South African Authorities Turn to a Blind Eye to Al Qaeda Training Camp


As you’ll see this is the same old story. A very familiar story no matter what country you live in.

The SAPS top-secret, deep-cover operation – Operation Kanu – was driven by crime intelligence, and was launched shortly after the 9-11 World Trade Center terror attacks to investigate extremist Muslim activities in the country. Operation Kanu began at the same time as the parallel investigation into far right-wing activities called Operation Waco.

Operation Waco resulted in the marathon Boeremag trial. The right-wingers were dubbed Al-Cadac by a police wit, as the Afrikaners’ plot was often discussed over a braai. Yet Operation Kanu resulted in no action from intelligence agencies, and no arrests of the alleged trainees or the masterminds.

All spying activities in connection with Operation Kanu were abruptly halted at the beginning of 2010 under yet-unexplained circumstances. The teams of intelligence operatives were recalled from the operation sites, all visual material seized and laptops with the surveillance data and situation reports of deep-cover agents taken away from them. The men were told by their superiors that the orders for the cessation of the surveillance operation had come “from the top”. No other explanations were given and they were re-deployed to other assignments.

Considering how corrupt South Africa is and how wealthy the players are, it’s not hard to imagine how that worked out.

At the centre of this alleged terrorist network are several members of the well-known and influential Dockrat family.

The family was catapulted into the world focus in 2007 when US terrorism financing trackers have noted suspicious financial transactions coming out of South Africa that appeared to benefit al-Qaeda.

Reuters journalist Michael Georgy published a story in January 2007, reporting that papers had been submitted by the United States to the UN Security Council alleging that both Junaid and Farhad had acted as al-Qaeda “financiers, recruiters and facilitators”.

According to the Reuters report, they had transferred funds to al-Qaeda and coordinated the travel of South Africans to Pakistan to train there with militant Islamic groups. Both men deny these charges.

US intelligence claimed that in 2004, Junaid Dockrat assisted al-Qaeda operations chief Hamza Rabi’a (now deceased) to coordinate the travel of South Africans to Pakistan in order for them to train with al-Qaeda. It further claimed he was also responsible for raising $120,000 that Rabi’a received in the spring of 2004.

The clan runs an armed compound that looks a whole lot like a terrorist training camp.

On Friday afternoons, after the midday prayers, South African intelligence agents monitored several people leave the mosque and go to a farm near the former police hit squad base known as Vlakplaas. The “military style” obstacle course and the shooting range are still visible on the farm, and agents say they saw people take part in military-style training.

But the South African government continues to ignore the issue, while pursuing those right wing extremists.

US and British intelligence have warned the South African authorities to stop “pussyfooting” with intelligence regarding international terrorists activities in South Africa. “The fact that no bombs have gone off to date in the country doesn’t mean that the threat doesn’t exist within South Africa’s borders,” they warned.

Despite overwhelming intelligence information gathered well before the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa, no action had been taken to date.


  • AdinaK

    South Africa is not only rife with corruption, but the fact of the matter is that the ruling ANC is the red part, however, its Islamist part is more under the radar – until now. And it is also the case, wherever reds rule, Islamists are not far behind. Why is this? Totalitarian groups cooperate when necessary, and it serves both their interests to keep the carnage at its peak.
    As such, this is the true face of S Africa's ruling party –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • NOYB

    Not surprising, Mandela and the ANC always were and still are terrorists.

  • Dennis

    Good Morning!

    If you have not done so already, get Ilana Mercer's "INTO THE CANNIBAL'S POT".

    Years ago Mandela was presented as a Hero – which he may have been in certain ways. Today, the question is "What has he become now?".

    Will the future consist of ELOI and Morlocks?

    Or will rational, civilized mankind gain the stage???

  • Tom

    Having fought against the ANC and its cadres for 15 years ,the whole world condemned this ,I remember vising New York , and the protests against South Africa , calling for sanctions ,, London was the same .,FREE MANDELA was the cry ,did you really think he was president ??,, he was a figurehead, planned by the ANC,,,and how did this all start ??some one thought they knew South Africa better than South Africans , namely a bunch of journalists , and its escalated,, so next time a bomb goes off ,ask yourself ,what part did I have to play in this ?? now you have terror training camps,with the blessing of the ANC.. next step, South African armaments, and believe me these arent little pressure cookers

  • Casper Labuschagne

    Actually numerous training camps are being run by shady Islamic groups. One camp exists north of Pretoria at Vlakplaas, another in the Southern-Cape close to a village called Harlem and a third one on an abandoned construction project for an 18-hole golf course in Tsitsikama. That last one meant that picturesque Tsitsikama that is economically dependent on tourism was added to a list of terror-hotspots by the US State Department.

    Nothing has happened to stop this. Nothing is done about investigating this. In a nation with ultra-strict gun controls there are numerous anecdotal reports of bearded persons in camouflage gear brandishing automatic assault rifles being trained on these properties. The mainstream press don’t report on this and the authorities are silent on this.

    Even the tiny towns in the South-Africa countryside now has a newly-built mosque and an Islamic training center where the ultra-conservative wahhabi brand of the Islamic faith is taught. And within a decade a significant conservative Islamic population has emerged in every town and city where bearded Islamists in traditional dress and woman wearing a veiled burqa is a common site everywhere. These people are distinct from the multitude of Somali, Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants that are also now found all over South-Africa.

    Co-incidence? I don’t think so. South-Africa has always had a significant population adhering to the Islamic faith, but none of these conservative muslims that seem to be prevalent were inside of South-Africa prior to the ruler ANC taking power in 1994.

    The above article has one thing right – follow the money.