Syrian Al Qaeda Funder Lives on Disability in Australia


If he actually went off to fight in Syria, he would be truly disabled in a very short time.

He is accused of being the mastermind behind a network sending Australians to Syria to fight alongside al-Qaeda, but yesterday Hamdi Alqudsi said he was a disability pensioner with only $500 to his name.

But police allege Alqudsi, 39, had access to funds to pay the airfares and accommodation for a number of men now in Syria, believed to have headed there to engage in hostile activities.

Alqudsi, who told investigators he has two wives, is the partner of controversial Muslim Carnita Matthews – the woman who, in 2010, claimed police tried to rip off her burqa to see her face during a roadside breath test.

She was later found guilty of making a false statement.

Police allege Alqudsi was the main go-between for the men, linking them with known associates of Jabhat Al Nusra in Syria, which is closely linked to Al-Qaeda.

“He had access to funds and helped a number with money for fares and other expenses,” police said.

What else does the poor disabled Hamdi do in his spare time?

The men wore matching black hoodies with the words “Islamic Brotherhood Worldwide” and “One Day One Flag”. In Arabic is written: “There is no deity except Allah and Mohammed is a messenger of Allah.”

He calls himself Hamdi Abu Ibrahim (Hamdi Father of Ibrahim) and his real name is Hamdi Alqudsi.

There is no sucker except the Western welfare state and Mohammed will take it for all he can get before blowing it up.


  • Biff Henderson

    A slave of Allah that wasn’t chosen to be one of the green birds of Paradise has to puff up his massive girth with a new name to match. Supremacists are never happy with their lot and do everything within their power to self-aggrandize themselves to mask their shame. He’s looked down on by fellow Muhammadanians because he cannot provide for his family and must rely on handouts from the kuffar. All the boasting of fleecing the infidel is still met with derision. What a sad specimen.

    • defcon 4

      “handouts from the kuffar”, is very insulting. He’s merely collecting his jizya payments early, the only fact that reflects negatively on him is the amount of jizya he’s collecting.

  • antioli

    The Government of Australia does not seem interested in defending the rights of Australians from being ripped off. On the other hand him sending lots of warriors to fight and die and not come back is very good for Australia.

  • roccolore

    Muslims hate the West, but love the Western welfare benefits.