Terrorist Lawyer Stanley Cohen Busted for Millions in Tax Evasion


Some terrorist lawyers pretend that they take cases on principle. Stanley Cohen is blatant about being a terrorist supporter.

Israel is a “terrorist state,” he says. Palestinians have no choice but to attack Israelis “by any means necessary,” he says. Yes, that includes suicide bombings.

Who is this bearded supporter of jihad and what’s he doing in a Lower East Side loft decorated with Syrian banknotes, a close-up photo of an AK-47 and his own mug shots? He is Stanley L. Cohen, Esq., defender of accused terrorists and possibly one of the most hated lawyers in this city.

He points proudly to a recent picture of him sitting side by side with Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the Hamas spiritual leader who cheers on the shrapnel-laden Palestinian bombers from his wheelchair in Gaza.

“I’ve been arrested on a good number of occasions – it comes with the turf – both before being a lawyer and since being a lawyer. But, as we say, inshallah” – Allah willing – “my record is perfect.”

Stanley, like his terrorist pals, shouldn’t have relied on Allah too much while committing crimes. Allah may be the patron saint of terrorists and criminals… but crime doesn’t pay.

Manhattan attorney Stanley Cohen, whose clients included Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law and Lynne Stewart, who was convicted for passing messages from her client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, was indicted Thursday for failing to report some $3 million in income, the NY Post reported.

The federal grand jury in Manhattan indicted Stanley L. Cohen on five counts of failure to file individual income tax returns for the 2006-2010 tax years and one count of wire fraud. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

According to NBC News, the government is accusing Cohen of receiving cash payments of “at least $500,000″ from his clients, as well as having them make wire payments directly to American Express to pay his card bills. The indictment also said Cohen stored cash payments in a safety deposit box, rather than depositing them in a bank account. He also deposited legal fees in his personal accounts, thus defrauding the state and the feds of income tax.

It’s absolutely shocking that some of Stanley Cohen’s clients would want to pay him off the books. Meanwhile Stanley Cohen was stupid enough to then hide the income.

This appears to be a separate case from the Federal indictment of Stanley Cohen for tax evasion last year

The U.S. Attorney’s Office alleges Cohen failed to file income taxes for six years from 2005-10, to report a cash payment of more than $10,000 and to maintain records or books of transactions.

Now we’re up into the millions…

But maybe after representing left-wing radicals who thought of themselves as members of another country, Stanley Cohen took it to heart.

In the early 1980s, when he was still a law student, Cohen teamed up with attorney Lynne Stewart to defend a number of far-left radicals against state prosecution in New York. In one of their more high-profile cases, the pair together represented Kathy Boudin—a Weather Underground and May 19 Communist Organization member who had participated in the deadly 1981 Brinks robbery, a heist whose purpose was to acquire the funds needed to finance a war against “Amerikka” and establish a “Republic of Black Afrika” in the United States.

Sadly there is no Republic of Black Afrika. And Amerikka is hauling Stanley Cohen into court. Again.

 Notably, Cohen has explained the rationale underlying his choice of clients. “If I don’t support the politics of political clients, I don’t take the case.” “Most of my clients [are] involved with struggle, many of them armed struggle,” he notes, proudly.

Unlike Cohen, who was involved in tax evasion and had to live vicariously through the terrorists.

 For the sake of argument – and Cohen’s life is all about argument – he will concede certain points. “I’m a pig. I’m a self-hating Jew. I’m a communist.”

But while Stanley Cohen goes through his theatrics, real people die. Maybe the government will finally be able to put him away.

Cohen says, a distant cousin was killed by a Hamas bus bombing about six years ago, when he was representing Mousa Abu Marzook. She was 25, a graduate student.

He doesn’t know his cousin’s name. He’d never met her.

Her name was Rivka (Rebecca) Cohen. She was married and a teacher. When she was killed, she was struggling to conceive a child.

Cohen points proudly to a recent picture of him sitting side by side with Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the Hamas spiritual leader who cheers on the shrapnel-laden Palestinian bombers from his wheelchair in Gaza.

“Look at the noses and foreheads,” he says.

“Who says we’re not cousins?” He chuckles. “We’re cousins!”

  • mtnhikerdude

    Cohen , the “Oink” attorney, in addition to admitting to being a pig , a self hating Jew and a Kommie ,
    will soon be adding thief to his pathetic resume .

    • laura r

      hes a cartoon out of hitlers propaganda machine.

  • Judahlevi

    As I have mentioned before, this is one of the reasons i don’t believe in ‘born’ Jews. You are only Jewish if you believe in Jewish values which are delineated in the Torah. It is a more of a religion than birthright. And yes, this means I don’t believe in the rabbinic definition of who is a Jew.

    This man is not part of my tribe. He is not Jewish.

    • kuffar geoff

      exactly spot on Judahlevi. These self hating born jews are always products of the hard left which do not believe in Israels right to exist. I consider myself a non-religious ardent supporter of Israel and wear my Star of David shirt with pride to a college with a lot of muslimes and leftists.
      And I am an American with German ancestry!

      • laura r

        it s a combo of hardleft plus the dynamic @ home w/the parents. another jewish freak sorry to say. somehow this ethnic group acts out in their own special way.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It’s both.

      You don’t choose your family. But members of the family can do things so awful that they can no longer be considered family.

      Judaism is a religion, but the Jewish people are a family.

      • nobody

        70-80% are pretty bad.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          In the United States in the present day. The big picture is different.

        • Chavi Beck

          70-80%?! Where did you pull that number out of, mr nobody?

      • laura r

        he is jewish. not all jews are the same, this one is self hating & distructive. he is a characture of the jew commie thief image. i wonder how much of this is theater & a $$ OP? he certainly knew how to work this.

  • Jakareh

    The Obama regime may not give a hoot if this guy is a serial abettor of terrorism, but when you mess with “their” money by not paying taxes, that’s a big mistake! This naughty boy is in trouble now!

    • kuffar geoff

      Ha ha, great point! Wasn’t he Obama’s lawyer?

  • doramin

    “…live vicariously through the terrorists.”

    That’s the story of terrorist groupies down through the decades. They are no different from the killers but for the fact that they love the good life too much to ride the outlaw trail. R. Emmet Tyrell of The American Spectator referred to them as “coat-and-tie radicals”–they stay comfortably within the system. They are full of hatred and guilty privilege so they do the next worst thing and fund/defend/shelter/hang out with and even raise the children of (google: Chesa Boudin) the actual bomb-throwers.

    They are so twisted that they latch on to any self-confident, utopian, violent ideology that seems in the ascendant. Communism failed them, so they kept looking. They may have a pretty good idea of what the Islamists would do to them if and when they were of no further use but, like the men who financed Hitler, they think they can buy immunity when the time comes. Besides, they just want to get back at Daddy.

  • herb benty

    Every people on earth have their lunatics, because of the Fall of mankind, Jews included obviously.

    • laura r

      the list of jewish lunatics doesnt help us thats for sure. its the abusive father & twisted mother. the nose comment was revealing.

      • herb benty

        And what about the famous “Roman Nose”, are Italians his cousins too? Sounds like he has gone slightly insane, or become a Muslim- same thing.

        • laura r

          actually jews have a common gene w/southern italians. east europeans & british also can have a big nose. its the mother i know it! im sure she had a nose job.

          • herb benty

            Apparantly my mom’s,( last name Wall), relatives, were Wallenstein a while ago in Germany, and very Jewish. I am about 1/4 Jewish today. So what. I believe there is something in the Scriptures about, “a person is a Jew who is one inwardly, and not in name only”. Being a Jew is partly a state of mind, and this man left his heritage long ago. God does not consider someone who hates Jews and Israel to be a Jew. Cohen has abandoned God and the Promises to Israel. Another sad case.

          • laura r

            i read his bio, i think the family was orthodox. there are 1000s of jews who are just like him, the #s are growing. hes a sterotype, we dont need this. listening him is a pain in the neck.

          • herb benty

            Scripture tells us concerning the latter days, 1.) ” because of Iniquity(wickedness, sin, insanity), the LOVE of many will wax cold”, and 2.) ” there will be a falling away, worshiping the creation, instead of the Creator”. Rebellion is an attitude alright.

          • laura r

            bible kind of complex for me to understand. what is more perplexing is why is the govt against him? i mean hes in bed w/the terrorists & islam. one would think he has protection? i asked him this on his site, waiting for response. never heard of this person prior to this artical.

          • herb benty

            Hi, my computer was in the shop for a couple days. Maybe Cohen is openly in bed with terrorists and the government was given no choice, who knows. All I know is neither Jews nor Christians intend to conquer this world, but Islam DOES. I think evil is attractive to some…..and pays well.

          • laura r

            true its in the culture to conquer. i have read many muslim twitter accts. even corresponded w/someone from CAIR. its a jungle outthere.

          • herb benty

            Well, I got a Koran out of the library and it is abundantly clear that the writer plagarized the Hebrew and Christian Holy Scriptures. Whether you believe in God or not, if there is a Satan, he couldn’t have inspired anything more diabolical than the Koran. Karl Marx apparantly had a little demonic shrine in his London apartment, it just seems that for some, the dark side is appealing.

  • Veracious_one

    “Who says we’re not cousins?” He chuckles. “We’re cousins!”

    more like blood brothers


      bloodbath brothers.

  • Hass

    I very much doubt he’ll see prison let alone up to 20 yrs of it.

  • Hass

    WTF is this nonsense?

    Every comment I’ve made today is awaiting approval.

    • nobody

      Look at the bright side. If you make it to publication, you are one of the elites. Just kidding.

      • Hass


  • Blazingcatfur

    He has a face made for punching.

  • defcon 4

    “Most of my clients [are] involved with struggle, many of them armed struggle”. Yes an armed struggle to take away the freedoms and liberties of non-muslimes and subjugate them to sharia law.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    He soon will be where he should be forever…

  • Frank

    Cohen works for Israel

  • Frank

    The arrest is a front

  • Dave

    The funny thing is how these people claim that the federal government goes after them for their politics. After Lynne Stewart was convicted, she stood out on the steps of the courthouse and decried the attack on “lawyers.” She said “Don’t go after the lawyers for doing their job!” But the government had not prosecuted any lawyer for aiding terrorism other than Ms. Stewart and I believe that to this very day, she is the only one. Similarly, Cohen didn’t file any tax return at all for 5 years. If the feds were out to persecute him, they could have gone after him 8 years ago.

  • Jerry C. Allen

    He has his own style and belief. But as a lawyer he must know what the right for
    his tribe and country. And as a professional lawyer he must honestly file his
    whole income taxes to just show some respect even at least a little respect to
    the law, which is used to be his expertise.

  • Suzan Menekerios

    Stanley Cohen is a great man.If every man on earth where as he is – there would be in peace.

  • laura r

    he’s all about $. believe me its show biz, i know his kind. he would switch sides if price was right.

  • Uofconn Harassment

    stanley cohen, a true man of peace.

  • Shazali_no1

    What a load of bullshit ,try writing some facts first you lying moron call urself a journalist

  • Trooth777

    I love how this article clarifies one fact beyond doubt: Hamas and others are not anti-Semetic. They’re anti-Zionists. Just look at the pic of Cohen and Haniyeh together. Israel is in such deep doo doo. The whole world hates her, companies are divesting left and right, even its supporters (Sarkozy and others) secretly hate Netanyahooyahoo.