Subsidized Tuition for Illegal Aliens is Now “Tuition Equality”


The left has figured out that it can add “equality” to any terrible idea and make it more appealing. Forcing religious people to participate in gay weddings was “Marriage Equality”. Now subsidized tuition for illegal aliens who don’t pay taxes… is Tuition Equality.

And who could possibly be against “equality”? Only some sort of terrible person.

Obama’s Illegal Aliens aka DREAMERS are screaming that they want subsidized tuition in New Jersey. The In-State Tuition Bill/N.J. Tuition Equity Act is being kicked around.

In-state tuition is already a scam.

There are two New Jerseys. The New Jersey of the homeowners property taxed up to their necks and Cory Booker’s welfare New Jersey getting by on handouts. That’s part of what the senate election is about.

Christie ran as a pal of homeowner New Jersey. His actual track record has been much more mixed and there are reports that he’s preparing to sign on to welfare New Jersey’s tuition equality.

Immigrant-rights activists say New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie reversed himself Saturday and endorsed giving illegal immigrants in-state college tuition rates, and said he will try to get the issue through his legislature in a lame-duck session.

“We need tuition equality for everyone in New Jersey,” the activists said the governor said in a speech to the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey.

Afterward, the activists said, Mr. Christie told one of them that, “We will get it done in the lame duck.”

Mr. Christie previously had opposed the federal Dream Act, which would have legalized illegal immigrant students and made them eligible nationwide for in-state tuition.

New Jersey press accounts said Mr. Christie said that would have amounted to “subsidizing” them with taxpayers’ money.

Giancarlo Tello, part of the New Jersey Dream Act Coalition, said Mr. Christie had previously, but privately, committed to the Latino Leadership Alliance that he would back the legislation, but this weekend he publicly tied himself to the legislation.

Mr. Tello said Mr. Christie has earned the backing of Hispanics in New Jersey, and he said that will make the governor a more formidable candidate in a GOP primary.

He has presidential ambitions and I think this will boost him, especially him winning a blue state and reaching across the aisle,” Mr. Tello said.

That says all there is to say about the disgraceful state of the Republican Party today.

  • nomoretraitors

    I will be writing to Christie to reject this scam

  • nomoretraitors

    “That says all there is to say about the disgraceful state of the Republican Party today”
    It says more about the disgraceful state of the nation, that such an idea would even be possible and that we refuse to secure our southern border

    • BS77

      Passively allowing Illegal immigration demonstrates the decline and fall of the American Republic. No other nation would permit this invasion.. We just stare unable to do anything.

    • kasandra

      It’s more than idea. Maryland, and possibly other states, already do this. And I believe in Maryland it survived a public referendum.

      • Muawiyah

        The people in Maryland are predominantly anti-American in outlook. Folks here in Virginia need to pull down the bridges to keep them from wandering into the Old Dominion and causing us problems we don’t need.

  • Dave Andre

    Why spend money on people who can’t even work here legally?

    • Gee

      It is also illegal under Title 8 of the US Code

      • tagalog

        Not mention the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

  • anazunigamaus

    No, you are not the future of America, you all are America’s nightmare. You all need to understand that you are not our responsibility, you are the responsibility of the countries where you came from, they are the ones that owe you an education, not America. I am a Hispanic immigrant, who came here to continue my education, but I did not look for hand outs or special tuition, my parents pay for my education with out any help and that is the way it should be, but unfortunately this new wave of illegal in America, think they have more right than responsibilities, when they do not. You want to accepted? go back and do like the rest of us have done, wait in real lines and come legally, you can also tell your parents to do the same.

    • Softly Bob

      Well said, anazunigamaus

  • tagalog

    Okay, on to the next issue of “tuition equality:” out-of-state students pay the same tuition rate as in-state students.

    • Muawiyah

      There’s a federal law that provides that if a state institution provides instate tuition to an illegal alien they have to offer it to Americans.

      Actually, it’s not terribly enforceable but we could link it to a recission of all federal aid (at some future point if and we we ever get pro-American Presidents and Senators into office).

      Favoring illegal aliens over American citizens is JUST WRONG ~ it’s Crazy ~ it’s the kind of thing that gets people riled up, angry, and ready to fight (maybe even hold legal riots with flurries of lawsuits that cost a fortune to answer)

      Christie fails; the guy in Texas fails; many others fail on that count. I can’t give them the time of day.

  • Veracious_one

    True Americans are fast becoming second class citizens…with fewer and fewer rights…

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Don’t discriminate against law breakers. Come on man! Discrimination is so bad.