Syrian Rebels Now Picking a Fight with China

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Probably not the smartest move ever.

China doesn’t have the same record of killing foreign enemies overseas that Russia does. But it has a large enough overseas network and piles of cash that it could get the job done if it needed to.

Just ask Naw Kham what happened after the Mekong River Massacre.

The bodies of the Chinese, the crew of two cargo boats, were found badly mutilated on the Thai side of the river in early October 2011. The killings, the worst slaughter of Chinese citizens abroad in recent memory, angered the Chinese public. Chinese investigators insist that Mr. Naw Kham was the mastermind of the murders.

It took six months for China to catch Mr. Naw Kham, a citizen of Myanmar in his 40s, a man of many aliases who was at the center of the booming synthetic drug business in the Golden Triangle, once known for its opium.

What came next was quick: the authorities flew the drug lord from Laos to China, tried him in a provincial court and executed him last month in a highly publicized live television broadcast that captured the proceedings until just moments before he received a lethal injection

Terrorist lover Glenn Greenwald bizarrely insisted that the Chinese insistence on taking him alive instead of killing him with a drone had something to do with human rights. It had nothing to do with human rights and everything to do with the Chinese authorities wanting to make a public example out of him and show their power.

And it’s something that Syrian terrorists might want to think about. Naw Kham could be them.

There are also reports that the rebels are actively plotting attacks against the Chinese embassy, presumably in retaliation for China’s continued support for the Assad regime. The Want China Times report said that a brigade commander in the Free Syrian Army, one of the rebel forces fighting the Syrian government, has vowed to launch a “full-scale attack” on the Chinese embassy.

Meanwhile, the Global Times claims that a local driver the embassy had employed was arrested earlier this year by Syrian authorities for allegedly planning to place bombs under the embassy car. The article, which said the driver had confessed to the crime, added that he had been recruited by Syrian rebel forces during a trip to Jordan in February.

Following the incident Beijing assigned eight armed Chinese police officers to protect the embassy and its personnel. The only other Chinese embassies to have such protection are those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Veracious_one

    Muslim vocabulary is limited…but they do use ‘attack, destroy, and kill’ a lot….

  • Solo712

    Didn’t take the Chinese ten years to get their “bin Laden”, did it ?

  • Erudite Mavin

    Interesting timing.
    The top Chinese admiral and staff got tour several of San Diego bases,
    ships, etc. this past week here.

  • Texas Patriot

    The active cooperation and collaboration of America, Russia, and China is probably the only realistic chance of resisting the onslaught of Islamic jihad now sweeping the entire planet. Other nations will do their part, but without solid bonds of friendship and a smooth working relationship between America, Russia, and China, nowhere in the world will be safe. As hard as it is to believe, it is highly likely that at this point in time, America, the so-called Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, which produced Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Lincoln, remains the least aware and most naive of the three great powers. This will likely change as we go forward toward the end of Obama’s presidency, but both of the major political parties remain deeply in denial regarding the nature and extent of this threat.

  • Peter_T

    most of the rebels are armed and financed by Saudi and Qatar. One of the biggest Saudi and Qatar’s oil business partner nation is China. A few phone calls from China to these two countries will stop any large scale attack on Chinese embassies in Syria.

    • Randy

      Yes but we have been a customer of Saudi Arabia and they still send money to jihadis that harm us and turn people on to wahabism in our prisons.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Exactly. The Saudis play both sides against the middle – and America has been dumb enough to let them do it to us. (Obama actually encourages it.) I wonder if the Chinese will be dumb enough to fall for it. They talk tough, but I can’t see them attacking the ” Conquer Syria Rabble.”

  • Melvin Polatnick

    that have bravely fought under the brand name al-Qaeda have laid their lives on
    the line in Syria; they are now being disenfranchised under the new peace
    treaty. The US commander in chief should offer refugee status as further
    payback for those who battled the Infidel Assad.

  • Hass

    Don’t worry about China, they care not what the Western PC Club think or do, no, they do what must be done when it comes to Islam.