Stop and Frisk Works, Look the Other Way Doesn’t


In the debate over profiling and intervention, it’s clear that profiling works while ignorance doesn’t. The NYPD has taken a lot of heat for its tactics, including gathering intelligence on mosques and stop and frisk stops in dangerous areas. And those tactics have saved lives.

The decline in New York City’s murder rate — which the NYPD credits, in large part, to stop-and-frisk — is so dramatic that it has helped boost the average life expectancy of Big Apple residents, The Post has learned.

A city Health Department analysis listed all the factors that contributed to increased life expectancy of New Yorkers from 78 a decade ago to 81 in 2010.

The report attributes two-thirds of higher longevity to reductions in heart disease and cancer rates, and another 11 percent to longevity of residents with AIDS/HIV — thanks to better treatment and medication — as the two biggest reasons for longer life spans.

But the analysis also credits the plummeting murder rate as 2 percent responsible for increased life expectancy — 3 percent for men and 1.2 percent for women. The number of homicides fell from 673 in 2000 to 536 in 2010. Last year, it plunged to 419.

Compare that to the See No Evil, Hear No Evil attitude that allowed Tamerlan Tsarnaev to remain in this country despite a history of domestic violence and Islamist contacts. Or for that matter the attitude that allowed his family to come to this country.

Assertive intelligent tactics save lives. And they certainly beat rushing around after the killers once their plots are developed and they’re on the go. Law enforcement did a great job within the parameters they were operating in. But those politically correct parameters cost lives.

New York City went from a dangerous hellhole to a place where its mayor has the luxury to waste time on ridiculous soda schemes. That is a luxury provided by NYPD tactics that are politically incorrect, but that work.

The NYPD hasn’t just focused on chasing down criminals, but on preventing crimes before they happen. And doing that requires understanding the sources of crime and taking action.

  • patron

    The ease to prevent violence in inner cities shows one of the more disgusting traits of big government cesspools like Detroit and Chicago where dozens of victims including children will be shot to death over this weekend.

    Cleaning up cities involves the awfully high standards of ending government subsidies for drug addicted single parents spawning dozens of children from multiple fathers and demanding police officers enforce laws instead of having every other day off and then retiring in thirties on a full pension. But that's too much to ask from lying thieves like Rahm Emmanuel or criminal sows like Kwame Kilpatrick who are only good at cementing their own selfish desires and destroying the political careers of those who improve society.

  • markmic

    As someone who has lived in NYC several different times from the 1980's to present day, I can vouch that things are much better than they were before stop and frisk began. It's a pain in the neck for the people who get stopped (including my son, twice). But it teaches a lesson… you walk around with drugs or guns and you get stopped and searched, the stuff is going to be found, and you are going to go to jail. And by the way, this policy isn't racist… my son is white. The NYPD rocks!

  • Looking4Sanity

    I'll tell you what really works…don't live in hell holes we call major cities. I don't care HOW good "security" is. Sooner or later, one way or another, whether by terrorists, your own government, or even your neighbors, you're going to get burned. Major cities are nothing but interment camps waiting to happen, and all it would take is two little words…martial law.

  • guest

    Sorry, I can't agree with you on this one; I still believe in the 4th amendment.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I have absolutely nothing against stopping, frisking, and the profiling of Muslims per se. However, the practice is completely unnecessary because all mainstream orthodox Muslims are jihadists that are fighting jihad in the cause of Allah to make Islam supreme, per their total, complete, and unconditional submissions to the will of Allah. Therefore mass Muslim immigration, along with all of its excess baggage, should be banned and reversed ASAP if we are sane.

    Of course, the problem is our entire federal government including all of our intelligence agencies and even our defense department has been cleansed of all truthful information regarding the reality of Islam, because that truthful information about the reality of Islam is somehow considered to be offensive to Muslims and Islamaphobic by our PC federal government. In other words, America has been rendered completely blind and defenseless against Islamic jihad because our federal government has been hijacked and co-opted by mentally incompetent useful idiot leftwing moonbats that have been unduly influenced by stealth jihadists that are also our elected political leaders. My God, how could this happen?

    Can anyone imagine in the midst of the Cold War our federal government cleansing all truthful information about Communism from our intelligence agencies and defense department because that truthful information about the reality of Communism was deemed to be offensive to Communists? Well that is exactly the surreal world we are living in today.

    Imagine further if you will what would have happened if in the Cold War we had also opened up the floodgates to mass Communist immigration like we are doing today with respect to mass Muslim immigration.

    Can anyone explain what happened between the sanity of the Cold War and the surreal suicidal insanity we are living with today?