Stevens’ Islamist Killers Engaged in More Terrorism in Benghazi


After the Benghazi attack, the media quickly rushed to cover the clashes between Ansar Al-Sharia and Benghazi residents that temporarily drove the Islamist militia out. They were far less interested in covering the scene as Ansar Al-Sharia came back and took up its duties in all its old haunts; including Al-Jala Hospital.

After a series of attacks and the partial evacuation of a number of embassies, a car bomb went off near Al Jala Hospital.

A car bomb exploded today at one of the largest hospitals in Libya, killing 12 people and wounding 30. The bomb devastated wards and left cars burning outside the al-Jala hospital – one of Benghazi’s two main hospitals. A witness said the bomb exploded in the car park, near patients and visitors entering the main gate.

“The bomb was between the hospital and a house, some houses,” the witness said. “It was a mess, it is finished. There are 12 dead, some of them women and children, there are a lot of people who have wounds. About 10 cars were broken.”

The Al-Jala hospital was guarded and used as a base by Ansar Al-Sharia, which has links to Al Qaeda and reportedly involved in the attack on the Benghazi mission.

The Jala hospital had been used as a base by the Ansar al Sharia militia, which has been blamed for the attack on the American consulate in the city in September that killed Ambassador Chris Steven and three colleagues.

Now it is emerging that the bombing may have been a work accident.

Ministers said they were now considering the possibility that the day-time blast on Monday outside Benghazi’s al-Jala hospital was not a deliberate car bombing as previously thought.

“All the signs point to an accidental explosion,” Interior Minister Ashur Shwayel said at a press conference in Benghazi.

But that just means the car bomb was intended for use someplace else. Where? Take your pick.

Bombs exploded outside two police stations in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi on Friday and Britain temporarily cut staff at its embassy in Tripoli because of security fears.

One of the bigger scandals of Benghazi may be Obama’s failure to take action against the perpetrators.

  • AdinaK

    Why would the Islamist-in-Chief take actionable revenge against a terror group his R2P efforts helped arm? Does it make any sense for Obama Inc to turn on those they relied on for ferrying arms to their brothers in the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood? Of course not. And even though Brennan/Obama approved drone strikes against Al Qaeda linked groups, it was also the case that their main goal was not to decimate Al Qaeda, but to tamp them down for operational purposes.
    In any case, Al Qaeda's empowerment in Libya is a direct offshoot of Benghazigate –

    Besides, crazy Qadaffi kept them at bay, but he had to go, just like Mubarak!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Parenthetical Phrase

    When I read stuff like this, I can't help but think that one day, even the most uneducated muslim will scratch his head and say, "Why am I following this insanity? This is evil." In less than ten years, there will have been so many bombings, shootings, hangings, cutting off of limbs, beatings, cannibalism, that the number of muslims in the world will have decreased by at least 70%. And the rest will follow in time. Once Obama goes and the Left collapses, Islam will have no more allies in the West and it will be beaten back into its own lands. Then people will leave it in droves — either that or get killed by it.

    • Cat K

      Because you think the Muslim people are human like you are. It's an easy mistake to make. The definition of humanity or being a decent person is very much cultural. It means something entirely different to their culture than to ours. Once and for all we need to accept that- as hard as it is to imagine. Beheadings, murder of your own daughter, oppression of women, murder of those who leave their faith, hatred for outsiders are all okey dokey with them.

  • BLJ

    Islam is stupid. It will never change.