Swedish City Overrun by Muslim Crime Turns to Superhero


Or a guy dressed like one at any rate.

Malmo consists of a 40 percent immigrant population and has the highest percentage of Muslims in Sweden closing in on a quarter of the population.

It has gotten a lot of press because all those Muslims have forced out most of Malmo’s Jews while the authorities have done nothing or blamed the Jews for the problem. Aside from the anti-Semitic attacks, Malmo’s crime rate looks pretty ugly because apparently filling a city with people from the most violent parts of the world doesn’t do much for public safety. Especially when some of those people believe they’re entitled to kill non-Muslims.

But now a superhero is stepping in.

A superhero is patrolling the streets of Malmö to stop crime, the newspaper City reports.

Dressed in black, with knee and elbow pads, he has a white “V” on his chest, which stands for “Väktaren” or “The Guardian” and a white mask.

Local police say that as long as he does not hurt anyone or pretend to a policeman, he can do what he likes. “it’s a free country”, police spokesman Kalle Persson told Swedish Radio P3 News.

Speaking to the local paper, “The Guardian” says he wants to stop people considering breaking the law, help police with eyewitness accounts, or step in if he sees a crime like assault or drug dealing going on.

According to a blog that covers real-life superheroes, there’s more to his backstory.

The article reports that Väktaren, a comic book fan, was motivated to become a RLSH last month after he was mugged. The Swedish RLSH has found that his costumed appearance has frightened several Swedes, so he hopes the media exposure will garner some understanding of what he is trying to do.


  • popseal

    For all their self styled sanctimony, most Muslims are superstitious on a primitive level. A single slice of bacon is enough to wreck their whole concept of righteousness. Shoes turned upward are an insult to the Muslim deity. By the way, some Muslims believe their god can not see through clouds. If your Islamic prayer rug (magic carpet) isn’t oriented just right, the deity can’t hear prayers no matter how hard the devotee bangs his head on the ground (note the bruise on devout Muslims heads). Marrying their first cousins for 30 generations does bring a price.

    • Softly Bob

      Good point, popseal. Superstition is the Muslim weakness. If Political correctness kept its ugly nose out of things,we could defeat these Mohammedan reprobates by using psychological methods. Islam can be belittled, humiliated and trampled on by viciously applying our knowledge against their ignorance.

      Bacon, black dogs and Jinn warfare can destroy them.

      Their superstitions are their Achilles heels. We should show no mercy when it comes to such warfare – Muslims should be made to aware that if they f*@k with us, they have nowhere to escape. There will be no Islamic burial, no Qu’ran, and no respect. Pig’s blood is the order of the day. There will be no martyrs in the land of the infidel. Muslims won’t get their 72 virgins, we are determined to make sure that they are sent straight to Hell!

      BTW, the bump on the forehead is called a zebiba.

    • JDinSTL

      We need to bury all of them in pigskin

      • Biff Henderson

        The superhero, or the EDL for that matter, should advertise he/they have the ability to coat one’s gloves in a pork product talc at a moments notice. Carry squirt guns filled with a diluted gravy mix or use pork based powder to blind the perp. Someone should develop a pepper spray/mace with a pork based solvent. A women’s undergarment whose fabric was interwoven with swine hair fibers, a ripcord powder pack that coats their dainties or pork based lipstick/cosmetics might cut down on rape. What if there was a necklace that held a pressurized container of powdered pork product, or ladies could carry an aerosol filled with pork product in solution in jurisdictions that outlaw pepper spray or mace. There is nothing lethal in some of these approaches but the thought of contact might deter the sickos. The slaughterhouses have mountains of skulls and tissue they grind up to dry to say nothing of the 5000 gallons of pigs blood the average sized operation collects every day or two. What was destined to be ground up into animal feed or fertilizer can be repurposed on the cheap.

        • Jakareh

          How about a noose made of pig hide?

          • Biff Henderson

            The noose speaks of violence. You’re messing with the phobias in their head. I’d like to see the EDL fashion protective helmets out of pigs skulls with battery operated heating elements to slowly boil off bacon fat to add a pleasing aroma. A mister for the discerning fellow. A ring/brass knuckle of sorts out of pig bones. An easy recognizable walking cane/club out of bones with a metal rod to stiffen the assembly with a brass coven hoof coated in lard. There appears to be substantial bones that will do the trick. Would they steer clear of a gent taking a jaunt?

        • moneekwa

          i, for one, would absolutely buy pig-product mace. since it’s not really a weapon, i could even take it to my weapon-free-zone workplace. i think ” “the guardian” has a cool-looking outfit, but he’s scaring swedes. he should get a giant strip of bacon mascot-like outfit. native swedes would probably smile and laugh, but mohammedans would flee in terror.

      • jakespoon

        That brings a whole ‘nother question to mind. Not on this subject ,but on the “religion of peace”, how do muslim football players in the NFL and college get past the pigskin the ball is made of? Seems like that would be a conundrum for them.

        • moneekwa

          NFL footballs are made of cow leather.

      • Drakken

        I refer the old Viking tradition of the burning the caresses’ myself. Besides you use less land space that way.

      • gray_man

        Who needs pigskin, just bury them.

    • lololo

      This pretty much summarizes all the muslim bullshit in one sentence.

      “A single slice of bacon is enough to wreck their whole concept of righteousness.”

      Golden dude.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s not like the Swedish police try to deter crimes if multiculturalism deems them to be acceptable. This man is without question an Islam-o-phobe if he thinks Muslims can’t employ sharia anywhere they want.

  • UCSPanther

    He should try dressing as one of these guys:


    “Stay out of trouble, Arab!”

    • JeremyBeadleswitheredhand

      but then theyd shoot him in the knee.

  • http://newworldisland.blogspot.com/ Arnoldr

    America needs a Superhero to oversee our runaway government, our government which is fearful and paranoid of offending them.

    • pupsncats

      Rather, Americans need to begin using their common sense and their brains instead of their sex organs and feelings as the only measure of how to act and think.

    • Huck Folder

      They already have one: obuMBoy, aka Buraq Obama.

  • Stahlmann

    Blame the Jews?

    “all those Muslims have forced out most of Malmo’s Jews while the authorities have done nothing or blamed the Jews for the problem.”

    The problem remained after the Jews were gone. So how can it be the Jews?

    Part of the problem is that the authorities are cowards.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Swedenstan !

  • katarina broman

    What!! You are kidding me right! One woukd have thought that the Swedish media would have reported about it, but no. I´m Flabbergasted!

  • Blues Lovr

    Deport them all

  • MikeNZ

    The sadness is the Swedes now have no moral compass and are not a people of integrity but are corrupted at the core as a society.
    Human beings excel in an environment of freedom and liberty, so all governments and thinking peoples should encourage that environment and push back, and defend against anything that threatens freedom and liberty as a core value in society.
    What happened is in the 60’s and 70’s the Swedes got corrupted in their thinking and values when they took sides in the Arab Muslims war against Israel and the Jews.
    Now their people are reaping the results of that, especially their women and children as they kowtow to Islamic dhimmitude being enforced on them by their state organs and leaders.
    Sweden brought into the country thousands of people who don’t believe in freedom and liberty as they are followers of Muhamad, who very definitely didn’t believe in freedom or liberty.
    Just read the Muslim history in the Sira.
    Now they don’t mention the religion or race of most of the rape attackers in the police reports in Malmo as it’s offensive to the Muslim community.
    Forget about the ordinary Swedish rape victims.
    Now Swedens voters are getting what they deserve.
    If they wouldn’t logically stand up and fight for freedom and liberty then they get what they allow in their country.
    A lesson for us all, all over the world.