Syria Kills 885 Palestinian Arabs that Palestinian Authority, Hamas and Jordan Refuse to Take In

During Israel’s recent Pillar of Defense, Palestinian Arab combatant and non-combatant casualties totaled about 150. Naturally we had to read 40,000 more articles about Gaza being an open-air concentration camp with luxury hotels, mansions and the iPhone 5.

Meanwhile both sides in the Syrian civil war have racked up a score of 885 Palestinian Arabs dead and the world hasn’t paid any attention.

Everyone who claims to care about Palestinian Arabs immediately sprang into action. Including Palestinian leaders.

Hamas told the UNRWA that they will not accept Palestinian Arab refugees from Syria because it will undermine their political case against Israel.

President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority agreed, saying, “It’s better they die in Syria than give up their right of return.”

Jordan has announced that it won’t take their Palestinian Arab “brethren” because… it’s Israel fault.

“Jordan is not the place to solve Israel’s problems. Jordan has taken a sovereign and explicit decision not to allow Palestinians carrying Syrian [travel] documents to enter Jordan,” Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said. “Receiving these brethren is a red line for us, because it will be a prelude for another wave of deportation, which is what the Israeli government wants. Our Palestinian brothers in Syria have rights in their country of origin, and they should remain there until the crisis is over.”

About the only sense that can be made of this is that

1. Jordan will not take in Palestinian Arab refugees, even though the country was carved out of the Palestine Mandate and already consists heavily of a Palestinian Arab population

2.  It’s Israel’s fault

3. The Syrian Palestinian Arabs should stay in Syria… or perhaps Israel. Or something.

But remember, everyone in the Muslim world only hates Israel because of the plight of the Palestinians. The moment that Israel finally makes a final deal, then they will love Israel because that is how much they care about the Palestinians.

They care so much about them that they kept them in refugee camps for generations to use as an army against Israel. They care so much about them that not even their own leaders will take them in.

  • dougjmiller

    The Arab/ Moslems, who you call Palestinians, that occupy land in and around Israel are merely cannon fodder for the Arab war of annihilation against Israel. Arab/ Moslems outside of Israel could care less if they lived or died as long as they're killing the Jews and waging a geo-political war against Israel's existence. If they succeed in destroying Israel and exterminating the Jewish people, they will be forgotten. There never was, and never will be, an independent Arab/ Moslem state in the Holyland

    • IranAware

      While the writer and I both agree with you, maybe one of us read it wrong. I think it explains perfectly who the real party at fault here and thats the Palestinians..Theres just too many idiots in the world running their mouths to hear the evidence.. they are getting off easy.. I would push ALL the Gaza residents into Egypt properly across the canal and retake the Sinai,this I would establish into a Coptic Christian state. Then I would annex and empty out Judea(all the Christians and Arabs with no criminal records can have a choice to stay) into Jordan where they belong,and confederate all 3 together. Really P*ss off the Arabs but oh,well.. Israel is here to stay and it needs the space..Tough luck Arab League

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Obviously I agree with all that and have written it before.

      • Mary Sue

        Yeah, the whole "Palestinian Right of Return" thing is a bludgeon to be used against Israel, and it matters not to them how many actual Palestinians die or are killed by the actions of the surrounding Arab states. After all, more dead Palestinians = more deaths to blame on teh joooooos! Sounds to me like the Arab bodycount (self-inflicted by other arabs) is going to be horrifically high just to justify the attempt at making a large Jewish bodycount.

        Ain't taquiyya grand?

  • Johnconrad

    They have no interest in building a modern state.

    Their interest was and is – jihad.

  • jakespoon

    Showing his limitless humanity and compassion for his brothers,nothing is too good for them.

  • Polat

    What a clear moron you are. No. 1 Israel is an illegal state and the sole centre of plague throughout the world. Should Israel perish, peace will return to the entire world. And i know you know it but you wont accept it coz your brain has been rotten by anti-Islamic propaganda and you are denying how your America and Israel is fueling and prolonging this civil war in Syria.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      So if Israel "perishes", Sunnis will begin to get along with Shiites?

      Is Israel causing Sunnis and Shiias to kill each other in Afghanistan, Syria, Bahrain, etc?

      • Channah

        and don't forget Libya, the Sudan, and now Algeria……

    • capelady

      You are the moron and clearly understand nothing about historical fact. Name one Palestinian leader prior to Yasser Arafat? You can't. Why? Because prior to 1948 it was the Jews who were referred to as Palestinians, and if you watch "Exodus" with Paul Newman, you will see a Jewish policeman referred to as a Palestinian. It wasn't until the 1960's when Arafat needed a brand for the disparate groups of Arabs living in Gaza, Samaria & Judea (named the West Bank by Jordan) that he decided to call them Palestinians for propaganda purposes…. and that little piece of propaganda succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. There was even a top official from Hamas who admitted on Egyptian TV that there is no Palestinian people – those Arabs in the "West Bank" are Jordanians and those in Gaza are Egyptians and Saudis. It is anti-Semites like you who are ignorant of historical fact and prefer to accept and disseminate lies to advance your ideology. I suppose you believe that Jesus was a Palestinian too? Utter nonsense! Peace will not return to the world if Israel perishes because Islam wants to rule the world and destroying Israel is only the first step. The Muslim nations do not care about the Palestinians other than to use them as political pawns. Who ever heard of any group of refugees remaining in that state for over half a century? If all those Arab nations cared about these people they would have absorbed them by now. They want to use the increased number of "refugees" and "right of return" to overwhelm the Jewish population of Israel. Dream on… it will never happen!

    • Mary Sue

      Am I to assume YOUR brain got rotted by anti-Jewish purple koolaid?

  • AdinaK

    Ho hum, but heaven forfend Israel harms a hair on a PA Arab's head, even as they rain down terror on Israeli citizens!

    Let us end the madness and start telling the truth. The PA Arabs are used as a weapon against Israel, and they have no other purpose among the Arab leadership. But that doesn't mean that Israel's leaders have to "go along to get along". Far from it –

    Adina kutnicki, Israel –

  • Polat

    and i wonder what kind of a book will you write with such a poor and pathetic and comprehensively fallen hold on language? Its such a stupid use of English that im sorry to say that your books will remain rotting in the stalls.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Perhaps you could offer me some English lessons?

    • capelady

      We don't sell books in stalls very much here in America…. and I have no doubt that any book Daniel Greenfield writes will sell very well in book stores, on Amazon, and through Kindle! You should reject your barbaric 8th Century belief system and come into the 21st Century. Recognizing historical facts and understanding that peace never results from hatred is a good place to start.

    • Mary Sue

      His english is good enough to pwn whatever nonsense you've been buying into.

  • RUI

    I guess "return to sender" doesn't work around there.
    Look on the bright side: 885 "palestinians" that won't be arriving on our shores.

  • RUI

    I guess "return to sender" doesn't work around there.
    That's 885 "palestinians" who won't be coming to our shores. And 885 less mouths to feed with European and American welfare money.

  • directedby1

    It's a spiritual law — what goes around comes around. Anyone who hates will die in a hideous way consistent with his hatred. So when Muslims can't help but be consumed by an utterly demented hatred, they are only harming themselves, truly for all eternity. What could be fairer than that? Israelis have to do what's necessary to survive, but without rancor or hate. Simply approach Arabs as a curiously pathetic virus who can't seem to rise from the swamp. They're Urukhai of Mordor …