the UK. The counterrevolution should clean things up nicely.

The minutes show how party  activists attacked panel members for admitting that they knew Comrade Delta personally. One panel member conceded: [We] all knew Comrade Delta. We knew his important role in the party and on the central committee and none of us knew W or knew her well.”

That isn’t a paragraph from 1984, it’s the minutes from one of the creepiest left-wing groups on the planet.

The allegations came from an unnamed female party member who claimed she was assaulted over a six-month period between 2008 and 2009 but did not want to go to the police. The disciplinary committee exonerated Comrade Delta with six of the seven panel members backing his version of events. However, in an indication of the huge concerns over how the case was handled, the panel’s findings were only narrowly accepted by 231 votes to 209 votes when they were put to party members.

Comrade Delta was given a copy of his accuser’s statement before the hearing, but she did not see ‘his evidence against her’. The woman was also subjected to embarrassing questions about her sexual history and relationships with men.

A truly democratic justice system. So the good news is that the SWP is imploding. But the SWP is always imploding. Most of that range of the far left is always splintering and then reuniting and then splintering again.

The Delta Rape docs were posted on a blog, with the unironically ironic name, Socialist Unity, which appears to be dedicated to denouncing the SWP. One post accuses the SWP of “descending into liberalism.”

There’s also lots of stuff there about how ubiquitous this form of Rape Socialism is.

Gerry Healy, the leader of the former Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) raped dozens of women before he was exposed in 1985.

And the American SWP has practiced Rape Socialism as well.

The Socialist Workers Party has devoted an enormous effort to the Curtis case in the three years since his arrest. It has gathered endorsements from more than 8,000 political activists and organizations in and around the world and raised, by its own estimate, $150,000 in living room and union hall fundraisers, and by working the crowds at peace and prochoice rallies across the country. Past and present Curtis endorsers include Ed Asner, Congressmen John Conyers and Ronald Dellums, Angela Davis, the Rev. Daniel Berrigan, Detroit Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, several chapters of NOW, the national chair of Sinn Fein, and members of Parliament and the African National Congress.

This was the creature that the elites of the American left came forward to defend. This was the crime.

The case against Mark Curtis rests on the accounts of two key witnesses, 15 year-old Demetria Harris and her 11 year-old brother Jason.

Demetria struggled, until “Mark” began punching her in the face and head. Jason, hearing the struggle, came to investigate. Opening the door a moment he saw “Mark” on top of Demetria. Jason went back into the house, armed himself with a kitchen knife, took the phone as far from the porch as he could, and dialed 911.

“This man is raping my sister,” he told police dispatcher Kim Manning. Manning logged the call into her computer at 8:51 PM. She then radioed officers Joseph Gonzales and Richard Glade, parked nearby. The officers arrived two minutes later, pulled up silently. They walked to the front door and knocked.

“Mark” put his hands around Demetria’s throat, “and started choking me, and told me not to say anything.” Gonzales and Glade pushed through the door, and “Mark,” his pants down around his legs, took off into the back of the house. Demetria, nude from the waist down and bleeding from the face, told Gonzales, “He just raped me.”

The assailant was cornered in a back bedroom, where, his pants still down around his legs, Mark Stanton Curtis was handcuffed and read his rights.

Clearly it was a setup. The Comrade is innocence personified. Just like Julian Assange. And the SWP conducted a campaign of harassment against the raped black girl’s family by burning a cross on their lawn.

And when he got out of jail, there was this…

Curtis was joined at the celebration by several other speakers. “Tonight, we celebrate Mark’s release because now he can join in the struggle along with a new generation of dangerous young men and women,” said Tom Alter, a leader of the Young Socialists in Chicago and member of the YS national steering committee.

Here’s the War on Women. Brought to you once again by the left. Clearly the American SWP can teach some lessons in Rape Socialism to the UK SWP.

  • JacksonPearson

    Around the world, radical Islam has declared war against freedom-loving people who support human dignity for all. Many would prefer to ignore this, but recent headlines reveal the inconvenient truth: "Islamists in Mali recruit, pay for child soldiers," "Nigerians caught in the crossfire," "The Taliban's terror," and "Egypt's liberals, Islamists clash, 110 reported injured" are just examples.

    In addition to the actual fighting involved in this long struggle, the battle for hearts and minds will be decisive in the end. I strongly believe that the struggle for freedom and human dignity will be won by the girls and women of the majority Muslim world. But they need support. They should have a steadfast ally in America, for Americans understand that all people are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    Like Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks, who stood up for human dignity in our country, this past week a 14-year-old Pakistani girl stood up for freedom and human dignity and she was savagely shot. Malala Yousufzai had already, for several years of her very young life, bravely spoken out for educational opportunity for girls. She was shot while riding a school bus—the ultimate act of defiance in the eyes of the Taliban and other radical Islamists, in the second largest Muslim country in the world. Hopefully her courage and sacrifice will be the tipping point for the many millions of silent Pakistanis who desire that their daughters should be free to fulfill their God-given potential. Former First Lady Laura Bush carried her passion for reading and learning to advocate for the girls and women of neighboring Afghanistan, where the Taliban continues to attack and attempt to close schools that educate girls.

    Malala reportedly was an admirer of President Obama. One way the President can honor her bravery is by stopping the denial and misrepresentation of the nature of our struggle with radical Islam and by challenging other Muslims like Malala to battle for the heart and soul of their faith. And by that I mean to challenge Islam to affirm freedom of conscience and not revert to the Middle Ages. An American president must speak with clarity and conviction on our opposition to the oppression of women, to restrictions on freedom of conscience and religion, and to the use of violent jihadism for political gain.

    “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage,
    Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

    —Pamela Geller

    Israel Vs. Hamas is Civilization Vs. Savagery

  • AdinaK

    Does marching in lockstep resonate? Again, the "red/green alliance" bares its fangs –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    The information about the Mark Curtis rape incident and the people and organizations that support him were quite a shock. NOW, numerous members of the clergy, Ron Dellums, John Conyers, Ed Asner, Angela Davis, Sinn Fein, the African National Congress all support a rapist who raped a woman (a black woman, no less) and beat her bloody. Amazing.

  • Ar'nun

    We are often ridiculed when we ponder weather gay marriage will turn into a slippery slope for Liberal Progressives to justify marriage between other less traditional ways. Certainly NAMBLA is poised and rooting for the descent down the slippery slope. As soon sick twisted people like Mark Stanton Curtis will justify marrying teenage girls.

    And if this shift towards socialism continues, Mark Stanton Curtis shows why throughout history leaders in Socialist Nations tend to use their absolute power to commit atrocities.

  • Kenny Cairns

    The equating the SWP with Trotskyism, is one thing that the ENEMIES OF MARXISM have always presented those SECTARIANS as. This is to rubbish the ideals, traditions and programme of Revolutionary Bolshevism. WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!