South Carolina Wins Voter ID Battle with Holder, NAACP, Asks for $3.5 Million

Considering its lack of actual members, the NAACP may need to start doing some very aggressive fundraising soon from all the bigwigs who bought into its lies about Voter ID being racist. Because this round goes to the State of South Carolina.

On Friday, January 4, a three-judge panel of the District of Columbia federal court declared that South Carolina was the “prevailing party” under an applicable federal statute that allows the state to obtain reimbursement for its litigation costs from not only the Justice Department (DOJ), but the so-called civil rights organizations like the NAACP and the South Carolina Progressive Network that intervened in the lawsuit to stop the state’s voter ID statute.

The expenses for which South Carolina was seeking reimbursement are relatively minor in comparison to the overall expenses that the state incurred successfully fighting the DOJ. The court awarded South Carolina the costs of various transcripts of depositions, hearings, the trial, and the audio recordings of the legislative history of the voter ID law. According to Wilson, the state spent $3.5 million in total on costs and attorneys’ fees.

The civil rights organizations tried to persuade the court to not award costs against them because “their participation should be encouraged and because they cannot afford to pay.”

They can afford to sue… but they can’t afford to pay.

  • JacksonPearson

    The NAACP won't ever come clean, but they love the RATS/DNC's voter fraud playbook.

  • Arlie

    All 50 States need the Voter ID law passed. For now I support the Constitution Party because it's the only way forward for my conscience and conservative values. Thank you for a news story that shows there are at least 3 judges that are not corrupted or intimidated.

    • bobbie murphy

      I agree

  • bobbie murphy


  • Mary Sue

    Yeah the line that the idiot leftists buy into is that ID is too expensive for poor people, and since the majority of Blacks and Hispanics are poor, it affects them disproportionately, and thus it is racist. Very convoluted logic and also false, given that in most states IDs are 20 dollars or less, except in blue states where it tends to be higher. If they want to whine about the cost of IDs why aren't they dropping the cost on ID themselves?!

  • DebbieOhio912

    It's laughable that the NAACP "can't afford to pay." Tough luck, racists, you lost. If you can't afford this debt, your assets (including donations) should be seized. Isn't this what happens in the private sector?

  • Johnconrad

    Their constituents have no difficulty being carded at the liquor store.

  • Mach1Duck

    I would hope this starts a trend whereby all states require voter ID. Would make it very difficult for the voting dead to carry in a tombstone.

  • Spider

    Note To the NAACP — Ha Ha Ha — Live by the Lawsuit Die by the Lawsuit.

  • Ruby F. Bilbrey

    There were also discrepancies in their facilitation expenses on which they get reimbursement despite offering a very low rate for sub-contracting work such as HVAC repairs.