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Syria Kills 885 Palestinian Arabs that Palestinian Authority, Hamas and Jordan Refuse to Take In

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 13, 2013 @ 11:44 am In The Point | 19 Comments


During Israel’s recent Pillar of Defense, Palestinian Arab combatant and non-combatant casualties totaled about 150. Naturally we had to read 40,000 more articles about Gaza being an open-air concentration camp with luxury hotels, mansions and the iPhone 5.

Meanwhile both sides in the Syrian civil war have racked up a score of 885 Palestinian Arabs [2] dead and the world hasn’t paid any attention.

Everyone who claims to care about Palestinian Arabs immediately sprang into action. Including Palestinian leaders.

Hamas told the UNRWA that they will not accept Palestinian Arab refugees [3] from Syria because it will undermine their political case against Israel.

President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority [4] agreed, saying, “It’s better they die in Syria than give up their right of return.”

Jordan has announced that it won’t take their Palestinian Arab “brethren” because… it’s Israel fault [5].

“Jordan is not the place to solve Israel’s problems. Jordan has taken a sovereign and explicit decision not to allow Palestinians carrying Syrian [travel] documents to enter Jordan,” Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said. “Receiving these brethren is a red line for us, because it will be a prelude for another wave of deportation, which is what the Israeli government wants. Our Palestinian brothers in Syria have rights in their country of origin, and they should remain there until the crisis is over.”

About the only sense that can be made of this is that

1. Jordan will not take in Palestinian Arab refugees, even though the country was carved out of the Palestine Mandate and already consists heavily of a Palestinian Arab population

2.  It’s Israel’s fault

3. The Syrian Palestinian Arabs should stay in Syria… or perhaps Israel. Or something.

But remember, everyone in the Muslim world only hates Israel because of the plight of the Palestinians. The moment that Israel finally makes a final deal, then they will love Israel because that is how much they care about the Palestinians.

They care so much about them that they kept them in refugee camps for generations to use as an army against Israel. They care so much about them that not even their own leaders will take them in.

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