Sufi Muslim Scholar Denounces Immoral Pregnant Women: “They Should Not Wander the Streets with Such Bellies”

Pregnant Turkish women protest Sufi Muslim scholar

Pregnant Turkish women protest Sufi Muslim scholar

Islamist Turkey keeps finding new ways to hate women. The murder rate for women increased 1400% under the rule of the Islamist AKP. 62% of Turkish men support wife-beating.

The Erdogan regime has been forcing the Hijab into the public square and working to stamp out alcohol. But it’s been exceeded by Ömer Tuğrul İnançer, who is described as “a Sufi scholar, musician, and leader of the Halveti-Jerrahi Sufi order. Founded in the 17th century by Muhammad Nuraddin al-Jerrahi, who traced his lineage to the Prophet Muhammad.”

Also he’s a lawyer.

And he’s really sick of pregnant women flaunting their pregnancy in public.

Turkish lawyer and Sufi thinker Ömer Tuğrul İnançer has sparked a public outcry after telling state television station TRT 1 that it was immoral for pregnant women with huge bellies to reveal themselves in public.

“[They] should not wander on the streets with such bellies. First of all, it is not aesthetic,” İnançer said. “After seven or eight months of pregnancy, future mothers go out their husbands by car to get some fresh air. And they go out in the evening hours. But now, they are all on television. It’s disgraceful. It is not realism, it is immorality.”

Apparently pregnant women should stay indoors until after dark.

İnançer also said companies gave maternity leave not so that women could “wander” the streets, but to stay in their homes.

So Inancer doesn’t have to look at them.

After İnançer’s remarks, the program’s host said, “May Allah be pleased with you” in response.

TRT1 is a Turkish state broadcast station, which like the BBC is funded by mandatory fees. So this is as close to government propaganda as it gets.

Activists have also called for people to march on Taksim’s İstiklal Avenue at 7 p.m. with pillows under the shirts to show support for pregnant women.

The protest, which can be seen in the photo above, including chants stating that “pregnancy is not rudeness”.

Clearly Turkey is ready to join the EU.


  • Nuwan

    Muslims are such blessings (!) to humanity. You see, after the stressful work day-muslim news provide comic relief. Fatwas of carrots and cucumbers, decrees and stipulations about how to have sex with dead bodies and conditions under which Allah allows it, which nose to pick first and which foot to put forward when answering the call of nature, which size of pebbles to use to wipe your behind—-these are all Islamic jewels. List goes on and on. These zombies have devolved in the process of evolution. Moe hijacked the muslims’ commonsense. All you have is population- burden on resources.

  • OfficialPro

    boy when they want women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, they REALLY MEAN IT!

  • Lauren

    Did the “men” forget that they’re the reason that the women are pregnant? Women don’t get pregnant by themselves. However, with islam, it’s always the woman’s fault. Men are never to blame

  • Mach1Duck

    Don’t you just love Islam, it highlights everything a person should not be.

  • Pondscum

    Islam the religion of psychopaths.Rape children.Kill infidels.Not man enough to handle a woman on equal terms.What are you afraid of ?