Southern Poverty Law Center Kills Someone With Their Hate Map, Claims Hate Map Doesn’t Kill


I have a certain amount of personal interest in this question since I also appear on the SPLC’s hate map as a one-man hate group.

Co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center Morris Dees said his group’s “Hate Map” “doesn’t cause anybody to attack,” despite Floyd Lee Corkins’ admission that he targeted the Family Research Council (FRC) after going to the center’s website.

As Corkins told the FBI after his arrest, he learned of the FRC online, “It was a, uh, Southern Poverty Law, lists, anti-gay groups. I found them online. I did a little bit of research, went to the website, stuff like that.”

Corkins attempted a mass shooting on Aug. 15, 2012, opening fire at the Family Research Council and  wounding Security Guard Leo Johnson.

Armed with more than 95 rounds of ammunition and 15 Chick-fil-a sandwiches, Corkins told the FBI that he chose the FRC as his first target after looking at a list of “anti-gay” groups on the SPLC’s website.

Ironically the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Map turned out to be a map for haters to express their violent feelings toward the objects of their hate.

“Well, first of all, having a group on our Hate Map doesn’t cause anybody to attack them anymore than they attacked us for one thing or another,” Dees said.

“They claim that somebody attacks them because they say hateful things, think about how many gay people get bashed because these people say that gay men are pedophiles, which is demonstrably false,” Dees said.

So according to direct-marketing hate specialist Morris Dees, it’s okay if someone attacks a group that he blames for attacks on gays, except he also claims that’s just a distraction because his hate map which caused a murder doesn’t cause attacks.

FRC Executive Vice President Gen. Jerry Boykin (ret.) told, “The Southern Poverty Law Center’s reckless labeling has led to devastating consequences.  Next week will be the one year anniversary of a terrorist shooting on our building that resulted in the shooting of our building manager.  The Judge determined that it was an act of domestic terrorism after the shooter viewed the SPLC’s hate map.  Our team is still dealing with the fallout of the attack, that was intended to have a chilling effect on organizations that are simply fighting for their values.”
Can we start classifying the SPLC as a hate group already?

  • Tan

    Does this sound familiar? Sounds a lot like the gun-tracking map that that news organization did in New York in response to the Sandy Hook massacre. Next thing you know, thieves come to take your guns. But in this case, you have to worry about assassination when it comes to the SPLC’s “hate list.” It’s time to tell the SPLC to ban their hate map.

  • mattogilvie55

    Let’s post directions to Morris Dees’ house, as well as pictures of his immediate family. Then sit back and enjoy the show, pass the popcorn.

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    As servants of Satan, the Southern Poverty Law Center has little real concern for people. Like most “activist” groups, their concerns are money, power, and hatred of others.

  • Elisheva Hannah Levin

    The problem is in the definition of hate, and progressives define it very broadly as anyone with whom they disagree. That is not hate, it is simply differences in world view. Individuals have a right to their own political views, and even (gasp) to their prejudices. What they don’t have a right to do is express their views by violating the individual rights of others. Isn’t it interesting that most of the actual haters who attack others and violate their rights are left-wing nut jobs?

  • Nevada divorce

    This is just wack.

  • john

    Looking at the hate map it leaves out mexican gangs and blck gangs even tho alot of then dont like other races

  • JacksonPearson

    If the Southern Poverty Law Center’s map does not single out an area, group, or people, than why the map Mr. Dees? Exactly why can’t a real hate group go there to attack the group that you claim is, or is not a hate group? Right, wrong, or indifferent, your hate map is in fact a road map to hell!