Somali Muslim Who Raped Dead Swedish Woman Won’t Be Deported

Swedish racist attacks on Somali muslims

The Somali Muslim settler was caught raping a dead woman. In his defense, he claimed that it was consensual. And it wasn’t his first rape. But the Swedish prosecutor’s reason for not deporting him sums up everything that is wrong with the West.

District Prosecutor Daniel Jonsson has chosen not to produce any extradition request.

When the Free Times asked Jonsson if he, in the light of the possibility that the 34-year-old will be committing more rapes in Sweden, still feels he has no responsibility to try to get the man deported, he replied no.

“I do not understand why a Somali woman in that case would be less valuable than a Swedish woman in this context. He might commit crimes down there if he were to be deported, “said Jonsson.

In some objective moral calculus, a Somali woman may have the same value as a Swedish woman. But that’s not the point.

As a prosecutor, Jonsson is supposed to protect Swedish society, not Somali society. This rapist is a problem produced by Somali Muslim society. It’s best equipped to deal with him.

The fact that Jonsson does not feel that he has a special priority to protect his civil society is the problem. It’s the problem that makes this kind of migration terror possible.

The accused man is a citizen of Somalia and came to Sweden in 2007. He has already amassed a lengthy criminal records while in his new homeland.

The first time the man was prosecuted for offences was in February 2008 when he was sentenced to probation and fined for drug offences. Then he continued to commit crimes more or less continuously. His records shows that he has been prosecuted for more than 40 crimes, including sexual assault, theft, unlawful threats and a very large number of petty theft and drug offenses.

According to an indictment that District Prosecutor Daniel Jonsson filed in the Stockholm District Court last week, the man raped a sleeping, drunk woman anally on August 13 this year. Then the man, already the following month, had committed another rape. According to the indictment he raped a woman on 27 September in a parking garage in the Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm.

There are some 40,000 Somali settlers in Sweden. And that’s just the beginning.

Here some of the Somali Muslim settlers are demanding free stuff.

  • Drakken

    Here is a really novel idea for you bleeding heart, liberal, brain dead, morons, get a rope, a pigs foot and a the nearest lamp post next to a mosque and hang the sub human savage and be done with it. Your suicidal tendencies are going to erupt in a frenzy not seen since the Viking era.

    • MukeNecca

      Your suicidal tendencies are going to erupt in a frenzy not seen since the Viking era.”

      No, it won’t. Unfortunately.

      • Drakken

        Oh you really should pay a visit to these countries and visit the coffee shops and pubs and hear what they have to say, yes there is going to be a very serious backlash coming and it will be soon, where it starts is a crap shoot, but there will be gunfire coming soon.

        • MukeNecca

          Well, I live and work in one of “these countries” and I am a frequent visitor to coffeee shops and pubs. People say a lot in these places, including things like: “we have duty and means to share our (unearned of course)) wealth with the third world”: “We created Israel and opened the Pandora’s box”: “we colonized and enslaved and we have debt to pay”: “the West is inherently racist”, “Christianity is not a whit better than islam”…

          Yes, there is a lot of talk, but I haven’t yet met one who is ready, as you are, to put his money where his mouth is. Besides, see who the majority of people are voting for.

          • drexler

            I’m in a similar position to Nuke and my experience is the same, I deeply regret to say. Some muttering, but Swedes have taken multiple blue pills and an uprising seems a millions years away. Why, they don’t even vote in any significant way for the SDs, and that tells it all.
            No, Sweden is finished. The only hope is that it might be a lesson to the rest of the west.

    • Kaz

      The injection of the words “MUSLIM” & “SOMALI” is very purposeful and is meant to feed the existing hate of the readers. These people are breeding the same sentiments that led to the Holocaust, they are getting intoxication from the anger and hating of others, as there is probably little left in their life to excite them.

      Islamophobia is the new Anti-semitism, both fed by the same basic emotion, another century in the future it will manifest itself in another group, but the pattern of stoking this hate then acting on it remains as constant as any of our other emotions.

      • marc biff

        The jews have something to offer, they bring something to the party muslims have nothing to offer apart from a demented 7th century outlook on life and they don’t really do partys.

      • Drakken

        The savages have brought this upon themselves, they treat you Euro’s with absolute hate and disgust and you idiots want to bring more of them in. Multiculturalism is a failure, and will lead to a Balkans on steroids.

        • Kaz

          My comment was deleted….WOW….how is that for protecting the racist bubble this site wants to maintain…

          A long well written message that touched many nerves as seen below…taken out as it has potential to make some actually think and back away from this racist fueled delusion!!!


          • Fringe Wizard

            I am a white supremacist and adamantly against censorship. Your comment should not have been deleted. It should have been left alone as an example of the suicidal idiocy of anti-whites (assuming you are white of course, which is usually the case, as it’s typically whites that are most hell-bent on flooding white nations with more shitskins). No shitskins belong in a white nation, period, no matter what excuses they make to come and live in our territory. This includes also territories we conquered btw such as Australia, North America, etc. which you can only take from us by force if you want a legitimate claim to it. Our ancestors fought and died to take that land for the benefit of our race and we must honour their sacrifice by holding onto it and using it to perpetuate the white race. 14/88

          • IsThisStillTheUS

            Islam is not a race, it is an ideology. There are Muslims of all colors all over the world.

        • Ronnie Safreed

          40-50 years ago in Europe, there were those who warned that letting in massive numbers of third-world folk would not work for but work against European society & they were laughed at & called crazy/racist!!!!! Well time has proven them right!

      • Vunderkint

        Well thank you Prof. Kaz for pointing that out to us poor dumb rednecks, Islamaphobia is just as phony and made up to manipulate people with propaganda as the term homophobia it only affects the ignorant that don’t understand the scam!

        If you want to live in an Islamic country under sharia law then be my guest move there, but don’t tell those of us who recognize the danger that we are somehow wrong for strongly resenting having Islam shoved down our throats demanding suicidal changes to our culture. Your assertion with a comparison to the Holocaust is trying to equate to unequal things, the Jews posed no threat to the German people they were merely tools of propaganda of a totalitarian regime but on the other hand we know that Islam is more of a political system than a real religion and they do pose a danger and maybe if the Jews of Germany and Poland had recognized the danger that was approaching and stood up and fought there might not have been a Holocaust instead of meekly submitting and walking themselves to the slaughter like sheep. There’s a lesson to be learned in that fact Prof. Kaz.

        So you can stuff that crap you’re trying to sell about the motivation of the author and this site!

        • Kaz

          WOW!!! LOL…So you are knocking two birds with one stone…blame the Jewish “sheep”/ness? for the holocaust…and compare the perpetrators to Muslims….epic hate fueled idiocy

        • Fringe Wizard

          I bet you haven’t even read Mein Kampf. The jews WERE a threat to a Germany and had to be dealt with. It would be best that we have a completely jew-free world and end the thousands of years of parasitism of these hook-nosed shekel goblins.

      • MukeNecca

        “The injection of the words “MUSLIM” & “SOMALI” is very purposeful…

        Practically all rapes in Scandinavia are committed by moslem settlers, so I should think “the injection of the words “MUSLIM”” is quite superfluous.

        On the other hand raping a corpse may be a bit unusual even for moslems, so the indication that the degenerate pig was Somali did carry with it some information.

        • Kaz

          the only degenerate here is you, what a waste of humanity’s resources, all the upbringing and education apparent from your writing turned out to be an utter waste as you clearly lack the most basic of human intellect.

          • MukeNecca

            the only degenerate here is you, what a
            waste of humanity’s resources, all the upbringing and education apparent from
            your writing turned out to be an utter waste as you clearly lack the most basic
            of human intellect.

            So according to you, someone raping a human
            corpse is NOT a degenerate, but someone who calls him a degenerate, is.

            Wow. The only conclusion one get from such
            a disgusting assertion is that the one who states it must be a necrophiliac making his first tentative effort to get out of the closet. Well, with the exponentially increasing number of moslems in Sweden necrophilia may soon become an everyday’s occurrence. So, if you stick around long enough there will be nothing shameful
            about your secret inclination.

            Ah another thing how the heck can you in, the same sentence, claim that I have both “upbringing and education” yet “lack basic of human intellect.”?

            Are you so dumb, you can’t see the logical
            contradiction here? Apparently, so.

            Incidentally, your prose indicates you are a splendid specimen of a ninny AND (therefore) you exhibit not a slightest trace of having received “upbringing and education”. In that sense you are consistent.

            And no, learning by heart and then spewing worn out endlessly stupid slogans is NOT education in the classic understanding of the term

          • Kaz

            Idiots finding consensus in a hate website and swarming on anyone that disagrees!! Keep it up.

          • American4Truth

            I believe in self preservation, thus, I believe in the mass deportation of all muslims back to their Arab countries.

          • K C

            There are more brilliant intellectuals who despise Islamists than you realize. Loathing a “religion” and culture steeped in violence, malignant tribalism, extreme misogyny and deep seated hatred for all others should be considered a mark of intelligence rather than the ignorance you suggest.

          • Kaz

            I despise Islam, and you just have to read couple of comments in my profile history!

            What I despise equally is racism.

          • K C

            Oh, how very noble of you, Kaz. Yes, I agree it is abhorrent to abuse, marginalize or otherwise deprive or demean people on the basis of skin color or ethnicity. Horrid practices such as slavery, mass interment or imprisonment, genocide…all predicated on the above mentioned. One can detest a culture or religion on the basis of appalling human rights violations, deep seated misogyny, systemic oppression and violence and still respect the inherent human value of the people associated with such cultures or religions. To suggest that anyone who holds a negative view or dislike of a particular culture or religion is “racist” is phony, cowardly and a repugnant form of moral equivocation.

          • American4Truth

            If the shoe fits….. If you take from every country the race that commits the most crime and deport them, most diverse countries would become all white.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Sure. Every time a Jew raped someone, the Nawzees made a big deal out of it. That led to the ovens. They should have been more tolerant. Then it wouldn’t have happened.

        Is that what you’re saying?

        • MukeNecca

          “Is that what you’re saying?”

          Yes, this is exactly what the cretin Cazzo is saying. Funny enough, he is probably the only person here who, owing to his miniscule IQ, doesn’t realize it. He is too stupid to realize how stupid he is. How lucky for him.

  • BS77

    Sweden is on the ropes … England. Ruined by socialist rot. Bye Bye dummies.

  • roccolore

    The same liberals who want all these Somali welfare moochers flooding our town aren’t living anywhere near Somalis.

  • Johnnnyboy

    Let me guess. The lawyer is in a socioeconomic class where it is unlikely that any of the women he knows will get raped because they all live in a better part of town.

    • A Z

      You comment was 167 characters including spaces. It needs to be 144 characters.

      You comment needs to be on twitter for the whole world to see. This prosecutor needs a wake up call.

      You comment was pithy as O’Reilly would say or better yet brevity is the soul of wit.

      I salute you.

    • roccolore

      Just wait until one of those “migrants” and “asylum seekers” attacks one of their apologists. It has happened.

      • Jason

        Yeah, guess what happened? Do you remember that article a few days ago about the Swedes (or some sort of Scandinavians) who were robbed by a muslim? THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR BEING ROBBED. There is no hope in Sweden, they are already ultra dhimmi. The only hope is that once the rest of the west rises up, we all pitch in to save scandinavia.

        • David_Smith

          You’ve got to be kidding. The level of denial it takes to blame yourself for being robbed, assaulted, and/or raped is colossal and such marred thinking only encourages the robbers, assailants, and rapists to commit many more such crimes.

          • Lea

            The Swedes seem to hate themselves possibly for being so successful and prosperous, that they feel guilty for having produced such a great country and feel compelled to share it and if it destroys them, then so be it. They really don’t seem to care, a form of self hate because they are white and blonde with blue eyes.

    • Kaz

      All the serial killers and rapists in America are immigrants..white men do not rape nor commit such filthy crimes…I love this website for putting the focus on these crimes only committed by non-whites.

      • Pete

        Darren Vann is not an immigrant.

        List of serial killers in the United States

        Aileen Wuornos was not an immigrant.
        Randall Brent “Randy” Woodfield was not an immigrant.

        Go through the list.

      • IsThisStillTheUS

        My kids used that tactic. When caught misbehaving they would quickly point to someone else’s bad behavior to justify theirs.

  • Hazelmotes

    I suggested earlier on a Swedish site that it would be much cheaper to send this fellow home where he might share his prison days with his fellow Somali’s.
    This could be paid for by the Swedish government and save them a small fortune. Actually, this might be the remedy for the wave of rapes committed by Somali’s in Sweden this year. Might have a chilling effect on that crime wave.

    Listen, I’m just a guest, but isn’t your motto under the Frontpage Mag a little ripe?
    Is everyone in the U.S. who wants to control a woman’s reproductive system, and remove their rights to abortions a Totalitarian? Aren’t their Totalitarians of various stripes?

    • ziggy zoggy

      Since when do women have the right to murder their own children, you piece of fucking $hit? More importantly, since when do they have the right to murder a man’s baby against his wish? Roe Vs Wade is complete BS and only a bottom feeding scumbag would support the abomination of infanticide.

      Not even islamopithecines support infanticide, and they are the lowest creatures on Earth. Well……they were, up until you baby killers crawled out of the slime.

      • Vunderkint

        Now Ziggy, don’t hold anything back tell us what you really think? ;)

        Your straight shooting style is refreshing.

    • A Z

      I have not read nor reviewed the website that I linked.

      But it does have the graph (or close enough) that I wanted to bring to your attention.

      See graph #1 in answer to your question “Aren’t their Totalitarians of various stripes?” If not an answer, it is fodder for a good discussion.



      What’s “ripe” is your conflation of infanticide with “controlling a woman’s reproductive system”. I assure you no Conservative wants to do any such thing, but when you engage in consensual intercourse and produce a baby we don’t believe you can murder it just for your own personal convenience. That’s debatable, I suppose (although I’ve never understood how anyone could claim that a baby isn’t a human being deserving of the law’s protection), but our position against abortion would be eminently reasonable even if it were somehow wrong. On the other hand, everything Liberals want to do is wrong and requires totalitarian measures to achieve – all Liberals are basically fascists at heart. So no apologies for the motto, sweets.

  • ziggy zoggy

    If Obama had a son he would look just like a Somalian rapist.

    • Kaz

      ..and if you had a sun…he will be a pasty hairy piece of fat white trash..

  • A Z

    If the rapist was deported he might show how sane he is. He might not commit a crime in Somalia, because he knows the consequences would be severe.

    Or he might commit a crime in Somalia and it would be his first (in Somalia) and last.

    The Swedish prosecutor is the enemy.

  • Chris Gait

    Put the rapist where he can do the least harm…in the lawyer’s house. I’m sure he is a fine, progressive lawyer and will do his best to protect both Somali and Swedish society by offering up living and dead family members for the animal’s enjoyment.

    • A Z

      I have always advocated for 1/2 way houses to be put in liberal neighborhoods.

      Having the criminal inside the liberal’s house is so much better.

  • Biff Henderson

    The next step is for Sweden to stop deporting those with professed terrorist aspirations because the lives of the infidels they would take in their country of origin cannot be valued less than a Swede’s.

    • Boxhawk

      Hey you may be on to something. If we just drop all terrorist Muslims in Sweden, and they refuse to send them anywhere…..

      I’ll share the Nobel with you.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    ““I do not understand why a Somali woman in that case would be less valuable than a Swedish woman in this context. He might commit crimes down there if he were to be deported, “said Jonsson.”

    This is the foundation of the argument in favor of executing convicts. Is that where they’re going with this? Or deport only after proving he can’t rape again by removing some thing or the other?

    Those Swedes are harsh but they have a point: Tolerance of crime is very often intolerance towards the rights of the innocent. Especially when it comes to rape or any violent crime.

    • laura r

      leftists believe there is oneworld. in their minds sweden is just an extension of somolia but w/benefits.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        It’s not that they believe it, but that is their plan and just like “visualizing peace” they think that acting like it’s accomplished already is most of the battle.

  • kilfincelt

    Frankly, all the Muslims should be returned to Muslim countries unless they want to integrate into their new cultures. Law breakers especially should be shown no mercy.

    Re: Video–I find it sicking that these people demand free housing and money but you have to remember that they live in the land of non-Muslims. Non-Muslims, according to the Qur”an, have to pay a tax called the Jizyah to Muslims. The free housing and free money is the same as the Jizyah and, therefore, Muslims feel entitled to receive it. All these socialist governments are paying out these benefits without understanding the nature of real Islam and the damage being done to their own countrymen by spending the people’s tax dollar so unwisely.

    • Drakken

      Why should we pay to have them return to whence they crawled out of? Let them pay their own way, soon it isn’t going to matter anyway, they will be fleeing for their lives from the Balkans on steroids that will visit them.


    Daniel certainly identifies a huge cultural problem here, but let me suggest that there’s another one also:

    “His records shows that he has been prosecuted for more than 40 crimes,
    including sexual assault, theft, unlawful threats and a very large
    number of petty theft and drug offenses.”

    Apart from being deported, shouldn’t he be serving some hard time first, like 10 – 20 years? And if he were in prison where he belonged, he wouldn’t have been at liberty to commit this latest rape.

    It’s interesting that the further Left a culture is, not only is there more gun control to disarm the victims, but the government is less interested in prosecuting crime and even the theoretical right of self-defense (theoretical because without a gun you’re reduced to trying to save yourself from some criminal scum bare-handed) is diminished with only “proportional use of force” in self-defense or some similar rot allowed.

  • Jakareh

    There is no arguing with hard-core liberals such as this prosecutor. The only cure is to stand them before a wall and shoot them to rags. Don’t let the pitiful, uncomprehending expression on their faces stop the medicine from being duly administered.

    • Kaz

      You are a victim of this magazine/site! They got you in their corner, feeding your emotions with unbalanced writing, your brain is now locked from reason and you can only come back to them to get your daily fix of hate.

      That kind of anger is very likely affecting your health!

      • Michael Gersh

        I believe you misapprehend the meaning of “hate.” Hate is not manifested by reading commentary by such erudite writers as Dan Greenfield and Jamie Glazov, but is rather more in evidence when a person visits websites for the main reason of posting semi-literate comments, always in opposition, always in ad hominem attacks against his intellectual betters.

      • Drakken

        Look at those Buddhist’s in Burma, they are showing how to getter done, coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

      • MukeNecca

        Do you really think that regurgitating these desperate idiocies circulated only in the dumbest circles of the population can possibly make anyone here, except leftoid zombies, take you seriously?

        Take my advice, doctor Kaz, take your diagnosis and shove it.

      • Jakareh

        Wow, I’ve just woken up from my hate-induced trance and it’s all thanks to you! Yeah, every Muslim rapist should be in a Western country so there will no risk of them raping Muslim women. How could I see anything wrong with that? In fact, that should also apply to Muslim terrorists. Thanks, again!

        Seriously now: A comment like yours only makes me more sure that I’m right. And you know what? It’s going to happen. Liberals are a bunch a contemptible wussies, and sooner or later enough of us will be angry enough to take drastic action. And what are you going to do, file a lawsuit? I don’t think so, because the activist liberal judges and the ACLU lawyers will be standing next to you.

    • Vunderkint

      It would appear Jakareh understands the four steps of Islamic conquest and also understands what a scam multiculturalism and diversity propaganda is. If you don’t believe that using deadly force to protect your life, neighborhood or country is justified by a culture and civilization killing philosophy and worldview Kaz you are a pitiful creature with no hopes of living in freedom with liberty unless it is provided by better persons than yourself. You live under the blanket of freedom that many have paid in blood for, this is a pattern that is going on all over the world what you’re reading about here. And you speak of hate? That’s a political tactic that doesn’t work on people who know the truth.

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    Sweden is dead.

  • Vunderkint

    Watching this video, If anybody was thinking clearly and understood human nature these events in Sweden would be totally predictable. The fallacy of liberalism is total ignorance of the simplicity of human nature. The truth is Sweden and any other country that goes down this path is committing societal suicide. But hey they got to feel good about themselves to showcase how compassionate and sensitive they are (with other people’s money), and that’s the crux of the whole problem!

    If you give a mouse a cookie he is going to want a glass of milk!

    • Drakken

      The problem is, sooner or later the socialist run out of other peoples money, then watch as people get a tad upset and all sensitivity and compassion go out the window and national survival becomes the mantra. Anyway you look at it, there will be blood and lots of it.

  • Kaz

    There are two victims here; those that are the target in these kinds of racially charged inflammatory hate masquerading as news….and those who constantly come back to sites like these and are fed hate messages; corrupting their heart and feeding them false and out of context content to bleed them through constant anger.

    • MukeNecca

      …corrupting their heart and feeding them false and out of context content to bleed them through constant anger…
      What clumsy, all thumbs, agonizingly maladroit attempt at prose. Really, are you tone deaf? If your comment was intended as presentation of your ineptness and phoniness – as it seems – you could have achieved the same using half of the words. Anyway, keep the leftist babble coming, pathetic dunce. It, sometimes, can be quite entertaining.

  • Kaz

    Before anti-semitism and Islamophobia, what other distinctions was making Europeans cut throats…yes each other!! Protestants vs. Catholics…Islamophobia will eventually pass…but I wonder what will be the next bandwagon people can jump on to quench the everlasting thirst to hate others?

    • Jakareh

      One of your comments is more effective than a hundred articles about necrophiliac Somali rapists because it shows us normals that liberals deserve absolutely no respect, either from a moral or intellectual point of view. So good job and keep the leftist babble coming.

      • MukeNecca

        Well put!
        Cazzo’s comment’s should be copied, printed and distributed world-wide to serve as testimony of the depth of stupidity the multikulti flock has descended. Unfortunately, the depth of the damage they cause the West, is even greater than their stupidity.

    • cigpapers

      In Britain we refer to people like you as “libtards” Kaz.

  • terry

    Why the fuck is anyone giving them anything?
    Work for your shit, like the people before you, and the other immigrants in that country.
    Why isn’t their riots?
    Why isn’t the media covering this (Any western news media), why the hell am I hearing about this on Facebook?
    Stand up and do something if you don’t like it!

  • james

    fuck islam…….keep them in their lovely sharia shitholes……..if one wants to destroy any free world, just let them invade…………..its not islamiphobia………..its islams christianphobia and phobias of anything NON ISLAMIC………….islam has done absoluty NOTHING to advance mankind…………fuck them………..when will the non barbaric cultures WAKE UP to the lies and deceptions of islam?????????????/

  • Edward_Teach

    The prosecutor should be deported then.

  • irishbrother

    Swedish people(ie natives yeh)need to get Nationalistic an take back their land,Nationalism is on the rise in Europe an needs to be galvanised,my Swedish brothers an sisters need to take back their country,not ask TAKE,fill the jails with nationalists the streets with nationalist and politics with nationalists,all nationalists need to put what ever their skill set they have to good use,hopefully a nationalist party in Europe will kickstart the Nationalistic domino effect with direct action,all of Europe need our armies back from these illegal nothing to do with European Zionist wars,an put them to good use in a mass deportation programes,EUROPE NEEDS TO SAFEGUARD HER CHILDRENS FUTURES,END OF STORY,i hope that somalian gets took out in jail or tracked down on his release,and when we get the traitor politicans the traitor mainstream media and banks out they should be replaced with patriotice EUROPEAN ONES AN NOT ZIONISTS,ZIONISTS NEED TO BE ROOTED OUT

  • Warren

    They look well fed and cared for by the state. If they are not willing to work to support themselves, then deport them.

  • Andreas Meyer

    Where can I spit into District Prosecutor Daniel Jonsson face?

  • David_Smith

    He should be deported alright: to the great beyond minus his body.

  • ShaktpatSeer


  • son of the north

    Europe ist lost. The muslims is everywhere. Look at them. How they behave. How they crowd together, screaming, yelling. Completely uneducated. And they get more every day, families with 20 children. New asylum “seeker”…

  • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

    Sweden should start investing in building refugee camps for its flock of various ungrateful parasites.

  • John Urban

    I will never understand how the two Swedish police officers who pulled this Somali monster off his dead rape victim kept from putting a bullet in his head right there. There is no “due process” for such an insect.

  • American4Truth

    Not only should this muslim be shot, so should this prosecutor who enables more of this violence to occur by not putting the hammer down on this brutality. Remember, other muslims are watching to see what kind of punishment is being doled out and they will feel that they have free reign to violate other people if the punishment is lenient.

  • Ronnie Safreed

    Sweden has one of the highest rates of atheism in Europe! These atheist hate everything Christian &European & this is why the government & judicial in Sweden is turning against its own Swedish people!!!!!

  • ciinjaar

    I can sense a hatred lots of you have toward Muslims and general foreign people, but don’t you know what you have today was stolen from third world by your grandfathers and you are still stealing, so a thief has no right to complain when the owner want to share with him of what he has stolen from the owner.
    you use to rape our girls live and dead ones and you still do, so why all this fuss, you are condemning a one person’s action for all nations, let remind you Somalia is the cradle of human rice, and Somalis are your grandfathers and grandmothers so behave well kids

  • Dlaeth

    “My house, my rules. You follow the rules set in my house, or you’re out.”

    Translation: Do the crime, do the time. Race has nothing to do with it.