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Teachers’ Unions Panic as Scott Walker Moves to Expand School Vouchers

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On March 25, 2013 @ 11:57 am In The Point | 15 Comments


The entire teachers union-education complex rests on forcible taxpayer subsidies for a public school establishment that negotiates with the politicians it selects for huge benefits.

To understand how much of a disaster this is for education, let’s take a look at just one set of numbers [2] from Battleground Wisconsin

The two districts, and Milwaukee Public Schools in particular, made so many unfunded promises to employees in the pre-Act 10-era, that taxpayers today pay more in retiree benefits in the two districts than the entire statewide cost of educating the nearly 25,000 students in the voucher program.

“We have a very high cost model to deliver education,” Rep. John Klenke, R-Green Bay, “We will be paying, through our retirement system, for 1.5 people outside of the classroom for every one person in the classroom, if we don’t change,”

Wisconsin Educrats are panicking over Governor Scott Walker’s plan to expand vouchers to underperforming school districts, a plan which currently has majority support. And those numbers show some really bad news [3]for the Educrats.

A Marquette University law school poll on Tuesday said 52 percent of respondents would like to see the voucher program expanded statewide or at least in larger districts with some underperforming schools. And 42 percent want it frozen or ended altogether.

That underperforming aspect is the truly dangerous angle for the Educrats who are rushing to claim that the performance numbers for schools are wrong or misleading.

There is a reason why teachers’ unions oppose standardized ratings. Hard numbers highlight performance and mandate reforms.

Scott Walker is proposing to give parents an exit strategy from broken schools, but those broken schools are the bread and butter of the Educrats who can use their failures as bottomless money pits.

Educrats complain that rating schools makes them competitive, which is apparently a bad thing, an opinion that helps explain why so many Madison schools aren’t.

The performance differences and [2]the spending differences between the broken public school system and voucher schools are obvious.

The entire budget for the Milwaukee and Racine voucher programs was about $158 million last year. For comparison, Racine Unified, which has about 21,000 students, will spend some $314 million this year.

Governor Walker is moving slowly and proposing voucher reforms that align with what parents in specific areas want. As a survivor of the Battle of Madison, Scott Walker knows how manipulative Educrats are in using children as human shields. And the only defense against that tactic is parental involvement.

Like most parasites, the educracy is killing its host, draining insane amounts of money and demanding more. The situation has gotten bad enough that support for charter schools has become a mainstream liberal position. As liberals increasingly embrace charter schools as a hedge against the Educrats, it may be time for Republican governors to follow Scott Walker’s lead on school vouchers.


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