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State Department to Spend $250,000 on Afghan YouTube Channel, Had No $$$ for Benghazi Security

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 23, 2013 @ 11:29 am In The Point | 8 Comments


Remember the State Department had no money for Benghazi security because of the mean GOP. But it can always seem to find huge chunks of cash for really stupid things like this [2].

This “Hope” nonsense smacks of an extension of Obama’s permanent campaign and it’s largely meant to fool Americans into thinking that matters in Afghanistan have improved so much that the departure is not a defeat. That makes this expensive propaganda boondoggle of dubious legality and obvious uselessness.

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul plans to spend up to $250,000 in taxpayer money on the creation of a website that will allow people to show how “the Afghanistan of today has provided opportunities that didn’t exist before.”

The stand-alone website — or dedicated YouTube channel — must give people in Afghanistan and around the world the ability to upload short, personally recorded videos “describing why and how the individual is contributing to the betterment of Afghanistan and/or the ways in which the Afghanistan of today has provided opportunities that didn’t exist before, and offering messages of hope for the country’s future.”

Can I just put in my own bid here?

For a mere $2.50, I will create a YouTube channel called Afghan Hope and Change that will feature anonymous people in Burkas explaining how their life is better now that Obama has decided to hand over Afghanistan to the Taliban.

For another 50 cents, I will get them to hold up an Obama poster and a Koran while chanting Obama Akbar.

(Note: Different people under Burka may actually be the same person. Afghan Hope and Change is indemnified for any street riots or wars that result from this video. YouTube Channel may actually consist of a playlist of cat jumps, beauty tips and Russian dashboard cams. Afghan Hope and Change Inc. bears no responsibility for YouTube comments on videos.)

Meanwhile John Kerry is complaining t [3]hat the State Department doesn’t get enough money.

Secretary of State John Kerry, during his first speech in his new job, complained that the State Department only receives one percent of the federal budget.

Let’s make it 100 percent. And there still wouldn’t have been enough money for security in Benghazi.

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