Some Libs Wondering About Having a 2016 Candidate Who Didn’t Get 4 Americans Killed

hillary clinton what difference does it make

Though by some, I mean Camilla Paglia who’s hardly traditional and is allowed to say heretical things like, “Why not put up someone qualified for 2016″?

And also someone who didn’t get 4 Americans killed and then lied about it.

Any hopes, fears or predictions for the presidential elections in 2016?

As a registered Democrat, I am praying for a credible presidential candidate to emerge from the younger tier of politicians in their late 40s. A governor with executive experience would be ideal. It’s time to put my baby-boom generation out to pasture! We’ve had our day and managed to muck up a hell of a lot. It remains baffling how anyone would think that Hillary Clinton (born the same year as me) is our party’s best chance. She has more sooty baggage than a 90-car freight train. And what exactly has she ever accomplished — beyond bullishly covering for her philandering husband? She’s certainly busy, busy and ever on the move — with the tunnel-vision workaholism of someone trying to blot out uncomfortable private thoughts.

I for one think it was a very big deal that our ambassador was murdered in Benghazi. In saying “I take responsibility” for it as secretary of state, Hillary should have resigned immediately. The weak response by the Obama administration to that tragedy has given a huge opening to Republicans in the next presidential election. The impression has been amply given that Benghazi was treated as a public relations matter to massage rather than as the major and outrageous attack on the U.S. that it was.

Throughout history, ambassadors have always been symbolic incarnations of the sovereignty of their nations and the dignity of their leaders. It’s even a key motif in “King Lear.” As far as I’m concerned, Hillary disqualified herself for the presidency in that fist-pounding moment at a congressional hearing when she said, “What difference does it make what we knew and when we knew it, Senator?” Democrats have got to shake off the Clinton albatross and find new blood.

The escalating instability not just in Egypt but throughout the Mideast is very ominous. There is a clash of cultures brewing in the world that may take a century or more to resolve — and there is no guarantee that the secular West will win.

I don’t know what Paglia imagines the secular West is, but these days it’s only secular when it comes to opposing traditional indigenous religions. Otherwise it’s eager to ally with Islamists and to jump on every New Age fad and cult, to take health advice from doctors with no qualifications except a Third World background.

Everyone is happy when Richard Dawkins or Bill Maher slap around Christianity or Judaism, but boo loudly when they take on Islam.

That’s not secularism.

Paglia is nearly unique in thinking that Hillary’s post-Benghazi behavior was disgraceful on the left. And for wanting a governor with executive experience instead of the wife of a president who traded her husband’s support for Obama in 2012 for becoming the inevitable candidate in 2016.

“A governor with executive experience would be ideal,” Paglia says, but that’s so 2007. And the left’s cultural revolution is responsible. Notions of competence have been destroyed. It’s all about identity politics and charisma now and Hillary has 1 out of 2.

The Dems are looking forward to 8 years of War on Women and screaming that Republicans only oppose Hillary’s plan to hit a 40 trillion dollar national debt because they hate women.

  • nomoretraitors

    Won’t make a bit of difference to the sheeple who support her

    • objectivefactsmatter

      True, but we’ve got to keep that number from growing.

  • ziggy zoggy

    That hag is unelectable. Most Americans hate her viscerally and she isn’t Black so she doesn’t get a free pass. Conservatives should do everything in their power to encourage her nomination. She will guarantee Christie becomes the next President.

    • Drakken

      Frankly I think Cruz would be the right choice, Christy doesn’t have a chance.

  • CowboyUp

    “There is a clash of cultures brewing in the world that may take a century or more to resolve — and there is no guarantee that the secular West will win.”
    It sounds like she understands President Bush was right about some things, but I think there will be culture clashes as long as there different cultures, especially raider cultures.
    Paglia and I disagree much more often than not, but long ago I pegged her as an unusually intelligent and honest leftist whose thoughts and opinions are usually worth reading and thinking about.

  • Softly Bob

    One day, Hillary will be roasting on a spit in Hell. She will be complaining about how hot it is and how uncomfortable it is. She will ask Satan for a drink to cool her mouth.

    He will ask her if she wants the cool refreshing water, or would she rather drink battery acid?
    Hillary will ask for the water. Satan will disappear to his kitchen and then return two minutes later with a glass of acid.

    Hillary will drink it, scream in agony, and then gasping for breath, she will ask Satan why he gave her acid to drink when she clearly asked for water.
    Satan will look at his feet, twiddle his thumbs for a few seconds, and then reply:
    “What difference does it make?”