Spirit of 1771: Colonial Farm Shut Down by Obama Plans “Freedom from Tyranny” Rally


Looks like the 1771 Claude Moore Colonial Farm is moving all the way up to 1776. (Actually political protests against tyranny were contemporary in 1771.)

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm is privately run and funded. It is that way because the National Park Service made it clear some time ago that it wasn’t interested in the colonial farm.

As much as possible, it is the late 1700s at the Claude Moore Colonial Farm in Fairfax County, Va. Tobacco is still grown here, and it is dried in a small tobacco barn, just the way it was dried 200 years ago.

Even the animals here are generally “rare and heritage breeds.” The pigs, for example, are smaller than modern pork. They were captured on an island off the Georgia coast, descendants of a shipwreck in the 1600s.

Then suddenly when Obama decided to use the National Park Service in his war against Congress, the National Park Service’s dumbest thugs began heading anywhere they thought might belong to them, driving everyone out and barricading the place. They even tried that trick with George Washington’s estate which is on private land. They settled for barricading one parking lot.

But after kicking some senior citizens out of their homes and forcibly shuttering the Pisgah Inn, they went after the Claude Moore Colonial Farm which is privately funded and run, but is on Federal land.

“The first casualty of this arbitrary action was the McLean Chamber of Commerce who were having a large annual event at the Pavilion on Tuesday evening. The NPS sent the Park Police over to remove the Pavilion’s staff and Chamber volunteers from the property while they were trying to set up for their event.

…because the NPS just doesn’t have enough people to run things that they don’t run. But they do have more than enough people to forcibly shut them down.

But in the Spirit of 1771, the Colonial Farm isn’t taking it lying down

The Farm is still closed with barricades in place however the NPS has never acted on its threat to blockade the staff and volunteer’s access to the property. Maybe they are all busy on the mall or standing guard over the scenic overlooks on the George Washington Memorial Parkway but at least they have left us alone.

The NPS however did blockade the Pisgah Inn. I wouldn’t be too surprised if after this story goes public, they go after the Colonial Farm.

In the meantime, the children that started working at the Farm years ago have grown up and are staging a protest tomorrow at the Department of the Interior. The details and their statement is below. I am so proud of them for doing this. There is nothing more heady than fighting for what you think is right and winning. And we will win this fight. If you can join them, do.

The protest is happening Monday October 7 at noon outside the US Dept. of Interior 1849 C Street NW, Washington DC. There will be fliers and information to hand out. Costumes are encouraged but not necessary. We are calling this the “freedom from tyranny colonial rally” and the invite on Facebook reads:

Perhaps NPS should consider profiting from King George III’s example.

  • Omar

    We also need more Freedom from Tyranny rallies in Venezuela (and Cuba) as well. Venezuela is being ruled by the Castro brothers in Communist Cuba, through the viceroy and illegitimate “president” Nicolas Maduro (who is Colombian, not Venezuelan). Right now, since Venezuela is a colony and client state of Communist Cuba, the Maduro dictatorship should be called the Cuban Raj. Maduro is the viceroy of the Cuban Raj and a puppet of Raul Castro, who is both the dictator of Cuba and the Emperor of Venezuela. Henrique Capriles needs our help in dismantling the Cuban Raj and returning freedom and democracy to Venezuela. In fact, we need freedom from tyranny rallies in the following countries: China, Sudan, Iran, Nicaragua, North Korea, Vietnam, Belarus, Zimbabwe and other despotic regimes.

  • LoJoFo

    The media will film this and spin it to make it the Republicans’ fault; however, if the righteous will not let it rest, it won’t be allowed to do so.

  • truebearing

    Obama always has enough money to increase the police state. He goes out of his way to invent circumstances that will allow him to exercise his sadistic, vindictive, powerlust.

  • onecornpone

    The petulant child we all knew lived inside the Boy Who Would be King, is surfacing…

    Try to imagine the caterwauling if a Republican POTUS was doing this?

  • Veracious_one

    Can Obama’s gulags be far behind….