Soviet Planner Behind California’s Pay-Per-Mile Scanner and Tax


“We will bury you…. in taxes”

Instead of California Über Alles, maybe the Dead Kennedys should have gone with Soyuz California. Ex-Nazis may have helped with the arms race, but Ex-Commies are building California’s bright Communist future.

The California bureaucrat behind a big brother plan to track vehicles and “tax by the mile” worked as a government transportation planner in the former USSR.

Hasan Ikhrata, Executive Director of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), who told the Los Angeles Times  “This really is a must for our nation. It is not a matter of something we might choose to do,” worked for the Moscow Metro Corporation, according to his official SCAG biography.

Ikhrata’s former employer Moscow Metro announced plans in July to track the movements of individual passengers on subways by tracking the SIM cards in their mobile phones, even if the phones are powered off, according to RT.  Police operations chief of the Moscow metro, Andrey Mokhov argues that the tactic is legal because “By law, we are not allowed to trace a person without appropriate sanctions…but we can keep track of the property of companies, which is exactly what SIM cards are.”

Although Ikhrata no longer spends his days working as a Moscow planner, he appears to have imported into California’s sprawling bureaucracy an instinct which runs unchecked inside the iron machinery of the world’s most authoritarian governments:  track, surveil, and ultimately control everything citizens do.

According to his SCAG biography, “Mr. Ikhrata holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Civil and Industrial Engineering from Zaporozhye University in the former Soviet Union”.

It’s not entirely clearly if Hasan Ikhrata was a Soviet Muslim or one of the many people from Arab countries friendly with the Soviet Union who went to study there. His profile lists him as speaking Russian, Arabic and English and he appears to be related to a Jordanian family.

But either way he seems to have made a smooth transition from Soviet technocracy to California technocracy with equal amounts of planning.

  • Veracious_one

    The Russians have never given up on thinking of ways to destroy America….Kruchev said “We will bury you”….his thoughts are still alive in Russia…..

  • Veracious_one

    The last thing people need is more government control of every aspect of their lives….

  • pupsncats

    Several years ago either the Democrats in my state of Washington or in the other Washington suggested this same plan. Taxing people on the miles they drive would serve their two-pronged plan to destroy the freedom to drive a car while forcing people into public transportation while generating more revenue for the federal government to waste.

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    The California libs will not only love any plan to pick their pockets, they’ll line up and elect other moonbats to do it again, and again, and again.

    Makes ‘em feel good.

    This is the result of a Utopian liberal society in which an ever-increasing few contribute to purchasing hammocks for the many, until the hammocks all fall down.

  • herb benty

    Wow the Communist/Islamist enemy now being allowed to curtail American citizens freedom of movement. Why are Americans suicidal? Who would allow this rot INTO America, much less let him greatly hinder it’s citizens?

    • Jill

      The peopl who couldn’t be bothered voting Obama out. After all if you can’t be bothered driving to your nearest voting booth, why campaign against totalitarian engineering?

      • herb benty

        Praying those you speak of come out in droves the next time.

  • zoomie

    copy cat idea from the peepuls republik of Oregon. It didn’t go over too big there. his salary, my tax dollars at work. if it does go through maybe my wife will be ready to move to the heartland

  • glpage

    People who agree with garbage like this tend to reinforce my belief that some people are genetically predisposed to like being ruled. They must have “leaders’ lording it over them. They seem to have a need to cave into royalty, be it genetically or electorally, established. I could almost feel sorry for them if it wasn’t for the fact that they tend to give us some real idiot leaders.

  • tagalog

    Yes, the old Soviets followed the Tsar’s lead in discouraging severely the citizens’ freedom of travel with internal passports. No doubt those will be proposed soon.

    • A Z

      The 1st Chinese dynasty (before the Han dynasty) had internal passports. We are talking 200 BC or before.

      Different day, same type of bast_rds.

      One a happier note one of the scholars/court officials of the legalist school of rule came to a bad end.

      This guy was an early lawyer. He was strict with the upcoming prince. When the prince became emperor he had to run. but he did not have internal passport so he was caught and… you get the rest of the story.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The bigger the Marxist state gets the bigger its appetite for our tax dollars gets. Nobody defends capitalism these days. It has become a bad word.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Because guys like Hasan Ikhrata are involved at all levels in our educational institutions. And people are not exactly chasing them out or looking for “reds under the bed.” They’re mainstream and that’s just fine these days.

      We beat the Soviet regime but they won the culture war. Which is freaking amazing and shows how stupid we were. And are.

      • Paardestaart

        Yeah, well, we didn’t beat the Soviet regime either..It’s gone underground, and it’s winning.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          “Yeah, well, we didn’t beat the Soviet regime either..It’s gone underground, and it’s winning.”

          We “won” the game we were playing but did not destroy the regime. You might be right. But in any case, many nations were liberated through our efforts.

  • defcon 4

    Just as an aside, but Jello Biafra came out in support of the paleswine over Israel. So some forms of fascism were evidently acceptable to Biafra…

  • WorldWatchman

    You have a dysfunctional socialist Governor who has people like this Communist then you should expect these types of Big Brother laws. I wonder if there’s that many dumbed down Americans living there who would accept this type of laws on their lives? If not then Civil War isn’t out of the question today. Is it?!

  • pete sizejob

    Hasan Ikhrata
    anybody besides me think this guys name is something to take note of???
    could these new taxes be used for jizya payments

  • Tom Angle

    I would like to know how they track the SIM card with the phone powered off.