South Africa in the Shadows

nelson“People are trapped in history, and history is trapped in them,” James Baldwin wrote. Few men have had as much history trapped in them as Nelson Mandela.

To those outside South Africa, the country has been reduced to Nelson Mandela just as it was once reduced to apartheid. Mandela was the ending to a story that everyone thought they knew. With his death, the story comes perilously close to losing its meaning.

The history trapped in Mandela escapes with his death forcing both those inside South Africa and those outside it to come to terms with all the complex realities of history packed away into one man’s life.

Like Gandhi, Mandela became an iconic figure who appeared to encompass the moral of his own story. The fictional Nelson Mandela has appeared in dozens of movies. He has been played by everyone from Danny Glover to Sidney Poitier to Morgan Freeman. And each of those movies has made the real man and the real South Africa that he leaves behind in death seem that much more unreal.

Western liberals like simplistic stories and Mandela was their happy ending. His very existence freed them from the need to learn anything more about what happened after apartheid. By knowing him, they knew, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story. Mandela freed them from knowing history.

Everyone knows the history of South Africa and no one knows it. The dynamics of a troubled past that were reduced to a happy ending built around one man are still playing out in South Africa. Even as the mourning for Mandela goes on, one child is raped every three minutes in South Africa and three children are murdered every day.

If there is anything that the world ought to mourn, not only today, but every day, it is a horrifying reality in which a South African woman is more likely to be raped than to learn to read, a quarter of the men admit to having raped and men with AIDS believe that they can find a cure by raping a baby.

Troubling facts like these defy the easy inspiration of the happy ending. They remind us that history does not stop the way that a film script does. There is no moment when the crowd cheers, the camera pans up and the audience is free to leave the theater and look no further because the story has ended.

South Africa’s story did not end with apartheid. It does not end with Mandela’s death. South Africa remains in twilight. The credits do not roll. The happy ending has not come.

The Mandela era gave way to the Mbeki era and the Zuma era. Mbeki had been trained in the USSR and Zuma, like Mandela, had been a member of the Communist Party. Their rule was characterized not only by corruption and violence, but by the denial that the corruption and violence existed. Mbeki claimed that HIV was not linked to AIDS and that those pointing out the escalating crime rate were white racists. Zuma has said that the child rapes are “inexplicable”; but had been put on trial for raping an HIV-positive AIDS activist while claiming an equally magical way of preventing the disease.

Just as Mbeki’s successor was worse than him so too Zuma’s successor is likely to be worse than his predecessor. The difference between South Africa and Zimbabwe is only one of degree. And to prove that very point, Zuma has praised Zimbabwe’s Mugabe calling him a fellow freedom fighter.

In his address to the nation, Zuma said that, “What made Nelson Mandela great was precisely what made him human. We saw in him what we seek in ourselves. And in him we saw so much of ourselves.”

There is certainly some truth to that. But it is not a truth about Nelson Mandela. It is a truth about people who are caught up in chaos and searching for something to believe in. Zuma said that South Africans, “mourn the loss of the one person who, more than any other, came to embody their sense of a common nationhood.” But the unpleasant truth is that there is no more South African nationhood.

The more liberals wanted South Africa to escape from its own history, the more it became trapped in real problems with no easy solutions.

South Africa is just as divided by race as it was when Mandela was in prison. It is broken up into countless tiny factions protected by real and metaphorical violence. There is no trusted institution in the country that unites it. There is no trust by South Africans in each other.

When a farmer’s family is brutally murdered by his own workers and men rape the children of their neighbors in the hopes of curing themselves of AIDS—there can be no such thing as trust. The story told in so many of the movies where Mandela played by Sidney Poitier or Morgan Freeman teaches blacks and whites to set aside their hatred has not worked out nearly as well in real life.

In the new apartheid, the black government represses a white minority and abuses its power over the black majority in ways that Western liberals would never tolerate if it were being practiced by men with Dutch last names. Every government crime is covered up by more incitement against the white minority with each generation of activists struggling to outdo the previous generation in its anti-white racism.

There has been no moment of transcendence that endured. No cure for the things tearing the nation apart. There is no new spirit in South Africa. There is a new apartheid defined not by law, but by hate. Freedom and democracy are equally vaporous under the rule of a political movement obsessed with the vicious pragmatism of power now being exercised by Mandela’s African National Congress successors.

“People pay for what they do and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become,” Baldwin wrote. “And they pay for it very simply by the lives they lead.” There is no place where that is quite as true as in post-apartheid South Africa where the violence unleashed still haunts the townships.

In working nations, the death of a Mandela would create a symbol. In South Africa, it removes one of the few fragile symbols whose meaning is as disputed as everything else about the post-apartheid era.

For Western liberals, Mandela’s death provides them with permission to stop caring about South Africa. Having reduced South Africa to Mandela, his death permanently removes its existence from their minds. They may show up to the theater if Denzel Washington or Jamie Foxx decide to play Nelson Mandela. Otherwise they will comfortably banish the entire country to the dusty attic of forgotten history.

Meanwhile one child is raped every three minutes and three children are murdered every day.

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  • Mike Miller

    As a Orthodox Jew born and bread in South Africa, this is an excellent and accurate article.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      thank you

      • JacksonPearson

        As usual, a well written article Daniel. Let me add:

        • Jakareh

          Quite interesting. I’m sure that even here many will disagree, but South Africa should have executed all the defendants in the Rivonia Trial, including Nelson Mandela, as they were terrorists and not merely peaceful protesters. Sure, leftists the world over would have foamed at the mouth, but so what? Giving any consideration to what leftists think is suicidal. As a matter of fact, it’s wise to do whatever they’re against.

          The bottom line is white South Africans should not have surrendered to black rule. It’s not a question of racism but of the fact that under black rule they are not free and can never be free. Mandela’s ANC was always threatening a racial war. Their answer should have been, “So be it.”
          Instead, they surrendered. Today they live in fear and are no longer full citizens who participate in the running of their nation. Is freedom worth any price? Then it’s worth the price of fighting those who would take it away from you and, if necessary, physically destroying them.

          As the day of a non-white majority approaches, leftists are salivating at the prospect of white Americans also going into the “cannibal’s pot”. Let South Africa be a lesson to us. Let’s never surrender.

          • JDinSTL

            It seems only now the slumbering giant awakens

      • Guido

        Excellent article. Having lived in SA for 10yrs (1975-86) I am now glad I left!

  • truebearing

    Chalk up yet another dismal failure to the Left. The only thing worse than the horrific consequences of their revolutions is that there are so many people who continue to believe that adherence to an ideology exonerates them of moral culpability for the atrocities they collectively commit.

  • will darrn

    The story of South Africa has not ended and never will. What a childish notion that the story of a nation ends at a certain point in history. What has ended is the ideology of Apardheid and the exclusive rule of South Africas white minority.

    As Apardheid collapsed, Mandelas and De Klerks great achievement was the prevention of a civil war with the wholesale slaughter and expulsion of South Africas white minority.

    • m4253y

      will, you obviously have an issue with comprehension.

      white apartheid is now black apartheid…check.

      tribes warring with other tribes (mini civil wars all over the place)…check.

      get off your liberal ass and visit joburg, capetown for starters…have a look for your self.

      “As Apardheid collapsed, Mandelas and De Klerks great achievement was the prevention of a civil war with the wholesale slaughter and expulsion of South Africas white minority”

      and you know this for fact? you are comically delusional. good luck with that.

    • A Z

      The author never said the history of South Africa has ended. He just said it ended in the minds of the left.

      • will darn

        The approach that the Left declares the history of a nation concluded makes even less sense. The cornerstone of leftist ideology is Marx concept of Historic Materialism, portraying history as a endless series of revolution and counter-revolution ending in Communism. So before South Africa becomes communistic, the Lefts history is in progress.

        What the author and Mr Horowitz are trying to imply is that Sout Africans were better of under white Apardheid due to the fact that Blacks are not capable of wisely governing themselves. According to Mr Horowitz, a US healthcare legislation is a greater threat to individual freedom than the dictatorial rule of a small minority based on a racist concept.

        • Habbgun

          You got it right pal. The Left’s version of history is marching on in SA. The propagandist elements where they pretend to care about actual people and not an intellectual European’s idea of the sorry masses is what has come to an end. At least you’re not a professional webtroll. That is at least obvious. I hope your desire is not to be one because actual Marxism doesn’t sell well to O-bots. The from each part makes them retch. They go for from all to me and if you don’t like naked corruption you’re a racist.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Communists of any race are not capable of governing anything.

          • dwok

            No and their quest is of the belief that communism is a wheel and wheel has yet to be perfected.

            When we look at our own country we see the philosophy of “top down bottom up” being employed. Financially overwhelming the American economy by fattening the welfare class is not just perverse in that this is a Marxist tenant in how to destroy a free economy. It’s perverse in its thinking that somehow the ruling class will allow the “bottom” to empower themselves once they’ve accomplished their destruction of America’s institutions.

            One has to believe that Mandela the Marxist is philosophically no different than Obama the Marxist.

          • JacksonPearson

            Communism is a failed system. There’s isn’t one place on earth where it’s succeeded.

          • jeepwonder

            Yes, and this story points out why.
            People act on jealousy instead of possible rewards.

          • 0bamasnought

            Communist are great at governing death.
            Stalin: 30,000,000
            Mao: 150,000,000
            Pot: 3,000,000
            Minh: 7,000,000

        • PhillipGaley

          To have read “A Z”‘s: “He just said it ended in the minds of the left.” and, then have responded: “The approach that the Left declares the history of a nation concluded makes even less sense.”, is constitutive of a wrenching attempt in the logic of discussion; for, “A Z” did not say that, any Leftist had declared SA history is now concluded, but, following his previous, only that, the kind of failure which SA represents, Leftists are unable to see—same for slavery the world round, or FGM, or the fact of desire of some for reduced standard of living, or to blink the facts concerning perpetrators of the “Knockout Game”, etc, etc.

          But not to stop there, no, our dear “will darn” thinks to use his tortious logic as a bridge to then commence in reasoning from that point of disadvantage, . . . in typical Leftist ploy, . . . but then, too, “A good understanding have all they who love Thy Law.”, and, few Leftists know The Lord; so, . . .

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          I’m assuming that you believe that since Apartheid ended, black South Africans have been happy, their lot in life has increased exponentially, and they live in peace. Hand-in-hand with white South Africans, they are walking forward to the bright future, with smiles on their faces, correct?

          You might be interested in knowing that “Progress” means directing government and society towards Marxism. You did know this, didn’t you?

          Obamacare is a tremendous threat to individual freedom, as is any idea that comes out of the Left. Ask anyone who is losing their “freedom of choice” in choosing their doctors and health insurance …

      • Toa

        “Ended in the minds of the Left”.
        Reminds me of the fall of Vietnam. In the eyes of the Left, the victory was in the U.S. withdrawal. That was surely a great comfort to all the subsequently murdered, tortured, imprisoned and “reeducated” Vietnamese people.

        • A Z

          I was listening to Charles Butler, who is filling in for Rusty Humphries (not really There is a contract dispute brought on by a Leftist boycott and disinvestment campaign of conservative talk shows.).

          Mr Butler believes that Vietnam was a civil war and ipso facto we should not be involved. he pointed out the Buddhists. Which is a fair argument and it does have some legs. Now the Buddhists had power and numbers in the south. if they had the same in the north what would have the communists have done? We know. I have been to Buddhists temples in communists countries after they have liberalized somewhat. there was literally a desk behind which were seated 2 “minders” in the main sanctuary. Nothing heavy handed about that LOL! The North Vietnamese communists simply would have annihilated them. The South Vietnamese government handled the Buddhists poorly, but some of the actions by the Buddhists were not that great either. Plus the South had a large criminal enterprise that was large enough to be considered or warlord status. The South had a tough row to hoe and when people have that they are not always at their best.

    • Gee

      Apartheid mutated – it did not collapse. What is happening today in South Africa and even more so in the Muslim world makes the newer version of Apartheid even worse than ever

    • nacho475

      he means that in the minds of left leaning general public who latch onto a cause or slogan without looking further into it other than boycott this or that- they have done their part, they have their happy ending and they can focus on their new cause de jeur like global warming or whatever.

    • Steve Leonard

      The white minority doesn’t have to be expelled, they have fled and are fleeing and will continue to flee.

    • UCSPanther

      Try telling that to victims who were burned alive at the hands of “necklacing” lynch mobs…

    • Martin

      Wholesale slaughter of whites has been happening in South Africa for quite some time now. Perhaps not quite at genocide levels, but who is to say that this will not happen?

    • 0bamasnought

      Since when, is the death of 300,000 NOT “wholesale slaughter”?

  • UCSPanther

    Revolutions can be wildly unpredictable incidents and generally result in worsening conditions for the nations that get wracked by them, usually in the form of a tyranny that is worse than what it replaced (IE Cuba, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe), or Mad Max-esque anarchy (IE Somalia).

    The reason why the Far Left does not talk about any post-revolutionary period, is that they will be be forced to face reality and that would put them on the spot to explain why anarchy, violence and totalitarian rule is a “good ending” to their romanticization of revolutions.

    The cards appear to be set for South Africa to follow Zimbabwe into the abyss, and nothing can stop it now. May God have mercy on the souls of those who both directly and indirectly contributed to this coming disaster…

    • A Z

      Zimbabwe can implode and we will not feel it. South Africa implodes and we will most definitely feel it. I am dreading this.

    • Mike

      Whatever, that’s what it was like before Europeans ever got there, now it will go back to that. It’s not our concern what they do to each other, they all hate us so why should we care?

      • jeepwonder

        Because we are human. it’s our nature to nurture and aid those in need.

        The conflict comes when ideas fail and we don’t know how to go forward.

  • Jakareh

    Once upon a time, a family called the Blanks decided to build a house in a sunny neighborhood. They were doing a fine job, using quality materials and applying skillful craftsmanship. Nearby lived another group of people, the Swart Gang. The members of the gang lived in holes. They did not know how to build a house nor were they interested in learning, as they preferred to spend all their time fighting one another. When the Swarts saw the Blanks working on their home, they got angry. They said, “This is whole neighborhood should be for us to have our fights and graze our goats. Let’s kill them!”

    The Swarts set upon the Blanks. Though outnumbered, the Blanks were brave and smart and they beat the Swarts back with ease. Though hurt from the fight, the Swarts did not give up on trying to prevent the house from being built. They threw rocks, they sneaked in at the night and tried to burn it down. The Blanks were always vigilant, however, and the Swarts did not succeed.

    Finally, in spite of all the harassment and hostility, the Blanks finished their house. The Swarts looked at it with amazement: it was beautiful and strong and filled with furniture and other nice things. The Swarts ached with envy because they knew they would never be able to build a house like that. The leader of the Swart gang was called Madiba and he was smarter than the other Swarts. Madiba said, “Hey, that’s our house too! We’ve been here all this time, so it’s only fair for you to share with us. And there’s more of us than of you, so we get decide how the house is going to be run.”

    The Blanks said, “No way. It’s our house that we built. You stay out.” And to show they meant what they said, the Blanks put up a tall fence around their house, which they called the “Separation”, and they never allowed any of the Swarts to go beyond it.

    For a while, things went on much like that. One day, however, the Blanks received a visit from a cousin who lived in a distant neighborhood. These cousin were called the Linkses. One of the Linkses said, “On our way here, we saw the Swarts sitting outside your fence. One of them, named Madiba, who is so very nice, told us you have been mean to them. You have to let them the poor Swarts come in and share your big, comfortable house with them—there’s plenty of room. Most of all, you have to take down that ugly Separation of yours.”

    “You don’t understand,” said the Blanks. “We’re not friends with them. They’ve never done anything to help us. In fact, they hate us. If we let them in here, they would hit us and worse.”

    “They have a grievance because you have mistreated them,” said Linkse. “Just let them in and you’ll all be good friends. You’ll see.”

    The Blanks still refused. Now angry at their cousins for not doing what as they said, the Linkses left. Pretty soon, the Blanks noticed they were no longer being invited for any family get-togethers. Though they could not understand why their cousins were taking the Swarts’ side against them, they were not concerned. They had everything they needed and the Linkses lived far away.

    As time went by, however, the Blanks who had build the house got old. Their children started running the place. These young ones had never had to fight the Swarts since the Separation protected them. They were tired of being called “meanies” by their cousins and of being excluded from the family get-togethers, especially all the fun games.

    The young Blanks proudly tore down the Separation and said, “Come right in, Swarts! From now on, this is your house too!”

    Madiba was the first one to step through the threshold. Smiling he said, “Thank you very much, my brother! We are all brothers now! Now, my brothers, all of you move into this nice broom closet. The rest of the house will be for the Swarts who have waited so long to live here, as I am sure you agree is fair. Also, my brother, give me your wallet.”

    The Linkses now invite the Blanks to all the family get-togethers. The Blanks don’t usually go because they are afraid to leave their broom closet—the Swarts think it’s a lot of fun to grab the Blank girls and throw them to the ground. Moreover, the Blanks can’t avoid stepping on the dung from the goats the Swarts keep inside the house. And if they make it to their car, they find the Swarts have borrowed the tires, the gasoline, sometimes even the engine. But no one calls the Blanks “meanies” any more, or maybe only once in a while, so they will live happily ever after.


    • motherofbeaver

      No doubt somewhere out there exists a Palestinian family named “Swarts” who are related to the “Swart’s” of South Africa and the “Swart’s” of America and so it goes. Their family crest must read “Equal Misery and Squalor for All”.

    • nacho475

      this is a great way to put things. thank you. my Dad lived in Jo’burg for a few years. I visited and never felt safe for one moment. Especially stopped at a red light. I knew a man whose son was shot to death at a red light and the people that run up to your car to sell you things freaked me out. My Dad’s housekeeper let her kids move into her attached apartment without asking permission and one of them had TB. They stole from him. After an armed robbery and a home invasion in a span of two weeks he left. And I am glad he did.

    • Randy Townsend

      Well written. Much like the left in America only portrays (and distorts) the positives of their movement, nobody is writing about modern day SA. A country that was the most prosperous on the continent, that used to export food it was so successful at growing, that had mineral and diamond mines the world envied, is now a food importer (can’t feed it’s own people), the mines are failing, and violence/corruption (thanks to a resurgence of the tribal mentality that cripples the rest of the continent) is rampant in a government that is perpetually in the financial red. But at least there is “equality” (unless you are white).

      • solinkaa

        I heard that when whites were in charge, blacks flocked to SA from across Africa for a better life. Now they have nowhere to go.

        • jeepwonder

          Don’t forget Rhodesia.

          Are they better off under Mugabe?

  • m4253y

    from my travels in SA, you nailed it to a tee Daniel. well done as usual.

  • A Z

    I do know if you are a white tourist, life is good in South Africa. At least it was a year ago.

    Of course I have had relatives blithely walk through a housing project. It was a small one to be sure, but I had a cow when I learned of it.

    Still the Newspapers from Cape town did not seem especially troubling. Although the news coverage laid out the the opposition party to the ANC was based around Cape Town and was largely composed of colored and whites. That province seems the best area in South Africa to me. They could get along. I am not so sanguine about the rest of it.

    • PhillipGaley

      “I do know if you are a white tourist, life is good in South Africa. At least it was a year ago.”, has little or nothing to do with the thrust of this article.

      And then: “That province seems the best . . . .”. As one of our wise ones has left for us: “Things are not as they seem.”, and directly to the point, the elements of the articles are represented in easily knowable facts.

      • A Z

        I base what I know about countries not only on the news and so called news but on the reports of people who visit countries.

        Much of the news media lies to us by omission and commission.

        Therefore, talking to business travelers and tourists is important if one cannot visit a country themselves.

        Of course one has to make a judgment on these person’s experiences and reliability.

        I put my 2 cents in. I did not contradict the author if that is your concern. So quite wringing your hands and give them a break.

  • Boerewitman1

    Daniel, As a resident of South Africa, I just have to compliment you on your report, however, you don’t point out the poverty aspect which is a VERY worrying aspect. Not only blacks, but the Whites. The reason for that is that Whites don’t get employed anymore. If you start your own little business, you are not allowed to tender for any contract , either government or any other big institution. That is one of the many reasons why White South Africans flee from this country. Also that is the reason why South Africa deteriorate with such a speed. And that is also the reason why South Africa stand on the verge of a genocide.

    • nacho475

      and there’s the Black empowerment that forces companies to have a black member on their board who has a vote in things they know nothing about. that program is insanely corrupt with people renting themselves out to various companies.

      • Boerewitman1

        I do, however got sympathy with the Americans. That is to have the same kind of character as president. Amazingly America will follow the same path as South Africa if they don’t get rid of Obama as soon as possible. Black people in general is not creative to build and new things, but very creative in destruction

        • jeepwonder

          Our opposition has forgotten how to actually oppose.

          • JDinSTL

            That’s because their leadership isn’t really an opposition – just another wing of the same DC Establishment

        • bigdawg881

          I was with you until you decided to lump ALL blacks into the category of being uncreative and destructive. Not all black Americans support Obama, I don’t know if the same held true for South Africans and Mandela. But there are a great many of us Americans that happen to be black who despise the direction America is going and fully recognize the false claims of collectivism and the poverty that it delivers.

          • Boerewitman1

            Hi Bigdaw, my apologies if you mis understood me. I were only made it a general comment. If you feel offended, sorry.

          • bigdawg881

            Not offended at all, I am just tired of race being used as a tool of division on both sides. We are all being robbed and exploited collectively, and race is used as weapon to keep people blind of that fact. I’ve read things from people that I’ll resonate with and then they’ll throw a jab in about the Jews, Mexicans, or whomever and it completely weakens their otherwise strong argument. If we just stick to exposing these hate filled murdering authoritarians, whatever their color, we will have more success in reaching those who currently disagree with us. If we resort to racial attacks we are no better than the people we both despise.

          • DENNIS X


    • Mike

      You guys should flee. Let them rape and kill each other rather than yourselves. You don’t have enough allies internationally to make living there securely a plausible reality any more.

      • Boerewitman1

        Very true, the communist and muslim blocks are just interested in themselves, what they can benefit out of a destroyd country. And yes, unfortunately the black community is VERY open to bribery and corruption. Been over the 60’s is a bit more difficult to get out, but we can up a little fight. Thanx for responding

        • JDinSTL

          Good luck to all of you. Clearly, you’ll need more than that, but we’re praying for your deliverance.

    • maidros

      It is not just white South Africans that are fleeing the country. Indians are fleeing the place as well (I have family in South Africa, and they are all trying to get back to India or have already returned).

      • Boerewitman1

        Maidros, you are right, there is even black people running away as well, so do members of the coloured community. But why is it necessary, to run from your country of birth, because of a few corrupt , words I haven’t got to describe this rubbish, lousy bastards

        • Hass

          Hi Boerewitman1, you replied to my above comment 2 days ago and I had a chance to read it. I have no idea why it was pending approval. I had look today and still not approved.
          What gives!

          All the same, thank you for your input and reply.

          • Boerewitman1

            Good day Hass, I had the same problem. It seems to me that the media is totally UNdemocratic. Have a awesome day.

    • Lillith66

      Geluk boet!

  • ApolloSpeaks


    On the death of Nelson Mandela yesterday Obama had this to say: “I am one of the countless millions who drew inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s life. I cannot fully imagine my own life without the example set by him….We will not likely see the likes of Nelson Mandela again.”

    Where, Mr. President, is evidence of this inspiration? Where as president of this country are you following the example of the Great South African Uniter? You say “We will not likely see the likes of Nelson Mandela again.” Why not, Mr. President? Why can’t we see his likes in your presidency? What’s stopping you from using him as a model for becoming a national uniter instead of a racial, gender, class and partisan divider? What’s stopping you? Hatred of America. There’s no other answer.

    Click to continue reading.

  • mindRider

    With the moral symbol gone, South Africa can very well go the way the India – Pakistan issue went after the death of Gandhi, a complete mess.

  • fush

    A tribal society can’t just magically turn into a Democracy overnight. In Europe it took a series of brutal Monarchies to creat a sense of “National Identity”. Some people have unrealistic expectations.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      And, as you implied, it took many centuries for this national identity to develop.

    • Mike

      A tribal society can’t just magically turn into a democracy overnight but a civilized society that embraces unfettered democracy can certainly revert back into a primitive tribal type state pretty quickly.

  • Branners

    Very good read mate, I really enjoyed the truth in your words. South Africa is my home and I will love her forever but there is something seriously wrong going on within her ranks!

  • Guest

    Excellent article, Daniel.

    I just want to add that there is no doubt Mandela would have taken the country Communist had he taken over before the fall of the USSR. Too many people worship the man because of the color of his skin and his naive lines to gullible westerners. Just like other third world leaders, Mandela thought of right and wrong based on the color of one’s skin, not based on one’s actions. But people don’t mind of course, because he’s black…

    • apk billy

      I agree, do not there are differences between all humans

      aplikasi android

  • Guest

    And frankly it pissed me off to see so many South African people who I know singing Mandela’s praises… they all left of course as he took power! I’m sure most of us who read here know people like this. Watch what people do, not what they say…

    • Martin

      I left when Zuma came into power. As a white South African I also had hope that we had a bright future as a nation when Mandela was president. 1995 rugby world cup seemed to bring the nation together. Sadly it all went downhill from there very rapidly. Mandela spoke words of peace and reconciliation, I naively hoped all future leaders would be the same.

  • More Light

    Teachable moment… How the Left hijacks legitimate victimhood and perpetuates it… rides it like a wave.

    Dateline… one year ago.

    There is still debate on how best Equal Justice can be supplanted by “Transitional Justice”, making one group MORE EQUAL that another group. Victimhood will justify this? Yes, if perpetuated.

    Reparation is just reverse apartheid. There is no peace. Group politics are just further confirmed, money and power consolidated, and victims remain victims.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Daniel, on the other Mandela thread, I talked about growing up in Chicago and never feeling threatened once. Then, along came Lyndon Johnson. Blacks and Hispanics were trapped in their poverty, their anger levels increased, and I left.

    Since Mandela, South African blacks have had been trapped in a much harsher political climate than Apartheid, and they’ve taken it out on each other (in the way that the riots by blacks in the 1960’s destroyed black neighborhoods). They need to change their system of government. But how does one tell them this?

    South Africa is Detroit writ large …

    • Biff Henderson

      Why indeed waste your energy bettering yourself by acquiring knowledge when the status of victimhood and a false sense of worth grants all kinds of goodies? You can claim with angry outbursts what you can’t without putting in the work and champions that justify the theft. A leg up, a toehold there, and you’ve arrived without breaking a sweat. Your artificially inflated status propped up by dumbing down.

  • Bobby and Peg 1976

    Mandela was nothing but a pawn used by the Communist party to give legitimate to its brutal killing, raping and destroying an other wise prosperous nation. The truth is he even began to think he was a god to be worshiped and praise; know he will be praised for this accomplishments, what ever they were.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Correct me if I’m wrong. What I get from this article is nothing has really changed in Africa. The only difference now is Whites are victims of Black government.
    A politician in New York said , Jewish Success is the cause of Black attacks in America.
    It seems Caucasian Success is the cause of Black attacks in Africa.
    Is this a case of an abused child becoming an abusive parent ?

    • Mike

      Not really

    • Boerewitman1

      absolutely right. They can not handle the fact that they, blacks, are totally incompetent. just look at Africa and the way they operate. Disgusting.

  • timpottorff

    Thank you Mr. Greenfield for writing this excellent piece on Mandela. I have friends from South Africa that have told me their own personal stories of their families farms being taken over by thugs and being forced to leave. Farms that were in their families for decades. All of them were native born South Africans but their sin was being white.
    Now those farms are in ruin. The ‘soldiers’ that were put in charge have basically destroyed the viability of the farms. But at least the evil whites are vanquished.

  • steven L

    The humans are the guilty one!

  • Texas Patriot

    The genocide of whites in South Africa is a symptom of a worldwide trend.

    • Jakareh

      I think all T.J. meant by “all men are created equal” was that Americans were capable of governing themselves instead of being governed by the British. The idea that all men are created equal, even in a small town, heck, even in a family, let alone across God’s wide world is absurd.

      • Texas Patriot

        J: “The idea that all men are created equal, even in a small town, heck, even in a family, let alone across God’s wide world is absurd.”

        Only something that crazy had any chance of becoming what Abraham Lincoln called the “last best hope of earth.” As Albert Einstein said, “If at first idea does not seem absurd, it has no chance.”

        Take it or leave it. The American adventure is the craziest, most absurd, but also the greatest experiment in social organization in the history of the world, and we might as well try to make it work. Our big mistake in the last sixty years was trying to make it work around the world, before we even perfected it here at home. It is now obvious to one and all that we got a little ahead of ourselves.

        There’s still plenty of time to turn things around, but we need to start taking care of business on American soil as a matter of first national priority.

    • American1969

      Here, here! Well said!


      The founders of the US came up with this idea?? I think you need to recheck your facts. The concept has been explored by religions from Buddhism to Christianity. The writer of this article correctly states that things are not going to be easy for South Africa and with this I agree! I’ve been there. The idea that race is the cause of this is TOTAL NONSENSE. The allegorical story of the Blanks and Swarts can be told and has been told in every nations history on the earth. Once upon a time, the Russian aristocracy under the Czar were the rulers and producers of their society. With their better education, better food supply, better hygiene they built great cities like St Peterburg. It was the desire of those uneducated, illiterate , poor, tribal serfs to free themselves from the productive but oppressive rule of the Russian “Blanks” which lead to that bloody explosion of violence by the Swarts of Russia, It culminated in the death of the Czar, his family and the ruling elite. One oppressive regime lead to another before the mismanagement of the communists was, like it’s predecessor, overturned; the same happened in France, Have you all forgotten how much more advanced the Roman Empire with it’s developed advanced systems were than those of the disparate and scattered tribes of Britain , Europe and other communities they colonized? No! race and colour are not the issues, opportunities for advancement are. As some of you rightly said Zimbabwe has seemed to go backwards since majority rule. In few situations can an unskilled labourer suddenly make the same success of a family business that has been in existence for centuries and this has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with lack of experience. Paradoxically only experience can give experience and so it will take sometime for the unskilled labourer to hone his skills. There has also, on his part, got to be a realisation that he needs his former employer to pass on those skills; a difficult pill for most people to swallow, Africa has a future just as the rest of the world. What that future is is by and large dependent on its rulers learning from the past.

  • Hass

    Good riddance, he was nothing but a terrorist who had organised the killing of many whites, even while being locked up, he was giving orders to kill. And of course he supported every other terrorist scum such as Arafat.
    So he didn’t take any further violent revenge, but he made sure white people had to suffer economically.
    And lets not forget how much he hated the US, calling it the biggest genocide country in history and calling President Bush an oil thief.

    And raping babies for an AIDS cure? Is it any wonder whilst the world keeps evolving, every African country is devolving, especially the ones that were modernised by white people.

    • Boerewitman1

      The thing here, Hass, is that a black person is not in at position to create. Look at Africa as a whole. There is virtually nothing, very little development and we live in the 20th century. That is the continent with the most civil wars recorded, ever. The White guys made of the ex Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe something, as well as South Africa. We had a blooming economy, despite sanctions, because the world believed a terrorist, everything went down the tubes.
      A guy from the DRCongo said to me sometime ago, Mandela and Thabo Mbeki said, they can come and stay in South Africa, because Africa belong to the blacks, only. You can stay anywhere in Africa, because Africa belongs to the blacks. Mind you, send all your African Americans to Africa, and import all the white from Africa, maybe a good solution, both ways.
      Kissinger of America were involved when F W De Klerk were paid $7 mil for releasing Mandela. Not only were a wolf released in a sheep den but we had a sellout as well.
      With regards to the AIDS aspect, we had a minister of health, she passed on in meanwhile, which stated that beetroot would cure aids. Zuma himself said, go for a shower after having sex, to prevent getting Aids.

  • mtnhikerdude

    The latest news reports show signs of a reincarnation of the Crusades in Africa .

  • Jason P

    Racism seems to be the only problem that’s real to a leftist. Once that’s “cured” other problems seem to pale by comparison. However, racism is only one type of collectivism … communism and Islam are just as evil.

  • LindaRivera


    Nelson Mandela sings about killing whites

  • LindaRivera

    WARNING: EXTREMELY graphic pics:
    ’3-million Afrikaners now live in a state of constant siege. The racist slogan ‘Africa for the Africans’ now specifically targets white Afrikaners for all-out increasingly ferocious genocidal attacks.’

    It pleases our evil Western leaders for white Christians in South Africa to be mass raped, tortured and barbarically murdered. Afrikaners are barred by our leaders from escaping to our countries. Just as Jews were barred during the Holocaust. Our evil leaders open up their arms into our countries to millions of Muslims and blacks who hate us because we are infidels and because we are white.

    Western leaders and media are fully aware of Mandela’s dreadful cruelty and evil. They respect him. They admire him. Mandela the demonic MONSTER is their hero.

    A Briton said he dare not go into an area of his city because he would be physically attacked for being BRITISH and being WHITE. Attacked by immigrants wicked leaders have colonized Britain with. Immigrants
    who are given free homes, money and healthcare. Immigrants who hate us
    and want to murder us.

    In the greatest crime in all of human history wicked British and European leaders have colonized our countries with Third World Muslims whose belief system and culture is alien. Whose ideology from birth teaches them to hate, commit atrocities and wage jihad against our non-Muslim people.

    Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the
    idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege
    them and lie in wait for them in every ambush.

    Click on the BNI link for the heartbreaking video. Black savages in South Africa strip naked and rape a defenseless white woman; throw garbage at her and kick her in the street BECAUSE GOD CREATED HER WHITE.

  • Norges Salg

    Fellow whites; I admire any courageous, defiant brother or sister standing tall to the very end, but, please; just leave now…it’s not worth it; even if you wish to fight the kaffir, the best weapon against it is the urgent removal of white presence — by which pretty much any essential service ensuring a higher living standard than the common normal of Apefrica is provided. The country will rapidly deteriorate the less whites are there…you will not be discriminated in so many parts of the world, but cherished, appreciated…I would gladly help any Boer integrate and assimilate into a safer, fairer country of choice if that was the case…anyway, you are in my thoughts, white South Africans — stay safe.

  • toms


    I’m Nelson Mandela and it may seem funny

    I only come to America to get your money

    I been in jail for many a year

    For making bombs causing terror and fear

    My friends are Gaddafi, Arafat, Castro

    They make me feel happy when I am low

    Cross me up and I ain’t no liar

    I’ll put your head in a burning tire

    Gonna rule South Africa and set the black man free

    And push that whitey into the sea

    Yes me and Winnie are in charge now

    So just boogie on down to old Cape Town

    Boogie on down to old Cape Town

  • Del

    “For Western liberals, Mandela’s death provides them with permission to
    stop caring about South Africa. Having reduced South Africa to Mandela,
    his death permanently removes its existence from their minds. They may
    show up to the theater if Denzel Washington or Jamie Foxx decide to play
    Nelson Mandela. Otherwise they will comfortably banish the entire
    country to the dusty attic of forgotten history.”

    I doubt anyone could articulate that sentiment any better then that paragraph just did. Props.

    • JDinSTL

      They’ll forget it the same way they forgot the Vietnamese as soon as Nixon pulled out the troops.

  • Jason P

    I appreciate the Greenfield article more now that I’ve read some of the other conservative websites. What gives at National Review? In an article by “the editors” they say “White racism is held to be probably the greatest evil of our time.” After Communism has killed 150 million and enslaved a billion more, nothing comes close.

    Collectivism is the greatest evil in our times regardless if it is class-based (like communism) or race-based (like Nazism) or just generic fascist like Mussolini, or religious supremacist like Islamism. National Review now reads like mainstream academia. Thank, God for FrontPage Mag.

  • Godwin Radloff

    This is the kind of violence our woman are faced with on a daily basis …

    • DogmaelJones1

      I guess YouTube doesn’t want us to know the truth.

  • Jennie Quinn

    Entitlement – not just in South Africa, but the world over.

    Brilliant article, Mr Greenfield.

  • AG

    Another aspect to the end of apartheid in South Africa that nobody ever seems to cover is the emergence of militant Islamism. Once upon a time there was a significant and strong Jewish community in South Africa. In the last 2 decades, the Jewish community there has decreased by 80%. Many have emigrated, but many have lost their lives as black Islamists literally get away with murder.

  • lessthantolerant

    As SA decline, shall the left blame whites for letting it happen?

    • stainpouch

      Don’t you have some shine to guzzle? Go ahead–look for your jug. We can’t stand you sober. Go sit in the corner and pass out as usual.

  • EamonnDublin

    Thank you, Daniel. I was wondering where I could turn to in order to get a different view to the media’s simple adoration (nothing less!) of Mandela, with no qualification, no substance, no hint of his terrorist (“freedom fighter”) background. Then I realised where to turn – Daniel Greenfield! Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • poetcomic1

    Man when I was traveling all over Africa in the 70s and 80s it was called simply ‘South’ and it was The Big Rock Candy Mountain, Heaven on Earth where the blacks of the the rest of the disintegrating continent DREAMED of being.

  • Rev Michael

    Excellent journalism. Thanks Daniel. Also see:
    M. Bresciani, American

  • American1969

    What is happening on the continent of Africa is a disgrace, and it’s blacks that are doing it to themselves and whites in the country. So much for the meme that only whites can be racist.

  • Boerewitman1

    I wonder if this post is no going to be too late.

    I am posting this video clip about a white woman that has been raped and then stoned afterwards by blacks. Note the contribution made by school kids. THIS IS SOUTH AFRICA, THE HOME OF NELSON MANDELA

  • andrian
  • JacquesT

    Politicians like FW de Klerk, Pik Botha and their cronies, should be tried by the Afrikaner nation as traitors. They sold the Afrikaner out and left them stateless and defenceless. They handed the Christians over to the Communist for oppression and slavery. They lied to the Afrikaner nation and the walked out and abandoned them.