The 2014 SC Bellwether Election Doesn’t Bring the Dems Any Good News


Elizabeth Colbert Busch was always going to be a long shot, but for a while the Dems didn’t seem to know it. A South Carolina win seemed like a good way to demoralize an already demoralized GOP with a win in their own backyard. Tie in the obnoxious Colbert connection and there would have been something to energize the left. And a win here would have made the Dems feel better about going into the 2014 elections.

Instead they blew some dough while a candidate that the Republicans abandoned managed to squeak through a victory without having the funding.

Arguably trying to beat Sanford was as quixotic a crusade as the Republicans trying to take on Rangel or Weiner. But the Republicans did score a win in Weiner’s old district. Sanford’s win doesn’t do the Republican Party any great favors. The Democrats may not have gotten the left-wing sister of a left-wing TV comedian into congress, but they will have Sanford to kick around. And that has to be worth something. But political scandals these days are a dime a dozen.

Both sides needed a win to rally the troops as they head into 2014. The Republicans beat gun control and though the Dems lost with Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Those are not good trends going into 2014.

The Democrats lost the midterm elections badly last time because they became obsessed with controversial ideological issues at the expense of the economy. They are repeating that process in spades with gun control and immigration, issues that most people don’t care about. Their voter turnout machine used ideological bases to win in 2012, but the machine is being divided, drained by Obama’s OFA, and is heading into an election that traditionally does not turn out the government class base.

With Obama still bitterly clinging to gun control, the 2014 election may blow the other way.

  • Johnconrad

    She seems every bit as petulant and ignorant as her brother.

  • DDay66

    "Instead they blew some dough while a candidate that the Republicans abandoned managed to squeak through a victory without having the funding."

    I thought he won by 8 points? When Warren beat Brown in Mass by 8%, it was called a landslide.

  • DDay66

    I almost hope the GOP gets smashed in 2014. I know, you don't have to tell me that Dems are worse, I know. But the GOP leadership has doubled down on stupid by shifting even farther to the left. If they pick up seats in 2014, then they will think that strategy worked. Then they will nominate Hillary Clinton for the Republican nomination in 2016. Heck, if they shift any further left, they may not even need to run anyone at all since it will all be the same. Think about it, RINO Bush caused the Left to blame all his moderate mistakes on Conservatism. Young people think Consevatism is evil, because the closest thing they have seen of Conservatism is Bush's Keynesian bank bailout and a relatively moderate game plan in the Wars that didn't work. And then two more RINOs ran for President both claiming to be Conservatives.

  • Hugh Embriaco

    Given the extreme blowback the Democrats are going to feel for Obamacare, I predict the Republicans will get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate in 2014.

  • westie

    The Sanford win was 2 fer. He’s a real fiscal hawk and he ill give Boner a headache!