Swedish Court Sentences Muslim Who Stabbed His Sister 107 Times to 4 Years in Prison


That’s a year for every 26 stabs. Majed, a 17-year-old Iraqi immigrant, stabbed his sister Maria to death inflicting 107 wounds with two knives and a pair of scissors.

The Court also established that the brother on more than one occasions before the murder intimidated his sister and called her demeaning epithets like whore and slut.

His sister had returned to Landskrona after she broke up from a forced marriage in Iraq. She was found dead in his apartment in Landskrona on the evening of 23 April, the day after her birthday.

The call to Maria – who only had six days left to live – came from two psychology students doing a study for an organization working to prevent honor killings.

Maria told them: “I was born and raised in Stockholm. Before I turned twelve, I was kidnapped to Kurdistan with my brothers … When I was 15, I was raped and married off. ”

Majed’s lawyer thought that the original sentence of 8 years in prison was too harsh.

“I thought the sentence was very strong, it was a very tough punishment. I do not share at all the district court’s perception of the seriousness of the offense,” says the 17-year-old’s  defense attorney, Mr. Jansson.

And the defense attorney got his wish. The 8 year sentence has been reduced to 4.

The court instead sentenced the boy to four years in juvenile detention because he was 16 when he killed his sister.

As the boy was only days away from his 17th birthday at the time of the attack, the lower court had decided to punish him as a 17-year-old rather than as a 16-year-old, allowing for a longer prison sentence.

Representatives of the Malmö-based organization Tänk om, which works to stop honour crimes, told local media at the time that the woman had been in touch with them for one year since returning to Sweden and that she slept with a knife under her pillow for fear of reprisals over her escape.

This is what liberal tolerance looks like. It’s not compassion. It’s evil.


  • john spielman

    Digusting lack of justice in Sweden. Where 's the outrage from Swedish women?

    • Mary Sue

      Sweden does it to everybody. Horrifically lax sentences always accompany Liberal Socialist regimes.

      • CHIPS

        I found this on another article – the victim's family had applied for a cash payment as compensation: ie what is happening is the brother was expecting to be paid for killing his sister.

        The court meanwhile refused to pay damages to the victim's mother and a half-sister born to the same father, arguing the relatives did not have a close relationship with the deceased.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          At least they won't profit from their crime

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Sweden does it to everybody. Horrifically lax sentences always accompany Liberal Socialist regimes."

        Yeah, when the plebs kill each other. Just don't harm any sacred cows.

    • UCSPanther

      They are too busy trying to outlaw criticism of feminist dogma…

      • CHIPS

        Swedish Muslims have slammed the government for failing to combat discrimination, submitting a report to the UN with a list of proposed measures, such as setting up an inquiry into the abuse of Somali migrants in the tiny town of Forserum.
        “Forserum really showed what proportions Islamophobia as well as Afrophobia can take when an entire town looks on as people have their human rights violated,” Kitimbwa Sabuni told The Local on Friday.
        Sabuni edited the report submitted to the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) by the Network of Swedish Muslims (Nätverket Svenska Muslimer i Samarbete), a cooperation of several different associations, in which representatives said Sweden was failing to tackle discrimination against Muslims.
        It asked the government to order an inquiry into how local authorities failed to help Somali migrants, some of whom were too afraid to let their children go to school after suffering verbal and physical abuse.

      • CHIPS

        A group of Swedish teenage girls has designed a belt that requires two hands to remove and which they hope will deter would-be rapists. “It’s like a reverse chastity belt,” one of the creators, 19-year-old Nadja Björk, told AFP, meaning that the wearer is in control, instead of being controlled. Björk and one of her partners now plan to start a business to mass produce the belts and are currently in negotiations with potential partners. “But I’m not doing this for the money,” she said. “I’m really passionate about stopping rape. I think it’s terrible.” In an online readers’ poll from the newspaper Aftonbladet, 82% of the women expressed fear to go outside after dark.

      • CHIPS

        You know a lot about Sweden do you? I bet you've never even been there.

    • CHIPS

      The suspect said that his dying sister begged him to call a friend for help when he found her in her Landskrona apartment.

      “The medical examiner found that her windpipe had been cut. Therefore, she couldn’t have spoken with her brother,” prosecutor Magnus Larsson told the court Monday.

      A recording the woman made days before her death was played in court.

      “When I was 15, I was raped and married off,” she could be heard saying.

      The recording was meant for a women’s support group, Tank Om [Think Again] and was on the topic of “honor” violence.

  • Softly Bob

    Sweden, like many European countries has fallen into the moral abyss. Years of Liberal lunacy and moral relativism has lobotomized it and castrated it. It is now defenseless, and the wolf of Islam is about to gobble up it's helpless prey. This is what the debauchery and cowardice of political correctness and neo-Marxism does to a society.
    Swedish women, in fact all native Swedes, are now sitting ducks!

    • Defcon 4

      Europeons would be more amoral, if they weren't so apathetic. Welcome to islam Sweden!

    • BS77

      Four years? Sweden is toast. Pathetic. They are losing their nation, their land, their culture to the parasitic insect barbarians. Dismal story…..unbelievable. The decline and fall of the West.

  • Pulsar182

    This was an Islamic honor killing completely sanctioned by the Qur'an,…

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      I wonder where the troll usmuslim is to defend this death?

  • And So It Goes…

    Honor killings are considered part of the Muslim culture and therefore it "hands off – we must not make Muslim men or Muslim culture look barbaric." Once you realize that this is all political and economic, you understand why the powers that be find it easy to sacrifice Muslim women. And by the way, there are plenty of Muslim women who don't want the honor killings to be punished. In fact, usually women (even mothers) are in on the whole thing. Sounds bizarre but true.

    • CHIPS

      I suspect it is dog eat dog, from what I've read, as long as the killing takes place within the family it is not really regarded as a killing, more like damage to property.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "And by the way, there are plenty of Muslim women who don't want the honor killings to be punished. In fact, usually women (even mothers) are in on the whole thing. Sounds bizarre but true."

      Well, if allah said that it has to be this way, who are they to argue? They are nothing. How do they know they are nothing? Allah said so.

    • Teriqua Jones

      If murder is against the law in Sweden, he should not be exempt from the law because of his religion.

      I live in the United States and my religion is against abortion. But I am forced to fund abortions with my tax money because it's the law.
      Okay, that may be a bad example in light of the scoundrel who is our current president. Nonetheless, I follow the laws of my nation and pay my taxes.

      • CHIPS

        No, I think that is a bad example because you are comparing a lump of mucous that has no brain to a 19 year old woman who was kidnapped, raped, threatened and stabbed 107 times. You are just the same as her brother – you want to impose your ideas that are rejected by science and the rest of the western world- on another person's body. I don't give a toss about abortion it is not an issue where I live, but let's get this straight, you don't give a toss about this woman either.

  • AMPisAnglican

    Britian shall become Britanistan
    France shall become Francistan
    Canada shall become Canadastan
    and the USA?
    it shall become
    Get ready for it. Unless you act to stop it now, and I do mean now, it will be too late.

    • Mary Sue

      it's Canuckistan, and don't you forget it ;) hehehe

    • John Spielman

      Actually when sharia law, muslim rights etc topics are written about on the CBC (Canada's liberal national news service ) the accompanying blogs show an overwhelming anti Islamic flavour by sometimes 10/1 to 100/1. So we're not yet muslim stoolies.

      • Defcon 4

        Tell it the Canadian arrested, handcuffed and jailed not once, but twice for peacefully protesting jihad in the streets of Toronto. Tell it the rabbi strong armed by islamonazis who have obviously subverted and infiltrated the police in Toronto.

        • Cat K

          I think American (and maybe Canadian) citizens follow their "gut" feelings and love their country &community and dislike those who attack us. If not for the media and current administration (OK add in academia), there would be a natural national groundswell of patriotic fury at those who come to our land to kill and conquer us as well as to those who just want a hand-out. Have you noticed TV/movies with every kind of villain, even sci-fi outer space plots, but never an Islamic terrorist?

          We don't get the validation of each others' common sense patriotism because images of patriotism and righteousness are not allowed in the media….with the exception of sporting events. And even there,someone has to be gay or insult America to be featured.

    • Toni_Pereira

      Actually, i think that blue states will be divided in several caliphates: massachussets, Smugistan; California, Assistan; New York, Al-Jerkilandia, etc, etc. The rest will be Free America.

  • Toni_Pereira

    If he had burned a Quran, he would be sentenced for life…

    • Teriqua Jones

      True! But he could have burned his sister to death and that would be acceptable.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        Well, she might have shown hair and neck.
        In all fairness should a slut like that be allowed to live? (sarcasm)

        If any Christian had behaved badly the worst they would do is shun them or throw them out.

  • A Drake

    I also wonder where is the outrage from other women in Sweden and across the world. Until we band together, woman will continue to be a commodity without rights and as long as women do not have some power in society, we will continue to have war. Women are burned, sold, raped, mutilated and killed in the name of all sorts of customs. My greatest horror is that a supposedly progressive, Western government will tolerate and even encourage this type of behavior. A 16/17 year old is considered a man in the Islamic culture…he should be sentenced to reflect this and a strong message should be sent to all those other ‘brothers’ who would engage in such a senseless act of cold-blooded murder.

  • David M

    The left is soft on crimes and Swedish left is one of the worst in the world. Sweden has one of the highest numbers of "honor killings" by Muslims and the shortest sentence sometimes 6 months up to 1 year. If you are Muslim or colored people you are immune of responsibility. Sweden has found Islam as its new religion. Sweden is in a very bad shape.

    • CHIPS
      • objectivefactsmatter

        "It is the same in the UK."

        European (leftist) strategy; wait for them to evolve. In the mean time, use them against Christians and Jews whenever possible. And hang on for dear life while it plays out…by living in a white Judeo Christian enclave.

        • CHIPS

          I don't understand the bit about a white Judeo Christian enclave, most of Europe is atheist, apart from Ireland, Malta & the Vatican.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "I don't understand the bit about a white Judeo Christian enclave, most of Europe is atheist, apart from Ireland, Malta & the Vatican."

            There are a wide range of cultures that are rooted in Judeo Christian culture. At home, most European atheists still live according to Judeo Christian values in many ways. They are greatly influenced by the values of the 10 commandments although they would deny the root source.

            Humans are complex. Atheism in the West sprang from Judeo Christian values even as they often attack salient features of the root teachings. Even communism is a distortion of Judeo Christian values. Then again I suppose you could say that about Islam. But Islam sprang from Arab Pagan culture, ripping off superficial ideas from the Hebrew prophets.

            Sorry if that's confusing. Usually when I refer to Judeo Christian, I'm speaking about culture unless I've been more specific. Virtually all of European ideals were developed in the context of the values taught by Hebrew prophets. Islamic values are alien to Judeo Christian values even though they try to pose as their legitimate messengers.

            It's why we can live alongside atheists in the West much easier than we can live alongside jihadis. Jihadis speak about Jesus (Isa) but reject all Judeo Christian values. Atheists might verbally attack every aspect of the Bible but their values are closer to Biblical than the jihadi's values are.

            There are plenty of ways to attack what I've said but in the end you'd be missing important lessons by rejecting it outright.

  • Aisha

    It is terrible, I don't understand why this happend! I thought after Fadime Sahindals honour killing things changed…. What kind of message is this to the society ? And it will get worse…. and easier to kill in the name of honour!

    My name is Aisha and I am an survivor. http://www.honourcrimes.weebly.com

  • Johnconrad

    Why is anyone surprised?

    If the perpetrator isn't white and doesn't have a big wallet?

    The feminists yawn.

    • CHIPS

      That's insulting, when feminists are risking their lives every day all over the world to do more than you will ever have the guts to do. This is the first one I came across on youtube, she was burnt with her four daughters for wanting to live the life I live. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0bweB3djUA

      • Lan Astaslem

        nonsense – the only thing the 'feminist' phonies screech about is having unfettered abortion and homosexual marriage. They are gutless wonders with all things islam – they don't have the balls.

        • CHIPS

          Which country are you in ? Feminists don't even discuss abortion in the UK? Are you in the States? I just came across Pamela Geller…make up your mind are feminists too masculine or too gutless? Every time I hear a woman speak she is called a sl*t, in AMERICA not the arab countries, AMERICA.

        • CHIPS

          Which country are you in ? Feminists don't even discuss abortion in the UK? Are you in the States? I just came across Pamela Geller…make up your mind are feminists too masculine or too gutless? Every time I hear a woman speak she is called a sl*t, in AMERICA not the arab countries, AMERICA. Wow took me 2 seconds to find another woman who is leading the feminist anti-muslim group in Italy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu-YiN-mnpg

        • CHIPS

          ever heard of Marine le Pen in France? She was 4th in line to being president last year – she advocates sending Muslims back home.

        • CHIPS

          Ann Coulter speaking in your own language, if you are American.

          • Defcon 4

            Ann Coulter supported the fat, corrupt islamonazi sympathizer/collaborator who governs New Jersey.

          • CHIPS

            ?Really? She seems to be militant anti-islamic? Ann Coulter Blasts Chris Christie, Says He’s ‘Off My List’ For 2016 In Fiery CPAC Speech by Garrett Quinn | 5:45 pm, March 16th, 2013 Conservative pundit Ann Coulter trashed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over his position on immigration during her a lively speech at CPAC this evening. Coulter emphasized that the battle over immigration reform should now be the most important thing Republican activists are fighting over in the coming years and because of this she has disowned the popular New Jersey governor.

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            It's a love hate relationship.

        • CHIPS

          ever heard of FEMEN?

      • You Know Who

        Ugh, feminist.

        They are horrible

  • Lan Astaslem

    We have been hearing all about the atrocities and savagery that go hand in hand with islam long enough. It's time to put an end to these barbaric parasites. Stop muslim immigration and deport as many from the US as possible. There have already been several 'honor' killings here (the MSM does a good job of keeping the stories out of the news, like the butcher gosnell and all the babies he murdered). It's always the same liberal and leftist goons that look the other way when there's inconvenient horror and evil.

    • CHIPS

      Now I am so confused, if you don't respect women, surely you are happy that this woman was killed?

    • CHIPS

      Who is the one getting 'hysterical' over abortion? WTF has abortion AKA an excuse for you political leanings to do with this woman's death? You don't give a toss about anyone else but your selfish interests, do you?

  • slhancock

    "This is what liberal tolerance looks like. It’s not compassion. It’s evil." Not only is it evil, but we will see an explosion of this right in our own neighborhoods soon. It is crazy that Muslims are exempted from anything they deem unfair to them. Screw the victims, but they feel that they should be treated under Shariah law. We MUST make sure that Shariah is not given and INCH!

    • CHIPS

      Hold on, the poster above you is using her death to say women have no courage, that all we care about is a man's money. Why should women support any removal of Islam if all it does is leave sexist, misogynistic whites? What difference does it make to us?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The Swedish Court should be sent to prison, they invite more of this outrageous conduct and
    have the blood of the next victim on thier filthy hands……………………..William

  • Kevin Stroup

    This is what a society does when it gets too rotten to go on. It allows death to overtake it. It may even invite death into its midst. I really cannot feel sorry for people who are this pathetically, willfully decadent. Will anyone really miss people such as these? I won't.

  • Horace

    Only 4 years in some country club prison training with his murderous Islamic prison dawa buddies for bloody murder? He was after all the real victim, don't you know, the bereaved family member. Sweden is the home of the Stockholm Syndrome. Jansson and the judge are typical Quislings. Hell's bells are getting louder. Sweden is bleeding to death. Not unique though, plenty of liberal fools in the US (after 9-11 and Boston Marathon bombing, etc.) and Israel too. It's hard to tell if they are just simple dupes or if they are evil traitors and destroyers who know exactly what they are doing.(That's a good question to ask them!) The Israeli left is particularly puzzling since they have seen the reality of the Jihad from suicide bombers on buses to rockets from Gaza, and still give aid and comfort to the enemy that has their little country surrounded.

    • Jerry G

      In the words of Michael Savage, liberalism is a mental disorder. How else can you explain it?

  • Varg i Veum

    Yup, thats Sweden alright. "Honor" killings is not concidered as a act of hate. You cant say something bad about religion (ie islam) or gays, then you hate. But if you stab a female (occationally a man too) family member out of cultural hate, it is not a "hate crime" Parents and other relatives who hates in the background are not considered to have anything to do with the hate murder. Just let the young boy do the murder, they know that young people are not punished in any meaningfull way here in sweden. "young" and first time offenders, regardless of crime, always gets a lower sentence more or less automatically,.

  • kafir4life

    If a muslim kills a muslim for being the wrong style of muslim or not muslim enough, who are we non-muslims to judge. In this instance, a potential bomb factory was permanently shut down, and I applaud this young man for shutting it down. If every muslim were to treat one other muslim in the same manner each day, within a month most of the worlds problems would be gone. I've done the math.

  • DDay66

    Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

  • LindaRivera

    Dear innocent Maria, We see you as our sister. Rest in eternal peace with the angels. May you know peace, happiness and joy in eternity that you never experienced on this earth. You were not given justice by Sweden's rulers, but our Caring, Merciful and Compassionate God will give the PUNISHMENT that is richly deserved.

    Bible, Provers 12:14 The deeds of a man's hands will return to him.

  • LindaRivera

    DEATH SENTENCE for ALL Murderers, Rapists and Kidnappers!

  • Paardestaart

    "I do not share at all the district court’s perception of the seriousness of the offense” ?!??!
    What wóuld attorney Jansson consider a serious offence?
    Maybe swedish men are getting a secret rise out of their muslim brothers, for being the only men who dare defy the feminist lobby? With their blessing, for crying out loud?

  • The Shiny Leftist Apocalypse

    Well no humans were involved all around.