Somali Refugees Say South Africa is Too Dangerous

Somali nationals demonstrate outside the Parliament in Cape Town against recent xenophobic attacks

You know a country is in bad shape when the refugees from a bloody civil war are running away from it.

Ali Omar Mohamed fled Somalia’s civil war two years ago to seek a better life in South Africa. Now after being robbed at gunpoint and seeing scores of his countrymen murdered in xenophobic violence, he’s ready to leave.

Mohammed, a 21-year-old shopkeeper, is part of a growing tide of immigrants who say they prefer returning to a war zone rather than face the hatred and jealousy they are subject to in South Africa where they’re called “the enemy.”

“It’s better to die in your country where your mother and father can see you and not worry so much,” said Mohamed, who sleeps in a small room attached to the shop in the northern Johannesburg shantytown of Diepsloot. “As soon as possible, I’ll go back.”

In South Africa, the situation for Somalis is deteriorating.

“Somalis are subjected to a high rate of fatalities and loss of livelihoods,” Munyaneza said in an interview. “This is unprecedented. They’re being attacked with impunity. The Somalis are the ones who are the hardest hit amongst the foreigners.”

For many Somalis, returning home is now a safer choice than remaining in South Africa.

“They are tired of the on-going xenophobic attacks, and the constant hurting and maiming of Somalis,” Sheikh said. “It’s better to go home and die in dignity than to die far away from home.”

Or you know, there’s always Minnesota. Or Maine. The reality though is that Somalis have made South Africa worse. And that’s a unique achievement.

South Africa is playing host to an ethnic civil war that claims the lives of Somalian nationals daily. In the Eastern Cape, Somalis of rival ethnic groups are waging what some call a “silent war”, “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing”.

Ethnic tension pits those of Ethiopian origin, better known as Ogadenes or Somalian Ethiopians, against those who consider themselves authentic Somalians.

Most Ogadenes in South Africa are staunch Muslims and see those who fled as defying Islamic rule.

Port Elizabeth and East London have over 400 graves of Somalians murdered in recent years. Somalians say they were killed by Somalis or hired hitmen.

There’s only one answer. We need to import more Somalis.

  • MarilynA

    This article failed to identify whether this violence is perpetuated by Muslims or against Muslims. People who stand out, whether by the way they dress or act ,arouse suspicion and are inviting people to distrust and isolate them.

    • Kelly

      Yeah, its kinda’ like everyone needs their own countries or somethin’.

  • A Z

    South Africa has a sizable Muslim population. Most people in South Africa have dark skin.

    From those 2 facts alone you would think that the Somalis would fit right in.

    What am I missing?

    • Anukem Jihadi

      A few things,
      South Africa has a sizable Muslim minority but it’s predominantly a Christian country by a wide margin. Somalis are mainly recent immigrants and there has been conflict over jobs in areas they’ve moved to in the past. These areas are almost exclusively black.
      The original Muslims are mainly of Malay origin and have been there for centuries. They did much better than Africans under Apartheid and generally do not populate the areas where conflict with Somalis arises.

      • A Z

        I realized that the Muslim population and the African population in south Africa may not intersected “set theory wise”

        I was not aware from where the Muslims had come in the British Empire nor where the Somalis had settled so your information is welcomed. TY.

        I meant the comment as sarcasm. Why people would allow Somalis to emigrate to their country is beyond me. I have heard no good account of them not in Sweden nor in Atlanta, Georgia. They relocated form Atlanta Georgia to Maine.

        • Anukem Jihadi

          Sorry, missed the sarcasm.
          Once Apartheid ended the border control wasn’t what it used to be I think. So it may simply be impossible to control. Not completely sure on this. It is Africa not Western Europe.

          • A Z

            I really did not know who the Muslims were in South Africa. I do know that they have protested although the western press is not picking up on it.

            If it was seen they were protesting a “black government , people might get the mistaken notion (mistaken in the eyes of the MSM) that Muslims are the problem

  • Erudite Mavin

    One of the places Somalis are sucking up American tax dollars.
    Around 15,000 Somalis here in San Diego.
    Another round of Somalis — Three Somali former refugees sentenced to prison in San Diego, Nov 2013.

    “These men willfully sent money to a terrorist organization, knowing al Shabaab’s extremely violent methods and knowing the U.S. had designated it as a foreign terrorist organization,” said U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy. “Months of intercepted phone conversations included discussion of suicide bombing, assassinations, and jihad. We are satisfied that because of this investigation and prosecution, we have furthered our mission to safeguard national security by blocking financial support to this dangerous group.”

    (al Shabaab is a branch of al Qaida)

    • A Z

      Very good blog you linked! :)

  • truebearing

    Boy, it’s good thing Mandela taught his followers to be so tolerant and peaceful. If only there were more words of hyberbolic praise to heap upon him for his saintliness, but alas, all have been burned up in the bonfire of the inanities.

    Maybe we should import some South Africans and put them in Minnesota and Maine.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It’s a good thing it’s so easy to teach new ideas and skills to others. We can all live in peace like Marx promised. Or something like that. I forget exactly. But it is obviously the fault of the capitalists.

  • roccolore

    Somalis say “GIve us welfare benefits or else.”

  • Gee

    South Africa needs 100s of thousands of more Somalis

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Multiculturalism is the answer. We can’t pretend to be superior just because we stole all the stuff to become rich a long time ago. We need to share our stuff better and peace will then reign over the earth.

    It’s just that simple. The end.

  • TH

    Living in Minnesota, I’ve known about the clan warfare since the mid 90’s. They will approach each other and ask which tribe they’re from. Not from the right one, not good.

  • Toby1

    Why in the name of God would any country want these people imported