The Bad Apple President

President Obama Speaks On Health Care In BostonTurn on your television. Keep flipping the channels past the infomercials, the reality shows and the music videos and you’ll hear it.

The problem only affects a small (millions large) sliver of the population. The plans being cancelled were substandard. Health plans aren’t lost; they’re transitioning to new health opportunities. The private marketplace was an unregulated Wild, Wild West where villainous deductibles went around with guns blazing through the office of the town sawbones.

The insurers decided to cancel the plans for reasons having nothing to do with the government. These were “bad apple plans” that the insurers didn’t even want to sell anymore. They couldn’t sell the plans anymore because they had changed too much. (Such as increasing the co-pay by 5 bucks.)

Leave the television on CNN, MSNBC or your local news and between weather and sports, you’ll hear these lies peddled by Obama, his advisors and assorted Democratic Party figures reciting the same talking points about the Wild, Wild West where Bad Apple plans roamed the frontier

And every word of it is a lie.

The people losing their plans didn’t have substandard plans. They had a wide variety of plans from light to bulletproof. The insurance marketplace wasn’t unregulated. There is no such thing as an unregulated marketplace except when your neighbor’s kid start selling lemonade from a box crate; and even then the local authorities have been known to come by and demand a business license.

It isn’t a small sliver of the population that’s affected; even assuming that the population of a European country could be classified as a small sliver. Once the employer-based plans are affected, nearly 100 million people will lose their health plans. Or in Obamaspeak, will be transitioned to a new opportunity with higher premiums and deductibles for less coverage.

The forced cancellation of health plans for nearly 100 million people is not routine marketplace churn. It’s the result of regulations written for ObamaCare by Obama’s bureaucracy which are calculated to disqualify as many grandfathered plans as possible.

Obama’s new caveat to his infamous promise, “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan,” but “only if it hadn’t changed since the law passed” neglects to mention that his people made it so that even the mildest and most meaningless of changes will kill a plan and dump another victim into the ObamaCare mess.

Repeat the same process nearly 100 million times and you have the opening round of ObamaCare; the law we had to pass to find out just how terrible it was. While the spokesmen spin the tragedy to make it seem as if the millions losing their health plans now will be the last ones; they’re only the first of many.

100 million people aren’t even a small sliver of China or India… let alone the United States. It’s more than the number of people who voted for Obama. It’s twenty times the size of his margin of victory. If that’s a small sliver of the population that can be disregarded when their insurance plans are taken out back and shot, then they can also be disregarded when they voted for Obama.

The problem is not that there were nearly 100 million bad apple insurance plans out there. The people complaining about losing their plans didn’t have bad apple plans… they had a bad apple president.

The man in the White House was a substandard model who relied on a Wild, Wild West of unregulated executive power to set up an illegal law, tamper with it freely and then dump it on the country, while protecting a small sliver of allies in key unions and the government from what he had done to the rest of the country.

The insurers weren’t angels, but they had no interest in screwing up health care for almost 100 million people. Businesses don’t think that big. Governments do.

American health care has grown worse with each government intervention. Doctors are accused of playing G-d, but it’s really the government bureaucrats, the politicians and the professional medical ethicists who have never treated a patient but insist on drawing up lists of who should live and who should die and which people are the biggest burden on health care, which do.

In 2012, voters had the opportunity to exchange their bad apple president for a better model. They chose to stick with their substandard model which lacked experience and ethics, was known to pull all sorts of bad apple scams and acted like it was the Wild, Wild West when it came to following the law.

Now the bad apple president has screwed up their health care in a big way and is blaming anyone and everyone except his bad apple self.

His spokesmen have blamed insurers, patients, Republicans, the internet and a solar eclipse for the chain of disasters that began with the ObamaCare website deploying like a parachute tied to an anvil and concluding with the Halloween Massacre of health care plans followed by rate hikes and empty promises of subsidies.

President Truman had a sign on his desk that said, “The buck stops here.” Barack Obama has a rug that reads, “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself,”  “No Problem of Human Destiny is Beyond Human Beings,” “The Welfare of Each of Us is Dependent Fundamentally Upon the Welfare of All of Us” and “The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Towards Justice.”

Taken together they encourage action without contemplation. Fear is not the only thing that government should fear. It should also fear to destroy the fragile social compact between the people and their government that makes freedom possible. It should fear that its actions will cause more harm than good. It should also fear that it is not nearly as wise as it thinks it is.

The empty grandiosity of the rug across which the bad apple president walks flatters his ego. It is a long way from the memento mori of the Roman general whose servant would interject into displays of grandiosity the warning, “Remember thou art mortal.”

The grandiose rug is the reflection of a bad apple president who lies like a much cheaper rug. Every time one of his grandiose rug-inspired plans collapses, he rejects the implication of mortality with another barrel of bad apple lies.

The recognition of our own mortality teaches us our limitations. The worst tyrants and monsters, like Joseph Stalin, did not believe that they would die. The USSR’s persecution of doctors was motivated by its leader’s faith in his own immortality.

Obama has no humility and does not believe in his own immortality, but in his invincibility; political and otherwise. He really does believe that the only thing to fear is fear itself. And 100 million Americans will lose their health insurance plans because their bad apple president was too arrogant to question his own bad judgment.

That is why does not work. It’s why ObamaCare is such a disaster.

A standard model president understands risks and consequences. A substandard model like Obama does not. A good apple president apologizes when he chops down a cherry tree. A bad apple president blames Bush, the cherry tree, the axe and Global Warming.

The American people are being lied to every day by a bad apple president who covers up one lie with another lie and pastes an even crazier lie on top.

Unfortunately their opportunity to trade in their bad apple president for a fully regulated model that is compliant with the United States Constitution and all subsidiary documents will not come again until the next presidential open enrollment period.


Don’t miss Jamie Glazov’s video interview with Daniel Greenfield about Obama’s Destructive Agenda, his Muslim Brotherhood Romance, the Anthony Weiner-Huma Abedin saga, and much, much more:

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  • truebearing

    Hopefully Obama’s hubris and sociopathic actions will result in a super majority for Republicans in 2014. Then we can all witness an Applectomy.

    • Sailsman

      –Hopefully Obama’s hubris and sociopathic actions will result in a super majority for Republicans in 2014.
      Hillary will be the next POTUS and our problems will only get worse.

      • Rocky Mountain

        I know that NYC doesn’t represent the states but that was a truly terrifying election result.

        • Habbgun

          It is only terrifying if people do not see it for what it is. A euro-commie being supported by socialist trust fund babies from Europe (there is a lot of German and Dutch spoken in Brooklyn now) united with government and public union plutocrats. The goal is take back America as a colony of Europe if not in name then in reality. He is an illegitimate Mayor and is antithetical to a great number of his citizens and needs to be recognized and named as such.

          • Rocky Mountain

            I don’t know about ‘illegitimate’ unless you are claiming that a 73-27% margin of victory was fraudulent. I’m actually more worried about an electorate that will produce this result in a “legitimate” manner.

        • Israel Crosby
          • Rocky Mountain

            I actually tried to read Gelinas article a couple of days ago but sorry to say that his narrative was so contorted that I couldn’t follow it which in my mind is a sure sign that he’s struggling to make a robust case (although it could be that I’m just too old to understand). I’m sure there’s some validity to the claim of some electoral shenanigans but what I’m saying that is that electoral shenanigans aside, there are still a ton of voters who would have given this horrible candidate a victory anyway. Gelinas can spin it any way he wants but at this point New Yorkers lost and the overall election wasn’t completely rigged.

      • johnt

        Sailsman, never underestimate Hillary’s uncanny ability to make a mess of things. She will require even more protection from the media than the fool in the WH. There’s hope.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Who is going to vote for her? Even most women hate her. She isn’t Black so she won’t get a free pass. And you can bet the Republican candidate will pond her on Benghazi.

        • lessthantolerant

          How could you not vote for Hildabeast? First drunken lesbian president!

        • Inane Rambler

          She’s currently the most popular politician in the US, but of course if she runs for office that could change.

          • ziggy zoggy

            I don’t put any stock in polls that claim she’s popular.

          • lyndaaquarius

            no,no,she’s not the most popular politician in America. Where’s the poll that shows that?

      • Inane Rambler

        Well I’m not convinced it will be Hillary, but I’m sure it will be a Democrat.

      • P_Ang

        Only if we allow the Democrats to repeatedly falsify votes with no oversight.

    • Exeter*

      Don’t bet the mortgage, truebearer. There’s no fixing stupid.

      A.”If, you like your healthcare plan you can keep it”. – Barack Obama

      B.November 6, 2012: Obama wins reelection, with 51.01% of popular vote.
      C.”The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue, to men he knows to be idiots”. -H.L. Mencken

    • Debbie G

      A de-coring.

  • Jason

    You cant hide 100 million failures. Again, Obama and the MSM are so out of touch it’s not funny anymore. 100 million people are very angry right about now, and Obama pretends they dont exist. He’ll pay the price in 2016, and the whole world will be better off for it.

  • canalway

    “too arrogant to question his own bad judgement”

    That’s it in a nutshell.

    • MukeNecca

      And why should he question his judgement?

      Really, how many of those who voted for that empty-but-loud suit in 2008 questioned their judgement and voted against him in 2012? Obviously, very, very few.
      The man’s shallowness is bottomless while his intelligence despite his dexterity in juggling

      • laura r

        one minute of hearing him speak was enough, turned off the vid. then the wife w/her bs, comeone, it was right there.

      • John

        I sort of think that you describe the people who voted for Obama as well.(Excluding the kind and simple minded)
        Am I close?

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Great article, Daniel. This is why Obama needs to be impeached–ASAP.

  • Mach1Duck

    It is a crying shame the “Bad Apple President” is not eaten up by the “Worms” in congress.

    • canalway

      Wasn’t there a guy named Herod who accepted the worship of the mob and was suddenly consumed by worms? May miracles never cease..

  • v

    You are incorrect with your last sentence. If the American people wake up and put a super majority in the senate and the house and get rid of all those who voted to pass this catastrophic monstrosity before they found out what’s in it, then Obamacare will and can be repealed. However, I do have my doubts with the uninformed voters’ ignorance that this will happen. Therefore, to those who voted for him without scrutinizing his lies and false promises, and suffer from a catastrophic illness and their insurance coverage terminated because of him and his garbage health plan, then you have no one to blame but yourself on your death bed.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I’d like to see it happen, but what would really happen is a collision between the executive and the legislative, with Obama using executive power to force his own way while the media chants for him

      A little matter like losing Congress isn’t going to stop him

      • ziggy zoggy

        Couldn’t a super majority impeach him and convict him? Not that they would, of course.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          They might. But then it would still have to be enforced.

          Suppose Obama and Holder were impeached and they refused to accept it and the media refused to accept it and all the people they had put into place in the Federal bureaucracy refused to accept it…

          It’s not inconceivable considering that Obama’s track record is to double down

          • m4253y

            then, does the military not have to uphold the oath sworn to defend The United States of America and therefore intervene and force the will of the People as intended by the acts of their Representatives upon them?

            And, if impeached, does the military even have to acknowledge him as Commander In Chief anymore?

          • Inane Rambler

            “And, if impeached, does the military even have to acknowledge him as Commander In Chief anymore?”

            Impeached: Absolutely.

            Convicted of a crime under it and removed from office? No.

          • m4253y


          • Inane Rambler

            It’s a pretty common confusion. Impeachment merely means that you’re charging a public official with a misconduct in office.

          • Brucew56

            So even a country supposedly following the “rule of law” cannot get rid of these criminals? Can’t they be arrested? They need to be, along with the entire White House political staff. Why should Americans have to leave a con man and a crook in office?

        • ebonystone

          A majority in the House of Representatives can impeach him, and then it takes a 2/3 majority in the Senate to convict him, which removes him from office.
          BUT, then Biden becomes President. I don’t know if that would be an improvement.
          If they impeach and convict Biden too, then the Speaker of the House — presently Boehner — becomes President.

          • Avspatti

            Biden would be an improvement. At least, he doesn’t hate America.

          • Tina Trent

            A nice scenario to contemplate, but the tipping point has been reached: the healthcare plan punishes people who will not rebel because they are busy and afraid of losing what they have worked hard for as it rewards those with lots of time on their hands who want more free stuff.

            You will not get an impeachment because you will never see a majority, let alone a super majority again once the amnesty bill passes and probably even if it does not pass, given the way the entire system is rigged to punish and restrict the lives of the middle class.

            Meanwhile, and this needs to be looked at more closely, the so-called friends of the Tea Party are quietly supporting amnesty. AFP, which is a toxic organization that lies to the grassroots and uses leftist tactics to silence those who notice, is pouring money into another huge distraction in Florida. Its employees are telling activists to shut up about amnesty. AFP and other nationals really are serving the interests of the rich while screwing the people they claim to be working with on the ground.

            Everywhere I go, I hear from grassroots activists who say they’ve been warned not to talk about “social issues” ie. abortion and amnesty, and who is telling them to shut up? Not Democrats or even Republicans, but their friends at AFP and Freedomworks. With CATO and Club for Growth and Freedomworks and AFP and the RNC all on the same page regarding amnesty, whether they admit it or not, then everything else that gets said about Obamacare or anything else you hate about Obama is just words.

            I used to be on the Left and know their tactics, and I’m seeing as bad or worse coming from AFP in particular. People are afraid to speak out about them.

            And nobody in the conservative blogosphere is talking about this, but activists on the ground see it every day. If you care in any way about what Obama is doing to this country, you have to see at some point that it is elections that matter, and if we do not oppose the vast expansion of the hard left electorate, we actually are simply doomed.

            The Tea Party is being effectively and silently neutered by national groups quietly in bed with actual plutocrat RINOs. Once they finish the job, everything else we say about all of this will be merely hypothetical. It will be the types of conversations people have to pass the time while they watch helplessly as everything around them burns down.

      • truebearing

        My joking about a super majority leading to an “applectomy” is just that, a joke. I agree that even with the ability to impeach Obama, we would only get a constitutional crisis as a result.
        That being said, the longer we wait to confront the dictator-in-the-making, the more damage he will do. Take his secret loosening of economic snactions on Iran, for instance. Now he has no leverage on Iran, not that he ever really wanted any. They get to keep their nukes and get more money in the bargain. Israel is abandoned and the world gets a nuclear war. Obama has to go, by whatever means necessary.

      • Brucew56

        What trumps executive mandates?

  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    Just when we’ve stamped out horrible, fatal disease, the Obama Virus infects America!

  • CurmudgyOne

    Greenfield does it again. If, as o’s rug says, “The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Towards Justice,” the little o and his frau are both in for a HEL* of a surprise somewhere down the line.

  • johnt

    Thank God somebody mentioned “100 million Americans”, the 5 million-15 million crap was starting to get to me. It will, btw, probably much more even then that number. Obama, the media, and most in his party don’t believe in doing destruction, loss, and pain in half way measures.

    • m4253y

      it is a great article except that Daniel and everyone needs to understand the number is greater than 100 million Americans. There are well over 60 plus million Americans who have left the work force in the last 5 years, poof, gone. they just stopped looking for work. these numbers alone destine this debacle to failure.

  • Bowdoin81

    Fabulous – the best thing I have read in weeks!

  • tartanmarine

    Great Column. Goes with this news:
    I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog. (

    Robert A. Hall
    USMC 1964-68
    USMCR, 1977-83
    Massachusetts Senate, 1973-83
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    All royalties go to help wounded veterans
    For a free PDF of my 80-page book, write

    • Daniel Greenfield


  • laura r

    ok now they have an explanation. the insurance comps are to blame. do you think the majority of 100 million americans will believe this? my answer is “yes” especially if they voted for obama. dont over estimate people.

  • benabo1machal

    A sucker is born every minute, the majority of American’s are the proof. they voted twice for Obama

  • Hass

    100 million people affected and more to be included.

    Does that mean a people’s revolt is on the cards?

    • ricpic

      Pain has to be intolerable before “a people” revolts. More likely a people goes numb and endures the intolerable for generations, as the people(s) of Eastern Europe – who had known a degree of freedom – did after Stalin clamped down on them.

    • Rocky Mountain

      “Revolt” = vote and vote right.

  • Chris Shugart

    It all depends on what the definition of “if” is.

  • m4253y

    Daniel, math is math and when employed as intended by the order of operations as intended, it is very obvious to anyone with any basic understanding of the fundamentals therein that caliphate care is doomed to failure.

    the intent: Provide healthcare coverage to 30 million uninsured Americans.

    add the hidden/proven facts: 60+ million have left the workforce (lowest employment participation rates rivaling those of the ’30s)

    = 90+ million UNINSURED Americans.

    now add at least another 100 + million who will UNDOUBTEDLY be dropped a year from now by their employers.

    190+ million Americans on medicaid.

    so, how will the exchanges work when there will be more on the dole then those doling out the dough for coverage?

    this was nothing short of purposeful, willful intent to design something that WILL FAIL.



    As i have said a million times, if the caliphate’s objective is to seize power, how better to do it than grab 1/6th of the economy under gov rule? now, the next math lesson involves how the remaining 5/6ths of the economy carries the load thereafter.

    this is the socialist mantra of wealth redistribution and control all rolled into one.

    • Calvinius

      Nothing could be better for America than single payer healthcare.

      • m4253y

        Really? go ahead, tell me why and how?

  • Bert

    Obamacare may be terrible for us but is it really terrible for Obama? Suppose Obama really is a closet jihadist who has an agenda to take down America? He first charms his way into the oval office. Then he grasps the levers of power including his dozens of unaccountable czars and hundreds of executive orders.
    Obamacare my NOT be a big mistake. It may really be a deliberate weapon disguised as heath care reform to explode after it is passed into law. By the time we wake up he has assumed police state power and it is too late to stop him.

  • mtnhikerdude

    The Left will keep supporting evil right up to the day it knocks on their door and cashes in their birth certificates. The Hillary / Michelle 2016 ticket will give the Demoncrats eight more years . Even the lefties that lost their insurance and were forced to pay double will endorse and vote the Demoncrats back in.
    The America haters won.

  • T-Rex

    As was stated in some European magazine editorial, to paraphrase: The US will survive Obama, it won’t survive the fools who elected him.
    There is a long line of narcissistic opportunists standing in the wings to take up the baton Obummer as been carrying. The millions who bought his BS will buy theirs, as well. Even the so-called “educated” willingly fail to look across the pond and back through history to realize the consequences of fascist totalitarianism. They, like the eastern European elites who sat in coffee houses and cooked up the plans to advance communism, will fall victim to their own ignorance. They, too, will wrongly suppose their wealth and position will insulate them from the “greater good” as designed by the central committees.

    • WW4

      We’re in the thick of it…but not quite as you portray. Legislation in the USA is outsourced to lobbyists. Legislators rarely read what they’re told to vote for/against anymore. They don’t have the time! Because these same legislators–and executives–spend most of their time raising money for the next election. Where do they get this money? The same people writing legislation for them. And you hear stories from both sides of the aisle: “I’d vote this way, but…(excuse made for lack of backbone).”

      You want to talk about fascism? Today’s adherents don’t need pogroms; they just need their own cable channels, people willing to take their checks, and the audacity to defend it as “freedom.”

  • Steve Cusick

    Between the premium increase and deductible increase, the out-of-pocket hit to many folks next year is going to be huge. Assuming no Obamacare, what size tax increase would it have taken to strip these folks of the same amounts? Take the big bracket of people whose earnings fall between the subsidy cut-off point and that annual earning number ($250,000? $150,000?) that Obama used as the upper limit of the middle class (when he said, back in 2008, “if you earn below $250,000, we’re not going to raise taxes on you…”). The increased out-of-pocket expense on that bracket — especially those that have to pay the increased deductibles — might be the biggest tax-rate increase of all time. A tax focused almost exclusively on the middle class, because those with no income get coverage 100% subsidized. And it’s even a “regressive” tax when you compare middle class to higher earners because the community rating feature caps the cost. That is, whether you earn one dollar more than the subsidy cut-off limit or a gazillion dollars more, the $ cost to you will be the same.

    So much for not raising taxes on the middle class. For those in this bracket who are forced to buy replacement coverage on the exchanges, the out-of- pocket hit will dwarf any tax increase they have ever experienced. This drop in disposeable income will impact the economy, especially in 2015, after private-sector employers drop their health plans as of 1/1/15 and most of us have to get coverage from the exchange. Hope n’ change.

  • John

    Keep saying it.
    Say it again and again.
    Coupled with the guys actions and verbiage it might some day get through to the idiots who vote.

    Obama lied
    Healthcare died

  • xkn

    Never forget what the final goal is – a fully socialized medical system. Communists, as every totalitarians, have one weak spot and that is that their final goal is always known. Tactics to achieve it may not be known, but final goal is.
    It is so well known, that they usually have a book to refer to (i.e. Communist manifesto, Mein Kampf, Koran, to name a few)

    That said, they have decided to masterfully utilize the current sickness in the medical system, caused by cost shifting, CON laws, total disregard for Sherman Act etc. to leverage it to usher the country into the socialized medicine. To simplify, bandaid for $500 will now cost $5000, but there is a salvation on the horizon. Apparently Obamacare is already used to funnel as much people as possible into Medicare, just another dependency racket like food stamps. Eventually all people must be there. Then the goal will be accomplished. Until then the rest must be made to bleed to request from their government to usher the socialized medical system. What better way to do it but to make the current system unbearably expensive. It already was too expensive so a little nudge was all that was needed. The dependency created to-date assures that next elections will be no-contest. Communists are shoe-in. Should it appear that Obamacare have overplayed its hand, they will push for amnesty to cement their chances. At a moment, amnesty is not needed, as domestic dependency has grown over the critical number and is solid. Never underestimate the boldness of communist’ actions. Is is exactly the boldness they are showing by pushing the Obamacare at any cost onto masses, which helped them in October revolution, resulting in 100M dead to date. Plague is not over.

    • Leland64

      He funneling people into Medicaid not Medicare. That said, at some point Obama will produce a fix to the problem he created. He will consolidate all the federally associated programs into a single payer national system. Then all of us (except for the elites) will get the same crappy health care and learn to love Big Brother.

      • Brucew56

        Exactly the plan all along. Next will be a huge tax increase to fund Medicaid. People need to claim 99 exemptions, put the money that would gave gone to the Treasury in savings and only pay tax due on April 15th. There are too many of us for the IRS to do anything about it. It would send a strong message.

  • lessthantolerant

    But Obama gives such good head, just ask Reggie. Why would we want anything less from our boy king?

  • Inane Rambler

    Adding into it, Americans will have a chance to decide whether to follow Obama’s legacy or not in 2014 and 2016. In 2014 Americans will keep the Senate in the hands of the Democrats and in 2016 Americans will keep the Presidency in Democrat hands. Maybe one of those 2 will even be an opportunity for them to regain the House. Who knows?

    Americans will not wake up, Americans will not learn.

    • veeper

      hey…..americans are busy and have things to do….

      and, now the holidays are coming up….

      defending their freedom will just have to wait or somebody else will have to do it…..

  • Cathy1000

    Don’t place your bets that the average Republican will get rid of these bad apple decisions!!! The Republicans have blood on their hands (so to speak) when it comes to following the constitution and legislating good law as well…. They have also increased the size and scope of government when it has suited them….

    If Republicans really cared about small, limited government and personal responsibility as much as they “claim” they do, they would have done what was right in trying to rid our nation of Obamacare, no matter what was to become of their political careers….They have no character…..they were only looking out for their political survival.

    • LoJoFo

      I don’t believe he mentioned party–just good and bad apples.

      • Cathy1000

        LoJoFo, the article did not mention party, you are correct. I was addressing those respondents that referred to the Republicans saving the country.

        • LoJoFo

          Yes. Many, in both parties, need to be replaced.

        • veeper

          you didn’t read the article…..

          you just read what you wanted to read……

          • Cathy1000

            spare me, moron… I did read the article….. you know not of what you speak, kool aid drinker

          • veeper


            I got called a moron…..he he he he…..How will I ever be able to live now….

            Sorry….I thought you were an adult……

            I should have known better…..

          • Cathy1000

            and you just interpreted what you wanted to interpret despite what was said…..

    • Erudite Mavin

      The all or nothing crowd who sat at home or voted third party election day and gave us Obama share the blame with the Democrats

      • Cathy1000

        Not entirely true… the republicans go around trying to gain the conservative voter claiming that they represent their views and then stick it to them in the back by promoting more moderate candidates. Had they offered a more conservative candidate, 12 million more people would have gone out to vote!

        • Erudite Mavin

          As a Conservative Republican and one who worked at Reagans headquarters here when he first ran for Gov, get a clue.

          Not every state, county, city is Conservative.
          San Diego has 5 Congressmen, some are Conservative Republicans such as Hunter and Issa, and others are mod. to liberal Democrat.

          A pure Conservative, all or nothing is not going to win in the major populated areas.

          The idea is to Win, not to make a point.

          The all or nothings are the Democrat’s wet dream as they enable the Democrat victories

    • veeper


      you left out that obama is a LIAR and has no character, integrity or morals….

      which is what the article is about….

      soooo, you can go ahead and edit your comment now…….

  • ratizbad

    Hussein Barack Wins the Nobel peace prize again ,But this time for the worst president ever!

  • American1969

  • ihateyoubrownkunt

    So the Brown Kunt lied?
    I am shocked, shocked, SHOCKED to read this….

  • veeper

    obama is not only a low life scum bag….

    he is mentally ill…..

    a disturbed mind……he should not be allowed to buy or own a gun….

    or hold elective office …..he’s mentally unfit…….

  • Mladen_Andrijasevic
    • glennd1

      I’m starting to thing that Obama is finally going to start pressuring Israel like Bush/Baker did. It may be the only thing I like about him.

    • Rachel

      How will WE survive Obama?

      • Mladen_Andrijasevic


        You can start protesting when politicians say absolutely absurd things:

        For instance, the day after this was reported: “Why France stood alone to scuttle Iran deal” and “an unprecedented confrontation” with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Tel Aviv, John Kerry went on NBC’s Meet the Press, and said this

        “We are absolutely determined that this would be a good deal or there would be no deal. Now that is why it is hard, that is why we didn’t close the deal here in the last couple of days, because we are together, unified pushing for things that we believe provide the guaranties that Israel and the rest of the world demand here but one thing is here …”

        Why did not David Gregory ask Secretary Kerry – how can you say something which is the exact opposite of what happened? There was no unity. France was against.

        John Kerry lives in George Orwell’s 1984

        • Rachel

          This regime has dragged us all into 1984.

          • Mladen_Andrijasevic

            Then do something about it! Your and our lives are at stake. Look how we live :

            Be’er Sheva under Grad attack

          • Rachel

            I agree with you. I keep waiting for the military to rise up. But so far they are collaborating…or else getting purged. Everyone is waiting for something to happen, and then wait for Obama’s drones to start attacking our own people. Afterall, he told us he’s “good at killing”. That’s about ALL he’s good at.

  • benabo1machal


    As with government mandated health care and the attempt to control (eliminate) private ownership of guns, these constant attempts to ban various items, including food stuffs, is NEVER about health and safety, it is about CONTROL.
    Read “The Nazi War on Cancer” by Robert Proctor and “War Against the Weak” by Edwin Black. Adolf Hitler implemented a national health care system as a way of controlling the masses. “Hitler valued universal healthcare so highly that he imposed it on conquered countries, not exactly because he was so concerned for the well being of the subjected peoples, but because it gave him the right over entire classes of people to decide who lives and who dies. It gave him the power to engineer the composition of society to his own malicious requirements. Entire classes of people can be eliminated with no judicial process being necessary.”
    By necessity, if trans fats are banned, the price of many food stuffs will skyrocket and consumer choice will be reduced.
    Obama is using agencies like the EPA and the FDA to accomplish his totalitarian agenda. Sort of like Obama’s murder of the coal industry (by his own admission, “energy prices will skyrocket”), Obama’s various bans on oil production in the U.S. and the shutting down of the only lead processor in the U.S. (lead is used in bullet casings), thereby causing the price of ammunition to soar and resulting in a widespread ammunition shortage (also because DHS, the NEA, the Social Security Administration, NOAH and other governmental agencies have been buying 100’s of millions of rounds of ammunition).
    Under the disguise of compassion, safety, care, concern, environmentalism, etc… Obama and his minions are continuing to seize power and control over the population of the U.S.…
    see more
    0 0

  • benabo1machal

    Health Control, Food Control, that’s the starting point for any Dictator

  • tagalog

    This sad state of affairs, in which an entirely misunderstood (or better, an un-understood) law takes away health insurance for tens of millions of people in order to insure health care insurance for half that number, will be used to justify a single-payer national health plan.

    • Marridge

      That is when the leftwing thinks their paradise starts. To those of us who have lived it in other countries, that is when all hell will break loose. Think waiting lists, doctors whose loyalty is now to the government and who don’t give a rats patootie about your dying loved one.

  • Julie Jenkins

    The uninformed American electorate that voted for this man has made the rest of us pay for their mistake. Will we have to lose our country too if Hillary is elected? The Democratic party is no longer what it once was…supporting the working class, but filled with Marxism and elitism philosophies that seek to destroy the American way of life. Learn to do be a responsible voter and not vote Hillary in 2106 as we suffer through the rest of Obama’s term which can’t end soon enough.

  • Shob

    Obama Lied
    (25 times)
    Healthcare Died

  • Rachel

    Impeach the pos.

  • USARetired

    Once the international Court finds O’Bozo guilty as charged he should be arrested and place on trial in this country, after Holder is impeached!

  • Jessica FantasyStockings

    Let’s not compare to USSR.

    It was a different time back then.