The Best Photos from the Million Vets March


Not since the Bonus Army after WW1 has there been a veterans march on Washington D.C. that has made this much of a statement.

Mike Kelley, a Vietnam veteran, plans to participate in the One Million Vet March on the Memorials this weekend in Washington, D.C.

Kelley said the closure of the WWII memorial spurred him to join the march, when he learned about the call for action through Facebook posts.
“I saw WWII veterans not being able to get in their memorial,” Kelley said. “I got angry and frustrated and said, I’m going.”

Laura Oostdyk is making the five-hour drive for Sunday’s Million Vet March with her husband Paul.

“I am a veteran, having served in the U.S. Army from 1985-1990, and a Hopatcong resident,” she said.

“I’m not a political person, but I’m disgusted about the government shutdown and how we Americans are the ones being hurt by all of this,” she said.

“There are honor flights of WWII vets being flown [and] bussed into DC to the WWII Memorial only to be told they can’t go in.  Since the shutdown, there have been many people at the memorial helping these 80-90 year old vets to get through the barricades.”

Photo credits, ZephyrK9 and Kudzu81









  • GSR

    Love it…….go guys, go! Plant a few Gadsden flags right in front of our Marxist-Muslim boy’s residence.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      They did!!! They tied one up on the fence in front of the WH!!!

  • Veracious_one

    God bless the vets…

    • ylem

      God bless America.

  • chan chan

    I like the one of them raising the flag on the Barackades, Iwo Jima style. Excellent.

  • ylem

    Cops on horses with guns and a cop holding a lot of plastic cuffs. This is how Socialists are. They treat our vets as the enemy.

  • Gail Stoltzfoos

    Thank you for the emotional and wonderful video of the bagpipes player & the wheelchair-bound vets. Brought me to tears that are still flowing.

  • DredScott

    “Just doing her job” sounds an awful lot like “Just following orders.”

    • objectivefactsmatter

      It’s exactly the same statement.

  • Dave

    I’ve always been fond of Americans. I defend them against criticism. But I’m terribly saddened by what is happening in your beautiful country. Its almost as if some outside force is dividing the people and encouraging another civil war. No longer UNITED States.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      Unfortunately the “outside force” that is dividing our country is residing in the White House.

      • cheechakos

        The Spite House fits after Obama’s childish,petty revenge on vet’s

  • poetcomic1

    Vicious flash mob in wheelchairs.

  • SlapYaSilly

    As a Vietnam combat vet may I just say nous défions. Means
    “WE DARE YOU” to keep us out!

  • DogmaelJones1

    My hat is off to you, Daniel, for covering this event and so much else that must be publicized.

  • bob e

    this is heartbreaking…just think, after street hustlin’ pimp barry o’fraud..
    we got hillary waitin’ in the wings..

    • AgentGreen

      No, we have Andrew Cuomo.

  • motherofbeaver

    The video brought tears to my eyes. If it weren’t for these brave men and the hundreds of thousands who lost their lives during WWII I would not be here because they liberated my parents from Hitler’s death camps. I could never have imagined that any U.S. government would treat their heros in such a despicable manner.


      This is what you get with Socialist democrats.

      Todays democrat party is not the Democrat party of FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Clinton.

      Todays democrat party is the party of Che, Castro, marx, stalin, putin.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s comical in a sad way that 0’Bama essentially endorsed the delusional anarchist Occupy movement because otherwise I’m sure he’d love to use this “rebellion” as a pretext for a mild crackdown.

  • applepie

    Please share, this with everyone, talk about it, show photo’s print photo’s….Let the rest of America know we are alive and we are fighting.

  • cheechakos

    Isn’t it funny illegal immigrants,whom the government claims it can’t find to deport, can hold marches on OUR property while the government is supposedly closed but that same government uses police and SS to try and intimidate veteran senior citizens who fought to keep that land free?

  • One Old Vet

    And remember how that ended? Douglas “I’ll Shed Your Blood for Me” MacArthur ordering the murder of protesting vets who only wanted the money promised to them.

    The only difference now is that Obama is killing us one at a time with his delay tactics.

    The man is despicable!

    One Old Vet

    • tagalog

      MacArthur (and his Commander-in-Chief, Franklin Delano Roosevelt) only succeeded against the Bonus Marchers because they built a Hooverville on Anacostia Flats that could be attacked and destroyed. We know more about maneuver and the effect of staying on the move than we did then. That’s one thing the Vietnam antiwar movement taught us. They have difficulty dealing with whack-a-mole tactics.

      This latest movement is more like the patriots sniping on the Brits from ambush after the Battle of Lexington than it is like the confrontation between the British Army and the patriots on the Lexington village green shortly before.

    • tagalog

      The Bonus Army had the disadvantage of pinning themselves down in a Hooverville in Anacostia Flats, where they could be fixed and attacked. One valuable lesson that we could learn from the anti-Vietnam protestors is to remain on the move. Remember, the U.S. Army learned that fire and maneuver is more effective against those you must fight with than taking one position and defending it. Stay mobile!

  • Loupdegarre

    Read “Cry Havoc” by Ralph de Toledano if you want to know how we got here and how we can begin to take back America.

  • tagalog

    This is OUR country! The national lands are held by the government -which is allowed to rule only by OUR consent- and administered by it for OUR benefit and enjoyment!

    Take back OUR land!


    The quicker we Impeach this bunch of thugs the better, But we better hurry, time is running out.