Terrorist Mosque Attended by Muslim Murderers Claims It Is the Real Victim


You know who the real victim of the O.J. Simpson case was? O.J. So you won’t be too surprised to learn that the real victim in the brutal murder of Lee Rigby, a British soldier, is the terrorist mosque that his murderers attended.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, members of a prayer group in Woolwich that became a focus of media attention because of the killers’ alleged attendance spoke with dismay of the way in which their community had been portrayed, in the words of one headline, as a “magnet for extremists”.

The Glyndon Community Centre prayer group is associated with Usman Ali, a preacher who several newspapers alleged had known and radicalised Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, the two men found guilty on Thursday of murdering soldier Lee Rigby. Ali denied those claims in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera.

“I’ve been coming here for 10 years and I’ve never seen those people in my life,” said one man who, like all of those present, did not want to give his name. “I think this community centre, this congregation, was a victim.”

You might think that Lee Rigby, who was run over and mutilated by Koran-spewing converts to the Religion of Peace was the real victim, but no. The murderers are always the victims and the victims are the perpetrators who made the murderers kill them.

So what was the eminently peaceful Usman Ali involved in?

Bakri left Britain in 2006. Anjem Choudary moved north of the river. The mosque, also known as the Greenwich Islamic Centre, spent £30,000 on legal action to exclude another key local al-Muhajiroun figure, Usman Ali; according to evidence presented in court, he was using the premises to show children videos of the 9/11 massacre, chanting “Allah is great”.

But the extremists did not leave Woolwich when they were excluded from its mosque. What the reporters lining up outside to talk to wary congregants did not know was that there is another place of Islamic worship nearby, at the Glyndon Community Centre, in Raglan Road.

Clearly we know who the victim is.

  • Texas Patriot

    It’s the biggest scam in the history of the world.

  • herb benty

    England, Sweden etc., wake up already!! Have you all been castrated/neutered?

  • Veracious_one

    ….because of the killers’ alleged attendance spoke with dismay of the way in which their community had been portrayed, in the words of one headline, as a “magnet for extremists”.
    it’s probably true since notable Muslim hate mongers hang out there…..

    • john spielman

      It is because mosques are where Satan makes his throne. Islam is defined by its evil works righteous theology where muslims can gain favor with Allah/Satan by doing deeds that truly a truly righteous and almighty GOD would define as wicked such as when these muslims killed Lee Rigby under the excuse of trying to carry out Allah’s judgment against unbelievers.
      Islam is a Satan’ s attempt to stop the work of Jesus on this earth.

    • Hass

      You call people who tell the truth about Islam (from Islamic sources) hate mongers, why?

      • Veracious_one

        Muslim clerics don’t preach peace and tolerance….they are guided by the Qur’an and Shar’ia,,,,how is it that all Muslim terrorists quote from these two sources and yet seem to misunderstand their religion in exactly the same way?

  • Chris Gait

    it’s time to start ‘instructing’ preachers like that. You can start by finding a time when he is yelling Allah is Great while showing 9/11 and having special forces soldiers beat him to death. After that he can preach what he likes from the grave. In other words…no more Mr. Nice Guy, western powers, or you will be eradicated by this vermin.

  • Antoinette Workman

    I composed quite a comment & it has now disappeared. It was a diatribe against the pervasive message within mosques. Jihad is not only condoned, but encouraged. Sorry, not disposed to repeat everything I already wrote. I am a legitimate poster. My comment could have been reserved for signature.

  • Boots

    Was it political left of each country who in their Sunday best quisling and dhimmi suits who have self castrated/neutered their respective countries? Golly… who would’ve ever thunk that?

  • herb benty

    PC leftists over time.

  • Guest

    You can call them the “political left”, but that doesn’t change who they are:

  • Boots

    While there are multiculturalists on the right… multiculturalism is pretty much the domain of the left who believe in moral and cultural relativism, believe success is evil, and don’t understand that they are on the road to serfdom. I’ve always loved the battle cry of the left… “equality through mediocrity!!!”