Syrian Rebels Get Bored with Syria, Plot to Kill All the Buddhists in Burma

Muslims would beg to differ

Each campaign of Islamic terror against a non-Muslim country is usually preceded by complaints of human rights violations against the only humans that matter. Muslims.

Step 1 sees the Saudis and their useful idiots denouncing a country. Step 2 sees the media writing in-depth stories about a Muslim hangnail in Country X, when they couldn’t be bothered to write about Muslim massacres of non-Muslims in other places without spreading the blame to the victims. Step 3 sees the terrorists funded with Saudi money beginning their killing sprees.

Burma has gone through Steps 1 and 2 with a torrent of articles whining about Muslim persecution. Now we’re on to Step 3 of every Muslim supremacy campaign. Mass murder.

Syrian Islamist have been attempting to smuggle Muslim extremists into Myanmar, a Syrian Islamist source told NOW.

According to the source, “many attempts have been made to send Jihadists to Myanmar for the sake of our brothers.”

“Contacts with Islamist groups in Pakistan, India and other surrounding countries are being made in order to facilitate their entry into Myanmar.”

The source, however, added that “these attempts have failed.”

Speaking to NOW, Salafist Sheikh Bilal al-Masri called on Muslims to attack Buddhists and their interests.

“I decree that every person who can get to a Buddhist should kill him because they are killing our people and the Muslims cannot be blamed for their reaction.”

The Sheikh went on to say that there was “a systematic war” against Muslims in Mali, Iraq, Palestine and Myanmar.  “All this can trigger extremism, and then they will say that we are the terrorists,” the sheikh added.

Yeah it’s crazy isn’t it. You declare  a genocidal war against Buddhists and people don’t realize that the Buddhists made you do it.

Why don’t people understand that the Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Atheists and Every Other Religion on Earth are the real terrorists?

It’s incomprehensible why every religion is persecuting Muslims. Including notorious oppressors such as the Jews and the Buddhists who have a long history of enslaving and killing other people. Oh wait… Muslims have a long history of enslaving and killing other people.

But the good news is that the Syrian rebels are diversifying. They’re not just about killing Shiite Muslim and Christians in Syria. Their civil rights movement has bigger plans. Like going to Burma to kill all the Buddhists.

  • Spikey1

    Those darn Buddhists; continually preaching hate speech, persecuting non-believers, and stirring up loads of trouble everywhere they inhabit.

    Oops wrong religion substitute Muslim for Buddhist please.

    • Mary Sue

      In Muslim Bizarro Logic World, Buddhists oppress Muslims…….by not being Muslims.

  • alkidya

    Obama supplies the guns, the ammo, the tear gas, the F-16 jets, the Abrahams tanks.

  • Drakken

    Got to hand it to the buddists of Burma, they have had enough of islam and aren't afraid to do something about it, Go Burma! Keep up the great work! Hopefully our weak and spineless leaders here in the West take a page out of their playbook.

    • Mary Sue

      yeah like I've said so many times before, if a freaking BUDDHIST wants to clean house, you KNOW there's a problem with Islam. A SERIOUS, GENOCIDAL problem coming from Islam.

  • john in cheshire

    Why is it that we don't see muslims for the peaceful entities that they protest themselves to be. We must be blind to the truth of islam. It must be some secret that only those inside the religion get to see. That must be why we have to convert to see the real peacefulness of islam. Once we've converted, we'll become the truely pacifist peoples of theearth that allah has planned for us. It's a mystery that so many of us don't actually buy into that story. Could it be that God and in my case, Jesus, have a different take on things? Could it be that just because a lunatic says that day is night and night is day, that it isn't really so? That's what lunatic asylums are for; the arab land called palestine seems to me to be an appropriate repository for such lunatics. It's a pity that there are so many lunatics abroad and that it will take much persuasion and blood-shed before we return to normality.

  • AdinaK

    We are dealing with Islamic madness and this must be recognized for what it is. Muslim blood lust in non-quenchable, therefore, there is no satiating it –

    The "rebels" are Al Qaeda/Al Nusra, certainly not democracy seekers!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • john in cheshire

      Adina, that's what I was trying to portray in my submission above. I think my irony is misunderstood. I think the reluctance of people to realise what is happening and in the case of the Christian community, the reluctance to bury the hatchet and join forces with their brethren against a common foe is why it tooo centuries before we sent forth a mass of men on a crusade to crush the mohammedan. I just see history repeating itself. Maybe by 2113 we'll have amassed a force that will crush this extant enemy. I'd like to live to see the day but I fear it will be my family to come who will have to suffer this necessity.

  • mah29001

    And yet the media is displaying and laying the blame on Burmese Buddhists for starting up the violence in Burma when they got things backwards again just like with the way they treated Israel when it fought against Hamas and Hezbollah and the "moderate Palestinians".

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "And yet the media is displaying and laying the blame on Burmese Buddhists for starting up the violence in Burma when they got things backwards again just like with the way they treated Israel when it fought against Hamas and Hezbollah and the "moderate Palestinians"."

      Buddhists don't behead reporters quite as frequently. Certain other peaceful pious folks love to brag about itching to behead anyone who hurts their feelings, especially in the media. As if anyone could overlook that little issue.

  • Toni_Pereira

    Could they not be content to kill all the opressive cockroaches? I got an huge infestation in the attic and i could use some jihad.Alá-ó-aqubar, vrothers!

  • Freedom Brigade

    Id just like to Thank the Syrian Government for doing the world a favour and ridding us of these islamists and terrorists. These people have been responsible for the deaths of almost 80000 people in syria and now that they see that their defeat is imminent they are going to continue to cause chaos in another innocent countrt like Myanmar, whats there excuse this time "liberation of the opressed" "The Asian Spring?" "Pigs are flying oh we cant eat pig lets massacre some innocent buddhist". Its time for the world to come together and crack down on these islamists and sanction those who support them enough distruction enough genocide!

    • Real Buddhist

      The war in Burma started because Muslims raped and killed an innocent Buddhist girl. They also killed, burned a Buddhist village, killed Buddhist monks….Muslims started the war…everywhere.

  • And so it goes

    The photograph of the Buddhist with the sign, "the world is not only for Muslims" is about as succinct as it gets. Maybe the world will listen to the Buddhists since it is deaf and blind to what is happening to Jews, Christians and Hindus.

  • rbla

    Richard Gere, where are you?

  • Goemon

    These muslim supremacists think they are tough guys with their 'frrrdom go to hell' signs. But they are not real men in the least . They are pathetic willful slaves to a desert madman and if mohammaed asked them to bend over and receive his love they would all proudly do it. They are weak minded fools.

  • Joe Vvc

    Big joke … they cannot even produce a decent anti tank or SAM without Western help in Syria… and they want to take over the world.

  • Your new fan

    Lol thanks for the laugh, another Stupid website full of loser journalists who have no idea of what actually happens in the world. Keep up your propaganda but it’s not going to get you anywhere cause no one is buying it, but like I said thanks for the laugh! Will check back to see what other amusing articles you post.

  • petoz

    thats stupid! burmese army is pretty ruthless there won’t be questions asked they will just start killing muslims. They will torture any one suspected of being a terrorist and they are pretty competent at crushing insurgencies in the jungle. It would be a bad fight for them. The army doesn’t have the same respect for life that western armys have. these terrorist are gonna get out terrorized.