Something About Mohammed: Egyptian Islamists Can’t Stop Kissing Morsi

And they say there are no gays in Egypt

And they say there are no gays in Egypt

I'm not sure that's even consensual

I’m not sure that’s even consensual


Is he trying to kiss Morsi or eat up his picture?

Is he trying to kiss Morsi or sniff him?


Okay this is just getting gross

Is there an explanation for the outbreak of Morsi loving?

Consider this



  • logdon

    When my Father served in the Royal Artillery during WW2 in Egypt he asked a local who did odd jobs for them, what are you doing tonight?

    It was Saturday and the usual was a trip into Port Said, a few (or a lot of) beers and back.

    The Egyptian said ‘Effendi, I’m going to have a boy’.

    Imagine the culture shock as this directness hit a straight laced 1940’s Englishman in the kisser?

    So, not abashed for too long my Dad asked why not a woman? The place, after all was teeming with brothels.

    With that the man leered, circled left finger and thumb and prodded the resultant hole with his right forefinger, ‘nice and tight’ was the answer.

    So there it is. Quite open. Quite legal or maybe blind eye legal. Male brothels full of Egyptian minors just ripe for the Saturday night fun and games.

    He hardly talked of the War.

    Snippets of the opening barrage at El-Alemain, Benghazi Harbour and the Stuka attacks, Mersa Matruh, a very slight forearm wound from a bomb fragment, shaving in water drained from the truck radiator, the constant repetition of bully beef, the flies and sand which got everywhere and that was it.

    But he remembered that Saturday night.

    Probably to him it could well have been the worst thing of the War.

    • Biff Henderson

      The pleasure units that Allah provided for the believers are substandard. The Best of Compactors, bid’ah-bid’ah bing and it’s all good.

    • Jakareh

      As long as that Egyptian didn’t marry one of the boy’s female relatives, it’s all halal.

    • herb benty

      Child rape, girl or boy, is rampant in Islam. Bestiality is also broadly indulged in. We don’t need them here except the Christians.

  • Anamah

    This reminds me Oriana Fallacci on Arafat slobbering. She described it during the interviews, her nonstop shudders when recounted his frantic sucking, more a compulsion than a tendency, wetting his partners faces.

    These people seem to suffer from sadomasochistic fixation; they can not overcome. That constant mix of pleasure and pain turned out to be an accurate prognosis for the region….It would be wonderful to have a mega therapy for this early fixation, maybe an unsolved attachment to their own body holes a source of milk and blood, life and death.

  • Jakareh

    I feel almost the same way about Mohammed Morsi, only instead of kissing him I’d express my affection with a hard punch to his big jihadist schnozz.

  • edlancey

    The only mistake the Egyptian Army made was not putting a bullet in Morsi’s head on Day One. I still think they may come to regret that.

  • akram

    some of stupid people get some money to do that