Sweden: “All Syrian Asylum Seekers who apply for Asylum in Sweden Will Get It.”

Sweden or Syria?

Sweden or Syria?

In related news, I’m told that the country of Sweden has just ceased to exist. There are 2 million Syrian refugees out there. And probably a lot more in Europe who aren’t from Syria who will claim to be Syrian refugees.

There are only about 8,000 Syrians in Sweden affected by this decision, multiplied by all their families and kinfolk, but Sweden has just opened the floodgates.

Sweden has announced it will give asylum to all Syrian refugees who apply, making it the first member of the European Union to do so, AFP has reported.

Asylum seekers will be given permanent resident status, the spokeswoman for Sweden’s migration agency, Annie Hoernblad, said.

“All Syrian asylum seekers who apply for asylum in Sweden will get it,” Hoernblad told AFP.

“The agency made this decision now because it believes the violence in Syria will not end in the near future.”

Good reason to import it into Sweden then. Because if there’s one thing that already peaceful Swedish cities like Malmo need, is more Syria in their lives.

Previously Sweden only offered refugees a safe haven for three years and after each case had been assessed by the state.

Those granted permanent status also will be allowed to bring their families to Sweden, Hoernblad said.

Swedish Migration Minister Tobias Billstroem called on other countries to recognise their duty to help the Syrian people.

“No other conflict on earth today is as terrible as the long and bloody conflict in Syria. That should make many politicians, inside and outside the EU, think about our responsibilities,” he told Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet.

Perhaps Toby would like to stop by Somalia or Afghanistan. Oddly enough those are also Muslim countries. Funny coincidence that.

  • Veracious_one

    Sweden is committing suicide…no doubt about it….

    • Heywood

      Yes, having visited there a few times, i always found them to be well educated and intelligent. Things have changes, i see. Their lesson will be learned the hard way it seems.

      • pupsncats

        These days those considered education and intelligent are blind to reality, truth and lack all common sense. Most also couldn’t change a light bulb without help.

    • Nazeeh Kuja Oglan

      sorry to see this bad idea taken about the Syrian people, you may have to interact with them to see the wrong side of your comment here :)
      “I am Syrian btw”.

  • PouponMarks

    Self hate by the ruling elite leads to suicide. The citizens of that country voted them in, just like here. The only difference is a much higher average educational level. But they don’t have Blacks and low IQ Hispanics, either.

  • Hal K

    Read up on the firing of Lawrence Auster by this publication. Whatever this sickness is, it is present throughout the political mainstream and is not just limited to the left.

  • Mike Yeager

    I bet this was not run past the people of Sweden. Bet there will be a change in this policy real soon.

  • Heywood

    Strange how sweden is willing to do this but the oil rich arabs living in muslim countries, wont.

  • nomoretraitors

    Stupid race traitors

  • emptorpreempted

    What admirable generosity! Even unto suicide. Perhaps they’re overcompensating for their twisted indifference during WWII.

  • Lillith

    Well I guess that’s that for Sweden then…ta ta taters!

  • Race_Dissident

    Responsibility? What about responsibility to the native inhabitants of Sweden?

  • pupsncats

    Swedes better get their prayer rugs purchased quickly and make sure they can tax the people enough to build the mosques they will need and begin rewriting their laws to conform to Islamic law.

  • Gee

    The people of Sweden sure deserve what they are about receive.

  • European

    If this news is true, then they should just put the gun to the temple and get over with it, because this “policy” is national suicide. In fact it is genocide committed on the own people

  • Nowhereman

    Now is the time for a Swedish spring.

  • Mahmoud abdelwahed

    can i apply now for a new asylum request , I am a specialist in public health , medical bachelor, fluent English language.


  • Concerning Asylum Seekers

    Why have they suicided?

  • Abdul Lauf

    It’s not quite true that all asylum seekers will get in, there is still a criteria that they must meet otherwise they will be sent back. Applying for an assessment before going to Sweden might be a good idea (which can be done at seekasylumsweden.info).