Taliban Use Sex Jihad to Recruit Suicide Bombers


The Taliban, like other Islamic terrorist groups around the world, are fighting to create a moral society under the law of the Koran by using prostitutes and suicide bombing.

When would-be suicide bomber Abdul Malik was travelling to his intended target, he noticed that his handler was driving erratically.

The car zigged and zagged along the road. Malik cried out in fear of crashing.

The handler laughed off Malik’s worry and explained that he was driving that way to avoid killing the “heavenly maidens” who were running to be with Malik so they could reward him sexually for blowing himself up.

“I am trying to save these heavenly maidens for you, and each one of them is waiting to welcome you and is even running into our vehicle,” he told Malik, who did not see any maidens.

You have to study a lot of Koran and smoke a lot of Hashish to see the maidens. Only the most devout of Hasisheads can see them.

In preparing Malik for his suicide mission, trainers provided him and other recruits with women and encouraged him to have sexual interactions with them, which his trainers promised he would enjoy more fully after completing his mission, Malik recalled.

Other things that Malik expected to enjoy more after being blown to bits included volleyball, long walks on the beach and mountain climbing.

Besides trying to inflame the libido of teen bombing recruits with actual women and imaginary “heavenly maidens” alike, the militants have molested the boys, observers and former victims say.

Not only did the suicide bombers not get the virgins, but they were the ones who got raped.

Afghan Senator Rogul Khairzad came under Taliban attack in Ghazni Province. She survived, but her driver and 8-year-old daughter were killed.

“On the one hand, they are stopping women from engaging in politics, receiving an education and even living their lives freely, while on the other they are using women as objects of war to trick youngsters to commit the evil deeds they are too afraid to do themselves,”

Isn’t that what Islam is all about?

  • N. Wasse

    Great article. However, it is not going to work. Members of the Taliban do not like women and they like to have sex with other Talibans so here is Islam’s gift to humanity in Raymond Ibrahim’s article about the “sodomy fatwa” http://www.raymondibrahim.com/from-the-arab-world/sodomy-for-the-sake-of-islam/

  • Veracious_one

    The most common victims of Islamic suicide bombers are other Muslims…Since no Muslim cleric, group, or organization is rushing in to explain to the Islamic suicide bombers just how they have misunderstood their religion so badly,,,one can deduce Muslims must enjoy being the victims as much as they like being the killers….all for Allah, Mohammad, and the Qur’an…

  • http://fdnyretiree.com/ Ed FDNYRetiree

    Why not just give out free headbags?

  • N. Wasse

    There is a slight problem here: Well the guys of the Taliban like other guys and they are not into women!
    The amazing Islam!

  • Tim N

    Allahu Akhbar! I feel a need for some jihad.
    If only I had a little morale boost.
    C’mon baby, walk with me talk with me.
    Yeah, sure, of course you can trust me-
    I *promise* I’ll jihad in the morning.

  • Gandhi

    They themselves are worst nonbelievers as they do not leave things in hands of Allah to take care of Jihad or other affairs with his almighty power and thus either are suspicious of Allah’s capability of managing things or don’t believe him.