Soros PAC Funnels $$$ to GOP Pro-Amnesty PAC to Run Ads for Lindsey Graham


Amnesty has become the ultimate metaphor for the complete corruption of both parties, their complete contempt for Americans and their insatiable greed for the money and power that insider deals can bring them.

When television ads aired in South Carolina this spring attacking Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham for supporting immigration reform, a GOP group came to his aid. So did the other team.

“We came up with the money,” said Frank Sharry, founder and executive director of America’s Voice, a Washington-based group with close ties to the Obama White House. “We were just frustrated that nobody was doing anything, and Graham was under attack. We said, ‘Fine, we will put money in.'”

Sharry’s group, knowing an ad sponsored by a left-leaning advocacy group could hurt Graham, donated $60,000 to Republicans for Immigration Reform, a super PAC started by President George W. Bush’s former Commerce secretary, Carlos Gutierrez, and GOP fundraiser Charlie Spies.

And apparently Republicans for Immigration Reform had no problem taking cash, that was presumably earmarked, from a PAC close to Obama and funded by George Soros.

During the first half of the year, reform backers outspent opponents in advertising by more than 3 to 1: $2.4 million to $700,000, according to Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group. They also hired a battalion of lobbyists. In the second quarter, 527 businesses, advocacy groups and others reported lobbying on immigration, up from 389 in the first three months of the year, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

And suddenly the media couldn’t care less about the influence of big money on politics.

One congressman who has felt the squeeze is Rep. Mike Coffman, a Colorado Republican elected in 2008 in the district once represented by the vociferously anti-immigration Tom Tancredo. In 2012, the district was redrawn to include Aurora, one of the most immigrant-dense cities in the state.

Coffman endorsed comprehensive reform last month.

That decision brought him $275,000 worth of positive TV commercials from Americans for a Conservative Direction — also funded by “On immigration, too many members of Congress argue with each other, but our congressman, Mike Coffman, listened to us,” the ad said.

And this is how a nation is destroyed.

  • onecornpone

    What more evidence do we need that there is NO difference in parties any more… (R), (D), what’s the problem?

    The political game now is, US against THEM!
    This could get nasty.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Ron Paul’s Soros Defense Plan

    Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 2, 2012

    It was recently observed that Ron Paul was to the left of Obama on national security and the best evidence for that statement can be found when one year ago Ron Paul joined forces with Barney Frank on a proposal to gut national defense via a panel of experts, quite a few of whom were tied to George Soros…..

    I’m not one to dabble in conspiracy theories, but when Soros pays for an ad praising you during the Republican primaries and then you put his experts in charge of America’s defense policy, then maybe some questions should be asked.

  • Gary Jenkins

    Soros is a JEW. He supports an open border policy. (Typical of many Jews).


    …For almost 2,000 years, Jews have been living as a minority group among different nations. Because they have been persecuted and kicked out of these nations so many times, they see racially homogeneous societies linked to fascism. And in the mind of a Jew, fascism is linked to ethnic cleansing.

    So? So that’s why the Jews use their media and financial power to racially diversify the USA and all White nations e.g. (George Soros, Abe Foxman). Jews feel safer as a minority living in a nation of minorities.

  • StuartMill

    A good article because from the get-go, the entire immigration debate has been about campaign finances, and really only about that. Corporations and their executives are doing what they do best: looking out for their bottom line, as they are supposed to do. You never hear workers called onto the Hill, because they simply do not believe that this bill is in their interests. The bill either replaces jobs (through guest Visa programs) or lowers wages (through a crush of legal immigrants). What is sad is that so, so many congresspeople sell out the American worker with nary a batted lash, starting with folks such as Bernie Sanders, who actually articulated the concerns of the American people and then allowed his voice to be shamelessly bought off by a jobs program stuffed into the Senate bill. Or, of course, there’s McCain, so vigilant about campaign finance reform, and then there he is trotting around his state arm in arm with the cheap-labor seeking corporations who are funneling the ridiculous amounts of cash into politics. It’s like all of Congress knows that if they can just pass the bill and stuff their campaign coffers, the electorate will not remember how workers were completely sold out, for lack of financial influence. And do any of our Federal politicians actually read the UK press, where it’s openly admitted by all parties, that immigration policies have completely damaged the wage structure of the British underclass?

  • truebearing

    Soros has supported Nazis, too. In fact, he collaborated with them as a young Hungarian Jew, ransacking the homes of fellow Jews who were in concentration camps. His false papers protected him, so he helped the Nazis….the racist, FASCIST, psychopaths who were killing his own people.
    Your theory is ridiculous. Soros has undoubtedly been behind most, if not all, of the fascist actions taken by Obama, starting with ripping off GM and Chrysler’s secured bond holders and handing equity to the unions.

    • Gary Jenkins

      Jews are no strangers to sacrificing their own to achieve their main objective – ZIONISM

      The following people are your problem. All loyal to Israel. All ZIONIST JEWS. (Israeli Firsters): Rothschild, George Soros, Ben Bernanke, Richard Perle, Sumner Redstone, Paul Wolfowitz, Rahm Emanuel, Michael Chertoff, Goldman Sachs, Dianne Feinstein, Abe Foxman.


      Jews also see Christianity and White unity as a threat to Jewish interests and survival. That is why they use DIVIDE and CONQUER tactics

      e.g. Join/Fund opposing parties to keep Whites in conflict (Liberals and Conservatives).
      e.g. Disarm Americans (Dianne Feinstein)
      e.g. Attack Christianity (e.g. Legislate separation of church and state, promote/support gay movements)
      e.g. Promote massive non-White immigration (Revenge for preventing Jews coming to the USA when the ‘Holocaust’ was going)

      • Smoking Hamster

        Soros is about as Zionist as you are. I.e., not at all.

      • truebearing

        If I was unlucky enough to meet you in person, I have no doubt that I would find a person tortured by obsessive/compulsive disorder, paranoia, and any number of other personality disorders.
        What I find interesting in your rants is the vehement denial of Jews their right to defend themselves, individually or as a group, yet you belong to race-based groups who are compelled by fear and hate to destroy others for merely defending themselves. Apparently you can’t, or won’t, see the pathological level of hypocrisy in your own perspective. In short, you have no sane defense for your hate, just incoherent and dishonest posturing.
        And by the way, you are not a Christian. There is nothing in your idiotic jeremiad that is remotely inspired by the teachings of Jesus, who was a Jew, in case you forgot. Your sole goal in lumping Christians into your little hate fest is to hopefully recruit people for your Nazi cult.

  • truebearing

    Boy, somebody screwed up. Soros likes to stay hidden when he spins his evil webs.
    Graham is a fool and a fraud. So is McCain.

  • davarino

    I knew the repubs had been bought out by the likes of this worm. I say we “repubs” need to force primaries on our own people to clean out the herd. Most of the ones we have now, have been compromised.

  • iluvisrael

    poor widdle gary – so jealous of us Jews – stay under that hood you low I.Q klanswoman

  • Andy

    I read they are doing the same for cristy.

  • Smoking Hamster

    I logged in just so I could down vote your comment.

    One thing that I have noticed about Neo-Nazis is that they deny the Holocaust so that there can be another one. One reason why a mantra in Israel and for Jews everywhere is “Never Again.”

    • Gary Jenkins

      Jews have Holocausted many a Gentile throughout history:

      1. Armenian
      2. Holodomor
      3. Cannanites (especially the Midianites)
      4. Communized Russia and China

  • Jeff_inSC

    Thank Goodness! Let Soros waste good money chasing bad money because Lindsey Graham is done representing this state….I promise you that!