Son of Dem Senator Who Voted for ObamaCare, Loses Insurance Because of ObamaCare


Senator Joe Donnelly has been tiptoeing cautiously around ObamaCare, despite voting for it while in the House. He knew it was unpopular and didn’t exactly try running on it, but offered various proposals to modify it and redirected most other questions about it to job creation.

But now ObamaCare just got personal for the Indiana Democrat.

Democratic officials said top administration aides got a close-up view of the cancellation controversy last week, when Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., said at a closed-door meeting of the party’s rank and file that his son had received notice his coverage was being terminated.

In response, these officials said White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough referred to a speech Obama had made earlier in the week saying some of those losing coverage would qualify under Medicaid, some would receive federal subsidies for individual coverage, and others would have options in the so-called exchanges the law set up to allow individuals to shop for insurance. Donnelly’s office declined several requests for comment. The officials who described the incident did so on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss a private meeting.

Subsidies for a senator’s son? Really? Meanwhile Donnelly’s Facebook page has been overflowing with Schadenfreude from angry constituents.

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  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    I couldn’t be happier, laugh harder, gloat more, and just freaking revel in it!

    Hey moron, did you bother to read the bill before you voted?

    Oh, I forgot — you did what imbecile Nancy Piglosi told you to do… vote first.

    GOOD FOR YOU and your likely liberal kid, too. Suffer with the rest of us and maybe then you’ll comprehend.

    And perhaps not. After all, you’re a liberal.

  • Fed Up

    “In response, these officials said White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough referred to a speech Obama had made…”

    Is there a better indicator of the absolute hubris and arrogance of libs? As if “a speech” had anything to do with reality. Of course, the message to Sen. Donnelly was that he is to ignore reality and get with the program of his Dear Leader.


    “”ALL of those Communists in Washington DC who VOTED to “Force” us to “buy”(?) I thought it was a Tax(?) this crap called OFraudIdon’tCare…These scum Politicians SHOULD be “forced” just like the rest of us into having to “shop around” and “purchase a Tax”…I mean Purchase Over priced and wayyyyy over rated Gubbment Healthcare Insurance…THEN let REALITY hit them….this is only going to get worse…

  • Nuttybutter

    I am unemployed. ZERO income…and DUE to the fact ALL these douchebags hid all the facts of the NOT SO Affodable Healthcare Act, I still won’t have help with any type of coverage. Not a SINGLE word has been mentioned or fact for nearly 2 years on how this ghetto program works! Now I see why they hid it!
    I logged onto, only to end on a page ASKING for
    $237 a month WITH a $5300 deductible!
    WTF?? And how exactly will I pay for this OR the $90 tax??